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File: 1698537371216.png (182.2 KB, 680x517, FsV81SpaYAAFAvH.png)


didnt know this existed, and thought i was doomed to browse 4chan blue boards as the only active and least biggotted (because all the other image boards i knew of were even worse) image board where i didnt have to sign up for

im a trotskyist, are those allowed here or should i just pack up my shit and leave or just consign myself to going here for memes
thank you for the info regardless
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>I am X
you are an internet addict and a larper


>you are x


ironically i used to be but by the time i switched from anarchism to this, ive actually used the interent far far less now lmao
transitional program and permanent revolution are pretty cool ideas i think are cooler than stages """"theory"""" and him saying stalinism was cringe and not based was pretty based imo (also im an english born somalilander so maybe that has to do with something idk)
thank you all, ill enjoy the stay


>and him saying stalinism was cringe and not based was pretty based imo
Lol literally the core of "Trotskyism."


File: 1698715964146.gif (2.21 MB, 512x512, z Stalin animatic.gif)

You are welcome here on leftypol, but remember, do not expect agreement, some of us will mock you, some of us will ignore you and some will dismiss you. Memes and shitposting is a part of the site and the users, so relax, enjoy yourself and don't take everything too seriously.

File: 1698531095670.jpeg (280.24 KB, 1200x800, archives-UMToday[1].jpeg)


For how long do we archive threads ? Is there any way to mark a thread we find especially good for long time archiving ? Or do we rely on external things like wayback machine and posts screencaps ?
And if we actually archive everything forever, thats a big pile of shit to shift through, so we should still have a way to mark thread/posts especially valuable

File: 1698286310088.png (94.82 KB, 211x362, 1660781435753.png)


do reports in the report inbox show the whole post or only a link? how detailed should i be with my reports?


I mean they will check the post first anyway, its prolly just used to prioritize and know what to look for if not immediately obvious so id keep it short


it shows the post, you don't have to be that detailed


it shows the whole post, but having at least a word or short sentence as the report reason helps us know what we are looking for. especially if the post is like, a bajillion paragraphs long.


Pro-tip: if it's an obvious shitter, you can write a nice message to the mods in the report. I do that sometimes. (Granted, I equally as often call them incompetent by the same method.)


Petition to filter "schizo" to "neurotypical".
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File: 1696464606566.png (212.75 KB, 412x241, ClipboardImage.png)

>lets make all conversation a completely incomprehensible word-salad because my schizo takes are being called out every time!
Word-filters should be used sparingly


schizo -> free spirited
retard -> schizoid
autist -> engineer
normie -> ur mom
normalfag -> normie


This is so cringe, yet feels so early 2000s that I fucking love it at the same time. love-hate it?


As per >>>/siberia/462393 i suggest filtering "pretend to be a woman" to "look like a bird".


learn regex
s/pretend(s|ing)? to be a woman/look\1 like a bird/

File: 1697833512924.png (54.79 KB, 720x583, ClipboardImage.png)


Issue: The site doesn't support attaching webp files from the clipboard. The image of Komarov was copy pasted from a social media site which converts everything to webp, most sites today use webp because it's smaller than png - its just better in every way. I hate cluttering my drive with random garbage so whenever posting memes and shit I just copypaste stuff, but this issue is is very annoying because I have to go in paint to paste it there and copy it again before it will work.

Error message: {"readyState":4,"responseText":"<html>\r\n<head><title>400 Bad Request</title></head>\r\n<body>\r\n<center><h1>400 Bad Request</h1></center>\r\n<hr><center>cloudflare</center>\r\n</body>\r\n</html>\r\n","status":400,"statusText":"error"}


>webp files
It doesn't support uploading webp at all, though it uses it for thumbnails. Webp is a bad format and libwebp regularly has security issues, but it's smallest we're getting until mozzila enables jxl in stable.

File: 1697436578068.png (113.72 KB, 577x433, F35hQ4-aYAAyI5I.png)


Leftypol Mods 🧹
You Have 24 Hours 🕛 To Move /siberia/
❄️/siberia/❄️ Belongs At End of Bar
If You Don't Move, We Will Seperate /siberia/
And Then Dismantle all of reddit


File: 1697446345487.gif (260.91 KB, 64x64, cigar.gif)

uhh >>>/siberia/ sisters… this aint lookin good for us….

File: 1697106984865.png (137.34 KB, 721x675, ClipboardImage.png)


>post a tweet from Destiny, a prominent streamer pundit, in /isg/, about Palestine
>get fucking banned
>appeal denied
Are mods retarded? Answer: yes
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It auto updates, tell a friend


Just testing






Ah I see


Youtube links don't work in the embed bar anymore.
>Couldn't make sense of the URL of the video you tried to embed.
Fix this please.


Share embed link


it works if you remove the url string after the "?"
For example:

Then becomes:



Thanks, it worked.


You should always remove the tracker stuff from a URL.


I do for other websites. I forgot how those of shittube looked like.

File: 1696457425308.mp4 (303.79 KB, 1172x720, 1676429932746.mp4)


What do you boys think? @modteam


I'm not a mod but in theory this could be implemented.

File: 1696301623510.png (262.23 KB, 877x502, ClipboardImage.png)


Very strange ban. Is making multiple threads spamming to the mod that banned me? I think I know what thread I got banned for (I can only guess however since the mods deleted it, so I'm assuming it's that one) but interesting to see I didn't get banned for the content of the thread itself, but for making previous threads. Can the mod that banned me explain a little bit? Two weeks seems excessive as well.


Re-examining, this might had been a misjudgement based on a misreading on ban logs. I'll make a note of this, apologies. Ban lifted


Thank you.

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