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File: 1652897175178.jpg (129.67 KB, 828x712, FTCwRaWWQAA4xFM.jpg)


>New threads are being created too quickly.
Why am I punished for trying to make a thread on the side boards because siberia and leftypol are "too active"


What if the restriction was lifted if there was a recent mod action and no recent thread deletions. It's only there to stop the catalog being flooded when mods are offline anyway.


Depends on the thread being made, a lot of spam or no-effort OPs are made or of existing topics that are just pointless, thus the mods clean up sideboards from that because they're slow as is and can't afford split threads that make them even slower


Does the staff have a contingency plan if 4chan ever gets shut down?
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leftychan (not leftypol.org) and getchan exists


Getchan is shit and the mods are retarded. leftychan is dead and entire effortposts and good threads'd be lost in transition.

To either try and spam this place to death in petty spite or just to migrate here.


>To either try and spam this place to death in petty spite or just to migrate here.
the former would last a day at most and this is assuming 99% of /pol/tards are not unironic redditors who barely know a thing about imageboards, but they are
migrating here simply doesnt make sense for fascists


over there "leftypol" is just a label they use for anyone they disagree with. same for "bunkerchan". many of them don't seem to know that leftypol is an actual board



Maybe 10% of 4chan users are leftists, I use 4chan on-and-of and occasionally I see people express communist viewpoints. /his/ used to have a solid Marxist community but it's mostly racists posting haplogroups now

File: 1635578851967.png (417.35 KB, 636x474, shingo.png)


why do so many on leftypol try to dicksuck /pol/ so hard. Most of the arbitrary contrarian takes, the stupidpol/tuckercel bullshit, here comes from people wanting to distance themselves from neoliberals/radlibs so bad that they actually end up becoming retarded in the process.

Stop trying to suck /pol/'s dick. I don't give a fuck what some 15 year old kid with a nasal voice in fbi.gov likes say muh uyghur nonstop anyway. /pol/ is made up of low autism score spergs and the fact you have to try and impress them is pathetic.

Way too much "haha i say uyghur too lul im not like those pink haired sjws! I'm edgy! don't you think i'm cool now? please approve senpai!" bullshit
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Also there is literally no way to judge opinions objectively because you astroturf the board and you won’t allow a none astrotrufed space for people to discuss it


If we didn't enforce some standards then the board would just become /pol/ or ULP, you do understand that right?


i've said a bunch of times, actual spam, YWNBAM threads, that sort of stuff, it can get gone.

Good faith threads that are entered into in a spirit of discussion should stay. Those are the most interesting threads in my opinion, people respectfully disagreeing


i dont even see posts that are clearly arguing in bad faith deleted, especially on the side boards where theyre more noticeable due to their slowness


Agreed. This will be inevitable.

File: 1652410901024.jpg (453.07 KB, 1920x1080, 1652402420310.jpg)


Is there an easy way to see every single epub file that is currently up on leftypol? A library view of sorts.
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I will ask the techies.


is there a particular book you're looking for or are you trying to just get everything at once? libgen is your friend


Everything at once to find niche texts I don't know about.


Put this on google
filetype:pdf site:leftypol.org

Unfortunately it doesn't work with epubs. Devs could put some sort of index or catalog page for all the pdfs and epubs currently on the site


I think the search function lets you search file extensions because I tried to search for "epub" and got the retarded "Query too broad" "error".

File: 1652418036735.png (820.24 KB, 1280x720, 1651887052205.png)


>(Query too broad.)
why are you limiting searches FUCK


Agreed. Very annoying when I'm trying to find something I vaguely remember.


Yeah it's fucking trash


Seriously I should be able to search for "[insert sentence here]" and post should come up along with OPs.
There's a discrepancy too in the search function on /board/ vs catalog


come on dude i want to search for epubs

File: 1652195136108.jpg (73 KB, 524x468, 1436975233157.jpg)


i think the only time mods should actually intervene in threads is whenever a wojak gets posted and absolutely nothing else


File: 1652202816729.jpg (28.64 KB, 564x823, reddit.jpg)

>i think the only time mods should actually intervene in threads is whenever a wojak gets posted and absolutely nothing else


File: 1652205160828.jpg (67.62 KB, 620x733, 1649703409470.jpg)

>>i think the only time mods should actually intervene in threads is whenever a wojak gets posted and absolutely nothing else

File: 1651892251354.jpg (114.14 KB, 1080x1070, chairmanjoe.jpg)


why do tripfaggots get a free pass for shitposting
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No but tripfagging is.


i wish


File: 1651964364312-0.png (275.03 KB, 607x483, moody bansperging 2.png)

File: 1651964364312-1.png (234.71 KB, 1270x612, moody bansperging.PNG)

In case nobody checks the main moderation thread I got a half year ban for calling out janny simps lol


at least theyre deleting their shit (i hope?)


Because you're a ban evader, spammer and bad faith argumentator.

File: 1646782982709.png (378.06 KB, 1438x812, Scruffy_and_Wash_Bucket.png)

 No.18322[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I think our mods are pretty good actually
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>[thing that didn't happen]
This is just what I could find with a quick search:

<You can circlejerk on your pedo shithole if that is more your speed


<go back there to your pedo shithole then


<yeah just allow cp like leftychan

Jannies lying, as ever. This poster >>18714 immediately proved my point anyways, so thank you for being a retard anon.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.






Mods are paranoid attention whores constantly searching by IP or looking for excuses to use their faggy capcodes or public ban messages outside of /meta/.

File: 1651535466126.jpg (92.86 KB, 1280x720, 1507477738705.jpg)


Bumplocked threads should get moved one page. It would satisfy both people complaining that mods are too delete-happy and want a "marketplace of ideas" leftypol and those who want right-wingers and general pseudery to fuck off.

File: 1649682698388.jpg (46.01 KB, 512x512, EwKtCmOWEAIvPNs.jpg)


So it's just fact now that Mods/Jannies are just straight up banning anyone who is against this war, or has taken a pro-war position or is even slightly critical of Russia for "Glowing". It should be noted that there is no rule for being against the war, hell even rightoids are allowed to post here, but being critical of fucking Russian imperialist chauvnism and murdering children is a step too far for our fucking dumbass mods and Jannies.
This sort of shit lead to the death of last Leftypol when the psycho BO banned anyone critical of Assad or siding with the SDF/YPG/PYD/PKK. Again, nowhere in the rules does it say you have to be a pro-oligarch capitalist cocksucking asshole, yet the mods seem to think this is a rule if that Oligarch is non-western.

Calling on the admins to bring the mods in line. This is fucking bullshit and this sort of thin-skinned two campism bullshit is what killed our last board. This is even more retarded as RUSSIA IS NOT SOCIALIST AND THE WAR WAS LAUNCHED ON A MISSION OF "DECOMMUNISATION".
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>But no, the guy is totally defending Socialism.
Where did I claim that? Fucking retard.


I can't imagine how it feels like to be disgraced by an anti worker, an incel, and brain damaged streamer. You might as well just end it now ngmi


The damage has been done at this point. The only good thing that can be said about the situation on /leftypol/ is that most of the damage seems to be relegated to the ukraine thread.


Didn’t happen


Your progression from radlib baizuo to an actual grownup, you mean

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