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I never hear good new US based hip-hop anymore. Can anons recomend be good burger cipher or booth show, (either written or freestyle) segments/youtubes?
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What cipher/booth show is this, anon?


the studio booth


Thanks anon I'll check it. Any more u kno? I can give u many uk ones.




post old music, preferably good


Burke Shelley just died, so


Low-key did a rosa lux shoutout an that's cool af

File: 1641425622531.jpg (120.5 KB, 1420x1420, 61iNpxa1H5L.jpg)


Their songs (particularly the first four 4 albums) all contain ardent critiques of capitalism, Christianity, etc. but I've never seen them referred as a political band.



That's because this describes an incredible amount of music and rock music especially. Being an underground no wave band in the early '80s is difficult to see this even being of note to anybody - anything punk adjacent was liable to probably have some kind of commentary.


There is an interesting tidbit in a Michael Gira interview about what he thinks of actually existing socialism:
<PKM: So, you guys played East Berlin? Was that at that time on that tour?
>Michael Gira: No, we never played East Berlin, no we played Berlin, but we did travel into Eastern Europe, I don’t think that was that tour. I think that was a little bit later. Yeah, we traveled into Czechoslovakia, then it was known as Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Yugoslavia. We were there for two weeks, I think. And that was, again, no money and just barely getting to the next show. We were playing illegally in Czechoslovakia and so the promoters had to kind of hide, kind of keep the shows underground. And one time, the police showed up and they (the promoters) admonished us to not speak any English, just to be quiet because if the police found out that we were an American group playing there, they would go to jail. (laughs)
<PKM: I can’t even imagine!
>Michael Gira: But it was an interesting view of seeing communism and its effects on people. It’s all dolorous and pretty gray and people were pretty unhappy with the situation, not that I’m touting the benefits of consumer capitalism, which I think is a nightmare beyond description
(source: https://pleasekillme.com/swans-michael-gira/)

Despite this status as a petit-bourgeois label owner who is irked by music piracy, Michael Gira is pretty much to the left:
>Does he follow politics or current events very closely? “Of course I do, and I’m appalled at what’s happening in America, at what’s going to happen especially. The increasing control of corporations in American politics, control of the media and how effective they are at manipulating peoples’ world views, their political thinking. It’s amazing; they get huge segments of the public to vote against their own interests by using these false hot button issues. It’s really nefarious and very ominous.
>There are a few very very rich people, incredibly right wing, who just want to get rid of all social services and to bankrupt the government so it goes back to this unbridled capitalism of the early 1900s, no environmental regulation, no health care, nPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


What do people think of this band?

>Common Kings are an American, Hawaiian, and Samoan reggae band from Orange County, California. The band's debut album, Lost in Paradise, was nominated for a Grammy Award.


how many genres of music have songs dedicated to ganja?
I would bet it's the most common song topic besides sex.


I want to be a hippie and I wanna get high


Post bangers from various JRPGs
>Bonus points for music that don't sound like video game music
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>"Dodge right!"
<"Running left!"




based megaten posters itt
idk why this wasn't posted yet though, easily one of the best vidya songs if not songs in general:


Featuring Dante from Devil May Cry

File: 1641036383310.jpg (105.16 KB, 800x1150, 1640408634479.jpg)


>Live: 2022 Beijing New Year's Concert
Get in here live concert Classical Music
>The 2022 Beijing New Year's Concert is happening at the Concert Hall of the National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in China's capital Beijing.
Under the baton of internationally-acclaimed NCPA Artistic Director Lü Jia, China NCPA Orchestra, China NCPA Chorus, renowned artists and musicians present 12 repertoires to celebrate the New Year. #LiveClassical


It's starting it's starting

File: 1630991212493-0.jpg (12.87 KB, 1200x1200, DONDA.jpg)

File: 1630991212493-1.jpg (75.86 KB, 1000x988, CLB.jpg)


Now that the dust has settled I think it is time to acknowledge the fact that donda is better than CLB


it's no Yeezus or TLOP anyways


I can't stand listening to Drake period so I'll agree with you, although I don't think there's a song I care about from either album.


is it me or Russian Lullabies are the most creepiest shit in existence

And if you want to see you more disturbing version of this here is a link https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji4byKhFGtY&t=18s


All nursery rhymes and lullabies are creepy when pitch shifted / slow down; it's one of the oldest tricks in the book for schlocky horror media lol

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