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File: 1631067943892.jpg (112.19 KB, 1079x1074, khkkhjgfkjlk.jpg)


I've been noticing that, whenever I come home from work and access /leftypol/, there's always a bunch of /pol/ schizos raiding the main board when it's evening in America, late night in Europe, and morning in Southeast Asia and Australia.

This isn't a big issue for me since I have other things to tend to, but I just wanted to raise awareness to this moderation time gap.


We are aware of that. It's a consequence of the fact that the coupers where all North Americans and therefore we are now somewhat short on mods operating in the Americas timezone.
However, before recruiting new mods, we decided we should rethink our recruiting process and come up with explicit rules for all the informal ones that appeared throughout the years to make moderation easier and less arbitrary.


On top of that first reply, there was also an intentional delay before considering staff recruiting to regain stability and ensure backups were working (in case of sabotage).


Hello all. First of all I am not here to shill the other domain. I mostly lurk these days in the /USpol/ and larger current events threads, but I've been around a little while and I remember infinitychan and leftpol. I gather that the current schism is between the 'modocracy' and the 'postertariat'. It feels like we are in a battle to prove one mode of community organization over another, and I think it's clear that the organized modocracy will be able to run a better site. I've followed the split and understand certain personalities and their conflicts precipitated the split, but now the new domain specifically is shilling a certain 'user power' ideology.

I have a couple concerns I'd like to discuss with people here. They're not so much immediate but they may prove durable. The first is that the new domain has quickly shut down its pretensions to an /assembly/ board (it seems assemblies and votes happen in the matrix chat off-site, great idea, retards! Now everyone has to migrate off-site to voot!) and instituted a public /i/ board, which makes me seriously question the intentions of the site. They are a website with something like 10 times fewer posters than here, and they actually want to raid this board and accuse the modocracy as glowies. Leave it to the postertariat anarkids (is Sage here or on the other site?) to give every niche interest a unique board and posture for meme warfare when they are so few in number. I bring this up because while I'm not worried about being raided by the other domain, I am worried about this site getting a bad reputation from their antics. If anyone wanted to counterraid them, they would get utterly destroyed, but I don't want to deal with any more of this /b/tard shit pretending we're in 2005. Something tells me that /leftypol/ has moved beyond that, and gone with the 'rent-free' modus operandi. Raiding other spaces makes some sense when they are utterly antagonistic to us, but lately I think there are few at least on clearnet so I feel like our priority should be liberals and soft-left spaces that are to be beaten by jokes and just getting the people there to lurk here.

My second concern is /pol/shit inasmuch as it still exists. Over the last year or two I've found bunkerchan to be very hard to navigate for decent discussion, with tons of disruptive posts and posters and still find it happening here (e.g. leftcom poster in the recent "why do you hate capitalism so much?" thread). This comes back to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It's the same stylesheets, so that wouldn't be a problem.
I like the Jungle theme but I suspect a lot of users wouldn't want it as the default…


You're probably right. I gave too much credit to drama. At least this whole saga may be instructive of how NOT to go about doing things in the future.
It's incredible, really. They are saying 'our' 'spies' are reading their thread – maybe just for laughs. Their disruption is obvious. But I do think most pollacks know this domain name and not theirs and we will catch flak over it. No different than any other day I guess.
No reason for this site to change its looks. We will deal with polshit regardless.


I've been away a while thanks for the tip.


>e.g. leftcom poster
mods should have banned that faggot on sight
pretending to be a leftcom and being this illiterate with such shit takes shouldnt be tolerated

>Something tells me that /leftypol/ has moved beyond that, and gone with the 'rent-free' modus operandi

leftypol was always like that iirc, we don't raid shit, never did

>This comes back to the split

the simple fact they dont have the original domain and the situation here is "good enough" mean they will disappear eventually, unless they somehow suddenly gain a massive appeal


>mods should have banned that faggot on sight
but we do and did. You underestimate how much free time these people have and how much they invest in being an asshole on the internet.


uh hello, i am not here to say one side or the other is better but uh.. this one side is defintely better

fuck off lib(sage)

File: 1630944628131.jpg (169.92 KB, 1300x919, 1630764507572-4.jpg)


Reply links on /siberia/ still point to /b/, for example: >>>/siberia/125588

I just clicked one and was wondering where the fuck did all the new posts go.


works on my machine


Click the link, and then click the link in the post.


I think it's now safe to delete /b/ and symlink them so /b/ is just another word for /siberia/. This should solve the problem.

File: 1630312513605.png (380.91 KB, 610x699, really buddy.png)


These are the votes for this week. Please vote on the posts below, not this OP itself. Once again, please not that anons cannot actually vote, and their opinions are simply advisory. Thank you to all users and mods for their participation.

In addition, please keep this topic on-topic. All extraneous posts may be removed without warning. With that, here are this week's votes;

Vote: Filter National Socialist to Not Socialist
Filter National socialist to Not socialist
Filter national socialist to not socialist


Vote: Create an OC thread analog for /b/ where not strictly leftist shitposts and images can be kept

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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fug :D


Vote for


File: 1630786534867.jpg (17.85 KB, 300x100, banners.php.jpg)


File: 1630786909882.jpg (107.49 KB, 810x543, rubber duck.jpg)

Vote: Filter National Social to Not Social
Filter National social to Not social
Filter national social to not social
Filter NatSoc to NotSoc

On all boards except /edu/.

For: Wvobbly, Caballo, Barbara_Pitt, Discomrade, Comet, Redlidmilk
Abstain: Krates


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>not socialist funfilter



Hello everyone. Welcome back to the second week of the proposal system. To see last week's successful proposals, please go to the voting topic for this week. We have these proposals which failed previously, that perhaps we should discuss again this week (I won't put these on the docket, unless someone actually brings them up with amendments so they might pass this time):

Proposal: Create actual policies on subjectively moderated topics
Proposal: Standardize ban lengths for various rule violations
Proposal: Harsher measures against both bait making and bait taking
Proposal: Include a list of the word filters in the FAQ or rules page, just somewhere accessible so people know the current word filters in place

Once again, I must clarify that ONLY MODS CAN ACTUALLY VOTE ON PROPOSALS OR VOTES. Anons are free to have their say and offer suggestions and feedback to improve proposals/votes but these are only advisory and user votes are not counted for official decisionmaking. But who knows, a persuasive enough argument might sway the mod team to your cause?

Please reply to this post to post proposals for consideration next week. If a user proposal seems like a good idea, we may adopt it and make it official. Thanks everyone. Feel free to post your opinions but try not to spam or needlessly bicker back and forth in order to keep the thread clear and legible. Any off-topic posts may be removed without warning.
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Proposal: change the FAGGOT wordfilter (FAGGOT) to chinlet

For: Wvobbly, Antinous, Barbara_Pitt, Caballo

Proposal: Bring back 200 character limit for OPs

For: Barbara_Pitt, Pask, Antinous


Proposal: Institute 150 character limit for OPs

For: Redlidmilk, Caballo, Antinous, Wvobbly, Pask
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Proposal: change the FAGGOT wordfilter to chinlet

This is retarded, you're literally killing a very important part of imageboard culture just to play with wordfilters,faggot is not even a homophobic slur at this point, this place is getting more politically correct every fucking day, I wonder when you will change the name of the site too.


>Proposal: Create actual policies on subjectively moderated topics
clear guidelines that are visible to everyone would be helpful.

>Proposal: Standardize ban lengths for various rule violations

This would make moderation easier , if someone does X then they get a ban of Y length. And it would also work with the previous proposal . You could have all the common offenses and their ban lengths posted up for all to see .

>Proposal: Harsher measures against both bait making and bait taking

Bait making, yes you need to come down harder.
Bait taking , you are at about the right level of harshness , you only really need to come down harder if it looks like the bait taker is working with the bait maker , or they are the same person.

>Proposal: Include a list of the word filters in the FAQ or rules page, just somewhere accessible so people know the current word filters in place

Again having a list of current policies with a brief explanation and the punishments for various misdeeds would be a good idea.


the FAGGOT wordfilter doesn't wordfilter the word faggot, it wordfilters C H U D to FAGGOT, all caps. a wordfilter from a few months ago is not "a very important part of imageboard culture".
also "imageboard culture" is the faggiest thing imaginable and should hold zero sway over how leftypol.org conducts itself, but that's a post for another day.


Change the name of this Anon to fuckface, because they're being a massive pussy.
>nooo I'm being censored for saying faggot. This board is so PC :(
Read the thread you fucking faggot. and if you couldn't say faggot, just get over it or cry more.

What a fucking pussy, seriously. Get a fucking grip.


What is to be done about it?
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leftychan dot net, not .org


>Freudian slip filter



As user? report and spam sage.
Mod's can anchor/delete/ban as necessary.
They really don't deserve this much attention.


Have women work as friends for these losers and ban them on social media.


>incel offensive
>implying it's not leftypol jannies

File: 1628537179601.jpg (104.1 KB, 976x850, Peeps.jpg)

 No.11005[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

leftypol is unironically blackpilling me on communism. This place isn't even leftwing anymore.
Should I take this site seriously or not? Because how would communism work if it's adherents are incapable of running a fucking image board?
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One last time a handful of jerk-offs in chatrooms is not the userbase.


>Stalin came to power either through nepotism or opportunism
<Not because he dedicated his life to the struggle
Ultras! Ultras I tell yah! It's funny that comatoast accuses others of nepotism and opportunism when he is the ONLY MOD (besides rat and original BO) to have been added because of the fact that he was already a mod on bunkerchan when the migration occurred. He was literally grandfathered in because he knew space and moderated the site (nepotism) and leftypol migrated to bunkerchan (opportunism).

Check ya self uyghaaaaa


So you mean the jannoids right?


In any case, they seem far less unbalanced than the splitter clique.


File: 1630802830409.jpg (28.41 KB, 600x338, b9qop.jpg)

Drama in the leadership is like meh the only thing that matters is that both anarchists and marxinoids have free peach.

>I warned you about private property bro i told you dog.

And nothing has changed in my leftypol shitposting and experience.

File: 1630525181857.jpeg (7.56 KB, 210x240, descarga (10).jpeg)



Is ridiculizing your oponent, arguing in bad faith and transphobia not bannable offenses? Or is it just in the case of posters that you already profiled as bad?


File: 1630525355956.png (149.95 KB, 329x253, smoking.png)

learn to use the report button. sage


As if you didn't do the same thing hav0c, on top of ban evading and crying on /meta/.


File: 1630527563337.jpg (32.29 KB, 600x683, Spede Pasanen.jpg)

>Is ridiculizing your oponent, arguing in bad faith and transphobia not bannable offenses? Or is it just in the case of posters that you already profiled as bad?
>How is it that you so consistently powerless? Everytime I post I end up exposing you and your people as feds. You'd think you would have learned how to stop such things from happening. What are you going to do to stop it? Are you going to spam CP on leftychan again?

File: 1630138564990.png (1.1 MB, 1024x768, ClipboardImage.png)


Once upon a time, the now four websites were united under the banner of the glorious Bunker, after the tribulations of the Year of Shooting Induced Permabans. The Bunkerchan, LeftypolOrg, GET, and LeftypolNet, although moderated by different factions of moderators, all had coexisted on one site under the superficially aloof and often absent dictator Space, presiding over the boards but not directly interfering in the everyday affairs of management and moderation. Thus, though the factions of moderators could squabble to no end, the personage of Space under which the regime on the Bunker existed could symbolize unity, stability, and continuity. However, the catastrophes began when Space, in a hotheaded moment of half warranted suspicion, elected to descend into the sphere of the politics of ordinary moderators, and blackened the legitimacy of the administration of the Bunker, so that the illusion of the benevolent but removed ruler became no more and factions of moderators initiated the war of all against all. After that, the history repeated, because the site administrators didn't conduct themselves in the ways of the benevolent coronate and perform the correct rites, instead meddling in the lowly affairs of state by managing the jannies' infighting. Hence the drama that has wracked not only this site recently but also of the past the GETLF incident triggered by the crisis of King's surprise reentrance and the even earlier infinityLeftypol BO spergout. In order to arrest the slide into lawless anarchy of Leftypol and avoid any potentially imminent future problems, there should be a suitable shitposter of noted lineage crowned potentate of the USSC, in whom the ultimate authority of site administration be vested, and by this action restore, to former glory, the great harmony of the state.
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the only good one was the 8chan bo


File: 1630366199066.png (155.48 KB, 363x253, dredd.png)

gracefag whats your take on plato's republic as a model for imageboards? ex: >>10034


File: 1630377978665.jpg (846.82 KB, 6000x5105, Grace hesiod text reduce.jpg)

Well, I would probably give a brainlet response, but I am also keen on knowing that absolutists themselves, even despite criticizing Plato, really preferred him to Aristotle, as Hobbes said that Plato was the best of the Greek philosophers. I think there does need to be fresh blood, but vetting mods would be probably be a good idea. Where the modocracy is right is that getting new mods takes time and you need experienced hands on deck… and Bodin says, that it is good to have fewer than many more for the modocracy, because "more governours, more factions, their consultations will be more hard to determine". But also those who are already heavily invested in the board.

The Herodotus debate also talked about this problem, "But in an oligarchy, the desire of many to do the state good service sometimes engenders bitter enmity among them; for each one wishing to be the chief of all and make his counsels, violent enmity is the outcome, enmity brings faction, and faction bloodshed."


Deleted a few of my posts


File: 1630372489617.mp4 (711.09 KB, 852x480, 2021-08-30 21-07-55.mp4)


Just started having this issue today where I can't make the reply box more narrow. The top one works just fine but the popout one just gets wider when I try to condense it. Vid related


I also use Edge (not on my machine), I have the same problem here and on Chrome. It seems ot be a Chromium issue because I don't remember this happening on Firefox.


I think this is a known vichan issue.
Like you said, it's a Chromium-related issue.


I get this issue too, but also nice noisecore soundtrack OP.


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