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File: 1617288745897.png (460.09 KB, 950x916, Kanye ML.png)


Just Kanye
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lyrical genius voice of generation


His clothes are either shit, derivative, or both. What a hack.


Bro, it sucks asssss



This didnt age well.

File: 1677007303626-0.mp4 (11.35 MB, 640x360, IGORRR - Cheval.mp4)


Post experimental, progressive, avant-garde etc. metal music. The more experimental and out-there the better.
Kicking the thread off with Igorrr. Baroque-influenced tracks that combine various musical styles like breakcore, industrial, death metal and even polka, as well as often featuring screaming vocals by Öxxö Xööx.


Don't really like metal but the clowncore vids are cool.


File: 1659975546347.png (142.87 KB, 318x316, wonder.png)


Why is Songs in the Key of Life so good?


Because every album by Stevie Wonder is so good.


To paraphrase from Adam Neely paraphrasing someone else

"You can't reharmonize a Stevie Wonder song because he already made the perfect harmony."


stevie wonder is boring :/


No he isn't. Listen to it again.


I created three versions of the same melody. Which one is the best and how and what would you change if anything.

For context, I envision this to be a part of a Touhou-style soundtrack.


You're the artist so its up to you. When you're new to making any kind of art, quantity>quality. I can't remember the exact saying but its the art equivalent of "we must learn to walk before we can run"
theres not much distinguishing them from eachothers so its hard to pick honestly, why not use all three at different parts of the song. IDK what a touhou is thoughever


>the art equivalent of "we must learn to walk before we can run"
I wanna say its something like "you have to make a thousand doodles before you can make a masterpiece" but idk, same idea

File: 1675910864368.png (608.99 KB, 700x527, ClipboardImage.png)


So I just read about Bo Diddley's weird shaped guitars and apparently he created them himself using an electric pick-up (and probably a pre-amp) from an old phonograph
It made me realize how simple a lot of instruments can be, and if somewhat less industrial quality ones could be made by a person with limited resources
Thread for cheap DIY instrument building projects I guess


"Drum" in this is a plastic divider from a CD-R pack with a mini-Tobasco bottle part-full of water perched in the hole. Hit it with a screwdriver and add some reverb and it sounds surprisingly robust. Actual instrument shows up at 35 seconds.


This + some way to implement an envelope generator would be cool


Lil Yachty put out a psychedelic rock album


This track sounds like DSOTM w/ autotuned vox.
Idk how I feel tbh. Like a bunch of it actually sounds good and kind of interesting, but it also feels like… IDK there's a studio of like 50 people who were apparently involved in writing, producing, guesting, "A&R Coordination," etc. Like it sounds slick, and not in a way I totally hate, but also it ought to sound slick with that many cooks. Then they just have a robot do the cover and it's a bunch of guys in suits.

I have a feeling this is intended to feel kind of uncanny, but you know… dunno if I'm gonna listen to the rest. It sounds like it would be good if I liked it more.


Sounds more like psychedelic indie rock with some mumble rapping and R&B elements


Based TISM poster coming through.eurekaEureka
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Is this praxis?




File: 1625725868035-1.jpg (30.54 KB, 200x196, Hot Dogma.jpg)

No arrangement of their albums doesn't have Hot Dogma in the top 3.


>do nothing for 19 years
>new concert gig
Flaubert needs a new kitchen, apparently.


Was fun
No new songs though

File: 1667798966741.png (1.23 MB, 980x653, ClipboardImage.png)


Can you run me down on their history, their beef with nirvana and what does this axl rose album name mean exactly?


the beef comes down to Axl saying that Kurt and Co. would rather do junk with their junkie gfs instead of touring. And they were right– G'n'R was rock'n'roll in all of its glory, Nirvana was the musical expression of narcissistic self-hatred.


How is it any different?

Arent Guns N Roses another one of thise hard rock bands that did a bunch of drugs and decadent self loathing?


A pretty good cover of "wester" by AFI

File: 1674651311240.jpg (80.51 KB, 634x960, FXQwG0XWQAQX0Lr.jpg)


>Rutracker is down
It's so beyond over piracybros…
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If you love rutracker so much why don't you go ahead and torrent it


The state maybe an adaptive collective that will do everything to protect capital, but the workers are also an adaptive collective.

There will be another Rutracker, or something to continue its legacy

Why don't you delete all the child porn in your folders Fbi-kunt


I could still use it 2 days ago :/
>There will be another Rutracker
It wont have the database of rutacker tho, which is the biggest loss. I truly hope rutracker aint over


Why did you make this shitty, memey, two-sentence OP via the format of your incel classcuck fetish you disgusting freak


Rutracker sucked anyhow, it stopped having any new releases and they started forcing people to sign up to use the search function sometime ago (could bypass it by using "site:rutracker.org X" in DDG)

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