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Thanks mods for saving the board again
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feels like home


Put me in the screencap


File: 1630035951577.png (286.01 KB, 3400x2300, sigma reddit.png)

I am humbled. Thank you for reporting and helping keep reddit clean


File: 1630036083622.gif (199.98 KB, 403x649, 1628413418746.gif)

Seethe 4faggot, your precious free speech is what's allowing spammers and newfags to nuke your boards which is why all of your communities are dying


File: 1630036444957.jpg (5.61 KB, 301x167, doge.jpg)

I was just being cheeky sorry haha. Thank you actually for reporting, it helps.

File: 1629964886634.jpg (25.69 KB, 600x582, 1625288111028.jpg)


What's up with all the DDoS fuckery going on? A lot of people can't access the site, why is this?


We were being raided by pol. I was going to turn it off but I got busy. Give me a min.


Ah I see


Was /pol/ raiding and also trying DDoS the site? Because there were two things happening at once.

File: 1629985621626.png (154.46 KB, 730x402, ClipboardImage.png)


layout on posts with media is frequently fucked up. embeds are worse.


I literally cannot reproduce this issue so I can't fix it unless you help.
Which device (mobile or desktop, is it wide or narrow)?
Link to a post that does this.

File: 1628892937783.png (615.16 KB, 736x527, ClipboardImage.png)


This coup was supposed to have improved the state of affairs, but it might just have accelerated the decline of the website. The jannies on all sides seem to be quite disconnected from the masses which have composed the life essence of these boards. It is long past time, therefore, that a tribunal representing the popular thrust be established to directly parley with the cliques of moderators, because there are many problems which urgently require resolving and the petty factionalist struggles of the administration have caused those issues to be forgotten. And what better individual to be the Tribune of the Posters than Shay, who not only has been a fixture around here through the multiple tribulations of migration, retreat, and reconstruction of this place but also represents decently the unity of the ideals which /leftypol/ is supposed to uphold. Steeped in the culture of both effortposts and shitposts, she is rooted in the material reality of the average posters. Shay is proletarian in class background, someone opposed to imperialism and Angloid Boxism, and also one who is not so spooked about the usual progressive canards. The current crop of moderation, be they the junta, the soyjak avatarfag narcissist axis, or the furries, can argue in /meta/ to the end of time, but most of the resident anons dedicated to the improvement of /leftypol/ know a true government of action is of utmost importance at this moment of upheaval.

Make SHAY TAN the SUPREME LEADER of /leftypol/.

Overthrow moderators' bourgeois vestiges.
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Flog yourself


oppose, I find Shay to be too unstable for this, no offense


So you want to install a degenerate debauchee transhumanist that posted nudes here before?


Only some of them. After a certain period. They can be brought back, but IMO it's not worth the effort.


If anything my biggest problem is a lack of technical experience in moderation, but as for nudes if anybody posted them saying "transhumanist board owner" it would only make people horny rather than make them feel disgusted

File: 1629829888209.png (1.75 MB, 1000x618, 1609464403227-2.png)


I missed out on the newest split. Can someone TL;DR me on what happened
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I think there is a thread on /meta/ about this but the gist of it is that some mods tried to coup the admins, they succeeded for a couple of days but then the old admins yanked control back and the site split between two domains.


>>>/leftypol/29 has at least 5 TL;DR summaries.

Both claim to be the real one.
There was a proposal by a mod for us to change default theme (DemainDark or LainchanJP) but it barely went anywhere.


god that is so dramatic of leftists, in the usa there were two separate parties called FRSO for years and years because they both refused to rebrand after their split. so annoying


[extreme shilling]


theres already a thread about this in >>7

File: 1629849983387.png (80.63 KB, 975x964, ClipboardImage.png)


Posting new threads probably does not work either but I did not try.


I'm replying to you via onion.




Need js fetch enabled


Eye Queue wordfilter test:


tl;dr: Why the fuck can I say here jewish nigger but not uyghurish?

Marx begins his letter with explaining how miserable his financial situation is due the civil war
>From the enclosed scrawls you will partly see how bothered I am. So far, the landlord has allowed himself to be placated; he has yet to receive £25. The piano chap, who is being paid in instalments for the piano, should already have had £6 at the end of June, and is a most ill-mannered brute. I have rate demands in the house amounting to £6. The wretched school fees — some £10 — I have fortunately been able to pay, for I do my utmost to spare the children direct humiliation. I have paid the butcher $6 on account (the sum total of my quarterly takings from the Presse!), but I’m again being dunned by that fellow, not to mention the baker, the teagrocer, the greengrocer, and such other sons of Belial as there may be.
<Aus den einliegenden Wischen siehst Du teilweise, wie ich bin bothered. Der landlord hat sich bisher beschwichtigen lassen, hat 25 £ zu bekommen. Der Klaviermann, der Ratenzahlungen für das Klavier bekommt, sollte schon am letzten Juni 6 £ erhalten, und ist ein sehr grober Lümmel. Steuerzettel für 6 £ liegen mir im Haus. Den Schuldreck von ungefähr 10 £ habe ich glücklicherweise bezahlt, da ich alles tue, um den Kindern direkte Demütigungen zu ersparen. Dem Metzger habe ich 6 £ abgezahlt (und dies war meine Gesamteinnahme eines Vierteljahrs von der „Presse"!), aber der Kerl tritt mich wieder, nicht zu sprechen von Bäcker, teagrocer, greengrocer und wie all das Teufelszeug heißt.

then he rants about Lassalle
>The Jewish nigger Lassalle who, I’m glad to say, is leaving at the end of this week, has happily lost another 5,000 talers in an ill-judged speculation. The chap would sooner throw money down the drain than lend it to a ‘friend’, even though his interest and capital were guaranteed. In this he bases himself on the view that he ought to live the life of a Jewish baron, or Jew created a baron (no doubt by the countess). Just imagine! This fellow, knowing about the American affair, etc., and hence about the state of crisis I’m in, had the insolence to ask me whether I would be willing to hand over one of my daughters to la Hatzfeldt as a ‘companion’, and whether he himself should secure Gerstenberg’s (!) patronage for me! The fellow has wasted my time and, whPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1627789090901-0.pdf (26.38 MB, 197x300, MECW41.pdf)

File: 1627789090901-1.pdf (13.35 MB, 67x118, mew_band30.pdf)


> This fellow had the insolence to ask me whether I would be willing to hand over one of my daughters to la Hatzfeldt as a ‘companion’, and whether he himself should secure Gerstenberg’s (!) patronage for me!

Lmao Marx got this assblasted over a fucking joke. What a sperg.egoismEgoism


Jewish nigger


You are all jewish niggers

File: 1617956129689.png (39.07 KB, 825x364, stats.png)

 No.4102[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

is /leftypol/ growing? We seem to be averaging between 300 and 450 daily users most days
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File: 1629773560476.png (54.36 KB, 414x321, siberia.PNG)

Well at least they're honest now.


Reminder: getting rid of bait-takers who derail into low effort fast reply-chains lowers PPH but increases quality!


How much quality do these numbers give you? It would be kinda hard to have discussion with so few amount of people



thats a cool idea though, roulette.


stop using rangebans. You're banning tens of thousands of IP's just to get one guy. The sites software needs to disallow rangebans and only allow banning individual IPs. Rangeban should never have been invented/allowed on vichan and it should stop being used immediately.
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I don't see your range ban.


im not rangebanned i just dont think its a good idea


Rangebans have been removed.


>ella no sabe



File: 1629069200889.png (2.46 MB, 1146x939, grafik.png)


(updated: 2021-08-21 (Sat) )
Mod voting has closed for the week. You can still continue to use this thread for discussing these proposals and your support or concerns, and for justifying future proposals. There's a few interesting ideas coming from anons, good to see.

Proposals that received two votes and will be decided by a majority vote next week:
note that details of the first two will be clarified before voting due to anon concerns
< >>10088 Proposal: On the creation of /roulette/ - /lounge/.
< >>10089 Proposal: Remove certain types of soyspam.
< >>10094 Proposal: Rename /b/ to /siberia/ to remove the 'expectations' that it needs to be exactly like 4chan /b/ and to fit more consistently with the rest of the board names.
< >>10104 Proposal: Bring back vaush -> agent kochinski wordfilter
Proposals that did not pass:
note that both had main objections to either the timeframe or vagueness rather than the idea
> >>10296 Proposal: Create actual policies on subjectively moderated topics
> >>10297 Proposal: Standardize ban lengths for various rule violations

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>allow megathreads to be made there
What's a megathread?

Devil's advocate: what's wrong with slow boards? There's the /alt/ overboard that basically does what you said.


could be an ok idea, but the problem is a ton of existing posts would have to be yeeted


>/alt/ boards are dead
I only check on /tech/ regularly, though I'm sure the other boards also get a couple posts daily, which sets a nice pace IMO and leaves enough time for touching grass (or you know READING A BOOK).
/edu/ is moreso on the dead side, but it hosts reading groups, PDFs and other kinds of useful resources.


vote for


I don't think 'vote for' is a convincing argument. Why are you voting for? You can just check /alt/ and get almost the same result.

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