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File: 1680246574733.jpg (134.82 KB, 552x533, comrade.jpg)

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I am resigning as a developer, sysop and moderator of Leftypol.

I'll keep the OP short, blog post inside. There are a few reasons, the main one is I am completely demotivated to prolong the decline of this site. There is a major contradiction between much of the mod team and /leftypol/. My time is better spent elsewhere.

I have no interest in returning until these contradictions are resolved. Resolving them would require harsh and uncomfortable decisions by people unlikely to make them, so I have no confidence it will happen.

Sorry to all the users who had no real power to prevent this. It's not your fault.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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How on earth is ribbing someone with a hypothetical nightmare scenario for them schizo posting son?


Never forget they started crying for a strongman
That's all it takes, just a little push



File: 1688714330069.png (171.46 KB, 556x391, 1686581820452.png)

>While /leftypol/ was always dominated by a broad range of socialist and anarchist tendencies, it was also frequented by the larger 8chan userbase. It was common to see succdems, lolberts, burgerbrains, brownpants, blacksharts and everyone in-between and around. There were even notsocs who declared their home to be /leftypol/ because we could actually hold an intelligent conversation, unlike their comrades on /pol/.
Yeah lets ban literally everyone except /pol/ shills deliberately sabotaging our site. Good riddance fucking retard.


After some violent thoughts about this guy its safe to say /leftypol/ will be much better without you.

File: 1687473539239.jpeg (642.41 KB, 1284x1786, IMG_1485.jpeg)


Why is thingnoticer getting banned every single post even on absolutely innocuous posts like this? No actual reason except "im triggered 🤡"
This mod team is ridiculous, fragile beyond belief. As soon as they see its his IP he would probably be banned even for posting "hello" or something.(Different nazi pedophile spammer)
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I think Thing Noticer has done enough to earn his persona non grata status.

This is why I don't comments on /meta/ seriously


op is complaining about giving big red attention to the fucker for no reason

god the pigs here suck at their role


no he's not you fucking retard, stop gaslighting fucking moron


Because he’s a nazi who has nothing constructive to say and just goes on schizo rants over children’s cartoons.

Why wouldn’t he get banned?


Then shay the rebel troon needs to be permad as well. He openly admitted to ban evading and said it's the only way oldfags can even post on this site (he is right). Funny how the mods erased that thread from existence.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

File: 1688041430125.png (258.59 KB, 1080x497, 230629081711.png)


What did they mean by this?


Loaded / glowing question, most are as they described.


So what are you saying? He was right, but he was wrong to say it?


Kinda, yeah. Framing issue.


Formal LGBT organizations are in general NGOs co-opting the movement. There is not really an "LGBT community," just various people with common interests (stop discriminating against us).

File: 1687613646313.png (55.01 KB, 640x640, iran-waifu.png)


do something abot radlibs and everyone who use the word denier/apologia/etc and everyone who did not like clearing stalin's name.

also etc things like this. i want to make a thread


lol no


File: 1687624850378.png (161.5 KB, 333x364, 1654385664579.png)



evul radlib fuk u n get out of lefdypul


Edited posts should have that little disclaimer at the bottom that they have been edited, like on every other imageboard. Mods should stop making their edits look like it is the original post, it's disgusting.
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in the log, duh.


>Edited posts should have that little disclaimer at the bottom that they have been edited, like on every other imageboard.


sure, we will consider that. appreciate the straight advice and not the otherwise typical passive aggressive jerk-off post seen ITT


File: 1687673845746.jpg (225.68 KB, 492x932, 1628380159050.jpg)

>instead of deleting them, i spoiler them with a content warning
Unironically based


Maybe kill yourself instead of jacking of to cp and spamming sites all day every tupa?

File: 1686775964105.png (166.85 KB, 424x424, 1685057561675.png)


The original thread got saged for some reason. >>25574

It happened again, for the third time now, that I was banned from all boards based on a falsehood.
The first time was for alledged ban-evasion, the second supposed "low-effort" posting and the third for "spam IP".
The first case was luckily reversed. The second one's appeal was denied, where I had to wait, till it expired (24 hours) and the third would have meant a ban for 22 weeks!!!

This is insanely excessive! I would have had no means to communicate to the staff that this ban was wrong, since I'd be banned from /meta/ too.
I have to ask again, why such severe bans are thrown around utterly recklessly. WTF?!?
Banning from all boards is shitbrained. At least keep the option for people to file a complaint in /meta/ for the high possibility of getting unfairly banned!

Could the mods get a grip please? I was banned after just the first post today.

This is absurd. HOLY SHIT!
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What the hell, man. I'm from Russia and use this https://antizapret.prostovpn.org/ to access forbidden sites. It's either this or I dunno, maybe my provider gives dynamic IPs


>maybe my provider gives dynamic IPs
Interesting. I didn't know that could be a thing. From now on, I'll occasionall check if my IP truly changes automatically.
If it's the case. I'll have to look into my provider, because it's definitely not intentional on my part.


File: 1686833494957.png (11.32 KB, 506x426, glow computer.png)

>spam website from a specific IP range
>cause range ban
>see if users publicly complain about getting caught in range ban
>narrow down what IPs site users are on while also reducing people's ability to use the site


I'm starting to think that there was no spam. It was just a coup or a glowop.


Considering that m00dy has used the justification of "spam" to collate and catalog 10,000+ posts on a hidden board, you are probably right.

File: 1686615479565.png (286.07 KB, 3400x2300, Chaddit vs Soysuba edit.png)


Should we make an embassy thread on /leftypol/ for reddiphile refugees


make a tongue-in-cheek temporary board for ledditfugees


We had that for chapo, it was a disaster filled with bad faith posting, horrible liberal shittery and just plain autism beyond even usual leftypol fare. Terrible idea.


yes but push lemmygrad/lemmy instead


Yeah, I think Redditgees should adapt to the existing board culture versus getting their own thread. It'll filter out the worst ones who were never gonna fit in to begin with and ideally leave the more quality posters.


Yeah. Was discussing contacting lemmy about that to see if they wanted a shout out…
I take it we have different roles but we are both lefty sites with shared political goals as it were.
flood aaaaaa

File: 1686303552597.jpeg (14.64 KB, 474x310, th-1115483724.jpeg)


I just want to draw everyone's attention to how absurdly based leftypol's developers are for making the site completely functional without running Javascript.

A site that's usable without JS is the absolute gold standard for knowing that the devs actually like and respect the users.

Thank you based devs
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Retarded discussion. Whatever triggered the flood detected isn't triggered by that word. It likely was the flood system fucking up and then not unfucking for a while.


Alright I rescind all my previous complaints. I was off my meds and all angry, but I took a couple Xanax and chilled the fuck out so now I realize I was being ridiculous. Apologies.


Uhh okay you are forgiven lol. Thank you for not shitting up the rest of the site. Glad this was cleared up.


Bloody hell


There have been/are always people on the staff and dev team who understand the value in anti-JS and Tor.
But like someone already said, we didn't write most of vichan this is a good thing, it's shit, even its former maintainer begs people not to use it, and most popular IB softwares intentionally don't require JS. We did take small efforts to make sure features we added worked without JS, although that's about all.

>and reporting seems to need js
It doesn't, did you get an error message? This can happen when the post is already deleted/moved. vichan is very unpolished like that.

File: 1686161159983.png (604.8 KB, 750x729, 1641955879626.png)


please let us delete our own threads if the thread isnt older than a few minutes and doesnt have over 3 replies


Seems reasonable. Idk how this would be implemented tho

File: 1685980339200.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1977, 230605114944.png)


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Trotchads keep winning


you couldn't even crop the imperialist apologia b4 it turns from obligatory tragedy cope to obligatory "the superior ubermensch hero got away from the useless shiddy aim goons thoe!!1" cope?


they meant well, go in peace


File: 1686117306546.png (324.26 KB, 568x335, ClipboardImage.png)


>admins when you apply IDpol to porn


the british spooks are the ultimate bad guys in the movie, it's pretty good

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