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File: 1640915432121.jpeg (117.7 KB, 1200x792, cons.jpeg)


Can we get a debate board or something so we can have some kino debates without mods getting butthurt and ruining the fun for the rest of us?
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"Why do Communists place such an emphasis on theory instead of real life action?"


get fucked wrecker


the main board is for that though.


And you feel you're being silenced for asking this question because it is controversial?



Remember our times at 8chan about 3 years ago?
Holy fuck it feels like yesterday bros
Well, on those days we had what was called 8ch.pl . Well, not really tbh, dunno who had that website. The thing is that, when you searched for /leftypol/ on google (as many /pol/tards would) they would end up in 8ch.pl/leftypol instead of 8ch.org/leftypol and thus, their raid would fall on a literal desert, instead of our board.
Thus, I shall propose to all of you Operation Jupiter, as a tradition of socialists, we name our operations with the name of planets, and this makes sense since Jupiter protects the earth from asteroids.
In the .com version of leftypol, we should still have some moderation so they don't post cp or some shit, and that's about it. Maybe mirror the threads made on actual leftypol but the posts made on the .com version aren't seen so they fall flat on their message and so on. Also, their threads would be put into the .com version, instead of into the .org version, of course.
Hell, make it obligatory for them to do a "user" to give us their email so it makes it even fucking funnier seeing them give their emails to us, making them sign some contract so they can't protest against us for giving us their email and possibly passwords cause they're jackasses. But this maybe is out of the focus of what Operation Jupiter really is about.
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Unfortunately we can't control the fact that Google censors leftism


k bye


>>there are some interesting discussions, but the site is overrun with shitposts
>>try to contribute to one of the good discussions
>>the only people who reply are the shitposters
>>decide it's not worth using the site
Thst's literally this site


was gonna say this lol


Is this the thread where we move to Jupiter?

File: 1640551940024.jpeg (307.09 KB, 719x1213, 1639432261854-1.jpeg)


"retard" is an awful slur that does nothing but reveal how much of a chauvinist bourgeois pig an anon is and how they need to be completely ignored
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Retards are lumpens proles are the revolutionary class, lumpens are retards to be used and abused by the ruling class


sure retard


i love how the reactionary's idea of lumpen is basically just what a prole is


cute picture


Yeah but what else are we gonna call republitards

File: 1641432541447.png (19.96 KB, 342x282, ClipboardImage.png)


Currently, it links to our previous 8chan version (!?). This won't bring many people.
If a Russian with VK could, may you contact this page with a link to the main /leftypol/ board link: https://leftypol.org/leftypol/index.html or the home page at https://leftypol.org/ (?)
I asked in the Russian general on /leftypol/, and it seemed like nobody did it.
The VK page is active enough, it last posted a few days ago.




Can any Russianons inform them of these developments?


Use google translate then. It should be a simple enough message to convey.


Also gonna repost this here https://vk.com/red_yurt

File: 1636241141756.png (28.52 KB, 849x77, ClipboardImage.png)


To the mod team: didn't you say you would ban all incel shit?
OK, some of the threads are just about being lonely as a man, so they're only covert incel threads, but what the fuck is?
And not only that but you allow the BPD schizo to make the same thread almost every day. Seriously, why are you allowing all that cancer to spread?
Pic not that related but it's also another thread that gets made every now and then with the exact same OP, it's idpol bait. >>>/siberia/173405
That's not even mentioning all the disgusting crap that's posted in other /siberia/ threads all the time.
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We should ban all posts that are about porn (not porn threads, but about porn). They attract the most quasi religious moralists and incel retards.


Some people who want incels banned are also anti-porn, and some incels want porn and any other sexual or romantic content banned because it reminds them too much of their loneliness (or maybe it's just an excuse to annoy people). There are also some misogynists (incels or not) who post porn to attack women and those who are against misogyny.
The arguments against porn are valid, usually. Providing arguments against the support of real life pornography, or most of it, is not being a "quasi religious moralist", but I agree that there are some whose entire argument is "degeneracy" and yes, they're retarded.

So this is currently the porn situation in /siberia/. Refer to the porn ban thread for opinions on how to deal with porn itself. Personally, I think that it should be contained within a few generals, and only 2D porn should be allowed to be posted occasionally outside of those threads if it's relevant to a discussion (so no random 2D porn dumps or any real pornographic pictures/videos).
Maybe there should be a similar ban for gore, as well, but that hasn't been a problem anymore since the incel gore spammer stopped posting it.


Weird how soyjaks get immediately removed on /siberia/ but mods give a free pass to tripfags and incels post endless trash


>actually whining about no one wanting to see your soyjak spam
hmm seems like the answer is to rope yourself


Not an argument.
>"no one wanting"
don't talk like it's some organic demand by the userbase when its removal was quite the opposite

File: 1641135616493.jpg (13.03 KB, 474x350, Mod.jpg)


I think I saw a LGBT general thread but I now can't find it.

Can you please make a LGBT general thread I assume only mods can make the general threads like the twitter one and the China one.

I need advice from other LGBT people on something.(pol spam ban evader)


You can make your own. Though if there's no political content, we would probably suggest it goes in /siberia/ instead.


OP here I made it


File: 1641237197094.png (321.99 KB, 2454x550, ClipboardImage.png)



Be A Little More Subtle Than Posting Wojak Slide Threads, and other revolutionary new ideas from /pol/

File: 1631761059492.jpg (37.95 KB, 381x192, bfbhvfr82r701.jpg)


How difficult it would be to implement a real time IP counter? as it stands now the current IP counter is useless, there's no point in knowing that the thread has been visited x times during it's lifetime.


The IP counter isn't for visits. It's for posts. The number of visitors is at least as big.
Total unique visitors wouldn't be that hard to implement, but "live" IPs like you're talking about is more complex. What about somebody who has the tab open and is letting the thread auto-update, manually updating instead? What about somebody who isn't auto-updating but keeping the thread open? What about someone who has the thread on their watchlist but isn't actively in the thread? What about somebody who keeps closing the thread and reopening from the catalog?

The question is: how do you determine when to remove the IP from the list of live viewers?


what would be the point of this though?


Use a timeout feature, after 1 munute of inactivity the thread is hidden and you are forced to reload the thread


retarded suggestion. you should be ashamed.


Not worth the effort.

File: 1640940580026-0.png (80.63 KB, 686x915, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1640940580026-1.png (516.79 KB, 640x537, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1640940580026-2.png (1.51 MB, 960x660, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1640940580026-3.png (415.35 KB, 317x450, ClipboardImage.png)


ITT: brainstorm how to bring more comrades from nationalities that do not commonly post here!
Some Russian users came to /leftypol/ from /ussr/. That was a somewhat successful attempt at internationalization of /leftypol/, and served as a proof of concept.

If you're reading this and outside of the parts of the traditional Anglosphere (US, UK, Canada, NZ, Aus) then consider letting us know where leftists in your country or language congregate online, how likely it would be for us to be able to bring any aboard, and how that may be done.
Consider even taking such an initiative yourself independently.
My personal countries of interest for this purpose:
>Latin America in general, but particularly those with a budding left-wing movement such as Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela, etc.

A note about connecting with users from countries with state censors:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


OP here, wanted to also list some reasons why this is highly beneficial.
Having users from a certain country gives you perspectives directly from that population. They are generally going to be saturated in the culture and politics. This lends itself to a more direct view of happenings there than filtering your views through whatever sources you can find in your native language. We can share the latest innovations in political and historical, etc., theory uniquely and newly arising in our own country with each other in a way that never would have reached us as quickly otherwise.

Having users all over the world means the boards should be more active at a more diverse range of times. This has a good feedback effect in that it uses up more of our potential activity-time, making the board more appealing for more of the time it exists and has newcomer eyes on it.

Bringing users from rare countries will make the existing few users here from those countries less lonesome. It will make their general threads more active and create more camaraderie as they share the most similar experiences.


File: 1640223755212.jpg (92.57 KB, 1175x1068, bordiga.jpg)


crack down on vulgar crypto-reactionary distortions of marxism
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yeah i agree


mod team has a mole or they are all compromised
they won't fix it


when you use "petty bourgeois" in a non-aesthetic way around twitter leftists




Fucking improve this bloody bullshit site, the retarded mobile support glitches alot, I fucking know you guys are newly set, but fucking hell, fix mobile problems.
>pic unrelated
Also fucking disable the "pic requirement" for this board, you end up having more data in your ass that way
Otherwise cool site
Fuck you, Im out.
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dumb phoneposter


i can't upload images through phone




Are you using clover?


Android posters should try https://github.com/PietroCarrara/Clover/releases/latest
De-facto official mobile app.

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