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disable secure tripcodes, tripcodes are meant to be disposable


if they were meant to be disposable then there wouldn't be an option to make them secure.


That's something 4chan retards added many many years later.


Secure tripcodes seem to serve a function, for example in game threads, AMAs or other similar situations. There are no plans to remove them at this time.


So, apparently I got banned, because I stated my opinion on the gender question. But why did I got banned, but not the person to whom I was responding >>314263 to? He started talking about Idpol and he started derailing the thread. Then why did I got banned? I didn't said that I hate trans people or what ever. I'm just not a fan of genderism. Is this really a reason to ban and to suffocate discussion?
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>mfw they are touching the guys prosthetic penis as if it were nothing
I realize they are detached, but it still feels like a personal thing, you know?


translate deutsche anon


Sorry about the ban, it's been lifted



File: 1623492684812.png (97.77 KB, 670x505, laughing-neckbeard.png)


Holy shit just remove those sticky threads from /leftypol/. Who the fuck wants to frequent a board that greets you with RULES AND BUREAUCRACY, followed by THE CORRECT WAY TO SELF-INDOCTRINATE.

If someone violates the rules, you ban them and link them to the rules page.
If someone wants to seek knowledge about marxism, they'll make a thread, five people will answer with differing opinions and then derail the rest of the thread about how their opinion is the right one and everyone else is a retard. That's the FUN part and the whole point. Imageboards are supposed to be fun places for retards. Not some sunday assembly forums for lobotomized bureaucrats.

NEVER have a permanent sticky. Avoid sticky threads. If you really need to inform people about something, have your sticky for a day or a week and remove it. But in normal situations let the people decide what's on the front page.

Then again I bet you'll just ban me for not giving feedback the right way because I'm a normal human being and didn't bother to read any of those FIVE STICKY THREADS you have on /meta/. Jesus Christ they say left can't meme but you sad fucks can't even run an imageboard without turning it into an institution of no-fun-allowed.spurdoSpurdo
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Welcome to the internet newfriend.


This is the right answer


klunga do we have to do this right now?


Stickies are literally for goons. If it wasn't because 4chan came from SA they wouldn't even exist.


>If you really need to inform people about something, have your sticky for a day or a week and remove it.
If you really need to inform people about something, staff should use the global announcement option that comes with vichan. Or fix the home page already.

File: 1623477556997.png (152.28 KB, 464x277, snitchin.png)


Why are you cunts always on the feds side? You're a fucking joke. I can't imagine a bigger group of snitches and rats than the team you've assembled. Why are you all so keen to grass on everyone? I would rather die than be a snitching little fucker like you are.
Why are you guys so fixated on handing over information to the fucking government? Like I would just bury it, but you guys are properly insane, demented little cunts. Fuck you for selling out hundreds/thousands of communists, fuck you.


What the fuck are you talking about skitzo?
Is this cope from the fall out of the fall of the bunker?


this could be psyop shit, there was another thread early that tried to scare people


File: 1623480624240.png (97.88 KB, 249x260, ClipboardImage.png)

what information lol
is this the brittard whose mad they cant dox people or instigate violence on a public imageboard?

File: 1623451191938.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.04 KB, 511x512, janniecleaning.jpg)


Make it so that you see which post got you banned.


There is currently no code for this. There are urgent priorities that come before it.
If you are able and willing to code it, you are welcome to do so.

File: 1623253232549.jpg (27.21 KB, 1024x373, anarcho-dogeism.jpg)


Why is /leftypol/ so censored?

The entire purpose of the “imageboard” website format is to encourage a wide variety of ideas and information by using front-end anonymity and less moderation to spur people to post new ideas. The ability to remain anonymous (on the front end allows people to post different ideas and stops critics from browsing through one’s "post history”. The low-moderation encourages new ideas that would be “revolutionary” or “unsettling”.

This forum (/leftypol/) is heavily moderated which prevents free discussion of ideas. The reason why /pol/ is "avant garde” and “revolutionary” is because it doesn’t censor controversial ideas.

It seems to me that /leftypol/ merely adopts the “aesthetic” of an imageboard instead of its actual purpose.egoismEgoism
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But /pol/ censors shit all the time man.


Are you a delusional oldfag or very new and naive ?
There haven't been ANY board that doesn't moderate specific topics.
Text only boards like 2ch are not exempt,and also delete political posts for exemple.
Jannies always curate context and content,and only those who see the posts disappear can tell you if they are censored,and you can't check whether or not they're lying to you (since it's anonymous)
Even off-topic posts also get deleted all the time to curate threads.
Your exemple is one of the worst to choose too as others have already mentioned,any thread made on here would get deleted on /pol/ in less than a day.


I do believe it is moderated too much, at least in some areas. It literally says in our rules that non-leftist topics are allowed. A couple of mods don't realize that, and same with many users.
>The reason why /pol/ is "avant garde” and “revolutionary” is because it doesn’t censor controversial ideas.
They have the same problem of mods deleting stuff that shouldn't be deleted. Also, they aren't avant garde nor revolutionary, unless /mlpol/ and qanon count as avant garde.
>It seems to me that /leftypol/ merely adopts the “aesthetic” of an imageboard instead of its actual purpose.
Who died and made /b/ king? There isn't some inherent purpose of an imageboard. I use them for cybersecurity reasons, convenience and distaste for persistent identity.


commieposting gets regularly deleted on /pol/
post chin, faglord


>avant garde


Why did you ban me, while this obvious islamic fundamentalist >>304943 is still allowed to post?


lifted the ban


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i hate religioids so much it's unreal
anti-materialists bastards


File: 1623230811134.png (1.23 MB, 1598x1745, based idpol.png)

it's because being reactionary is anti-idpol and based while being progressive is idpol and cucked
that is how you are against idpol on /leftypol/


>What is compelling you to say this?
I already said, because Iskam is an invasive culture around the world.
>>296545 (You)
To recount what Pakistani femanon said as best I can:
Islamic raiders invaded in the middle of a war between Pakistani forces and used the opportunity to conquer and disseminate Islam. Anywhere else in the world this invader would be viewed as some kind of arch-enemy and enemy of the local people, but because of Islam this invader is considered a hero and statues are erected to him across Pakistan. Muslims invaded and displaced all of Pakistani local culture and replaced it with their Arab culture and Pakistani Muslims all worship Arabs now. She wanted to go back to Pakistani culture and repel the Muslim invasion/erasure of her culture.

And there were dumb white westernoids calling her a sellout back then too.

Lmao getting btfo was the final straw huh whiteoids?


Sir this is a Wendy's.


I know. Why am I looking for a real meal at a shitty burger fast food joint.

File: 1622655304676.jpg (53.7 KB, 555x740, 1622420822254.jpg)


How about re adding dead back to the board ui?
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>Literal who board

Yeah, no thanks. If we are going to have a post left circle jerk might as well have it on a board that gets traffic.


>might as well have it on a board that gets traffic
Social media brain.


It would have more traffic if you used it.


>Literal who board
and that's a good thing. if you enjoy e-drama, stay here


And yet here you all are posting on our board. If you want to post on prolesphere then do so, but, stop trying to throw a wrench in what we have going on here to scalp users off our board. I use both, but, you people are just being fags.

File: 1622643867290.jpg (16.27 KB, 495x362, 1622567814476.jpg)


PPH counters, ip counters, ip counters with in threads: These were and are still a mistake of modern imageboards.
The ability to know how many participants (other than being against the spirit of anonymity) turns posters into rabid skitzos about how fast the board is, or, how many people are visiting the board, or, how many eyes are on us, etc etc. It used to not be like this and, mind you, this is not a jab at leftypol. Modern Imageboard software is guilty of this over all, but, the issue is it incentivizes more "posting for the sake of posting" rather than for A: Posting quality and B: posting because you truly want to/have something to say even if it is just a shit post or a green text story.

It makes anons neurotic about the state of the website, which, in the long run, actually hurts more than it helps.

Counters were a mistake.
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i always thought of them as tacky


If we are gonna have counters they might as well be gophers or whatever those things are. The flaming numbers would be dope too.


Second the flame counters


Either the flaming ones or what lefty.booru.org has



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