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Surprised no one's made a thread about this until now: https://bunkerchan.net/leftypol/res/1335277.html
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>What's the upside?
Didn't you hear? There will be an event in the coming days that will transform our community, and potentially greatly boost traffic and name recognition.


Why do people even comment in streams this quickly?


I feel like potentially is doing a lot of lifting here.


15 milliseconds of fame.


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Hello everyone, we have indeed received an offer from d0llars about ending the split, in accordance with what he has laid out on Bunkerchan. Some of us mods are taking the offer seriously and think there is potential merit in it, however others are staunchly opposed to the idea of a reconciliation that would bring d0llars onto the team (along with a few Bunkermods). They have agreed to follow our constitution and to abstain from all voting for two months if they were to join, in return they would redirect Bunkerchan.net and Bunkerchan.xyz to leftypol.org.

We have been given more details about the event which d0llars believes will give Bunkerchan more exposure and we believe his account to be credible. We do not want to give too many details but essentially he has found a way to get a decent amount of exposure for the site, that will launch in a few days. If a deal is to be done it would seem best to get it agreed before this event occurs. However as I said, others reject the idea of any deal and there is no clear consensus on what to do as of yet.

Ultimately, this board belongs to all of you, so we would value your opinions on what we should do.

Original Post

Surprised no one's made a thread about this until now:

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there was never any article you dumb fuck.


>some of it is true !
and 90% is retarded bullshit. Fuck off moron


>and 90 % is
Stop talking and start reading. Count the total number of statements, count how many of them you know to be true, count how many of them you don't know the status of, count how many of them you know to be false.



File: 1623702390742.jpg (24.29 KB, 380x380, smug.jpg)

bumping to gloat

File: 1618986811137.jpg (173.58 KB, 1153x885, 1582454511469.jpg)


Default name in the anime board should've been 名無し if you ask me.


Yeah probably.
Who drew that? It looks a lot like Hardkoba but probably isn't judging by the filename.

File: 1618961266521.jpeg (100.56 KB, 960x787, vinyl.jpeg)


Reporting from the overboard doesn't work.


What do you mean exactly?


>Invalid board!

File: 1618925837725.png (707.14 KB, 968x1216, a8d5e1f.png)


Ban social democrats and electoralists, anti-revisionist revolutionary communists only


File: 1618927883082.jpg (140.46 KB, 828x581, t.tankie.jpg)

>Ban social democrats and electoralists, anti-revisionist revolutionary communists only




ok but i will start with you


>Only MLs hate socdems


The matrix is down


I think it was a server issue, works now?

File: 1618838480481.png (535.5 KB, 1219x497, Capture.png)


Could we have a permanent cycling thread for rightoids to debate us. In this manner we could keep than contained to one thread and prevent right-wingers from making new thread's or spreading their shit on other threads.
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Does /pol/ have a permanent cycling thread for us? no. So no.


because you realize that ANY social media that just lets debate go on with out any uncessary censorship WILL OVERTIME BECOME RIGHT-WING

right wing idea's trump left-wing idea's in an free enviorment


Right now, it's just the fact that there are a 100x more /pol/yps then us so they just scream loudly and win arguments via tantrums.


>debate me bro
>le marketplace of ideas


Well as others have said, /pol/yps will colonize the place if we let them fester here. They need to get b&

File: 1618784386819.png (517.45 KB, 2396x912, 2 retards fighting.png)


>be mods
>claim everything is solved since we left the bunker
>check secret club board for jannies
>mods fighting behind closed doors
>one janny wants another janny gone
>jannies are now fighting over it
>one janny is very pro idpol

if any of you guys have had any issues with the moderation staff and it being inconsistent as fuck in the past while then this may shine a light on that reason, because they're fighting over how to manage the site

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>and want leftypol to be more like every other website they've destroyed
As someone not invested in drama I don't know if you're a schizo making shit up or the staff team is actually populated by uhh people from whatever websites you're claiming they come from.


No my point is that pro-idpol jannies would have perfectly fine communities that matched their views to go moderate if it wasn't for their views constantly trashing every website.
For example chapo.chat will ban you for downvoting trans posts, pronouns are mandatory, and there's a struggle session and drama at least every month. They wonder why their users are declining, and one of their users comes here to make this place "better".
It's not deliberate or a cabal or anything they're just fucking stupid people and they're everywhere.


>one of their users comes here to make this place "better".
Who and how?


Oh maybe it's not in this thread, I just read the actual one on /assembly/ because my internet was struggling with pics


File: 1619729974119.jpg (185.74 KB, 1306x1306, tnd51or7b0421.jpg)

>chapo.chat will ban you for downvoting trans posts, pronouns are mandatory,

File: 1618504261764.jpg (144.66 KB, 840x845, thonk.jpg)


What exactly counts as idpol? (or stupIDpol).
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Are you talking about the site rules, or in general?



Identity politics essentializes identity without regards to the material relations underpinning it. At best, it assimilates identities within the realm of discourse and media (not economic autonomy and security!); at worst it incites intra-class conflicts.

As leftists, we fight for the free determination of all individuals and their full emancipation from oppressive power structures. The rights of individuals to live according to their own wishes is a fundamental part of leftism.

It is for this reason that identity struggles are a particular manifestation of class struggle and identity politics as such is the neoliberal recuperation of particular class struggles at the expense of the whole class struggle, and hence, essentially conservative. Being against identity politics does not mean that oppression based on personal characteristics does not exist, but rather that fighting for the emancipation of individual identities without a class character ultimately amounts to fighting for individual emancipation, rather than emancipating the group as a whole.

Instead, we advocate for the political organization of communities on the grounds of class analysis, class solidarity, to achieve political gains and protection now, with the ultimate goal of full emancipation of all the working class.


idpol is short for identity politics
what does this mean? We must examine the two words seperately. First, politics.
In this context, the context of idpol, politics means political stances, positions, and general dispositions towards the functioning of society.

Identity means exactly what it says, but what is identity? Identity is a self-reflection. Things are things, and identities exist when those things categorize themselves as that thing. It is important to note that identity is seperate from the thing. We are not idealists. Idealists hold that the idea of the thing is the thing, whereas materialists hold that things exist in themselves irrespective of notice, and that our awareness of things are seperate from the things themselves.

So taken as a whole, idpol is when your political position or general world view is based on the identity layer instead of the material layer.

This, in practice, manifests as sort of factional antagonisms. If you are on a 'team', that team becomes an identity, and thinking in terms of 'my team' about anything is a form of idpol. This means that even things that are not inherently idpol - things that can be shown to be based on real material reality - can be practiced as idpol if the person is conceptualizing their position from the standpoint of identitarian struggle.

this is often how it works out in practice. but the problem of idpol is deeper than just its effects, as idpol can also align perfectly with traditional marxist lines in the form of worker identitarianism. In practice, prior to socialism being accomplished, you would not be able to distinguish proper thought from worker idpol simply by looking at motivations and actions, you would have to examine the rationale of the individual to understand whether they are falsely being idealist and just happening to overlap.


Here's Zizek's view on identity politics from his recent appearance on the Low Society podcast.


Next time some big right wing figure dies (Think Kissinger or Gorbachev) can mods activate some sort of festive theme with lights and dancing gifs?


This. Bring Caramelldansen back.

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