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File: 1625146187010.jpg (11.23 KB, 480x563, 1614575806349.jpg)


I dont want to connect to a fucking cl*arnet ponnyfag site just for chatting with my international comrades. Do they pay you jannies or something?

Also if you do adding a usermap like Kholchan has (approximate location of course) would be kino


You seem confused, it was never ours.


Check the link to /ref/ in the header (and notice it's hosted on another site)


It's part of GETchan and existed before /leftypol/





File: 1625084415772.jpg (2.89 KB, 111x107, wtf_sunglasses.jpg)


Are we sure the IP counts on the front page are accurately counting the TOTAL number of unique IPs? It seems suspicious that 380~ ips would be only leftypol but double that for the whole site.


I believe there is a known issue that the Total row is just the sum of the other columns, so yes, it's not the total number of unique IPs. That said, IP addresses is a very loose measure anyway (some phoneposters have a new IP almost per post, Tor is counted as a single IP address).
The total row should be removed but there's so many priorities I don't expect it to happen any time soon.


So just to be clear, the jannies deleted a thread simply asking Marxists how they know they aren’t wrong and what would they do were they wrong solely because the denizens of leftypol genuinely can’t answer those questions? And the only person who can is Eugene because he’s at least thought to questions these things?

How disappointing
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Mate, what was wrong with that person’s questions? I’ve at least been using leftypol since it was still on 8chan, that thread OP looked fine to me, the problem is that everyone memed instead of using a serious rebuttal. For instance, why is it not a fair and good faith criticism to call Marxism neo-Ricardian and promote marginalism? You may not agree with these criticism, but they are still criticisms of theory itself and thus offered in good faith. That’s why I say only Eugene responded seriously, because he rebutted the notion that marginalism is anything other than nonsense. This is my problem, the things OP said were not nonsensical nor impossible to respond to, they were actually debate worthy questions.


File: 1625046362006-0.jpg (31.15 KB, 313x286, 1624824815510.jpg)

File: 1625046362006-1.jpg (14.43 KB, 236x295, 1617725935317.jpg)




I don’t mean that thread, I was talking about the one by Antifa flag that was asking why the people here are marxists


That thread was clearly spam and the IP's that preceded it where posting more pol spam. It was just bad faith pol spam, anon.


File: 1625450571848.png (364.03 KB, 791x533, lel.png)

die in a fire you /r/socialism refugee

File: 1625033273837.jpeg (21.63 KB, 474x266, 4356789o0.jpeg)


So, we've managed to sustain over 3k for a week now.
Fuck, bros, nothing is in our way. Could the future really be ours? Could we see growth beyond 8ch levels now that nothing is stopping us? Is the future actually looking up for leftypol?


File: 1625034314790.jpg (89.71 KB, 1125x897, 1621408877720.jpg)

>over 3k for a week now
No wonder the post quality fuggin dipped


was halfchan down or something?


Post quality hasn't been THAT bad, lol.

Actually yes, but, it was only for a few hours. I heard about it and by the time I went on break at work it was already over. Obviously it was trivial and had little to no effect on us. This is natural growth/people finding us again over time that we lost from the split, imo.

File: 1624961350679.jpg (36.41 KB, 419x387, serious.jpg)


Can we have a serious board? Maybe call it praxis or something. The focus would be only on serious strategies for advancing leftist/socialist/communist agenda. No shitposting. No insulting other posters. Just acting like adults and trying to be productive about this. Basically anti-imageboard "culture."


Join a political party retard


>Join a political party retard
So you're saying that this site can only be pure entertainment and nothing useful? I'm not saying change anything about the existing boards. Leave them to be the shitposting shitfest as is imageboard tradition. How would I board that's a step above that hurt anything?


I support this




There was a lot of garbage posted recently. A lot of left and right idpol to be sure, but also a lot of needless sectarian bait, rambling nonsense and irrelevant opinion threads.

I feel like we have some trolls…

But anyhow thank you for locking and sageing the stuff. I hope the todo list is advancing.


the mods are pushing new things soon.


File: 1624928110575.mp4 (1.7 MB, 1600x900, 1624928101896.mp4)

Thank you.

File: 1624827454242.jpg (1.97 MB, 3000x2250, chinaverticleforest.jpg)


Could we convert the /leftypol/ thread into a general news thread and put every other conversation into /b/?

There isn't anything characteristic that would separate /leftypol/ from /b/ other than levels of retardation imo.

picrel unrelated


*board I meant.


We're not gonna kill /leftypol/.

File: 1624775400481-0.jpg (24.63 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

File: 1624775400481-1.png (793.5 KB, 710x1013, 80froq2gcei21.png)

File: 1624775400481-2.jpg (89.55 KB, 734x620, y45p6ua2glbz.jpg)


/biz/ board when?chinaChina


call it /deng/ meanwhile go /hobby/


Can someone just locate this guy so we get rid of him.

File: 1624634394234.gif (1.03 MB, 499x499, Camera Pepe.gif)


OP of this thread is constantly posting with a marx flag, but has always been rather supportive of reactionary talking points. Now he makes a thread about Mosley. This uygha needs to be banned

File: 1624558518638.jpg (639.32 KB, 1036x1410, Immigration.jpg)


The responses I received from a quick informal poll >>>/leftypol/335579 leads me to believe that a /USA/ board and possibly a /中国/ board would likely be high traffic enough to justify board creation may be productive endeavour

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all i read is "/int/ pls"


File: 1624584629406.jpg (28.94 KB, 341x390, 1399844892279.jpg)


>USA General is taking up too much of my board I want to reduce PPH to single digits


I tend to think we should err on the side of not making new boards
/leftypol/ right now really isn't fast enough for any one subject to drown out the rest


>>USA General is taking up too much of my board I want to reduce PPH to single digits
>We need unity. No new boards, no splits.
People always inevitably make more burger threads and all the insecure Euros inevitably throw a shitfit about it. Always whine about how the board would be better if burgers were removed. I second the burger board idea.

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