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File: 1700796754260.png (892.67 KB, 1080x1268, ClipboardImage.png)




You should ignore it otherwise you could be implicated in CP


>just ignore the thing that got put in your cache before you even saw it bro
I clear my cache and throw my computer in the ocean and go out and buy a new one whenever i see that shit; what else do you want me to do?


crying about it on meta wont make jannies wake up faster, report and move on


But how else can I get off in happenings threads?


This is the third time I posted it after two deletions. How is this against the rules?


Incredibly vauge 14f fuel.


The new /roulette/ board is even slower than the last one.


I wish I was a cute orca boy.



File: 1701083692419.webm (20.07 MB, 1920x1080, 1626968856505.webm)


Can we change the landing page about Ukraine? its pretty out of date now.
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Make it an iframe of search.php?search=name%3A"News+Anon+3.0"+News&board=leftypol or ask News Anon to get a secure trip.


I think maybe the best thing would be to create a monthly landing-page essay thread. We don't really get enough effort-posts here. So perhaps there could be a thread pinned on /leftypol/ for submissions for this months landing-page essay. Then maybe people could vote on it like the animal mascot thread on /siberia/?


It could be capped at maybe, 1000 words?


Holy fucking shit a good idea?


welcome to heck nerd.

File: 1701001746508.png (20.88 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


I wish the site had a better oekaki app. It's passable for lineart, but no layer, opacity control and zooming support makes it frustrating to use for anything else. Tegaki seems like a nice candidate seeing how it does not force you to use a tiny box in the reply section by default, but maybe there is a better alternative out there?


Do you have a link?


just use a proper editor like green is my pepper if you want decent features


File: 1701009854150.png (958.27 KB, 1920x1080, green is my pepper.png)

4chins' /i/ board uses it currently.
Already do as well as Krita. Really good, but at the same time I like the integration that oekaki apps have.

File: 1700541513376.jpg (42.13 KB, 585x577, 1700517906116267.jpg)


why is an ancap allowed to propagandize for hundreds of posts lol


why? if we have the truth we shouldn't be afraid.


traditionally leftypol dont systematically ban ideological opponents that arent overtly racist/fascists, are not shitting up too much threads and not baiting too hard


Well they allow a monarchy colony


I like how the latest international election thread is even more filled with /pol/tards.


its literally one /pol/tard spamming noise to drown out all the effortposts arguing against right-wing one-liners

i guess mods are asleep


What happened to the degenerate > fun word filter? The quality of discussion is dropping pretty quick since it got turned off / broke.
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lol, thats literally the one fucking up normal posting the most and its still there


only the uyghur filter is still intact damn


some filter are board-specific. but degeneracy into fun and IQ to autism score have been gone since 8chan I'm pretty sure, weren't restored cause they are kinda old talking points that don't get used often now.


I remember them still working back on Bunkerchan. Hmmmm…


maybe on siberia? or GET, they also had some filters.


add an rss feed for all the boards


seconding this, jesus


Yes please


I'm trying to create a nice rss feed for all my forums rn and only leftypol doesn't work properly, pls fix!


File: 1700427221051.mp4 (1.18 MB, 720x1280, downloadfile(1).mp4)

there is:
overboard just uses siberia's feed tho but sounds like you want toiuse this for specific boards anyway.
also seems like it's ordered by thread chreation, not bump order. Odd but maybe it'll cause less issues for some readers that don't know what do do with articles changing dates..

File: 1684807690997.jpg (33.06 KB, 364x574, Fb_9HG5agAA7U0N.jpg)


Filter "lumpen" to "-oomer" pls
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bumping the wordfilter suggestion thread. bonus ones:
mrbeast -> nrvnqsr
ai -> machine leanring
soy -> shoyu
goon -> The GNU Operating System


if wordfilters are for overused buzzwords then pedo should be on the list. im not witty enough to figure out what it should be filtered to, tho


Schizo and schizophrenic to "contradictory"


File: 1700114303503.jpg (83.17 KB, 604x604, 1690518778564.jpg)

>pedo should be on the list. im not witty enough to figure out what it should be filtered to, tho
How about "conservative Christian"?


This is actually very good.

File: 1699985435500.jpg (38.38 KB, 1280x720, tuco.jpg)


why are people allowed to defend concepts like nationalism and class collaboration on /leftypol/ when you slap china on the image for the thread? you guys are able to ban/delete random posts about "conspiracy theories", people being mean to pro-russian people and random people who got a minor fact wrong in the eyes of the staff.
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This site is dogshit. Thats why I have no remorse shitting it up with low effort shit posts


Its well established https://neznansky.github.io/docs/oss/2001-Book.pdf

Anyway, I would also like to add murder/torture fantasies, calls for group X to be genocided, mouth-foaming bloodthirst post and goreposting in list of things that maybe should be cracked down upon. People complain about this imageboard dying, but like what impression is any newcomer gonna get when they visit /leftypol/ and see some freak stroking themselves to pictures of mutilated corpses on /ukraine/.


this is just about aggression, not violence in general of which there are many types :-DDDDDD


literally a bannable offense and enforced
>some freak stroking themselves to pictures of mutilated corpses on /ukraine/
What the fuck are you talking about? Nobody on /ukraine/ does that. We only got some gore spam early on from /pol/ spammers trying to shit on Russia and that was deleted and everyone told them to fuck off. Stop making shit up.


This feels like some fascist equivocating again.
Point out defense of "collaboration"
>being mean
Most of the time it's not content but form that gets people banned.
I still can't get over how persistently and aggressively obnoxious some people act.
What's a ukraine?

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