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FUCK IT, cumbia thread

I can't resist wanting to dance to cumbia (I can't dance, yet). It often has two of my favorite instruments, trumpets and accordion. And many cumbias have a melancholic or sad melody, in my opinion, which I love as well. But every single one of them makes me wanna DANCE.

It's kinda sad that cumbia is seen more as a meme or liked ironically by people my age and younger. Nowadays it seems like only older people appreciate it. I just wanna share my love for cumbia.
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another type that hasn't been mentioned yet is the other big argentine variant, santafesina. it isn't much different from the old colombian style but it is one of the few where female vocals are a thng


csm cuantos rip
Tanto ponen strikes?
En fin, a seguir bailando anones


A ver a ver, que paso aquí?


Not going to let this thread die off, shame about the dead links.


Do you listen to anything that makes you keep your head up in hopes of a better tomorrow? Things have been turbulent in Brazil this year, and it'll only get even worse from here, regardless of the outcome of the election. I've been listening to communists songs lately, more specifically the Internationale, that gives me hope to keep fighting liberal and reactionary hegemony in the country.
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Ты лети с дороги, птица,
Зверь, с дороги уходи!
Видишь, облако клубится,
Кони мчатся впереди!
И с налета, с поворота,
По цепи врагов густой
Застрочит из пулемета
Пулеметчик молодой.

Эх, тачанка-ростовчанка,
Наша гордость и краса,
Конармейская тачанка,
Все четыре колеса!

Эх, за Волгой и за Доном
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Эшелон за эшелоном,
Эшелон за эшелоном:
Путь-дорога широка.
Командарм велел - и точка!
Машет беленьким платочком
Дону синему рука.

Нас с тобою, Ворошилов,
Жизнь походная сдружила,
Вместе в бой летели вскачь:
Вспоминает враг с тоскою
Бой под Белой Калитвою,
Бой под станцией Калач.

За Царицын, за Царицын
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psychedelic rock general


the lyrics are very metal in this song



File: 1623871463456.webm (5.23 MB, 480x360, 365.webm)


Post your vids and general kino
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File: 1699684621280.webm (3.97 MB, 900x660, 1698255401546918.webm)


I'm white but I've always felt safer in the neighborhoods depicted in this video than in the suburbs. If you don't fit in for any reason, suburbs are scarier.




File: 1702687453579.png (34.37 KB, 300x100, ClipboardImage.png)


The present curriculum, I put my fist in 'em
Eurocentric, every last one of 'em
See right through the red, white, and blue disguise
With lecture I puncture the structure of lies
Installed in our minds and attempting to hold us back
We've got to take it back
Holes in our spirit causing tears and fears
One-sided stories for years and years and years
I'm inferior? Who's inferior?
Yeah, we need to check the interior
Of the system who cares about only one culture
And that, is why we gotta take the power back

File: 1670568454064.jpg (49.07 KB, 565x566, 17455843.jpg)


post the best , trve kvlt black metal you listen to. no posers allowed
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Bombed last night, and bombed the night before
Going to get bombed tonight
If we never get bombed anymore
When we're bombed, we're scared as we can be
Can't stop the bombing sent from higher Germany
They're over us, they're over us
One shell hole for just the four of us
Thank your lucky stars there are no more of us
'Cause you can fill it all alone
'Cause you can fill it alone
Gassed last night, and gassed the night before
Going to get gassed tonight
If we never get gassed anymore
When we're gassed, we're as sick as we can be
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Its not black metal, but I am sure someone out there will enjoy it




Do you know any good space themed black metal? it must exist, right?


File: 1702659636747.pdf (13.2 MB, 180x255, Semirutarum-0-EN.pdf)

Antifascist black metal fanzine


España de Hoy y de Siempre is an album made by Paco Ibañez out of several Góngora and Garcia Lorca poems. It goes about little stories in the context of the spanish civil war. This album is underated even between most of hispanics who listen to comunist/socialist/leftist music. Worst yet, even spanish people don't seem to give enough credit to this album and Paco Ibañez and I don't really get why. Highly recommended.


What is the materialist explanation for music that gets stuck in your head always being songs you DON'T like? It's not that you get sick of it AFTER it's stuck in your head. It's always songs that you don't like to begin with.

Post ITT whenever a song like that gets stuck in your head. Maybe somebody else will like the song you posted and it will help un-stick a song they don't like.


Andre 3000 just released a jazz album, with himself playing flutes


Love it.


There is literally nothing wrong with flute music.


No one said there is

File: 1701484985334.png (8.07 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)


Rage Against The Machine is good anti capitalist rap rock music. There are other artists that are leftwing such as Sacred Reich which is a thrash metal band that makes anti america music which I'm guessing from the name is what they named the band after. Sepultura put out an anti colonialist album called Chaos A.D. that is nu metal / groove metal.
Those are my reccomendations when you're in a mood to listen to political metal/rock music

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