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As an experiment in user involvement/accountability, we will try to run a public mod chat on matrix alongside our normal closed matrix mod chat. We agree to give an honest attempt to use the public chat for administrative matters that do not need to be kept secret for security or privacy reasons. However, if the experiment turns out not to work (as informally agreed by the majority of mods) we will reserve the right to return mod discussion exclusively to our existing closed chat.

Regular users will be allowed to post in the public mod discussion, however their posts must strictly remain on the subject of moderation matters, and the chat should not be used as a 'general purpose' discussion, so that mod matters are not lost in a flood of irrelevant posts. Users who become too disruptive (as defined by the moderators) may be warned or kicked/banned from the chat.

Vote ends 21/04/12 10am UTC

(Note, only mods can vote on proposals/votes, this topic is for users to discuss the vote and give their opinions)
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If I wanted to use accounts I would be on reddit, not here.


Your account is not actually shown unless you make it shown, you can set a display name. All messages are also encrypted, and account deactivation takes everything with you (save for what messages other users have). Registration also requires no personal info whatsoever, and you can set it to not have recovery as well.


Just set your username and display name as anon, and make yourself undiscoverable. No other information is required. It's mostly just to keep tab on the mods anyway.




The desktop client can be routed over tor as well. Not sure how, check out the operations thread >>152258


Is there a search function for the entire site? I think it'd be useful to have one. There are some posts I'm looking for and I don't remember the exact threads they were in, but I remember some of the words.
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I'll get the tech team to look into this, sorry for the inconvenience.


I'll be waiting.


Stop waiting.


issue solved, anchoring (thanks tech team)


Well thanks guys. Mods delivered.

File: 1617541807082.png (1.71 MB, 878x1080, 1612841405649.png)


Idea: add a random flag to posters that didn't choose one (only on /leftypol/ and /b/).


But why?


That I don't know.




How about expanding the section "Learning resources and blogs" on the first page? It is very good and impoertant, that there is the Marxist Internet Archive listed. But shouldn't we also add the Anarchist Library? https://theanarchistlibrary.org
I'm not an anarchist, but listing the anarchist library would be a signal to anarchists, that they are welcome here.
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Because this is a multi tendency board.


Doesn't the Archive already host any anarchist worth reading anyway?



I agree we should remove the existing stuff


Yes, please add it. We need anarchists who have actually read on this site.


Can anyone explain to me why literal bigot and sexist shitposting about idpol is allowed despite clearly being against the rules? Or is misandry not idpol?


Doesn't really seems fair that said poster is allowed to shitpost idpol and some others get bannes for similar conducts
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damn my apologies, you really are a special needs childanarcha-feminismAnarcha-Feminism


File: 1615793571532.jpg (222.05 KB, 1070x491, then it is an even fight.jpg)

>retarded phoneposter v retarded torposter


>he's a phoneposter too
how is that not worseanarcha-feminismAnarcha-Feminism


How is this thread not idpol?
Why is it still up? Kinda hypocritical, jannyanarcha-feminismAnarcha-Feminism


These two must be the dumbest motherfuckers on earth. A fake leftcom and a fake feminist.

File: 1614987979614.jpg (36.43 KB, 800x500, 1613814824778.jpg)


Thoughts on an idpol struggle session thread?

Clearly we haven't spoken about idpol in the past 2(?) years since the site-wide ban.

Maybe we need to revisit it and engage in a struggle session about idpol, not about specific idpol topics. Newfriends probably don't know what anti-idpol means, and people still repeat vulgar marxist takes on idpol.
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nah it was a sorta mid to late 8chan thing, some time before the split v1 occurred, but I can't remember exactly when
the more hardline position we have now is sorta a construction of bunkerchan yes, there was a lot of allowed gender crit or other kinds of racial material analysis threads back on 8chan, but the rule is fairly consistent, just the extents to how it was enforced kinda wasn't.


Tbf it wasn't so much the problem with the thread itself, the problem was that the cancer inside the thread kept leeching out and infecting the rest of the board.


I think periodic penis flattening threads.
Once every two weeks or a month, non-cyclical, only one, and heavily modded against idpol which isn't conducive to discussion.
It was getting pretty bad and the resident idpolers had a place to call home. Their idpol bullshit started spilling on to other threads, derailing random threads on the overboard to discuss their pet issues.


The anti idpol discussion rule? I know that's not true because of the thread I mentioned, made on bunkerchan.


yeah there was usually allowed various degrees of discussion of idpol on 8chan and bunkerchan, its that the rule at its current severity only came about because of bunkerchan (and specifically the whole incel/idpol gulag debacle)

but the rule did exist back during 8chan, if you go back in the archives you can still find mentions of it at various points. it was a lot looser than now granted but it was used to form specific threads as containment for idpol topics, a good example being the old gender-crit containment bunker here


Does the guy relentlessly posting WSWS articles, like a bot, count as spam at this point? Should I start reporting it? Should we leave it alone until it triggers a massive backlash?

WoosWoos reporting, while covering subjects mainstream won't touch, is mired in clichés (ghost of Stalinism, sectarianism, autistic self-promotion) that can get grating very fast, and a lot of articles are lacking in analysis in favour of whining (usually about capitalism functioning as intended). So will there be an intervention to reduce user exposure to Trot autism, or will we just give them enough rope to hang themselves with? Because after their review of Judas and Black Messiah, I don't see how they'll stop themselves from saying something that will piss even more people off.
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The virgin wsws and the chad telesurenglish.


Sorry but wooswoos posting is a leftypol staple. Maybe a warning and a temp wsws ban whenever there is more than X links to wsws in the catalog (not counting newsanon, but only when the whole OP is about a wsws link specifically)? I find them a bit kneejerk at times, but I find Jacobin and Breadtubers worse.


I don't mind it and I like the Ushijima pictures as well.


Stop being a newfag.


Maybe we can ask him to keep it in one thread?


Please bring back wordfilters.

Some suggestions

bring back Vaush -> Agent Kochinski

and filter breadtuber to fedtube
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communist -> liberal
liberal -> conservative
conservative -> nazi
nazi -> communist


tankie -> anarchist
anarchist -> leftcom
leftcom -> tankie


leaning towards supporting the
chud -> faggot


Most ideas here are astonishingly terrible. The threads about this topic get dumber and dumber.
That one is a classic.
Either this or chud->Chad. People who use chud tend to be particularly dull ex r/cth and other radlibs.

The filters probably don't work on file names, but it would make sense if they did.


Upcoming proposal for implementing "chud" -> "FAGGOT"
Requesting user feedback.

File: 1614705206765.mp4 (1.49 MB, 1280x720, Alice_Needs_Help.mp4)


This isn't even about me, it's about bantz being banned. Cull your fucking modteam right the fuck now assholes.
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>show us examples of posts that were deleted but should not have been
don't waste another day, apply to mensa


Or you could just describe them so we even know what you're talking about you special boy




I don't want to expose your post history, so I'll just say this:
Stop posting about trannies so much and you will be banned less often. Your current and past bans are mostly about posting trans stuff. If you want specific info about your previous bans, or your post history I could provide it.


forgot role signature

File: 1614372368723.jpg (720.69 KB, 1600x1066, 1521252195696.jpg)


YO why the adms are not adding new banners? the banner thread is getting new banners for some time now without any being added

What is happening? did we reach the maximum number of banners? if we have already reached the maximum number of banners it's time to expand it
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>red schwarzenegger upside down added
>mussolini upside down not added
I feel as if there are several users not getting the joke


File: 1620649942092.png (758.04 KB, 1117x450, 1620649137759.png)

Add this as banner plox?


Jannies are busy LARPing about de-radicalization of /pol/yps


Banners have to be 300x100 pixels.


File: 1621094976334.png (436.26 KB, 1217x450, expectation reality.png)

Another version

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