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File: 1622629683547.jpg (526.72 KB, 1374x1923, screens.jpg)


These are notable archived threads which were saved on the bunkerchan website itself complete with working files but were unfortunately not transferred over to leftypol.org by the mods.
Bunkerchan is now only available over TOR and will probably go down even from there within this year. Save any files and make any screencaps you need from these threads while you still can. Archive links are also provided in cases where they are available but these only saved the thumbnails.

All links collected from:
Originally bunkerchan.net/archives.js before the redirection

Id: leftypol/8537
Name: For New Anons and Lurkers: FAQ, rules, and reading list
Date: 08/05/2019
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/8537.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/mlrGj

Id: leftypol/8622
Name: OC Thread 4.0
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1300123 archive: https://archive.fo/Kdkuf
1202251 archive: https://archive.fo/Gbae6
1171034 archive: https://archive.fo/JKl9a
b/12358 archive: https://archive.fo/XKaaa
b/5711 archive: https://archive.fo/K699s
1041002 archive: https://archive.fo/wTVto
984007 archive: https://archive.fo/D2jhw
719970 archive: https://archive.fo/Yh5mG
489257 archive: https://archive.fo/Yqzaj
edu/400 archive: https://archive.fo/xS3xT
gulag/3941 archive: https://archive.fo/aoby9
gulag/2437 archive: https://archive.fo/Al0vX
gulag/1928 archive: https://archive.fo/WIR5B

File: 1622400086998.png (16.02 KB, 864x566, 1621872554286.png)


>Be mods
>Second that bunkerchan goes down get world wide notoriety
>immediately clamp down on posting
>immediately clamp down on fun
>site is now declining

<Do nothing but be in denial

This is the collapse of the USSR for the internet, good job mods.


This website is just sad anon. Maybe the left has no hope.
We were the only anti-woke place but the transhumanists got to this site..

I Wonder

I wonder if there's any hope left


File: 1622402010479.png (589.17 KB, 1000x1500, camus.png)



Where can I access /leftypol/'s archive? there are some old threads I want to read



We don't have an automatic archive, only this one. Other people may be able to help if they have cached the threads or so on. Which threads did you want in particular?


There was a thread about Lysenko back in April, I wonder if it has been cached.

File: 1622176382404.jpg (6 KB, 200x200, images.jpg)


I have two questions for the owners and devs of the site

1) Does people posting many images cost the website a lot of money? Like I post a lot of images and I worry that I'm ruining the HDD the site is operating on because of that?

2) When I use a picture on one thread and then use the same picture on another thread, Is it uploading and hosting the image twice? Or is your site smart enough that it uses the first to use as a host for the second file?

Thank you that is all, I have a very huge images folder and don't want to destroy the site that I like.


If that were the case I don't think the size limit would be 100 MB.


I can answer a few of these. Essentially, I'd be more careful about flooding the community than ruining the site infrastructure.

>Or is your site smart enough that it uses the first to use as a host for the second file?

Tinyboard and children (like this site) don't. It uses the Unix timestamp of when the post was uploaded as an identifier (in the address).
e.g. https://leftypol.org/meta/src/1622176382404.jpg
Usually that duplicate problem is 'solved' by not allowing duplicate files, but leftypol doesn't do that yet.
I know Lynxchan is smarter and uses a hash of the image (those 'random' letters and numbers) as an identifier, which is always the same for exact duplicate images.
e.g. https://anon.cafe/.media/135b31c5e2e9b2965140a47b4ed077e67b87433109b3c4821eadfbd0e3bf744f.gif (I posted that on two different boards, same link)

>1) Does people posting many images cost the website a lot of money?

Most server hosting deals work on a flat rate IIRC, like 2TB total storage, 100mbps bandwidth, possibly with a total bandwidth cap like 10TB a month. If so, you individually wouldn't be costing money by posting more or less unless you're hosting entire films. Either they need to pay for a whole extra tier, or they don't.

/b/ currently has an average of 12 images per thread, and 36 pages of 10 threads.
If we assume an average of 2MB per image, that's only 8.6 GB of storage needed to host /b/!
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


the size is 100 MBs? wew

alright thanks

File: 1621975898158.jpg (23.23 KB, 352x550, 25797160-352-k879061.jpg)



Workaround is typing /meta/ instead of /meta


I thought it would be a five minute thing but I couldn't fix it!


File: 1621881917597.jpg (8.07 KB, 224x225, 1518288027593.jpg)


Due to the massive amount of pedophilia coming from /GET/ and the backlash in si/b/eria. Along with the Haz drama already putting the board on thin ice. It seems appropriate to create a discussion deleting the /GET/ link.

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File: 1622056840945.jpg (60.31 KB, 1024x768, 1621955733522.jpg)

Free speech kicks ass looser. Cope.
Fuck your thought policing.



File: 1621745872788.jpg (17.97 KB, 480x360, internationale.jpg)


The current imageboard software (tinyboard/vichan/lainchan/leftypol) seems to have all been made and maintained without ever thinking properly about non-English letters. Let's fix that.

Have you had any issues with non-English letters? Please report any issues with examples here to help us fix them.
(If the site won't let you post a word, try posting it in a picture or writing it on another website like privatebin/cryptpad/pastebin and linking)

We already know that some word-filters are incorrectly filtering words with non-English characters (which will be fixed soon) and some letters breaking the post function >>6927 but there may be more issues that we can fix at the same time.

Post any features that have language issues: reporting, search, filenames, whatever.
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Old Church Slavonic also has no issues


βέδυ ζὰψ χθὼμ πλῆκτρον σφίγξ

κνὰξ ζβὶ χθὺ πτὴς φλεγµὸ δρώψ

µάρπτε σφὶγξ κλὼψ ζβυχθηδόν


يا عمال العالم، اتحدوا


in /dprk/ i couldn't post in Korean once and had to stick the text in a linked pastebin if that counts

File: 1621721299574.jpg (102.27 KB, 600x804, 1620377300218.jpg)


Why was
> kontranshumanisti
filtered into "kontranshumanisti"?
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Amazing, this is some expert programming shit. Does it fuck up every unicode character or just uygha




The vichan docs don't mention that you have to specifically instruct the filters that multibyte characters should be treated as multibyte characters. Otherwise, by default certain accents falsely look like other letters to the PHP regex function. There are many false matches, but not all of them, as you've noticed.
This issue has been successfully fixed on our testing server and will be fixed here soon.


Is it coming with fixes like the shitty alignment of short messages next to single images?


I can, but I unironically couldn't find or create a post to replicated the issue in order to make sure I fixed it.
Can you link a post?

File: 1621711053026.png (58.29 KB, 300x169, lain.png)


Thread creation limit should be on a per board basis. It's silly that I can't make a new thread on /games/ because /leftypol/ and /b/ are being too active.


File: 1622167200444.png (44.67 KB, 193x292, 1621514169714.png)



This might actually be possible, I'll forward it to the devs.
Sorry for the wait.


Ageing because now that some retard is flooding /leftypol/ I can't make new threads on the side boards.


Working on it now.

File: 1621645268152.png (3.2 KB, 1299x33, class based idpol.png)


Ok idpol is against the rules. I get it. This is a Marxist board, we are trying to raise class consciousness. So then what is "class based idpol?" How do we invoke class consciousness without being "class based idpol?"
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>I feel that discussion of whether the Soviets did or did not commit ethnic cleansing is justified
Also fuck off liberal. You really should be removes from the mod team.


I guess you're right, that thread does have more than a hint of idpol. It probably should have been moved/anchored, but on the other hand 'urban and rural' threads are a staple on this board. Tell you what, you're right, I'll anchor that thread too.

Sorry you feel that way.


Alright fair enough. I think everyone hates hypocrisy more than anything else. There is no way to argue or debate with a hypocrite. I was arguing I guess fascetiously you could say. I know you can't really moderate a popular viewpoint out of existence, but how do we elevate the discussion to actual changes we could make vs. vitriol against landlords and capitalist and crypto investors and whatever?


class based idpol is when you talk about "working class landlords" because the bloated parasite sucking up the money of their victims while contributing less than nothing to the world has a northern accent / is a hick / etc.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Well, I invite you to join the congress if you'd like to have your input on moderation policy.


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