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File: 1712729097992.png (129.42 KB, 714x435, ClipboardImage.png)


The "home" page still says Bunkerchan: https://leftypol.org/


It no longer does.


Ok, so here is my rant about the "information culture" on leftypol:
You know what's funny? People on this site who want to strengthen their arguments by sharing links to Youtube videos. No, I will not watch your "educational" video. If you want to convince me, post a link to an article! Yes, text is superior to video. We should actually ostracise people who post here links to Youtube videos. Video is the medium of emotional manipulation, while acquiring information via text is much more analytic and distraction free. Text is pure information, video is a huge neon pile of shit which contains nearly no informational value. In short: Fuck video posters.
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text can be emotional and can manipulate info, too


hell yeah


Embeds are good so you don't needlessly waste this website's storage space and bandwidth on your 70 mb mp4s.


Speaking of, can the devs expand the embed system? Is it possible to get Twitter embedded as well? I saw on crystal.cafe they have tik tok embeds.


File: 1712321817834.jpg (227.24 KB, 1536x2048, GKXnJm5WEAAXQAO.jpg)

As someone who occasionally links to video to back up my points, I strongly agree that text is preferable.
I guess I have the itch to link to my first source I got the information from, since that is my source in a strict sense. The little bit of effort needed to find something in text that conveys that same point would absolutely be worth it though; from an accessability standpoint, and just having multiple sources is a good practice regardless of medium. If I don't have the energy to do that, I probably shouldn't be having discussions that require linking to sources when I should be resting.

I suppose a comprimize would be to link to an article AND the video you originally got your point from, so the other party can take their pick. Do this enough and you may get most of your opinions originally from text sources, and thus no longer have this issue.


I have been banned for a month for saying Al Shifa has not been destroyed when the rocket chimpout haplened. I have been banned for stating an obvious fact that everyvody knew was true. Arent mods supposed to be impartial and not ban people based on what they dont like hearing but those who break rules? Literally why was I banned?

File: 1711677636581.png (24.42 KB, 922x427, ClipboardImage.png)


What's the deal? I used to use 420chan (and coincidentally this site too) a lot in my faggy embittered youth and now I've found when you type in 420chan.org you get redirected to here. What's the deal?


Mate I don't bloody know. Ask Fred.


File: 1656950045180.jpg (42.52 KB, 336x500, Meetings.JPG)


I forgotten where I kept the June meeting notes, so I decided to just post all meeting notes from here on out.

Derail this thread at your own peril. I will not play nice like the other mods.

Meeting Report 03/07/22

New Moderation Drive to be determined soon. To ease burden on active members

-Make mod posts in LATAM and Africa threads to encourage applicants from these regions as their NA and EU counterparts are most active
-Must be done before American Midterms really begins to counter the flood of new users in NA region

Finalization of Ban Lengths.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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We have succeeded in debunking anarchism and converting them.over to the truth. Seethe, liberal


>If you guys want to react to the meetings, can you at least make a separate thread for it? I won’t entertain any more discussion in a thread that is meant to be an archive.
Communication is key - if this is meant to be an archive, can you also adjust the OP to state that?
Before making a new thread, is there any existing place where users can not merely react, but discuss and make suggestions towards the direction of the site, if not the meeting thread? The moderation thread sticky is clearly no good because only about two or three mods bother reading it, with one seemingly just on the board to troll anyone who got collateral'd by rangebans. It's just frustrating seeing this site taking the time to get together just to act like an out-of-touch manager, ordering pizzas to placate the complaints about exposed wires and leaky roofs, because someone's gone through the complaint box and burned the all ones they don't like.


wait I read that as manager of a pizza place
meh doesn't matter


>Can you post some screenshots or make a new thread?
Plz not another thread. Simple suggestions months ago to make tor posts text only (when necessary) or to pre-approve them were ignored or never got any traction. Instead spam and drama was allowed to happen on the tor node. Now tor users are singled out with a tag which ridiculously defeats the purpose of using the node. Could someone take responsibility for this because it seems like an unnecessary drama?


We are already working on making a Big Brother (working title)
He will take responsibility for everything.

File: 1711358264092.png (321.84 KB, 1080x1390, corruption.png)


This mod has been consistently banning people unfairly, excessively, while only providing vague reasons for it.
For me, I always get bans only from him on bogus nonesense, which gets immediately revoked, when other mods look at it. Seeing picrel, I'm not the only one, who has complained about this.
It's aggravating getting all my posts in a thread, including the effort ones, deleted. Even after unbanning, they remain gone.

This guy is clearly unqualified for moderation, since he abuses his power constantly to silence people he doesn't personally like.
Please, PLEASE do something finally! 🙏
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>scat porn and gore
Sorry, but I am not insane enough to save such shit on my devices.


Copy-pasted images aren't saved


die mad about it
master blaster runs barter town


Ah yes sounds like something I'd say




hey, just wanted to congratulate the mods (more like gods(?!!??!)) on ur good job, and on the ghostbuster stirner thing, which amused me. Round of applause 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


File: 1711267937174.png (879.16 KB, 849x797, 1708211805145.png)

All according to plan

File: 1710474199155.jpg (368.11 KB, 1268x1920, 1643531163869-0.jpg)


I believe the LGBT general should be on the main board, just perhaps without the suggestive OPs. My thoughts are such: I understand why the thread is on siberia, since it avoids the idpol discussion and puts us away from the worst of the homophobes. But this just feels like LGBT people have been quitely hidden away as to not cause drama with the anti-idpol crowd. It's a bit like someone who won't go out with their trans partner or mention the relationship to anyone because they don't want to worry about being stigmatised. There are also a lot of users who do not frequently go on siberia, so having the thread here means it isn't representing all of the queer people using the website, which is what it should be doing. There are at least as many, and almost certainly more, LGBT people who rebound away from the website because of the lack of totally clear representation as there would be socially conservative people who would shake their heads and leave because of it. Lastly, and I understand that this is just my own ideological perspective, and I even sympathis with the anti-idpol stance, but I think that minorities such as LGBT+ people should be targeted for socialist mobilization due to their marginalised positions, and we especially need proletarian queer spaces in order to achieve this. Even if it will cause trouble with a certain crowd, it is only fair to have the LGBT general on the main board.

Thanks for reading. If I could just add an adendum, I'd also like to say that there is a lot of casual misogyny across the website (I am not talking about the virgin threads). It infects people's normal speech. I know I'm sounding slightly like a dreaded SJW, but the subtle and totally unconscious misogyny is very grating. A more obvious part of it are words like 'roastie', but it is almost always much quieter than that. I'm unsure about a solution applicable to this website. Certainly, liberalism has no answer. The only real way is total revolution in society to eradicate unconscious patriarchy. If we really want to go beyond identity politics, we need total egality, and this sort of language and, more dangerously I fear, way of thinking, is not conducive to such egality. I don't like complaining about a problem and not having a solution, but I'm poasting anyway so there you go.
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File: 1710998959508.jpeg (196.88 KB, 1079x1310, 3c590d2e96a06cf3.jpeg)

There's a reason /isg/ and the war containment generals are on /leftypol/: It's the news addict board.

I feel like once we reach the point where other leftypol-like boards pop up that aren't splinters, they'll just have a /siberia/ board since it's basically sufficient to the purpose of having a /leftypol/ board while being relatively civilized and chill. Also "/[thing]-pol/: [thing] politically incorrect" is just begging for reactionaries.


Also LBGTQ+ people existing isn't idpol, so I'm partially assuming this is falseflagging, else really poorly thought out wording.


Agree on being more restrictive with misogyny around the site. Disagree with moving the thread. It's low volume and it's mostly just not political. I've tried to bring in queer Marxist theory but there isn't enough volume to keep the discussion afloat.

We need more queers.


quality over quantity


For the record: OP asked in the LGBT general and the response was completely negative.

Other posters and myself already told you why this is a bad idea. Go find another website that caters to what you want.

File: 1706100230164.png (27.79 KB, 841x594, ClipboardImage.png)


Workerism and the fetishization of the third world has grown more and more on this site. To anyone with an actual understanding of marxism, it is clear these people base their entire politics out of the aesthetic liking of a specific subset of the proletariat, and sometimes not even proletariat but ethnicities or countries.

Using terms such as "firstoid", claiming vast swathes of the working class are not working class because they dont adhere to their made up standards of "real workers" despite fullfilling the marxist definition of proletariat, is a clear instance of identity politics. It is no different from sakaiists saying "white workers cant be revolutionary" or other forms of race and identity based politics.

This is a clear violation of the "no Identity Politics" rule of /leftypol/.

In accordance with this, the moderation team needs to crack down on these groups, not least because they have historically been a wrecker force to the movement and most likely to pull people into fascistic currents.
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File: 1709109564452.jpg (134.86 KB, 1000x800, 1681114149959.jpg)

It's a thing
I know "worker" gets a pavlovian response but


Speaking as someone who matches the description of the latter (literally all of my labor has been manual), I can tell you I've met plenty of proles that fit into the former. One such person works three jobs.


but do you wear a choker (I'm bored of this discussion). If you are the kinda person that wears a choker, I'll try to get into your pants. It's just monkey brain shit, if you dress "flamboyant", I'll think you are easy. And I like em easy.
Point is, the distinction between choker-wearers and non-choker wearers is more important than between manual and digital labor.


I don't personally wear a choker. I generally dress very casually, especially at work.


It is time to bump this and congratulate myself on a job well done. I predicted this at the start of the thread almost two months ago and it went exactly according to my prognosis. How did I do that? Through the power of the prophet Marx and DiaMat of course.


Mods, what purpose serve automatic substitution of Anonymous with various names? I genuinely want to know
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Yeah it was to spite you in particular


Well you know, funny thing is I'm actually in the CIA


Cool. Do you think you can send a couple of guys to help me out knoking down issues over the codebase? I promise I won't look for telemetry


I can put in a request but it's unlikely in the next couple years. Bureaucracy, you know.


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