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File: 1667579027978-0.png (52.26 KB, 1175x408, huh.png)

File: 1667579027978-1.png (132.38 KB, 1367x630, huh2.png)


How come some bans don't show up in the log? Are some mods using loopholes to sidestep transparency?

picrels: most recent example


bans on the IP page don't show up on board logs, they do show up on the overall mod log though. usually happens because IP is getting reviewed for a D+ before banning.


>overall mod log


File: 1667588544091.png (29.95 KB, 1052x396, ClipboardImage.png)

It'd do nothing without a mod account anyways and it shows all IPs, so no
Here is the (IP censored) proof it does work though, the - in the board it was issued in is why it doesn't show up on the board logs, and because vichan is retarded user-side moderation logs need a board specified to list the actions.


>we checked ourselves, and found no wrongdoing
jannies got this under control. how about you fuck off with your idpol?

File: 1665238311681.png (234.2 KB, 680x374, E9KF1deVkA4nPY4.png)


We hope you like them :)

Please continue to put flag requests in the thread on /meta/ and banners in the banner thread, we will try to be more active on adding these.
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impressed with how well that one turned out


the eurasian flag was a mistake since not a single decent post has been made under it.


no no it's good because those people were already here and now they come with a warning label


No point, incredibly niche and topical. We could make hundreds and hundreds if this is how low we're setting the bar.


we need a dayum flag

File: 1666506327164.png (276.31 KB, 680x703, officecuck.png)



why was i banned for this post… jannies are turning retarded just because you disagree with the premise doesn't mean i should be banned for it.

Is leftypol adopting some official ideological line i should be aware of?


Discussing with the mod now thanks. Also that ban is up (was 1 minute) so feel free to post either way.


the unofficial line is "you're always one book away from having the correct line" :^) Chew on that, valued poster.

I apologize on behalf of the whole mod team for this unconstitutional ban. It was an infringement of your rights as an anonymous leftypol poster. You broke no rules.

Post free, little birdy! We can never give you back that one minute we took from you, but we will regret it for the rest of our lives. The two-line struggle is advancing within the leftypol janitor's closet, and I have been subjected to much self-criticism. Progress is coming to leftypol.org! And it was your martyrdom that sparked it. You, anonymous poster, are and forever will be a hero of leftypol.


easy on the cringe there jannie lol



correct interboard link

File: 1665424423358.jpg (26.65 KB, 1005x89, Iron Promise.jpg)


See pic related. Putin retaliated with a massive missile strike on Ukrainian infrastructure. How long does Iron Felix have to deliver until he gets permabanned?
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A promise is a promise
Fiat justitia ruat caelum


This. I'm not particularly invested in the thread, I just want to see a toxx clause upheld


File: 1665932735295.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.35 MB, 3024x4032, iron felix PXL_20221016_05….jpg)

Update, he delivered




>it's epic when workers are denied utilities and put in danger of their lives for borgois infighting.
You ar special needs and need to be banned for being an extreme right-winger.

File: 1666095583721.png (1.37 MB, 819x1024, ClipboardImage.png)


This website used to be at least remotely interesting before the moderators scared anyone that wasn't a sadsack right wing incel away with their hardline pro-Russia position
Now that the war is coming to an impasse (or whatever, not keeping up with it), the place is basically dead
Even the big generals on /leftypol/ barely get regular bumps
For shame
Mods fucked over their own website
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wuz good mane?


I think over time people on here will realise that all empires glow. The mods are trying to deter flaming, which sometimes means nodding along when the userbase psyops itself. See the nazbol situation from 8ch/leftypol/.
Things will get better. The mods are trying their hardest.




>Everyone I don't like is /pol/ and pro-Russian: A Child's guide to argument on the internet
Ok OP, cry harder.


Laughter is a good medicine

File: 1663684932760.png (23.68 KB, 1080x173, Bruh.png)


Got banned on /leftypol/ for the reason "hysterics". I appealed it and it got denied. Please explain to me what was so hysterical about my post.
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It must be wonderful to be beloved king of your walled garden.


The Truth stays the Truth
appeals to popularity cannot help but appear juvenile in this context


>reddit, leftypol and literally every other site on the internet are not just different sides of the same psyop


Some janny uyghur wiped all of my posts earlier for posting something in /isg/ he didn't like, I guess it made a transhumanist look too bad for his own taste. I remember when that sort of thing didn't get your posts wiped randomly, I just come to that thread to laugh at retards. Wiped a lot of my other posts off the entire board as well, how fucking stupid is that? e.g. I posted in the reading rec's thread earlier, now gone. Fuck's sake. Fuck you uyghurs


>Not switching IPs before posting something that triggers a jannie to avoid this
Then switching IPs again

File: 1665315024744.jpg (65.15 KB, 500x673, 6mehye.jpg)


Mods asked a few days ago if that thread should be turned cyclic again. Despite the terrible results it caused in the past and the vast majority of anons expressing their opposition to it, the thread was made cyclic again anyway.
Now, the same issues have reappeared. The oldest posts now are only about 12 hours old. Many have expressed their dissatisfaction to this.
Considering the generally terrible moderation job in this thread regarding raiders and this completely moronic decision, it may be a good idea to investigate if moderation has been infiltrated with glowies. This development correlates with the recent recruitment for more mods.
Obviously un-cycle the /Ukraine/ General ASAP!
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In addition to un-cycling, all previous Ukraine threads should be moved to the archive board. What the hell is the point of an archive board if it's not even doing any archiving?


for what it's worth, doesn't russian imageboard culture place a stronger emphasis on archival?


>terrible moderation job in this thread regarding raiders
They do a fine job with the moderation.


>They do a fine job with the moderation.
Go back.


I was told that if I wanted to make a thread discussing the West Virgin(ia) rightoid, I had to do it here. This guy >>>/leftypol/972024 Basically, what the fuck is his deal? He comes here, supposedly for years, to get in the same old arguments. And he's obviously not here to troll because he writes paragraph after paragraph per thread, which is way to much effort for simple trolling. Common topics of his include:
>White fertility rates and the role Socialism DOESN'T have in maintaining them.
>Jewish Conspiracy/Question
>Supposedly being against capitalism and Socialism (muh third position bullshit)
>A fixation with trying to "disprove" Marxism
Common characteristics of his are:
>the odd as fuck spacing of his paragraphs
>cycling between the same pictures
Why the fuck does he do this, anyone know? What else does anyone know about him? This is not a doxx thread.
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Namefags get the bullet first


Herr west virgin sadly never uses a nametag, even if he did there's a low chance we could ever capture him


He has admitted to watching a Nazi child streamer (then-13 y/o grooming victim “Soph”, who became popular with /pol/cucks around 2018-2019) when young. So he isn’t old enough.


Damn, I got deboonked


checkers deez nuts lol


to explain the joke, ML stands for Machine Learning in this context
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looking at the latest AI thread, perhaps filtering to "automation" would bring the point home
case-sensitive filter would avoid that
I kinda wonder where this filtering is in the board code because git grep:ing for jewish nigger gives no results. I guess it's in some non-public config?


>perhaps filtering to "automation" would bring the point home
I feel this is ignorant of the purpose of wordfilters. It's not to automatically try and correct people, it's to poke fun at predictable, dumb trends.

>I guess it's in some non-public config?

Yep, instance config. There are some examples in inc/config.php


just actually say "machine learning" instead of ML
There was already a filter of I.Q. to "autism score"
or instead filter it to "computers playing word association" or something similar but punchier


>computers playing word association


Well it's a pun. ML -> Marxism-Leninism

File: 1663872333805.png (78.3 KB, 1080x517, here.png)


Could you please make some disciplinary measures for the mod "wvobbly" or demote them? They are constantly abusing their power. You are apparently even aware of this behaviour (picrel). They unfairly banned me recently, which got revoked by a different mod, only to be banned again in the same manner by wvobbly a day later.
This is unacceptable.


no and no
I revoked your ban and told you not to do it again. And what did you do, that's right you did it again.
that's not a mod obviously

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