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Delete /akm/ it's barbaric

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why is this thread saged, its a legitimate topic of discussion. The NU-jannies are really banhappy.


It's an /isg/ topic, at least in presentation. I think there's a legitimate discussion to be had about the layoffs, but starting it off with redditism filled meltdown from someone that doesn't know what a PMC is doesn't seem like a good foundation for such discussion.

File: 1670458072414.png (1.71 MB, 1695x2560, ClipboardImage.png)


wordfilter "SJW" and "woke" and "wokeoid" and "wokeist" to "bourgeois"

similar buzzwords too

File: 1669449642863.jpg (915.34 KB, 1683x2537, dsc01359.jpg)


People will source to marx, not to agree with him but to say "marx agreed with me so Im right" like tell why was marx/Lenin/etc right? (Don't tell me rn I know y) like the fact the term revisionism even exists as accusation is dumb (not to endorse things that are called revisionist). Marx isnt infallible
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>posting the exact quote with the logical reasoning of marx in a debate/discussion is the same as quoting muh religious book
>its cultish to trust the reasoning of the founder of your political philosophy rather than some random moron on an imageboard, and looking up what he thought on a matter and his arguments for it is akin to religion
nice strawman fucktard


it's amazing the insane things people will say when you put completely different words in their mouths.


Marx changed his opinion on a bunch of stuff. So merely quoting him is not doing justice to the development of thought nor the reasoning that led Marx to the conclusion being quoted. Conclusions without the context are useless.


i don't think i've even seen this happen
so counterpoint: why do people cite their own feelings like the bible?

Anyways easy solution: argue against the material they cite.

Btw I get the beef with the idea of revisionism, but generally when the word is applied it doesn't mean that someone just disagrees with the holy scripture, it means they've changed course with no reason (which is a very common thing - people get scared/confused/demoralized, and they fall back onto disproved ideas). It's a call for more thorough analysis and critique, it's not a thought stopping mechanism. When people use it as a thought stopping word to protect themselves from criticism just tell them to shove it. It's really not a complex problem. To break it down to its base elements:

Problem: some people are stupid
Solution: tell them to fuck off if they keep pestering without engaging in any real discussion - or just drop your knowledge/critique and fuck off yourself if you're the one pestering and this person wants to be set in their ways

i think this thread is fine here

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false dichotomy. you can do analysis and also quote someone at the same time. For example the other day I pointed to how systemic homelessness in the USA is a form of social murder and then quoted Engels


I noticed a recent interaction that got me in the mood for a little rambling.

In the /prc/ China general there was someone who posted this link, https://twitter.com/CindyXiaodanYu/status/1597247427781984257?cxt=HHwWgoDQ9dWEyKosAAAA, to a video of protesters in China arguing with someone in a way that could be construed as coming from a pro-communist but anti-CPC tendency. The anonymous arguer says that the protests are sponsored by foreign agents and is replied to saying "what foreign agents?? Marx? Engels? Did foreign agents allow the fire to occur in the tower block? We can't even access the western internet we have no rights!"

Really, it's inconsequential. A group of random men with a megaphone, it's worthless to argue about. What is more important here is the behavior of the person who posted it. The post read "MAOIST WRECKERS BEHIND CHINA PROTESTS," and has the ban message from an admin saying "(astroturf IP) (potentially sussy amogus IP)," and in the replies are these messages which have also been linked to similar sussy IPs and banned -

It's unbelievable that in le West we need to remind "our comrades" that Marx literally advocated for building productive forces. It's in the fucking Communist Manifesto, btw.(I can see you ban evading buddy)

Glory to Mao. Glory to Mao Zedong thought. Glory to the Maoists of China and May they take over once more. Glory to the communes, glory to the red brigade. Down with the revisionists.(ban evading astroturf)

Notice the switching between differing tenancies wrapped in absurd flavored, cultish rhetoric. There are only two possibilities for what this person is; either a "glowie" or an anonymous hobbyist troll, and in that second possibility we could consider it a piece of art that draws to attention a potent astroturfing tactic that we've seen used before - the creating of cultist fringe tendencies within the communist movement that from a new reader gives off an air of insanity, of cultish frothing, spewing terms from marxist theory six per sentence whilst creating internal divisions within the communist community to generate internal battles between groups of people who, even though having differing opinions on what is "good or bad," still agree on the materialist analysis of what is going on in the real world.

If this actually wasPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




>Everything you have ever said has been generated from everything you've ever heard. When you are around people you begin to have their style of speech and ideas slowly encroach into your own via human instinct. You are not immune from these people. Look what happened with the turncoats who ran off to LARP with Haz.
The way it usually works, it's to get people to say and do things on their own initiative. Like "you know those guys over there, they're not real communists, they're shitlibs LARPing as communists… so when you go hang out with them, tell us everything you're hearing… you know… because you're such a good communist."


At first glance it looked kinda glowish but it's not feds, it's just this autistic neet man child that spends most of his life trying to spam sites including ours.


We must reprogram him with communist truth then


idgaf what he does with his time. However let this serve as a learning opportunity: The internet is not real life kids. Leftypol doesn't really matter. None of this really matters. Go enjoy life and organize your community face to face. You only get one life guys : )


>mods quietly deleted the dugin fascist thread
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File: 1662145795204.png (33.53 KB, 645x770, poljak.PNG)

mods are pic related


reality is predictable and boring - some mods are more right-wing, and some more left-wing (as socialists). There's a variety of opinions that get through, and mods moderate individually (which honestly probably leads to higher rates of deletions than if there was votes or smth, but that wouldnt be possible for hopefully obvious reasons)
so there u go, the simple banality of it.


>hopefully obvious reasons
>talking about practicality to the eternally dissatisfied
another pet theory of mine, these people are so angry bc they don't understand reality


>Nooo dugin is fascist because he just is okay
westoid moment


>>Radio Free /leftypol/

File: 1666804553900.png (731.79 KB, 960x812, ClipboardImage.png)


Can you prune every thread on the slower boards that hasn't been bumped for a month? They're like graveyards


Uh and why would we do that? How would that even help anyway?




This site needs a dedicated archive like 4plebs. I've been saying it for years.


<Keep thread
>Someone wants to talk about thing
>Thread exists, can easily talk about thing

<Cull thread

>Someone wants to talk about thing
>No thread exists, has to make a whole new thread to talk about thing, or just tosses it into /isg/
>Board gets too fast like 4chan

I don't think any utility can be found in adding gasoline to an already burning Library of Alexandria.


Would be nice sure but who is going to set it up?

File: 1669147009678.jpg (67.27 KB, 820x1057, wp5340108.jpg)


I know someone on staff I believe is the New Multitude editor. To any passing mod/staff, are they active? I DM'd on Twitter about something but they haven't responded. Which fair they haven't been active on twitter for a few months? Is matrix the only way to contact them? Not familiar on how to get into the matrix, so I hadn't used it.


They aren't a staff member.
They do have a Matrix account and replied when I asked if they wanted us to add them to the top bar, that was a while ago but I assume they're still active.

File: 1668987922137.jpg (50.49 KB, 680x816, cc0.jpg)

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Hello everyone, we have discussed the possibility of restarting /roulette/ in our latest meeting, we have come up with some idea for your consideration:

/grass/ - Board for everything non internet/screen/media related, eg cooking, sports, fitness, making friends, drugs, whatever. Cause we could all use a bit less internet.

/life/ - Pretty much the same as above but about only 'lifestyle' topics like cooking etc.

/tv/ - Television board since there are multiple active TV topics on /hobby/ and the general has gone to 500.

/antianglo/ - Board where no English language is allowed


/antianglo/ - Board where nobody from the anglosphere is allowed (CANZUK+US) but English is allowed

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Sorry, I accidenctally pressed the button. Ignore: >>24112

Anyway, I was just thinking: why not make the roulette board a bulkanize board? It would let us see if whether or not it's a good idea, we can still keep the original boards if things go bad, and we can give the balkanize board a head start by importing threads.

If we do that I'm pushing for the merge of /games/ and /anime/, maybe call it /entertainment/

I love porn, but we shouldn't do that. Porn boards don't actually contain conversations &'re just places to dump what you're into.

We shouldn't. /siberia/ functions well as a higher quality of /b/, banning porn would hurt the board since what "should be deleted" will fall under a slippery slope.
Also porn makes the pph increase which encourages the use of the board, the problem with /games/, /anime/, and /tech/ – are that they feel/are dead and it no one wants to be the one person to revive the board(s).


File: 1669624230389.jpg (1.86 MB, 1011x3690, 1620621382392.jpg)

Because most or all the radlib, nazis, and incels go there, delete the siberia board before anime.


Okay, we got everything we wanted. Thanks for the input.


Yes that could be the use if the monthly topic isn't that popular. Refer to >>23934


File: 1669793972369.jpg (320.44 KB, 828x659, 1639935268888.jpg)

how about an /r/ board for requesting books on certain topics? or can you just do that on /edu/?

File: 1667171887717.jpeg (38.56 KB, 512x512, 2Q==(4).jpeg)


twitter.com should word filter to nitter.net so all /leftypol/ers can be directed to that front end instead of the main site whenever a twitter link gets posted to reduce potential data collection. It wont break any links just make them viewed by the front end. Using the url it also wont add an annoying needless confusing conversion of Twitter to Nitter. Twitter links get posted often. What this will do is help protect us from more invasive datamining from Twitter.
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Corrupted AI generated Lenin and cat

I havent had that happen consistently but turning this into a filter should bipass it


Doesn't nitter not show replies at all though?


it does. it's twitter that doesn't show them all unless you log in.


this is actually a good idea



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