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File: 1704959172310.jpg (124.6 KB, 1280x720, Alunya Tread Part 3.jpg)


> Websites prove their identity via certificates, which are valid for a set time period. The certificate for lefty.booru.org expired on 1/9/2024.
Can someone fix this? I need my daily fix of Alunya.


We don't control booru.org. it's a semi neglected site so I think they'll fix it within a week.


It's back!

File: 1704395542724.jpg (61.1 KB, 809x700, 73kb172j9yex.jpg)


Hello, I tried posting once on this website a few years ago and got instantly banned for "evasion" because a janny thought I was someone they knew or something.
What should a newfag know before posting here?
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rule no. 1 is to always post a cute picture of felix with your posts.


If you like femboys, check out my femboydom thread.
Classic that everyone enjoys, but for some reason I'm the only one who has to update it.


Keep doing it.


>Classic that everyone enjoys
>I'm the only one who has to update it
Maybe it's just a cope.


Femboy mitosis
I've contributed some, just been in a boobs mood as of late.

File: 1664710098454.png (44.06 KB, 1231x256, i2p.png)


This site needs an I2P address (eepsite)

It already has a .onion, now we need a .i2p

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I always thought about making this thread, but I feared it would get heavily criticized non-constructively. it's a good idea to set leftypol on I2P because we need to compete against the far right eepsites that attacked and killed kelvinchan(what they thought was leftist) through DDOS and spam and lies(wouldn't be surprised if CIA got pleased by this far right cancer on I2P).


i tried this browser bundle
it's a cool project, but there's a bunch of a neo-nazi stuff on its splash page……..


>a bunch of a neo-nazi stuff on its splash page……..
what? where? if that's the case then it's even more reason for leftypol to get an .i2p address(or make a new eepsite not connected to this one to avoid getting attacked on I2P)


I tried i2p, but the connection is order of magnitude slower than even Tor. Also failed to find any interesting websites, overwhelming majority of them didnt work, and handful that did were programmer/security forums I dont understand and a russian imageboard (I dont understand).


a forum eepsite is only worth it if you put captcha and all sorts of measures to avoid spam/DOS and even psyops/bait caused by the spammers. because that's what the far-right in I2P does against eepsites that they don't like, they kill it with spam and DOS, and the idiots think we can't see through this and they try to lie about it with their smooth brained psyops I'm talking about I2P only, which is far worse than the clearnet in terms of defending against attacks, trust me, I've seen it with my own eyes countless times in many eepsites when I was using I2P in the past)

File: 1666906690469.jpeg (3.36 KB, 208x243, images (31).jpeg)

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it's been up for over 20 min on /siberia/
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>that timing
>discomrade is here despite having left the staff months ago
nice try cpfaggot


Its back


Siberia is under attack by a scat porn spammer. Also, fix your reporting system.


uh oh poopy



File: 1703204141768.jpg (204.71 KB, 1024x768, siberia.jpg)


Siberia is a cold, harsh and unforgiving environment. It's not your wholesome, cosy safespace.
Rename the board to something more appropriate if you're going to delete all of the spicy threads.
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As a general rule, unspecific complaints don't help. Just fyi
>the incest thread
I don't know what that is.


Please, for the love of god, stop trying to treat this website like 4chan and all other chan nazi websites.


if you want leftypol to be a generic "chan" then you should go back methinks


Kill soyteens, behead soyteens, swing soyteens head first into trees.


If you want to use /b/ so much then go back there, and you're delusional if you think 4chan was remotely leftist in the 2000s

File: 1703162444547.png (283.28 KB, 1112x580, leftyshart.PNG)


>decide to check on .net
>it's all whining about le .ogre, transhumanists, women and idpol shit
Why are they like this?
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The moderation on this site is hardly good at determining the quality of a poster. For over a year they harbored russian ultranationalists and banned anyone who challenged their fascist drivel.


Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.


File: 1703200365418.png (497.85 KB, 536x656, 8c8aa3ea6ef27579.png)

That's the entire point of being there and not here. Like if they wanted to actually engage with higher brow, leftist, or even just chill discussion they'd just do it here. .net is defined entirely by being a failed splinter with a pro-idpol policy.


>t. mod who let the alt-nationalistic zigger cancer spread out like it's no big deal
There is nothing to be proud of. If you would engage with normal posters regularly, you would know you are managing a declining shithole, but go on sir and don't forget to never self-crit ever, as usual. A bit of sarcasm is always a good weapon when you are faced with the bad results of your decisions.


Do you see yourself as normal?

File: 1695000462738.jpg (30.84 KB, 490x380, f07-10_small.jpg)


What happened to this site? it is barely populated compared the user count a few years ago, or compared to bunkerchan/8chan
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File: 1699664695325.jpg (50.68 KB, 536x1024, wtfamilookingat.jpg)

>smug reaction image
>no arguments found
My argument is that this kind of condescension makes you look like a whiney bitch and that is why posters don't want to deal with your bullshit. Thank you for proving my point.
>you were blatantly lying using mainstream news sources
<you used mainstream sources therefore you are lying
So you are just accusing anons who all have different sources (and not to mention different takes on China) you don't like as "blatantly lying". Yeah, eat shit buddy and also get some help.



how are you people this fucking dense holy shit


Bruh, I didn't take it as a screed. Just giving context for it and advancing the conversation…
chill :)


>Part of the reasoning behind allowing the use of some slurs is to not take words more seriously than the content
The slurs aren't merely allowed. They're ritualistically invoked in an effort to drill home the lesson of taking content more seriously than wording. There's a sense of dependence in using them to prove a point that you feel you could not prove otherwise. It's a fundamental, deeply patronizing insecurity that assumes people must be constantly reminded how to engage with arguments because they allegedly can't be trusted to engage in good faith by their own wits. I frankly suspect this commitment is driving away even more people than those who are merely offended by the sight of slurs


It's just the natural course of things. As a rule of thumb, the main gateway to a spinoff is always going to be the site it spun-off from. Once the connection is severed, be it because the cultures diverged too much for a smooth transition from one to the other, or because the parent site board ceased to exist, you're basically running off inertia in terms of public knowledge, and once that inertia runs out, you're going to find yourself with far fewer posts from casual users and far fewer new users discovering the site. I've been along long enough to see this happen to multiple imageboards I use regularly; it's not unique to Leftypol.

Leftypol isn't a wasteland; it still has a large and active enough userbase that things can be measured in terms of posts-per-hour rather than posts-per-day. What's important now is that we focus on keeping it going as its own thing, as opposed to acting as part of the "imageboard community".

File: 1701508421606.jpg (77.01 KB, 640x640, dwn7cdnbg72c1.jpg)


They're not leftist, they're not anarchist, they're not marxist, they're not socialist, they're a fascist front.
The site is going to shit more than it ever has.
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Why are we even calling them patsocs in the first place? them being patriots has nothing to do with socialism. The -soc part is just a cardboard shield for them.


>Is this a new version of "muh tankies" cope?
no thats accusing everyone around you of being an ultra

fatsocs stay mad lol


>"If China is so based why aren't they funding the revolution in my country?"

no one has ever said this lmao. but fatsoc anons did immediately turn zionist when someone suggested china should stop trading with them lmao.


It's easy. Keep them confined to /ukraine/ and let them spread any kind of stuff they want but ban on sight if they post "Russia is crushing the blue haired trans NAFO Starbucks petty booj workers" outside of the containment zone.


>leave thread after making my post
>instant reeeing by all the liberals feeling called out and trying to deflect, cope and otherwise bring up false points
>only one actual effort-response.

Effort post anon - (you) know who you are - while I disagree with your argument and think that you're approaching this lopsided, I respect you for actually arguing your point and criticism instead of lashing out like a child and screeching "N-nazis" at those you perceive to be incorrect. Ironically you're proving my point however, that if "patsocs" or whatever nonsense it is, post here and you can't write a proper response, or if you can't just hide and ignore, then that's on the others. Plenty of groups on this site are what I would consider fairly bad faith, but I wouldn't have them banned, unless a specific reason is given for an individual. I can argue and debunk a /pol/fag on their nonsense, just as easily as I can argue and out-debate a liberal, I've done so before on this site, such as in the /edu/ Debunk thread that I made years ago, and where-in a /pol/fag argued all sorts of capitalist talking points that I shot down methodically.

Again, if you are incapable of providing a a proper argument or rebuttal to your verbal opponent then perhaps you need to re-assess how well informed you are and what position you should be taking.

File: 1700796754260.png (892.67 KB, 1080x1268, ClipboardImage.png)




You should ignore it otherwise you could be implicated in CP


>just ignore the thing that got put in your cache before you even saw it bro
I clear my cache and throw my computer in the ocean and go out and buy a new one whenever i see that shit; what else do you want me to do?


crying about it on meta wont make jannies wake up faster, report and move on


But how else can I get off in happenings threads?


This is the third time I posted it after two deletions. How is this against the rules?


Incredibly vauge 14f fuel.

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