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File: 1651363263665.png (134.53 KB, 768x960, depression.png)


>tfw they removed Bosanska Artiljerija from spotify


File: 1651364972010.png (927.47 KB, 1914x1317, joker.png)

lol DRM


what is that


iirc it's a song from the Yugoslav wars about Bosnian artillery


awful yodel song from the meme wars

File: 1650808881108.mp4 (22.7 MB, 1280x720, red folk.mp4)


I fucking hate spotify
i fucking hate youtube
i fucking hate not having all my music files on my own hardrive that i can use whenever. i don't wanna hear ads. i dont wanna have songs i love get taken off youtube by the copyright ghouls. reee
I'm gonna learn how to create torrents
i wanna make playlists, put said playlists weith all the tracks in a zip file and make a torrent that my friends can download.

What is the best open source media player? I remember really liking making playlists on windows media player back in the day because i could just set the program to search a folder for audio files and they would appear within the program. Then i could very easily make playlists out said music.
Making playlists using VLC seems janky.
Anyone got any ideas?


Audacious is the best open-source graphic music player there is and it supports making playlist files, though it sounds like you want to better interact with the filesystem (e.g. ordered directory hierarchies, fuzzy file paths and bulk copying). While switching to linux/unix for this reason might appear illogical, windows makes these tasks very inconvenient. You can probably also access your filesystem over wsl, mysys or cygwin.

If there was an artist being on other peoples albums a lot and you wanted to compile every one of their songs, you could write a script like the following
if [ $# != 3 ]; then
    echo Usage: $0 name src dest >&2
    exit 1

find $2 -type f -exec sh -c 'exiftool "{}" | grep "^Artist *: '$1'" | sed "s/.*: *//" | xargs -Ixyzzy printf "%s\t%s\n" xyzzy "{}" | cut -f 2' ';' | xargs -I '{}' cp '{}' $3


thanks for the reply. i've been meaning to change to linux mint but i've been dragging my feet because of fear of the unknown.


>Best Media player for making playlists?
…? Any player works.
I use ncmpcpp lol


quod libet has a decent tagging system (regex just to go the extra mile for autism) and about as customizable of a UI as you can get


post country music with electric guitars



>If her daddy's rich, take her out for a meal
>If her daddy's poor, just do what you feel

Classist as fuck, ugly singing cunt

It's a good thing he don't know

A rich man will sue with his money
A poor man will punch with this fists


No it seems to just be misogyny at most by possibly insinuating to try and impress the rich girl's dad so you can get in on his good side to get money from him. That or it's just saying you can be more laid back and be yourself with a poor girl because she hasn't been spoiled.


Basically every notorious big song


Not really get money persay more as thinking a rich girl is someone you want to marry and a poor girl is no skin off your nose if you mess it up.




fuck drake, fuck ovo, fuck pedo music porkies


science fact #534 the entire greater toronto area is actually scientifically proven to be carried on the back of mississauga,

File: 1650682638105.jpg (35.2 KB, 700x700, a3439861516_16.jpg)



Interesting understanding of the word

John Lennon seems so close to class consciousness

If only he picked up a book


My taste in music is extremely under developed/"uncultured"/shallow because I struggle with music alot. I can only listen to music if I'm doing a activity, it I sit down and try to listen I feel genuine pain, which makes it hard for me to pay attention to lyrics.

It's also hard to pay attention to the lyrics since:
1) They never feel worth it to pay attention to, especially the more a song sounds good, (for some reason it seems like no song can accomplish both). Ex: I had a genuine terrible time with rage against the machine and Daughters because the sound completely negated any enjoyment I had paying attention to their lyrics.
2) It seems like when listening to a song, all you're actually suppose to do is feel and not think about it much, basically the song being nothing but a vibe machine, (I'm basing this off of a study where 70% of people listen to music to just remember the past). Which is extremely contradictory to how people talk about music, (especially music nerds).

So is there any ultra master peace albums/songs you guys can recommend that can completely change my opinion? To make it easy to recommend, I mostly listen to anime and video game music, with random pop songs here and there.
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also I think part of your issue is that you view lyrics as just a storytelling device instead of a musical one. really they can be as meaningful or meaningless as the artist wants them to be. the vibe of a song is a rly important thing to pick up on and sometimes the lyrics will only be there to supplement that vibe. I don't blame u though cause yea poetry in american public school fucked up liking lyrics for me for years too.


Yeah. Well just giving you a different view. I don't like "choose your own adventure" vague art stuff. "What do you think it means." It's about the emotional depth the words carry. I guess vague lyrics work better for people to project their own ideas onto but I'm more of a voyeur I suppose. I'd rather just hear and feel people clearly selling me their raw emotions and experience.

>but in my defense the american schools ruined poetry for the same reason.
>I don't blame u though cause yea poetry in american public school fucked up liking lyrics for me for years too.
I'm curious what you guys mean by that.


Death Grips


well the school system (in my experience) really prioritizes analyzing meaning in writing, poetry included, which kind of sets up that you have to approach lyrics the same way too every time. it's not really accurate to the real world. sometimes people write or say shit without much meaning and i think that needs to be taught more lol


Most of my music doesn't have lyrics.





File: 1650071249457.jpg (101.57 KB, 1024x768, mao.jpg)


I listen to it like everyday for over a year now and a lot of other Commie music. I just want to know if other people love this song as much as I do. The popular youtube version is slightly sped up and is not quite the original. I have listened to all versions many times over, but please please post anything about it or Tu Honggang/other Maoist songs or even just Chinese Communist songs



man you guys listen to the same boring meme songs when even north korea has electronic revolutionary music and shit since ever


Bro I listen to DPRK music all the time along with all sorts of Chinese and Soviet material


thank you for sharing anon

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