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I just looked, out of the first 100 (or more) of the non-general threads on /leftypol/, my thread has the 2nd most posts (after the Wolff one that has been up for longer.

You got fooled into killing one of the most active threads. 🤡


I meant to post this in the moderation thread, didn't see I was in the catalog. whatever


>unique IPs

File: 1684718766484.jpeg (51.17 KB, 637x448, 1684005765964.jpeg)


>banned from all boards
>for being a Nazi
holy shit if it's either pasquale or wvobbly who banned me, this will be the 6th time I've been banned for nonsense by those two.
What is the rationale? What's the point of posting here if you can get banned for so little reason?
What did I do that qualifies me as a nazi? Please, can caballo or someone else explain this to me? Pasq and Wvobly is just gonna say some vague ass shit like "ban evading" or "spam" and be done with it.


Not a vol but maybe post under the gay Nazi flag for more leeway?
It worked for shay


What’s the banned post or IP


File: 1685009138295.png (818.39 KB, 477x695, latest.png)

Well I'm unbanned now
It was for 6 days, thanks


Just got a ban as a hazite on all boards which 1 isn't a rule and 2 you're only supposed to ban me from the board in question for something like this so I can appeal in /meta/ theme the tools iirc

for posting → >>>/leftypol/1457651
and saying haz posted something not embarrassing for once

This is utterly hilarious given earlier I'd decided to tone down the lumpen bashing after seeing a has tweet slamming lumpens because haz's opinions are in general embarrassing and wrong as a rule of thumb

So which one of you is powertripping?


*Thems the r00lz
fucking autocorrect


Just accept your ban, appealing it here is going to make no difference at all.


The Democratic Centralist board volunteers aren't that bad comrade they're doing a job that gives paid wagies PTSD for free

Seriously you can interact with them as human beings state your case and get a hearing

You can also go bat for other people you think are being treated unfairly and they'll sometimes listen

For the record I got unbanned almost immediately after the appeal

See we have the least worst mods on an anonymous imageboard or most forums for that matter


You are both right


no loss

File: 1681047840710.jpg (180.86 KB, 593x545, 7j9q6jxqhiv51.jpg)


Can we bring back the soyjak general thread on /siberia/ so people will stop complaining about the no-frog/soy rule?
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File: 1684198460833.mp4 (2.48 MB, 576x682, Shopping_cart_edit.mp4)

>What actually gets made here anymore? Fucking dayum?
I'm talking about the left as a whole, not just here. I don't think being SEObrained about it is gonna help. The advantage here is to not trick yourself into breathing manually.
>The characterization of leftist memes being preachy and wordy is still something you see everywhere
Because that's a subset of the whole "the left can't meme" trend that only relevant to itself. You don't see it outside that context. It's obvious protection when most memes leftists make aren't intentionally related to their politics if at all other than the absence of concurring with the right's stance on a culture war issue. While the right can literally only make memes about their politics lest be denounced by their peers for being woke.


who the fuck is paying for soyjaks on this board or anywhere that isn't completely cartoonishly unhinged? get your head out of your ass before you start coughing up shit.


>muh shopping cart

shopping carts are honestly the most efficient thing about capitalism, i never understood how corpoboiis can sell them to us for 25¢ each; you can get more than that in metal weight


Taking shopping carts without intent to return them is stealing, you are not 'buying' the cart by putting coins in it


True, I have a little crate cart and even that is probably one of the most useful things I own, I would get so much use out of a full-size 🛒 kinda cart.

File: 1645420092137.png (31.98 KB, 300x250, ClipboardImage.png)

 No.17253[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Let's talk about forced anon.

Why force anon?
Anonymity provides many benefits that other leftist communities don't provide.
>drama reduction
>removal of prejudice in responses, removing many potential causes of fallacious arguments (conscious or otherwise)
Users taking on identities encourages negative behaviors.

There are some potential cases where an identity might be appropriate within a single thread, but users taking board-wide identities are antithetical to the strengths of this site. Their identity serves no purpose but to satisfy the ego.

<b-but muh leftytrash community!

Take it to GETchan, Matrix or just have namefaggotry on /siberia/ only. There are many, many communities purpose-built for those values. This should not be one of them.
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Channers killing themselves when they realize having an IP address (an identity) is a prerequisite to using the internet


So true. I feel our post are getting worse. Anything we need to talk about?


Well there were definitely spam bots back then, but incelism wasn't that popular among children until around gamergate and related glowops of the time. The age of the cross armed rantsona YouTuber changed how kids interacted with the web for a long time, and trying to make a new Imageboard without that influence requires operating in secrecy and still being prepared for constant siege.


my god this thread is over a year old

imo the namefags haven't said anything extremely lolcow worthy in a while


There was always resentful misogyny on the internet, it just didn't have a meme label yet

File: 1683493771833.png (351.39 KB, 600x640, 1650393109319.png)


I think that the devs should implement filtering a user by flags on the board. Is that possible?
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shouldf be possible. im not a dev but it should be trivial


Make a uBlock filter. I don't remember how but I did it once when a particular Eurasianism flag was treating every other thread like it /Ukraine/ (back when the jannies were having a hard time keeping reactionaries off of it, they still do but it was way worse at the time.)


They could do a filter by IP but then people would shadowban each other over the odd shitpost and the site would become even more of a ghost town.


learn to interpret and use flags properly kid
They're generally used to signal roles or personas

No one person owns any flag anybody can use them

They're basically an emoji 😊👍


File: 1684299238666.png (24.08 KB, 813x401, ClipboardImage.png)

Comrade, I implemented that in October 2021.
And another comrade wrote their own in March 2021 >>>/tech/7374

File: 1645077210736.jpg (46.39 KB, 500x357, 1583514437114.jpg)


Some nights leftypol is so shit that I just pretend to be a clueless retard (no, not a fascist) just for shits and giggles.
Does anyone else do this?
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I do that as well. Let's think about this for a second. Why am I allowed to post the way I do but ThingNoticer isn't? I think the difference is style. I have it, most people don't. This is why things went down the way they did.


Its because frankly I only post after consuming large amounts of narcotics and only come here to look at the porn and trigger americans


I play a game against myself. I try to see how much Al guul I have to ingest before I become as dull as the people here. If I do I win the game. Needless to say I've never won the game.


penis cummer


You guys pretend?

File: 1644477494502.jpg (51.04 KB, 679x400, sustown.jpg)


All the retards are crawling out! I officially declare 07:00 AM GMT as the hour where posts have the worst quality and also the hour when all mods are asleep.
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It's 7:48 GMT
and I can confirm this


Personally, l think 02:00 AM GMT is a good contender.


We need to turn off american access to this place
It's the only way


The shittiest time on the internets is 17:00 Eastern Coast Time.


this, but its also when shit mods are still on


Word Filter Proposals: Marketing Terms Edition

(Post(ing/ed) (on/to) Social Media > Post(ing/ed)) Online
((Browse/Scroll)(ing/ed) (on/to) Social Media > Surf(ing/ed)) The Web
Influencer(s) > Sales(person/people)
Tweet(ing/ed) > Post(ing/ed)
Re(tweet/blog)(ing/ed) > Boost(ing/ed)
Content > Post
Content Creator > Poster
YouTuber/TikToker > Videographer
The Algorithm > Search Engine Optimization

Any more suggestions?
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>Not wanting corpspeak to become the default is le politically correct
>literally rendered in computer code (parentheses usage)
tbh I mostly agree we should try to reserve word filters for funnies, but I see these marketing terms thrown around a lot on here and it really does degrade people's ability to think about these things outside the framework these marketing terms were made for. If you have some funny alternative suggestions I'm all for it, >>26748 has the spirit.
Also I wanted an excuse to wonderbreadpost


>Re(tweet/blog)(ing/ed) > Boost(ing/ed)
you didnt think of reposting?


>>literally rendered in computer code (parentheses usage)
that isnt regex


Nah I'm not that good at regex yet. I can search stuff with it but I dunno how I'd make these as regex.
Oh yeah good point.


OP's proposals and understanding of wordfilters are doubleplus ungood.


Leftypol is objectively the best website in the world

It is easily demonstrable by a negative definition, follow this, what are the other websites? 4chan, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, whatever. Internet is mostly three American arms dealer in a trench coat anyway. Give me just one website that is better than leftypol. I’m waiting.

I was surprised too when I came to this conclusion, but I accepted it and so will you. Leftypol is the best website in the world (objectively).(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)
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Leftypol is kinda dead innit


Yeah but at least it's easy to some good necrobumps


It sure is, isn't it


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