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File: 1656190564514.jpg (79.25 KB, 936x651, E0C4FF7WQAMNAWp.jpg)


The Ramones are the best
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>And nothing can ever tear us apart
>Cuz she's my sweetheart


>Oh oh, I love her so
>Oh oh, I love her so


I do not like the ramones


don't worry, the song was later remade by another band

yes, it's essentially the same song


File: 1656568322886.jpg (337.93 KB, 1200x1156, scully.jpg)


I like the lyrics of bands such as The Shaggs and The Violent Femmes. I have never heard or read a poem I like. Can anyone reccomend me a poet that has poetry similar to the lyrics of these bands?
Picunrel, its just Scully chillin'




Ed Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg

File: 1656800900841.mp4 (1.86 MB, 480x360, videoplayback (75).mp4)


Funny Ramones video


File: 1656803248588.jpg (132.94 KB, 1080x1216, homer.jpg)





I can only imagine whoever made that


Its probably ironic


Before any autist spergs out, no I'm not a fascist, I'm not saying fascism is good or anything like that. This is about the music they make (or quasi-fascists, nationalists, etc). I think we can all agree that the typical fascist music we are used to is awful. The music made by Western fascists such as in Nazi Germany or Francoist Spain is more often than not very boring, uninspiring, and repetitive. All those Nazi miltiary marches sound the same, they're all quite mediocre.

Horst Wessel Lied sucks ass, Erika, which is a song wehraboos soyface all over (no clue why) is also very mediocre, I don't understand how anyone could enjoy that song. Most Nazi songs are like this. Cara al Sol, a fascist anthem of the Francoists, is genuinely one of the worst songs I've ever heard. Look it up to see for yourself. And yes I know by saying Western fascists I'm generalizing a lot, but idgaf, the impression I get from them is that all their songs are very similar, bland military shit.

Now let's take a look at Eastern fascists, specifically from the Balkans (yes I know the Balkans are not Eastern Europe but it's not Western Europe either, ergo they go into the broader "Eastern world" for this analysis), from the Middle East, and the Caucasus.

Two Serbian songs I'd like to show you guys, I know most of you are already very familiar with turbofolk but first check out this Chetnik song, the original lyrics apparently were written in 1941 iirc but this version idk what year it's from

There's something about this song. It's weirdly inspiring in a way, it has a good melody, good voice, overall pretty good song.

And coming back to turbofolk, I also want to post this shit. You all probably know this song by now, It's far more rightoid and unapolegitically so but it's still a good song imo. Again goes to show that Serbian rightwingers for whatever reason actually make good music, as opposed to other European rightoids, particularly Western Europeans

Moving on to the next song, a Turkish fascist song from the Grey Wolves. Again with this one, just like the first Chetnik song, this one inspires you. The melody, rhythm, it makes you Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This slaps but why is it fascist?


these are all shit
i'm starting to think only fascists post in this thread


t.listens to the International on repeat and thinks the USSR anthem is the best song ever made


1. the internationale at least isn't muzak tier shit
2. i listen to newer music anyways
you have to deliberately be into fascism or whatever dumb shit to actually care about any of this "music"


I just think they're decent songs, I don't listen to them very often. I made this thread because I personally never liked those old Nazi songs, like all their anthems and military marches and shit. Found them boring, repetitive, and just shitty in general. Like that Erika song that wehraboos love to soyface all over, never found that song interesting or catchy or anything, just boring and bad.

Meanwhile the serbian chetnik/90s songs I thought were pretty decent, some kinda meme tier nonetheless. Some Turkish nationalist songs I also found pretty good. So I became interested in why there is this difference in the two genres, Western rightoid vs Eastern rightoid music.

Meanwhile leftist music from all around the world is in general very good. I guess it has to do with leftists putting more emphasis on art and shit.


This goes hard

File: 1656631149388-0.jpeg (14.8 KB, 400x400, d.jpeg)

File: 1656631149388-1.jpg (29.02 KB, 612x408, o.jpg)


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First song I heard from her


Her unreleased songs are good too



My mom listens to this chick lol

File: 1654667255088.jpg (433.13 KB, 1024x1024, -rxDCWe7hZu0.jpg)


As a black man, I find soft rock to be far more romantic than urban R&B.

I find early urban R&B (1984-1994) to be too flirty and/or too preachy.

Soft rock, the instrumentation is all organic. You can hear the soft earthy tones of the acoustic guitar along side the electric guitar with the piano and woodwind instruments playing alongside in the background. It's soft and sweet while being equally potent.
The lyrics are sincere and humble but never sycophantic

It's an official AU that I am a 1970s soft rock/R&B/jazz fusion musician with an ensemble.
One of my albums is gonna be a literal symphonic suite with a twist of jazz, rock and funk.

My dream band will have a
acoustic guitar
electric guitar
acoustic piano
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Good afternoon, leftypol. Time for some sunshine pop from ČSSR


A lot of it has to do with Mike Love positioning them as "America's Band" in the 80s.

>The Beach Boys are the most dismissed rock bands just because of their early material about surfing.

I agree in my heart that they deserve more recognition, but my head knows it's kind of deserved since their catalog swings wildly in quality after Pet Sounds lol

At the very least, Sunflower, Holland, and Love You deserve some reappraisal and rediscovery, as well as Pacific Ocean Blue.

(As an aside, Brian is still somehow the king of hooks even with his most recent material.)


Soft rock and Rand B are supposed to be romantic?


That's why the best bands never last more than ten years.
They've already evolved and said what they needed to say.


It's the implication, but yea I see your point.


There was one thread ages ago. Post good and/or obscure mashups.
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File: 1656631622906.jpg (116.38 KB, 1000x867, 0ewg0vuvxhk213.jpg)

>12 years ago

File: 1656209604927.jpg (65.02 KB, 696x535, croc.jpg)


Do autists like music more than normies? I listen to music 90 mins a day easily, and thats not background noise, thats sitting down and listening. Never heard of normies doing this.
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Worse than that, it's not even safe from our vacuous driveby sage post whose Shift key is broken.


I don't think so. I listen to music as background noise most of the time.


have more lowercase posting


sounds like it was fun


File: 1656629897253.png (554.38 KB, 764x914, frog_autism.png)


File: 1656274285416.png (572.05 KB, 609x407, Untitled.png)


The 3-people band consists of Helen Love – the person, the band’s titular vocalist/songwriter, Sheena on guitar, and rotating members on keyboards (used to be Roxy, then Mark, now it is Ricardo Autobahn). The first Helen Love song I’ve heard is probably “Debbie Loves Joey" – and I hope this amazing tune set the stage for the rest of this post.


“Debbie Loves Joey” perfectly capture the essence of Helen Love, which is a twee, lo-fi (with regards to production quality, not hip-hop beats), bubblegum pop paean (it’s a real word – look it up) song referencing Joey Ramone and innocent teenage hot summer days. Helen Love (the persona) lives in world of perpetual summer filled with teens chewing bubblegums, listening to the MC5, LOVE; KISS; RUN; SING; SHOUT; JUMP, swimming in Swansea Bay, dancing in punk-rock discotheque with glitters, playing Super Kay guitars. This humorous, self-aware, teenage twee, anti-grow up energy is the kind of energy that is conveyed through their songs.
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4. Bubblegum Kilers and Cardiff City Superstars (the 2000s)

In 2005 Helen Love released an update to “Girl About Town” called “Continuing Adventure of Girl About Town”.

The semi-autobiographical “Continuing Adventure of Girl About Town” contained a hint that the band is maturing. There is a hint of melancholy and longing, as Helen gets older and not the bubblegum punk rock teenager she once was.

Now I live on the fourteenth floor of tower block estate

And when I’m drunk I see the lights shine over Swansea Bay

I wish I was back…

Back in the New York groove.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


5. (2010s-present)

The band still released tons of indie bangers. Electronica and disco synths have started to seep in, for the better. For example, “I Love Indiepop”, “Rockaway Beach”, “It’s My Club” are all modern bangers.

However, it is also probably not a /leftypol/ post without some class-struggle analysis. Starting with “Our Mum and Dad” from “Day-Glo Dreams”, whose lyrics took me by surprise

"Dad built new houses for George Wimpey Estates. That’s where he first learnt his trade. And his hands were full of blisters blood and dirt. And his life was set in love and faith and work.”

“She worked part-time, 3 days a week at the bank. Saving us bottle tops and Green Shield stamps. That damn Ted Heath he don’t understand.”

”Our mum and dad they turned older and grey. I watched Margaret Thatcher take their jobs away”

“And we pin our hopes on things that are so frail. We try so hard but fabulously fail…”

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


6. This is My World (2022)

Helen Love’s latest album is “This is My World” which released this year to rave reviews. There is less bubblegum punk rock there, but there is a lot of inward reflections as it is a lockdown album. Their songwriting is as on-point as ever. The album starts with “My Seaside Town” which is a bittersweet song about Swansea. “Clearing Out Mum’s House” is a beautiful song about the experience of losing her mother and clearing her out her house. It is a tear-jerker song about memory and emotion. The band saved the most poignant song for last, “This is My World” It is a stamp of where the Helen – “the girl about town” is in 2022. It contains honest admissions about her best and worst personal moments.

"“I lost my heart on long hot summer night // There’s been some dark days I’m scared being alone // I walked in sunshine next to Joey Ramone // I stood in cemetery as giant tears fell // I said goodbye at the toweling of the bell”

Surprisingly, it includes a reference to the '85 UK miners strike.

“I stood with miners in strike of ’85. We fought the government and somehow survived.”

Helen Love is a cool band, I like them a lot




Sounds good, anon. Brought a bit of smile to my face. But it's also a reminder than people have been doing fangirl bubblegum pop forever.

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