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File: 1621371941675-0.png (714 B, 24x15, Palestine.png)

File: 1621371941675-1.png (550 B, 23x15, Socialism.png)

File: 1621371941675-3.png (761 B, 23x15, China.png)

File: 1621371941675-4.png (778 B, 23x15, Albania.png)


hello, i've heard the complaints about the new flags being too big and ugly. The number one reason for this is likely that the way of creating them has remained the same even as the size has increased along with screen resolutions.

I've set about trying to come up with some new design standards for flags. These are slightly smaller and use a different method than the old /int/ style flags. Perhaps this is too big of a change to be wanted. Give feedback.

Here are some I have done so far, trying not to do them all at once only to find out people hate them.


imo: if you're going to make the flags bigger, make all of them bigger at the same time.tankieTankie


I'm think they look nice! although I think the bright highlight are a bit too intense, especially for darker flags. Maybe halve it?


It's a bug. We are working on it. There's a lot to work with though, so.


Return to tradition and make the font size 1em/16px.

File: 1621360736366.png (815.54 KB, 1423x2374, image.png)


This thread will only be on /leftypol/ for 72 hours before being moved to /meta/, so answer at first convenience.
Greetings users, we at the mod team are trying to understand user browsing habits. We're hoping to understand who the userbase is and how our actions are affecting them, so we're conducting this questionnaire.
Answer as you please, just include a greentext arrow and the number of the question you are responding to.

Survey Start
1. How do you feel about the general post quality on the board? Have you noticed a shift in quality since the redirect or any other recent events? Does it need increasing, and if so how should it be done?

2. Recently /leftypol/ implemented a rule requiring OPs to have at minimum 150 characters in order for them to post the OP. Do you believe this has affected new OPs since then positively or negatively?

3. Are there any posting trends or other forms of content in /leftypol/ that you have noticed that you feel is outside of the expected level of discussion in /leftypol/, and if so what is it and why do you feel it falls short?

4. How often do you tend to post? Do you have a regular schedule of when you come on to post or do you come on more at random?

5. Have you found yourself posting more or less often than usual? Is it because of something to the board or irl stuff or something else?

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I read it


>Cat 21: I miss oldBO/Che: 1

Fucking embarrassing, lawl. Like being the only vote during the class representative election.


Tor gets blocked by CloudFlare on the clearnet domain. I know there's an onion domain but the connection is too slow to watch certain videos that are posted. And frankly its only benefit that I see is having a backup if clearnet domain gets censored.

So if possible unblock Tor in your CloudFlare's settings.


It limits a lot of spam :/ especially "the bad spam".

A read-only mirror of the site could be good. It might also serve as a backup. Idk.

File: 1621336919436.jpg (25.44 KB, 570x428, t. zul.jpg)


What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Imageboard Janitors, I've been involved in numerous raids on rival chans, and I have over 300 confirmed bans. I am trained in moderation techniques and I'm the top rangebanner in the entire moderation team. You are nothing to me but just another alt IP. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on Leftypol, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of Jannitors across the CIA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the glow, faggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your IP address. You're fucking banned, summerfag. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can ban you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my keyboard. Not only am I extensively trained in manual moderation, but I have access to the entire arsenal of open-source moderation bots and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of leftypol, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" post was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking banned, newfag.




File: 1621338600698.png (230.03 KB, 380x507, zul.png)


>As we speak I am contacting my secret network of Jannitors across the CIA
you fuckin wat?


you have no power here

File: 1621313198729.jpg (274.61 KB, 2048x1152, 1621284985965.jpg)


There isn't a bug report thread so

>Incorrect string value: '\xEF\xBDuygh' for column `lainchan`.`posts_b`.`body_nomarkup` at row 1

I tried posting this picture on /b/ with full-width text as the body.


It would have been the full-width text ("body" refers to this main text part of a post). As you can tell, your image worked fine.
We've seen a few cases where unusual characters (including some foreign-language copypastas) have caused similar-looking errors.
I'll ask the devs but I think it's an issue that stalled due to priorities and devs doing IRL stuff.


> lainchan
You have to go back.


Where do you think you are?


I got a similar error message when making a post that contained Japanese characters.


Looking at the error, I think I know what it is and it should now be fixed.
<these next two points are technical, interesting but TL;DRable
>in the beginning there were ASCII character encoding, where the values 0 - 127 that's 2^7 (7 bits), minus 1 because programmers start counting at 0 not 1 represent each character ('A' = 41, 'B' = 42, … )
>naturally 127 values isn't enough even for Europe so everyone told America to fuck off and now we use UTF-8 encoding (Unicode), where a single character can be represented by an amount multiple bytes long ('A' = 41, '☭' = 14850221, '日' = 15112101, 'a' = 15711617, '💩' = 4036989609), and in order to remain compatable with ASCII you can basically have a signal (first bit of byte=1) for ''and also include the next byte after this". A value under 256 (2^8) requires one byte, 65536 (2^16) is two, 16777216 is three, 4294967296 is four.
>however, by default, PHP's function for the filter parsing language (regex) doesn't treat messages as multi-byte by default, despite UTF-8 being used almost everywhere if you aren't anglo. So it would break the 日 (3 bytes) into three weird bits and treat each of those weird bits as letters when looking for a phrase.
>if the stars aligned and if 'found' a filtered phrase, it replaced it. Even if it was the 3rd byte of 日 and the 3 bytes of 本. It would have just ripped out the last third of 日 and replaced it with 'uygh'.
>when that string of characters (your post) gets processed later after running the filter, the broken character caused an error because by chance it's an impossible letter so it refuses to post.

File: 1621295756055.png (27.03 KB, 255x175, 1618078495187.png)


While there is another thread dealing with this topic, it was very verbally abusive.

But is indeed obvious that there has been a rapid increase in bait threads, bog down topics, low quality posts, etc.

Is there some systematic way this can be dealt with going forward? Besides bans for outright terrible behaviour I mean.

I don't have suggestions myself. The only thing that comes to mind is perhaps low quality threads could be dumped on the b board if a majority of moderators agree.

Any ideas?
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File: 1621977390881.png (26.44 KB, 120x120, really.png)

>The only thing that comes to mind is perhaps low quality threads could be dumped on the b board if a majority of moderators agree.
Is this a bit? What do you think 80% of /b/ threads are?


A lot of threads have been started lately that seem to be focused lolbertarian related topics.

I think we may have a troll trying to shift attention (rather than just shitpost).


and the influx of faggots that suggest everything is illegal


But leftypol is radlib central, jannies are radlibs themselves


There are plenty of censored subreddits where you can discuss your ideas in a safe space, dont bring this shit to an imageboard.


What is happening? Absolute retard posts made by crypto-reactionaries and essentially no good posts in the meantime. Jannies doing absolutely nothing all day. Fuck you D00lars, you need to be assaulted with a baseballbat.
For real though, why not clean up all this mess, especially when its reported? Vidrel, but replace Biden with Jannies


You could liink some posts here like so




OP is not a troll going by post history. Thread is sincere and not so shitty to merit action. Let another janny disagree if they will.

File: 1621201083484.jpg (259.11 KB, 1052x993, 1618259351352.jpg)


how the fuck do I appeal bans after I get banned? I can't post in the meta threads over this issue and the mods here are pretty ban happy for the stupidest shit sometimes (even though I kind of get it in a way)


Evade your ban to post on /meta/.


I actually waited mine out to post just because I honestly did think I was posting too much.


>>6907 (OP)
There have been complaints about that previously >>6335 >>6412 Mods are somewhat autonomous so it can be difficult to adhere to standards. Solution is what >>6908 said, evade if necessary to clear up the problem.


Global bans should still let you post on /meta/ unless you have a /meta/-only ban.


>banned for evasion

Do you not know how to count? I was banned 12 hours ago, my ban already ended

Stop being fucking retarded
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Hurry up and fix this shit, retard jannie.

12-12=0, which is why I was not banned when I made those posts. In case you actually do not know how to count.


If someone did that they acted beyond their authority.
Go back to /pol/ or act like a normal person. If you do that you can't be banned cause you aren't visible to a mod. There is no way you could be unbanned after evading 100+ times.


I was told my ban for "evasion" ended on May 13, I made a thread because this shit happened again before because I thought my ban ended on Aril, but apparently i was wrong. An admin, posting with the admin tag told me I could post after May 13 and so I did. I was never told I was permabanned.
Give me a fucking date until I can actually post then.


Nice witchhunting lol. I only go to /pol/ to buttblast /pol/tards


What is this shit, I am not spamming anything, I want to discuss why I am getting banned without an actual reason. Having a heated discussion is not a bannable offense, it does not state so in the rules.


>Give me a fucking date until I can actually post then.
Ok in two weeks on the 30th of May then, if you cooperate and stop evading. I don't know why you bother since you'll just get banned again and again as you can't stop racially abusing people and other quintessential rightoid behavior.
And repeatedly evading to bitch about your ban on /leftypol/ is spam. You found your way here so I know you know where to put this too.


Where the fuck have I racially abused people, the post about colonialism was not racially motivated and I made that clear several times

But whatever see you in June

File: 1621138551471.mp4 (2.35 MB, 498x360, nicola.mp4)


Every website needs some money right?

Let's be real, every video we upload takes quite a bit of storage. This storage ain't free. And I never saw any add on this website (good), but I don't see any obvious way to donate either (bad?)

So how do we pay for it? Do we have some good Samaritan? Do you know where the data is stored or do you allocate this to some amazon server or whatever?

How does this thing work?
Vid somehow related.


Every little thing you do is stored attached to a cookie, IP, user agent and timestamp.
Each month this data is processed and sold to marketing agencies.
Source: I work at Google.


Well I perfectly know that, I use TOR and noscript when not. But leftypol has no cookies anyway so you can fuck right off and let someone who knows better answer me.


George Soros finances it


The site was being paid for generously by our former admin Krates and our tech expert Zer0. Now Krates has left for personal reasons so we may have to look into other sources of funding. If we need to do so, we will open up the site for donations.

File: 1621130952228.jpg (97.52 KB, 930x712, 1621124501331.jpg)


Can anyone clean up /anime/ please?
And yes, I use the report function.
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File: 1621301919101.jpg (656.06 KB, 828x821, twitter.jpg)

Sorry for being insistent, I just think it's not worthy of its own thread and e-celeb talk in general is pretty low quality. i.e. that thread stopped talking about whatever point the youtuber was making and instead went on to discuss the person making the point.


Please try to steer the thread back into the initial subject.


Just admit e-celeb threads are inherently going to be low quality lol


Week I was genuinely interested in what you had to say


Sorry I don't want to bump bad threads? I miss when e-celeb shills were universally despised.

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