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The Alternative Country scene is unironically the best singer-songwriter scene in the entire music industry at this moment.
Coulter Wall, Tyler Childers, Charlie Crockett, Sierra Ferrell,
Willi Carlisle and honestly I can go on and on. This scene is fucking magical at the timent. Coulter Wall and Tyler Childers are the two best singer songwriters in the industry at the moment.
Also the good thing, Socialist music has a long history in the "alternative" country and Appalachian Folk scene. We'll probably be getting some god tier covers of Classic Socialist folk songs coming soon I suspect.
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this got recommended to me for some reason


This song fucking rocks. 9 minutes of insane instrumental playing followed by a just outright slapping song for the last couple minutes.





Post posts about post hardcore


I found this song the other day and have listened to it on repeat. I find this often with sub 2 minute songs, I just want them over and over again


This album is the stylistic link between Mohinder and Duster. It has the characteristic lo-fi production and subdued vocals, yet reminds me more of the noisier atmospheric sections in some Bitch Magnet songs.






gotta go fast
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Bit slower, but relevant



Based thread


was Brocas Helm's "Skullfucker"

File: 1665623671765.jpg (115.63 KB, 500x987, 1642431195047.jpg)


hello friens, can i have some fucking music pls?



File: 1665633584090.jpg (85.17 KB, 640x794, move-your-amp-loser.jpg)


Why do people hate bass players?


File: 1665679846880.jpg (331.52 KB, 1242x1533, gaye.jpg)


File: 1669761181219.jpg (21.05 KB, 247x255, image.jpg)

File: 1659801404256.jpeg (203.52 KB, 474x467, remain in soy.jpeg)


Soyko killer, qu'est-ce que soy?
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any fans of the band Barcade Fire?


File: 1661712109454.jpg (21.77 KB, 421x421, soy-division.jpg)

Soy Division


In the Barcade of the Crimsoyn King


I don't get it


File: 1669760599442.png (1.29 MB, 1000x1000, 1661003206055617.png)


All I got is "Its Halloween" by The Shaggs
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Feliz Jalowin pendejos





File: 1625802801028.png (447.52 KB, 600x600, happier-than-ever.png)

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What do we think of her?

Is she counter-hegemonic, or part of a Bonapartist counter-gang?
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oh my fucking GOD
probably has a horrible personality though



>Speaking to The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM radio, the 19-year-old singer said she began watching porn at the age of 11 in order to distract herself when she was home alone.

>Billie Eilish explained: “As a woman, I think porn is a disgrace. I used to watch a lot of porn, to be honest. I started watching porn when I was like 11 and I didn’t understand why it was a bad thing. I thought that was how you learned to have sex.”
>She explained that her mother was “horrified” when she told her and added: “I was watching abusive porn, to be honest, when I was like 14.

>“I was an advocate and thought I was one of the guys and would talk about it and thought I was cool for not having a problem with it.”

Goin on the Howard Stern show to spill your heart out about your hatred of pornography…. How does he get away with it?


I fucking hate this song growing up and I never could figure out why. Now that I have grown up, I understand why I hate it.

This song is suppose to be this extremely innocent and cutesy song, but it's such a high level of innocence and happiness that the only way to achieve it is to have a full grasp of the other side of the coin.

To state this in another way, this song can only be written by a child rapist.

To go further on: it's a song reaching out for the past, one of the whitest sounding song, crying back to going back to the past. What other analysis is there other than the it being a cry out for a white ethnostate? I swear at 1:15 I can literally hear the power point presentation of why we need to kill the "monkeys".




>One woman said Franklin would talk about orgies he had over the weekend. Another woman, supported by a third, claimed that Franklin had his assistant request that all the writers come to his mansion and they were reminded multiple times to bring their bikinis. Franklin was also said to have complained about having to hire directors who were women or people of color, expressing preference for male writers, apologizing to his staff for not dating Jewish women, describing female directors as “all the same” and making sexualized comments.

>“She is probably going to be pregnant next season,” Franklin was attributed as saying on one occasion. “I wish I could make all the women on my staff get hysterectomies.”

>“She’s one nose job away from a good fuck” went another alleged comment about one of the underage girls.



ITT: leftist music

Contemporary leftist music in any language. Any style, but please avoid anthems using classical instruments.
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Our lovely Democrat plant



>Pray for who lost they fate and died too young
>Pray for the ones I hate, the ones I love
>Pray for my liver when I'm off in this club
>I pray that the demons go away, they hauntin' us
>Man, I can't take no more of this lifestyle we been living
>Man, I can't take no more of the white powers in position
>Gotta grab up J-Will, gotta scoop up J-Rich
>Told Chase we ain't going back, you know we gotta hitch
>I mean, I'm aggravated, agitated, I admit
>Intoxicated, animated, got me feeling kinda lit
>Contemplating fornicating, might as well fuck up some shit
>They looking at me way too crazy, got me feeling communist


It's a comedy song, but it's our comedy song.


Honestly the best modern leftist song I've heard.


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