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File: 1636012764883.png (766.34 KB, 720x1440, original_391852739.png)


read the FAQ and i still have no idea how to reply to comments and create a account.. if someone replies to my thread.. how will i see the reply? help if you can.. thanks


You click on the post number to reply.
The replies will automatically appear in the thread when it's refreshed.

File: 1635481296733.png (29.07 KB, 1220x188, ClipboardImage.png)


Was this post made by an actual mod? If so why did you delete it?
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What’s missing is the X factor.

Things are too constrained to give birth to the unexpected, random or truly heterodox. Anything seems out of place and there is a twitch to get rid of it rather than to see where it goes.

It is founded in arrogance. People think their views are of a higher quality, and so they should be the arbiter therefore of quality, they can then discern what should be allowed based on that. The problem remains, and I must stress this there is zero qualification or metric by which this supposed “quality” is judged and never has been it is entirely down to personal preference

And, frankly, a majority of people are incapable of differentiation between “objective quality” and “my own subjective tastes” and often confuse “my own subjective tastes” with “the highest possible synthesis of revolutionary theory”.

There is very little room for people accepting that they might be wrong and therefore hearing out other opinions to the extent that you allow them to be around.

What has been lost is challenge, what has been lost is debate besides on a few topics. The scope of orthodoxy that you can’t question has expanded.

I am no longer an anarchist, but this began with the Rojava purge, which amounted to basically a purge of the anarchists. I don’t even like anarchists, but the board was healthier with a culture where there was basically no sacred cows and less consensus besides on a few very fundamental things.

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And no, before someone says “you just want no moderation” wrong. There is a broad consensus (like probably 99.9% of posters) against CP and spam, there is a broad consensus against giving reactionaries the same free reign we would give a leftist, but that doesn’t mean we need to completely silence them, as well as silencing leftists who have one or 2 beliefs some other leftists feel are reactionary, or what have you.

The whole point of this board is discussion, and the discussion aspect has been taken away. Moderation should happen bearing this firmly in mind, and mods should mod with the mindset that it is imperative they use the lightest touch possible, an only intervene in extreme cases, rather than shoe horning in excuses to mod where they feel it is appropriate.

It is a slippery slope, and we have slid very far down already. Time to winch back to the top and attach some strong security ropes so it doesn’t happen again


question answered


I think this conversation should keep going, even though I do think the OP was a poor setup for the thread topic. This is the exact kind of conversation that belongs here.
(I haven't thoroughly read all the replies yet due to priorities and IRL being a super shit rn but I intend to respond over the next few days)


Suit yourself.

File: 1635091393183.jpg (660.35 KB, 1920x1080, 97915.jpg)


please mods add a /soc/ board, it would be very nice to be able to meet up with like minded leftists irl, obviously any fed shit should be banned, but having everyone be very disconnected is just as bad.
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people should be smart enough to not do anything illegal when meeting people, if you have street smarts then feds won't be a problem, if you don't then don't post on a /soc/ board


And if you have imageboard smarts then don't start facilitating the doxing of your small anonymous community, Mr. Smith.


Touch grass and join a real org already.


yeah like the dsa
or austin redguards


We already tried /lounge/ in /roulette/ and it didn't really gain traction. Moreover, it might not be a really good idea to have a /soc/ type board where people would expose personal details on a site like leftypol.org regularly raided by /pol/.

File: 1634648341696.jpeg (40.38 KB, 400x610, reality we are in.jpeg)


I do not know the history of Leftypol however it is clear that it is now a liberal fascist board that bans all Maoist posts and bans any post that isn't revisionist.
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Maoism or Mao Zedong Thought? There's a difference.


>more snark
>still no substance


The substance is my thick sperm embedded in your mother's throat


>bans all Maoist
thank fuck
>anything that is not maotism is revision
jump off a bridge


>still only snark

File: 1635255819287.png (782.42 KB, 890x796, ClipboardImage.png)


It's horrible.


>they haven't hidden /itg/


You don't find it hilarious that he's organizing a march to show solidarity for Netflix against its striking employees? Come on, no twitter screenshot or Agent Kochinski trash take can beat this level of autism + retardation.


Not when your idiot bait-taking propels him forward.


PMCs will never be working class
You fucking fanatical redguard(Lmao the only other post this ip has is calling someone a kike)


The concept of PMC is just another retarded ideological fad like intersectionality but for projecting PMC crackers

File: 1634875044924.png (4.84 KB, 180x179, ClipboardImage.png)


Legitimately is this board running out of new topics to make threads out of?
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It sounds like you're fooling yourself, doomer. That's just showing the last 8 weeks. The site had higher stats before the coup drama pushed a large amount of users away from both sites, which takes more than a few weeks to recover from unless some happenings or new culture draws people in. The takeaway from this graph would be that despite months of numerous dedicated leftychan saboteurs and /pol/ spammers, the site is still stable, slowly growing and quickly recovering from shocks.
As for 'small', we're one of the largest alternate English imageboards, even after a dip /leftypol/ alone is still larger than sportschan, soyjakparty, lainchan, 7chan, endchan, 9chan.tw and every 8chan board apart from /qresearch/. Bigger than [s4s] and /fa/, and over 3 times bigger than /news/ on 4chan. And as for 'always', you clearly didn't even check.


The mods don’t want more people because those people might have opinions they don’t like

The mods don’t care about the rules at all they just use them as an excuse to curate the board to their own shit taste


Yes. I am starting to believe so. All threads lately are shitty reddit like boring newfaggy mental retardation.


>i don't even know why they exist if you want to talk about video games go to a video game forum
no, like, years ago you would just post a /leftyvidya/ thread and we would all see it, no need to use an overboard or flip between boards or whatever

im still thinking about it but the best way to treat this may be to build side-boards but not pressure people to use them, i wouldnt recommend deleting them or anything

i always kind of figure /leftypol/ would remain alive even if a shit ton of activity was deported to siberia aka /b/ but it seems like we kind of leeched the site due to the policy of shipping everyone there who shitposts any


File: 1635249406431.jpg (49.91 KB, 960x539, stalin'.jpg)

>leftychu­ds still crying about mods

File: 1634828069687.png (31.42 KB, 593x584, ClipboardImage.png)


delete /itg/, /USApol/, crypto-idpol, /siberia/ and /anime/ and ban shitposters, greentexter schizos and pseud effurtpoosters on sight.


File: 1634849684185.png (151.34 KB, 680x545, polcel.png)

No, fuck you. Go back


I could see the rage in you when you read ban crypto idpol


Nah, crypto-idpol goes in the bin, leave my /anime/ threads alone. This is the only place on the internet that isn't full of toxic right-wing otakus that actually effortpost and argue instead of shitposting loli memes.

>pseud effurtpoosters

And this is determined by…?
>greentext schizo
meaningless term
<ban something intrinsic to chans and the point of an anonymous glass-polishing forum
>ban /siberia/ and /USApol/
the latter is the /trash/dump of the site, it's a much better alternative to deletion and actually permits people to have a board to be more untethered and so reign in these tendencies from the other boards, it also gives mods the excuse to tell shitposters in other boards to just take it to the designated board
It needs more moderation and less tolerance for liberal idpol but it generates social media discussion that at least keeps users in the know of social trends, but not requiring extensive twitter usage by anons here.


> /USApol/
I meant the FORMER is a trashdump. The latter, being USApol is a containment thread for USA focused leftist discussion.


Idpol & crypto-idpol shitposters will always exist and there is not much mods can contain all of them. It's better to keep them in the designated /itg/ and /USApol/ containment zones than allow them to spread to the rest of site. Those threads exist as generals for a reason. Off-topic shitposting threads are often redirected to /siberia/ as it is the equivalent of /b/.

File: 1634234651059.gif (494.61 KB, 500x244, 1594566191152.gif)


Can we please ban the weird sex website (WSWS)
They do nothing but spam themselves in /leftypol/
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Hard disagree WSWS while being ultra sectarian and having bad takes on occasion still does good work esp. in rooting out corrupt unions in the autu industry in the states. They should be allowed to continue posting and I don't even like Trotsky.


No and stop banning shit altogether except for spam and illegal content.


No, we need to implement heavy handed moderation, filter opinions and give 5 minute bans to every other poster just for fun


I doubt even you would support these standards. Even 4chan /b/ has more rules than that


bring in the cheka it's time for a leftypol purge

File: 1634773026279.jpg (21.11 KB, 593x517, 5413254235.jpg)


Where do all these guys come from?
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Brazilians don't post in the latam general.


Given that there had been an embassy campaign on reddit, I assume from reddit.


Technically correct, the best kind of correct.


It would be more accurate to say that Brazil is big in leftypol


There's a sort of clique of utterly retarded posters that tend to appear at the same time. Like they don't even sound like regulars.


Nice banner, faggots(stay mad, ban evader)


It changes every time you refresh you dumb newfag


it's a meme retards, also like you've got room to talk given your connections to mlpol


>she doesn't like /furrypol/


uygha it's making fun of some idiot rightoid who's paranoid about pony cartoons


File: 1634593079843.png (562.18 KB, 442x600, ClipboardImage.png)

>OP can't understand parody
You braindead motherfucker

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