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why are there so many pedophiles on this website


Read the rules please: https://leftypol.org/rules.html
14 b) imply reactionary or false positions of the userbase as a form of group shaming


Gee, maybe you should exercise the rule against reactionary views (Agent Kochinskiite excuses for cp and lolicon in /isg/) instead of just pointing at the rule against complaining about those views
New development: Comrade Misato is literally just posting shota in /siberia/


Based Anon be reactionary be traditonalist


File: 1676984539799.jpg (22.74 KB, 474x263, th-724288466.jpg)

>me trying to find the trad/reactionary that is not a pedophile


should the war on soyjaks and poljaks go on? Poll: https://strawpoll.com/polls/kogjkk5dPZ6

I just want to see how popular this policy is
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Do any anons have a better poll site than strawpoll? If so, mods should pin it. Also, I vote to continue the war on foreign 'jaks. Keep those filthy foreigners off of my board!


The soyjak meme got popular here pretty much organically during the bunkerchan era and doesn't deserve to get banned like that.




We used to say cancer is organic.
Or at least I think we used to say that, my memory isn't perfect, I am far too old.


Mate, I didn't see the words "Soyjak Colony" in a Leftypol thread on that website's /raid/ board for no reason.

File: 1675974365973.jpg (104.56 KB, 1029x1007, 52277041e8945b11.jpg)


Why are imageboard posters who only know about 4chin so scared of post IDs


This is supposed to be a borderline anarchical place for anons to meaninglessly shitpost in their spare time. But it feels like if a thread goes 'off-script' and becomes too volatile it gets nuked or saged instantly and any potential for interesting conversation dies with it.

Where's the fun in that?
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gemson on the log doe


>mods cycling back and forth between banning /leftycel/ and leaving them alone
thats the best approach. You cant let the incel ideology take root but peope should also be comfortable talking about their situations


Utter bullocks the mods are always at it, I agree with OP


File: 1675592243159.jpg (248.83 KB, 1500x1054, 71XyeZJYeTL.jpg)

Yes, the mods are "always at it". This shop is open 24/7. Or do you see a "sorry we're closed" sign ever?


Because only schizos find schizo takes interesting dicussion.

I'll take the worst shitpost over another 50+ posts of somebody freaking out about r/redscarepod or XYZ conspiracy theory

File: 1671733312248.jpg (17.73 KB, 205x289, 2231.jpg)

 No.24299[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

>Leftypol can barely maintain an average IP count above 300 now.
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File: 1675448383555.jpg (25.57 KB, 600x610, 4fc.jpg)

>2 posts saying your edgy post was based


>where is the source
>provides source
>not real
Jannies are spiralling ITT lmao.


We're back over 300 for no discernible reason.
There is really not any happening (a fucking balloon). Numbers go up, numbers go down, can't explain that.
That's so Karen


karen jannies taking L after L ITT


Yeah I'm spiraling
I'm spiraling out of control
Just like these out of control super low prices
9.99$ for 20 chicken mcnuggies
4.20$ for 4 cheeseburger

File: 1675032404385.png (890.81 KB, 1374x584, my thread asdfasdf.PNG)


Why did me thread get deleted? I spent 9001 hours making the image :C
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Furries win because healthiest and can wear suit. (not weapon)

Weebs 2nd place because non-MMA martial arts.

Fash dies first because meme diets and quackery. Immediately starts shouting at enemies instead of fighting.


I dunno, seems dumb. I would like this answered.
Also I don't know who wins but in a three way match-up the fascists lose cause the other two groups would gang up on them.


we need to know combat stats first
i would also guess the furries have strongest armour


does it have to be kingdom heart weebs specifically or just cosplay weebs in general


Furries will win bro, some furries can unironically throw hands

File: 1675447914467.jpg (68.25 KB, 1024x768, altas putaria.jpg)


is SEX a leftypol meme? how did it happen


When two leftypolers fall in love…


Leftypol invented fucking.





File: 1673733473369.png (334 KB, 1002x622, ClipboardImage.png)


what happened to /gulag/?
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>it was fun to see some of the deranged shit that gets posted and people's reaction to it.
Well now we have 1 reason to keep it as a public matter and 0 to keep it as an internal one!


/gulag/ was made private since in some threads it contained links to illegal material or posts by spammers that are best not indexed by any search engine. /gulag/ was not intended for "public inspection", or put another way, the purpose of /gulag/ was not for auditing purposes. It was originally visible since there wasn't any reason for it not to. It was originally intended for threads to be "soft deleted". Usually from /pol/ or other reactionaries. Later on we started using it to collect spam and other stuff like that, and then we realized it was not a good idea to host spam, so the devs decided to make it inaccessible to the public.


There we go! Finally, a proper answer. Now if only you had just said that earlier instead of all the condescending bratty responses.


File: 1674916599466.png (84.06 KB, 946x512, image.png)

Don't forget to take your morning pills Janny.


That was unnecessarily rude. I was trying to put on the mod capcode, so you knew I was speaking as a mod. I did this for your benefit. Do better next time.

 No.24862[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

In order to further the production of native OC or other under-utilised memes, it is proposed to ban the following types of meme templates from /siberia/ (this may be extended to the entire board if the experiment is successful):

- Soyjak (excluding poljak)
- Pepe
- Wojak
- Chadface
- Stacy (etc)

The ban would only apply to content posted after the rule comes into effect. The punishment would be a simple deletion or short ban for repeat/egregious offenders. The rationale for the change is that these memes are incredibly tired and many of them are outright reactionary, and they allow /pol/ to have rent free real estate in all of our heads. They are derivative and dull and they stifle the production of any new material or effort posting and the like. This change is only a proposal at this point so please make your thoughts known (PS: posting these memes in response to this post is expected and will only prove the point so have fun).
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So did mods pass this stupid rule or not?


File: 1676669014076.jpg (342.65 KB, 952x1080, chudwon.jpg)


>"communist" defends private property
many such cases


File: 1680900372770.jpg (75.89 KB, 720x720, frickin_frogs.jpg)

They seem to be enforcing a frog ban inconsistently. This post (me) had the image removed with the stated reason of "frogposting": https://leftypol.org/siberia/res/391347.html#q391704

Yet there are three other frogs in that thread uncensored (one of which I also posted). I don't know why, I see no significant difference in terms of originality (neither frog I posted was OP). I was surprised that they took the time to remove the frog but not the time to direct me to this thread or some other resource indicating the ban was real, not sure what those priorities indicate. I thought the whole concept of banning frogs was probably just somebody making up drama until the mods actually removed a frog (but only one for some reason that I still don't understand). I would've imagined that a change like this would be reflected in the rules page or at least a sticky thread in meta. I don't even care about frogs, but a rule change like this seems like it belongs on the rule page. I'm still confused about what contexts the frog is banned in, because as far as I know nobody has said. I'm not running the place though, I just post here sometimes.


Look, no offense but do you have autism? Don't try to understand what the mod team is doing. Most of it will not make sense.

File: 1674081604756-0.png (6.41 KB, 924x67, second.png)

File: 1674081604756-1.png (4.58 KB, 572x67, first prop.png)

File: 1674081604756-2.png (3.53 KB, 409x73, current.png)


Please devs, do this


File: 1674260629105.png (550.93 KB, 600x642, ClipboardImage.png)


Ooh yeah I like #DD3232


I like the second proposal, do you think the post border colour should also be darkened? Hex suggestion welcomed. Also, any thoughts on the post highlight colors (when you click a post number)?

I'm happy to just do it and add a small announcement-bar notification (where it says join the matrix chat) so that people are nudged to show approval/disapproval/feedback.

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