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Just a single question, comrades:
>What is the % of our moderation team in terms of nationality
<vs. poster (IP-based) nationality?

It strikes me (hard) that like 80% of our "vol" team is anglo, while our posteriat is like at the very least 50% NOT anglo.

Interesting, innit???????
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Who cares mods do their job and purge polfags out of this board. Mods are gods


>who cares about facts?
<what matters is that MY cultural/political background is represented
t. anglo


>Anglo Anglo Anglo Anglo Anglo ANNNGGLLOOOO!
Can you stfu and actually say something in good faith?


calm down it's just an image board


File: 1627131814363.jpg (2.88 KB, 111x107, wtf_sunglasses.jpg)

this is literally IDPOL except its even dumber due to being about shit that doesn't matter

File: 1627083884908.png (410.11 KB, 540x728, шалфей.png)


Are the mods going to do something about the unironic nazi spam or is this another shitty altchan to be abandoned immediately?




might be best to just get into one of the separate channels for /lit/ discussion which I won't mention here. free to join but tightly moderated and frequently purged to weed out inactive members and ofc any tard shitting up the room is banned immediately


I'm already in a couple leftypol approved matrix chats but shit man, that's not leftypol


might be a blessing in disguise tbh. maybe I'm coping and I've never been too into any image board (just lurked bunkerchan) but what's salvageable out it? just use the matrix chats to get to know some ppl who actually know their shit as they seem more likely to be active in those chats where they can actually hold a conversation with ppl as opposed to here where it's just pseuds, poltards and attention whoring tripfags. read. join party and union. share meaningful thoughts and insights with peers and build on each other's ideas.

all of that has become nigh impossible here, i'n afraid. just imo and without any special anymosity. phonepostan so sorry for redscarepod writing style


I remember it like it was 3 months ago, when effort posts where being written and responded in kind, this is nothing like what you get out of a matrix chat or discord chat


who the fuck keeps banning me for being a doomer

File: 1626606575292.png (300.36 KB, 780x523, chudes.png)


The recent filtering of the word "chu.d" into "FAGGOT" is unnecessarily bigoted and racist towards Baltic and Finnic peoples.

Please take it back and thank you.


kike -> kino


Good. They are all a bunch of uyghurs so they deserve it.


Pls do this mods, so we can detect /pol/ cockraches easily.




"Baltic Finns" would actually be a funny wordfilter for it, unlike the chan culture cringe we're stuck with at the moment.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism

File: 1626507837439.png (541.53 KB, 594x774, taro.png)


Please create a public API so that people can write/use their own non browser clients for leftypol. thanks


There's already .json files for each page of a board, that may be a good start.


>Please create a public API so that people can write/use their own non browser clients for leftypol
Look at the mobile client maybe


Clean up /anime/ please………….
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messed up the last ones


It seems like the people on /anime/ like those threads though, and they would get drowned out on /b/. Honestly if someone made a porn thread on /games/ I would be fine with it as long as it was related. I asked a while back on /anime/ if they wanted me to do anything and they said no, so I didn't do anything.


>and they would get drowned out on /b/

> long as it was related.

but most times it isn't related at all. it's just unrelated porn threads


>muh lolicon discussion
Thanks for deleting the 1 thread that actually questioned the Otaku narrative and BTFO them


Also who the fuck deleted most of the archive.is content for bunkerchan?! What the actual fuck?

File: 1626485261518.jpeg (54.99 KB, 680x454, vaush.jpeg)


Please bring back vaush -> Agent Kochinski wordfilter




i actually propose a wordfilter to Agent IrishLaddie since he changed his username to get away from some sexpest stuff he did under the old username lol

File: 1626458729602.jpg (57.59 KB, 659x1024, 1626107897917m.jpg)


Mods please do your job the guy that posted the china christian, nordic, african century, thai rape incident, and e thot threads are from the same fucking asshole. Fucking permaban that bitch
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You look like a fucking romulan dude holy shit kill yourself uyghur


lmao you look like the fucking grinch holy shit


kek only on leftypol are the slide threads this funny. Stop larping as a man lady.


>>8058 (me)
like niqqa look at yourself


average anime avatarfag

File: 1625890520328.jpg (16.31 KB, 360x486, 1625636652912.jpg)


Any plans to add image hash filters?


suck my cock bitch, I will change 1 pixel in the image and bypass your hash checker


Sounds like a fitting waste of time for keyboard warriors


>delete thread making fun of >>>/b/96443
>keep the original up
Jannies are retarded and probably have aspergers too lol


Yeah that should have been deleted. Done.

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