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File: 1674685474699.png (68.87 KB, 551x495, Chadlin.png)


Can mods acknowledge this instead of banning me? I don't want to make a thread talking about this if you're going to ban and delete me immediately, so I want to know genuinely why whoever banned me thinks talking about the left-ride divide being obsolete is a /pol/ position. Before any unnecessary confusion arises, left-right divide being obsolete does not mean
>Communsts and anti-communists don't exist
>Imperialists and anti-imperialists don't exist
>Fascism doesn't exist
So if you genuinely still believe that this topic is "/pol/", at the very least explain why and justify your ban. That way I don't waste my time making a thread talking about whatever I wanted to talk about if you're just going to ban and delete in the end.(Ban lifted, thread dismissed)


The left-right divide never existed in a real sense cause its a framing mechanism to contrast political reaction (right) against political progress (left). Trying to say its "obsolete" is meaningless because the things it measures is still in place, though you can certainly say that it is not a helpful way of framing politics within certain situations (like measuring liberalism in the presence of both reaction and communism).

The severity of your ban (I think) is more from the specific points you tried to push while trying to discredit the distinction and also evading a ban.


Acknowledging it doesn't exist is essentially the same as saying it's obsolete. Both positions believe it's a useless dichotomy. I didn't ban evade, I posted in the Ukraine thread and got quickly banned hours after posting in /isg/. And what points exactly did I try to push? I simply gave an example of how it's obsolete, didn't push for anything myself.


Oh, if thats the case then this is mostly miscommunication then. Sorry, there was another guy who got banned for the same thing pushing red-brown stuff.


not so stupid, as was.

File: 1674188888199.png (20.12 KB, 120x198, ballin2.png)


Are you guys ever setting up a dedicated matrix server that doesn't depend on matrix.org? I could let you use my home server if you want. The main matrix server is kinda sus.


>If you already have an account hosted on Matrix.org, please deactivate your account and create a new account on another homeserver immediately. Matrix.org is the largest Matrix homeserver, and most Matrix apps suggest it by default. Many users new to Matrix end up using this server because they don't know that other servers exist. Unfortunately, Matrix.org is far from the best choice. Due to its absurdly strict rules, the server is known for frequent bans of rooms and user accounts, and it does so without prior notice. Basically, Matrix.org uses its size and special status to impose censorship.


Reading the rest of this article and on second thought maybe this wasn't the best link to use to support my thread.


The good things about the official server is that it doesn't go down if we go down. Homeservers are kind of volatile.

File: 1674180687451.jpg (75.85 KB, 634x692, khmerrouge.jpg)


tfw no lefty /fa/ board


remember /fash/?



File: 1643136442294.png (763.87 KB, 1009x856, 1639783269370-3.png)


Post on alt or I will kill myself


This but I will just stop coming here and use other sites instead


i always post on the side boards but barely get any replies


What's alt?


The alt boards. Check out the overboard.


I was gonna post on alt until you wrote this. Pityfags out.

File: 1663623548760.jpg (1.61 MB, 2288x1716, 1644364880275.jpg)


Bring back the degenera(tes?|cy) => fun wordfilter.
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One month and no vetos. Testing ᴉuᴉlossnW


Proposal to filter "troon" to "poltroon". Adding in a week or something if I see no objection.


>>23811 good
>>24928 alright
>>23708 ebin
>>23425 this



there is idpol from right-wingers
and there is idpol from liberals as well
"polidpol" would give the false appearance that only right-wingers commit idpol

as a maupin enjoy-er i approve

>Twitter.com should word filter to Nitter.net so users can be directed to the front end whenever a twitter link gets posted to reduce potential data collection.
If that could be selectively applied on links that would be great.
We wouldn't want to create false impressions about Nitter when people are complaining about twidder


>"polidpol" would give the false appearance that only right-wingers commit idpol
who are you replying to?

File: 1673534346960.jpg (24.32 KB, 526x235, my thread.JPG)


why did my thread get deleted? :C




if it wasn't posted in /siberia/, thats probably why


have you seen German and Japanese toilets? I'm not sure about Brazil.


That shit ain't popular in Brazil, we just have more willing porn actress.


We seem to be getting flooded with surveys. Any idea who's behind it?
So it's
>>>/siberia/357481 (highjacked)

Are these connected, and what can we do to cost them money?


Personally, I think you might be over-reading it

its just buzzfeed quizzes for gay nerds

File: 1671382866249.jpg (122.22 KB, 960x960, 1671345720381804.jpg)


disabling tor killed the side boards lmao


File: 1672128556004.gif (1.23 MB, 652x368, bocchi.gif)

i have work motherfucker how many times do i have to say this


it is literally enabled retard


Look at the fucking timestamp.


It was also enabled then. I was using it.


6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


I want to say someone did already… maybe check the /tech/ previous stickies.


PLEASE DO IT MODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL BUMP THIS FRED YEARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Even crystal.cafe has this


Let's add sound support for thumbnails while we're at it



Also this but I can't find it. Could be the script for the person who had a broken (no, not outdated, actually broken) browser and couldn't display .webp thumbnails.

There is a plugin JS (client-side) option to disable animated .gifs if they are enabled. It might be worth considering enabling the server generating of .gif thumbnails and having that option available if they get abused, or if raids start happening as much as they used to, even enabled by default.


what up!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was banned because of the following scribbles: (i'm not ban evading, i have a dynamic IP)

>>349722 VERY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! i done it, i groomed someone into becoming a furry!!!!!

>>349724 what are you going to stuff it with
>>349727 these are rly impressive, but it's not my thing, i think they look spooky. it'd be fun to use them to scare ppl though
>buy/steal a murrsuit
>groom someone into becoming a furry
>do the SÉX
>>349737 ver
yc ool

i used the word "grooming" as a hyperbole in bad taste, which made it look like I'm a reactionary or something. I said something along those lines as a ban appeal, but I don't know if I got unbanned with my appeal, because of my dynamic IP. Anyway, i just wanted to know if we good. we good, mods!?!?!?!?!?


yeah, you good
people need to look at context


muy bueno muy bueno
muy >>24239 bueno
muy bueno muy bueno


least predditory furry

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