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File: 1624532802362.jpg (321.5 KB, 720x910, 1623691928559.jpg)


I don't wanna click on some disgusting dog fucking thread. How the fuck do I report it without entering it?


click on the box in the top left of the OP to check it and then type a report in the bottom right corner under the delete post function

File: 1624487658620.jpg (121.4 KB, 464x664, bog-down-cropped.jpg)


While the radlib idpol seems to have decreased of late, there seem to be an increased level of "rightoids are so dumb", "zomg rightoid beliefs" , etc. threads.

This is on top of the increase in them "Hi I'm a libetardian/poltard/etc.. please respond" threads.

I really think this is sucking up valuable time and energy that is better spent on almost anything else. Is there some way to put into force more strict containment threads?

File: 1612725585574.png (7.18 KB, 452x366, ClipboardImage.png)


Can you add [code] tags markup?
Simply change/add: $config['markup_code'] = ("/\[code\](.*?)\[\/code\]/is");
to the config.




it works



Doesn't this place already keep whitespace?
Kinda useless.


the matricks

File: 1624444910591.png (128.06 KB, 972x227, Capture.png)


Why are you deleting my thread about relocating homeless people, and banning me for "idpol". Is being homeless an identity now, or are you just using "idpol" as a generic ban message for anything that gets your panties in a twist janny? Write a reply if you have a problem with me instead of lashing out autistically.


can you please give a link with the ip in question anon?





Lol, this is so stupid


File: 1624463328235.jpg (45.82 KB, 685x1463, western leftism.jpg)

>Lol, this is so stupid

File: 1624361322350.jpg (22.05 KB, 590x540, skulldoob2.jpg)


we've been having way more threads about IQ lately than necessary
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pls mods


I prefer Autism Score to Autism Level


This is currently being voted on.


File: 1626447720486.png (13.87 KB, 99x92, spy.png)



Vote passed, awaiting devs. The backlog doesn't look great and the recent Cuba//pol//soyjakparty raids all at once combined with real life have taken up a lot of resources.


Anyone else having slow load times for pages? I've been having them for the past few days


bump - still getting the lag on page load


Tor node or plain internet?
Incidentally, the devs have been looking at making a few small changes that may help.


plain internet


you ever gonna ban avatarfags or are you scared of having your pph go down a bit?
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>Hmm, yes, we need edgy Facebook rejects asking for people to edit their classmate's bikini off.


File: 1624222993895.webm (677.61 KB, 360x360, chen.webm)

Chen is too pure for this world.


We have no plans to ban avatarfags at this time, especially on /b/. Thank you for your concern.


File: 1624549978890.gif (1.23 MB, 254x254, soytard.gif)

>We have no plans to ban avatarfags at this time, especially on /b/. Thank you for your concern.
Tell me how I know you're an avatarfag


A few mods are actually some of the avatarfags but I won't reveal which.

t. non-avatarfag mod

File: 1623994016807.jpeg (150.17 KB, 1080x1451, E4FgLxQX0AApUny.jpeg)


New threads on /leftypol/ are posted on intervals of 45 minutes, after a posts get submitted it stays on a limbo before an admin gives it a green light.

If it gets a red light it is sent to /b/, unless it is an absolute dogshit of a post, then it is erasedleft_communismLeft Communism
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Would those measures have stopped you?


I am not a shitposters though, just because reddit gets triggered doesn't make a poster a shitposterleft_communismLeft Communism


This is potentially an interesting idea, however it would require more coding, and I doubt people would like the idea of their posts being held in a queue for moderator review. Also; there's an important legal issue here, if you 'pre-review' all posts then you are legally responsible for them. If you 'post-review' like most sites, you can simply claim 'oh sorry we didn't see that post, thanks for bringing it to our attention'.

With that in mind, we will not be implementing this, but thank you for your input.


So it's like moderation, except far more frustrating and complicated, because you can't bear to even see a thread out of place for a few minutes?
Gay idea fam


youre worst than a shitposter, at least shitposts can be funny


What is this American calendar bullshit? Use Year-Month-Day like god intended.
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thank you based devs


Non yankee dating now implemented, thank you for the suggestion.


File: 1624895746228.jpg (549.74 KB, 3099x3305, 1622895948396.jpg)

holy based


Thanks, science!


Should've gone for slashes like it's always been done instead of this nerdy STEM shit.


*ruins your thread*
Seriously, when are the jannies going to ban this contrarian retard? He's currently derailed two threads by arguing (1) climate change isn't a real threat and (2) we should support American imperialism against Venezuela.tankieTankie
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We might not like the LeftCom poster, but they actually managed to build left unity


File: 1624117051462.jpeg (32.52 KB, 739x415, images (7).jpeg)

>>7623left_communismLeft Communism


File: 1624221279568.jpg (158.12 KB, 2181x1599, Alunya-cat-smash-nazi.jpg)


Hello, I take your point about some of the notable flagposters being a bit of a disruption. Obviously though, we can't just ban everyone who posts with a particular flag because anyone can use a flag. But, we will try to police threads better and more judiciously. Remember that if you see a bad post, you should use the report feature or bring it up in the Matrix congress chat. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


he should have been banned long ago

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