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File: 1636801250059.jpg (48.35 KB, 369x365, 1630112230807.jpg)


Hey guys, we are starting up another moderation drive.

So this is the interview thread where applicants give a short introduction and answer any questions you want to ask them. Ask them about their politics or their takes or positions on things. We are either already doing it or have done it.

You can voice your approval and disapproval and we would factor it in our decision making process.
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As a mod, I think you are right to be confused, I am a little bit confused myself.


That is not to say it wasn't coordinated, it was, just the general purpose is not clear.


There is now a recruitment thread at


Will the new jannies be anglos?


In all honesty, I hope not (at least in majority) but we have to wait and see

File: 1636537690039.jpg (702.46 KB, 2048x1252, Valeriepieris_Circle.jpg)


First of all I'd like to learn you about the fact that 70% of our janitors are anglos (UK+USA+AUS+CAN) or saxons (GER+UK+USA+AUS+CAN) themselves. Would you think that this fact is representative of this community's cultural makeup? I would say: "nope."

Isn't it interesting that when it comes to online communities these faggots take over? Like, god damn, give me a single fucking African (of which there are NONE in the vol team) or give me a fucking Eastern-European (of which there are NONE in the vol team) or give me a single Asian (by which I don't mean second-gen immigrant on the vol team)…

For real, you comrades NEED to understand that we are 70%+ moderated by fucking anglos, and should ask the question: what does that even imply for "us?"

>inb4 pretending to "move" this thread to another board nobody visits… I would rather be banned by you, you fucking anglo-saxon Janny. The rest of the world will remember.
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>that 70% of our janitors are anglos
Not even close. It's the south americans you have to watch out for.


>give me a fucking Eastern-European (of which there are NONE in the vol team)
guess im not a vol then


File: 1636902739406.jpg (292.9 KB, 800x800, 1626184255260-0.jpg)

>or give me a single Asian (by which I don't mean second-gen immigrant on the vol team)
Yes I am here. I live in that circle.

But you are right that we need more mods around the world that every timezone is covered. The sun must never set on the moderation team.


Only anglos get mad a anglos


>ask the question: what does that even imply for "us?"
Does it imply anything? What do you think it implies? Speak your mind unless you are a coward.

File: 1634676863914.gif (1.23 MB, 254x254, soyjak.gif)


Why does its existence cause so much anger among the staff?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)
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cuz the soyfags wouldn't stick to the rules and they were some reactionaries among them. They probably attracted some shitters from soyjak.party too, with the constant requests to raid here. And also, they were dramafags. Had none of this happened, soyposting would still be allowed here.


By the way, posting soyjaks is allowed as long as it's not low-effort "arguments" in this style >>13934 >>13933


Low effort posts are not something unique to soyjak pics in the least. It just seems like the mods went out of their way to eradicate soyjaks for something that literally happens all the time.


Because the mods are soy, obviously


this but unironically

File: 1636542724664.png (29.66 KB, 443x523, bad people.png)




Thread mergers are dumb, most of the generals end up turning into cyclical arguments about stuff that isn't related to the general. New threads have the best discussion, merging threads does nothing but make discussion worst.
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File: 1636413455213.png (182.58 KB, 1477x662, ClipboardImage.png)

>LMAO thread don't have PPH nice try.
>Threads that get moved are locked and redirected to the moved link

<stating functionality that cant be disputed

Are you a jannie? Do we have a retard anglo on the mod team?
You can disagree or provide your own contradictory anecdotes but you can't tell me that the last 10 threads that I watched get moved didn't die because they did. Telling me how the site works when I already know doesn't prove anything, this isn't an argument it is a complaint thread. I don't like how the site is moderated because it fucks up post flow and feels like jank.

>frankly using those is pretty fucking lame

Maybe the site should use functional software instead of broken garbage and people wouldn't have to use browser extensions to make the site usable.


>Screenap from /lit/
Anta baka? The fuck does that have to do with leftypol.org? Also that's not a typical chan settings page
>Are you a jannie?
Are you a /pol/yp? Don't be a faggot
>Do we have a retard anglo on the mod team?
Stop using terms you don't comprehend
>you can't tell me that the last 10 threads that I watched get moved didn't die because they did.
Give examples of those threads that "died" because I lurk /siberia/ plenty and didn't see any thread die in the past 7 days that didn't deserve to
>I don't like how the site is moderated because it fucks up post flow and feels like jank
It doesn't fuck up flow since all posts are retained; If you're too normie to use alt boards then post in the safe /leftypol/ generals 'cause the mods only move shit that is requested or reported. Threads don't die unless people aren't actually all that interested in them.
>Maybe the site should use functional software instead of broken garbage
The software is just fine, it's easier than ever to find individual posts and threads, the search system is simple and has a massive range of options and the fact that you're demanding reddit-tier site design says a lot. Nobody else other than you and some nerds in /tech/ use extensions on this site, it's more than functional compared to 4chan or 8kun and perfectly fine for a fucking anonymous carpet cleaning imageboard.


>Also that's not a typical chan settings page
It is 4chan default settings. You are wrong. Leftypol is shit in comparison and it is part of the reason people don't use this site. 8chan didn't have these problems either and sites like 420chan died because refusal to add modern features. Leftypol is headed in the same direction.
>Stop using terms you don't comprehend
Wanna debate mechanical materialism?
>in the past 7 days
I'm talking about months. The threads are gone now.
>Nobody else other than you
Prove it.
>it's more than functional
No its not, default 4chan has more options. Several of these missing options have been reported as bugs since this iteration of site was started and it was broken as fuck for over a week at the beginning. Autists insist on using it because it is open source.


>It is 4chan default settings
No they aren't, just saying "leftypol bad" doesn't make it so . Leftypol P hasn't dropped and is getting bigger, this has never been a big community.
>Wanna debate mechanical materialism
Are you retarded?
>I'm talking about months.
Are you fucking kidding me? MONTHS? This is the reason you're so pissy? Some thread dying over several months? Lurk 4chan moar and don't use your dumb extensions and you'll notice that this is the norm for all image boards, MFW
>Prove it
The lack of people complaining about the system is proof enough, you're the only person I've seen moan about this in months outside of bugs.
>No it's not
<its borken
IDK what site you used but it has never been broken to me. And 4chan options are trash redditshit that is unnecessary for a chan.


>Quote preview, backlinks, quick reply, thread updater, thread watcher, image expansion, image hover, unmute WebM, hide thumbnails, embed YouTube links
We have all of these. (Thread watcher is called watchlist)
The only one we don't have is 'Inline quote links'.

File: 1636419449543.png (49.45 KB, 474x336, ClipboardImage.png)


Unable to open a Matrix server for some reason. Tried logging in and logging out, even reinstalling, but it still doesn't do anything. All it does however is to display a loading screen that doesn't even move on to the chat interface? Can someone explain this and give me the new leftypol chat?


What have you tried to do, in detail?
I'm assuming from the image you downloaded the Element app onto your computer and successfully created an account. Then, after entering the username and password, if fails? Or is it when you attempt to join a room? technical note: disc0rd is retarded and misuses the word 'server' completely, so I assume you're trying to join a room on the matrix.org server.

File: 1635437863953-0.png (162.07 KB, 503x229, ELxjU1CUwAA8x0n.png)

File: 1635437863953-1.mp4 (7.74 MB, 854x480, 1608526411350.mp4)

File: 1635437863953-2.png (306.19 KB, 1380x633, 1613245786759.png)

 No.14349[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Hello comrades, this thread is about discussing and coordinating outreach programs to other online communities and/or IRL to get them to come visit us. Personally, I think we should incorporate the QR code more into our outreach efforts. I came across one anon who suggested making posters about the website in their university and thought it would be dope to include. Signal boosting New Multitude and OC memes is good too. Feel free to discuss among yourself, the mods will take a backseat in this thread.

However fair warning, pivoting to other bullshit like
>Um actually, if everyone does what I want, we will have more members
>REEEE Jannies are ruining this board with XYZ

will be banned for topic dilution. Especially the usual suspects. Please believe that.

Don't worry about how the new users will dilute the community ala Eternal September. Board culture or the moderation team will sort them out.
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File: 1636328552974.png (350.7 KB, 2454x550, ClipboardImage.png)

Just not to redditify this site too much.


try not to*


>how to subvert /leftypol/
<engage in arguments with anons who already know every nazi trick in the book
<try learning some Marxism to debunk them
amazing reverse psychology, Israeli vpn user


Fuck Israel and death to /pol/ degeneracy!!!


Hi, I'm an ambassador from another site's embassy. I posted a thread here: >>>/siberia/174289

I understand this potentially may not be received well and may be considered counter-productive to your goals, but I just wanted to try to open a line of dialogue and see where it may go. Apologies if this is considered intrusive/derailing.

File: 1636170541107.png (288 B, 150x68, ClipboardImage.png)


Proposing some words to be added to the filter. They include:
kike → Tibetan
faggot → falun gong
jewish nigger → Tibetan Uyghur
white → #FFFFFF
transhumanistoid(s) → transhumanist(s)
jannoid(s) → force(s) of order
chinlet → falun gong
troon → transhumanist
Israel → Fictional country
white ethnostate → Free Tibet
nazi, national socialism/t, natsoc, → Pseudo Socialism/t
New World Order → New World schizoism
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Some of the shittiest wordfilter ideas I have ever seen.



I haven't read any suggestion ITT but I'm gonna assume they're all shit

Anyway we need a NatSoc/Nat Soc → Not socialist/Nazoid filter


Israel → Zionist Regime
IDF → Zionist Occupation Forces
Jerusalem → Al Quds


File: 1636401043346.jpg (19.32 KB, 474x251, glow.jpg)

>chinlet → falun gong
>transhumanistoid(s) → transhumanist(s)
>kike → Tibetan
>faggot → falun gong
You're too obvious /pol/


remove (you)s
Flood detected; Post discarded.
thank you have a nice night


I have noticed something weird why are there right wing posts now
For some reason and are we being invaded


Link examples


>no rationale
opinion discarded.


bunkerchan didnt have (you)s and I think it diminished the instant gratification of b8ing

File: 1636012764883.png (766.34 KB, 720x1440, original_391852739.png)


read the FAQ and i still have no idea how to reply to comments and create a account.. if someone replies to my thread.. how will i see the reply? help if you can.. thanks


You click on the post number to reply.
The replies will automatically appear in the thread when it's refreshed.

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