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File: 1686303552597.jpeg (14.64 KB, 474x310, th-1115483724.jpeg)


I just want to draw everyone's attention to how absurdly based leftypol's developers are for making the site completely functional without running Javascript.

A site that's usable without JS is the absolute gold standard for knowing that the devs actually like and respect the users.

Thank you based devs
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Retarded discussion. Whatever triggered the flood detected isn't triggered by that word. It likely was the flood system fucking up and then not unfucking for a while.


Alright I rescind all my previous complaints. I was off my meds and all angry, but I took a couple Xanax and chilled the fuck out so now I realize I was being ridiculous. Apologies.


Uhh okay you are forgiven lol. Thank you for not shitting up the rest of the site. Glad this was cleared up.


Bloody hell


There have been/are always people on the staff and dev team who understand the value in anti-JS and Tor.
But like someone already said, we didn't write most of vichan this is a good thing, it's shit, even its former maintainer begs people not to use it, and most popular IB softwares intentionally don't require JS. We did take small efforts to make sure features we added worked without JS, although that's about all.

>and reporting seems to need js
It doesn't, did you get an error message? This can happen when the post is already deleted/moved. vichan is very unpolished like that.

File: 1686161159983.png (604.8 KB, 750x729, 1641955879626.png)


please let us delete our own threads if the thread isnt older than a few minutes and doesnt have over 3 replies


Seems reasonable. Idk how this would be implemented tho

File: 1685980339200.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1977, 230605114944.png)


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Trotchads keep winning


you couldn't even crop the imperialist apologia b4 it turns from obligatory tragedy cope to obligatory "the superior ubermensch hero got away from the useless shiddy aim goons thoe!!1" cope?


they meant well, go in peace


File: 1686117306546.png (324.26 KB, 568x335, ClipboardImage.png)


>admins when you apply IDpol to porn


the british spooks are the ultimate bad guys in the movie, it's pretty good

File: 1681925213194.png (721.34 KB, 1079x1589, sudan.png)


The mods NEED to intervene.



File: 1685222804334.png (78.77 KB, 499x455, ClipboardImage.png)


can we have a /test/ board? i wanna try out some formatting stuff and see what works.
it can be text-only i guess.

(im not sure if the formatting shown in the pic still works or not)
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It was an inside job?


i counted 62 rows, so assuming I'm off probably 128 since that's an exponent of 2.


test >>27010 asd


Flood detected; Post discarded.


Flood detected; Post discarded.
Flood detected; Post discarded.

File: 1663344298736.png (319.52 KB, 1080x1080, hWNqAWk.png)

 No.22612[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here. Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.

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Speak of the Devil and He shall appear.
I was gonna make a serious reply but just looking at all the absurd assumptions it's clear that it won't be of any use. First that is not me you are replying to and it's a mystery to me why they even bothered replying.
>shouldn't want
What's it to you what I want and don't want? My motivations are beyond your comprehension.
>dev resignation
If the Dev couldn't accomplish your goals, what chance do you have?
>a hundred replies
I don't count them of course. But here we are at the main point. Why is it that people should be allowed to slander me endlessly but when they get just the tiniest pushback, it's a big deal. Just think about that. Where is this dev? Why did he stop replying? All I wanted was to have a civilized talk. Or maybe a meta discussion. Like calling people cops is not a good idea in this milieu (if you want to have a civilized talk) which I also tried to impress upon him. I remember already telling him that a long time ago. Evidently, without any success.
So let me make suggestions for improvements. Either step the fuck up or back the fuck off. What this means is work to improve the site in whatever (limited) capacity without asking for things in return or don't try (trying here being following whatever instinct it is that compels you to try to pick a fight with me). Because, again, doing the same thing over and over again won't force reality to change. I have already laid all this out. There is no room for confusion here, only willful ignorance.
The world is not divided into those with fault and those without. I'd suggest you try to get over your religious delusions.


>Stop making things up
>Pask made the commitment himself to stop posting in /meta/.
The announcement "Pask has agreed to stop posting on /meta/." uses the word "agree" which implied it was a proposal from another that they accepted. If I'm wrong, then sure, I'm wrong, we can't see your meetings and rely on the little communication we get to try and figure out how this place works.
I'm not 'making things up', I'm reading what was written. And if that's a miscommunication and I'm wrong, then I retract that accusation, and replace it with:
>Speaking of hyperfixation, aren't you the mod who made literally a hundred replies to the dev resignation thread and then agreed not post on /meta/ but did anyway?

>or else don’t get upset when we don’t listen to you.

Ignoring people because they gave feedback you think is false is an atrocious attitude. What the fuck.

Hey, I just didn't expect to see someone else so smug and defensive replying. Take it as a complement, or something.
>What's it [that] you what I want and don't want?
Basic steps towards a decent user experience.
And that doesn't sound like much, but even super basic suggestions from other mods were ignored within a week, and complaints about posts deleted for no reason either ignored or mocked with shitposts.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>A wonderful dilemma you've given us. Improve the site or don't try.
Yes, I think so. See it as a koan. It's really not unanswerable tho.
Watch the video attached in the last post for further information. Then watch it again.

>because they gave feedback you think is false

Reasonable reaction to someone blatantly misrepresenting reality constantly.

>bound to

>going to become
These two sentences in general show a detachment from reality that impresses even me. Not only do you assume that the slander must be correct but there is not even agency assigned to those engaging in it! I have agency, you don't. Of course everything runs against you.

>didn't expect to see someone else so smug and defensive replying. Take it as a compliment

The height of mature civilized behavior. Disgusting. "I was wrong but this doesn't matter. And I'm right anyway because I feel vindicated. Also have more insults."
Is this the fabled me-me-me generation?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Why was my thread anchored? What rule does it break?

You get all these complaints, but you keep fucking doing the same shit, because the users bully you on matrix lol

Apparently talking about how old the pyramids are is way too controversial and offensive, but Nazis asking idiotic questions about Marx or:
"Is there any social scientist with us who can tell us exactly when the revolution will happen?"
Intelligent question, amazing thread, /leftypol/ seal of approval, really made people think.

You encourage low-effort garbage, while anchoring actual discussion. I bet you all wonder why the site is dying, huh? Yeah, it's a big fucking mystery.


i didn't sage your thread. i saw it, and i didn't think it was worth action, but i can see why it was and the thread you post here wasn't. your thread was a highly visible shitflinging competition that was really over as far as fruitful discussion by the third post. the thread you quote here was barely bumped six times and no one deigned to report it for low quality.

you'll be happy to know that since you brought it to my attention i've merged that thread with the QTDDTOT thread. thank you for doing your part, comrade.


I just looked, out of the first 100 (or more) of the non-general threads on /leftypol/, my thread has the 2nd most posts (after the Wolff one that has been up for longer.

You got fooled into killing one of the most active threads. 🤡


I meant to post this in the moderation thread, didn't see I was in the catalog. whatever


>unique IPs

File: 1684718766484.jpeg (51.17 KB, 637x448, 1684005765964.jpeg)


>banned from all boards
>for being a Nazi
holy shit if it's either pasquale or wvobbly who banned me, this will be the 6th time I've been banned for nonsense by those two.
What is the rationale? What's the point of posting here if you can get banned for so little reason?
What did I do that qualifies me as a nazi? Please, can caballo or someone else explain this to me? Pasq and Wvobly is just gonna say some vague ass shit like "ban evading" or "spam" and be done with it.


Not a vol but maybe post under the gay Nazi flag for more leeway?
It worked for shay


What’s the banned post or IP


File: 1685009138295.png (818.39 KB, 477x695, latest.png)

Well I'm unbanned now
It was for 6 days, thanks


Just got a ban as a hazite on all boards which 1 isn't a rule and 2 you're only supposed to ban me from the board in question for something like this so I can appeal in /meta/ theme the tools iirc

for posting → >>>/leftypol/1457651
and saying haz posted something not embarrassing for once

This is utterly hilarious given earlier I'd decided to tone down the lumpen bashing after seeing a has tweet slamming lumpens because haz's opinions are in general embarrassing and wrong as a rule of thumb

So which one of you is powertripping?


*Thems the r00lz
fucking autocorrect


Just accept your ban, appealing it here is going to make no difference at all.


The Democratic Centralist board volunteers aren't that bad comrade they're doing a job that gives paid wagies PTSD for free

Seriously you can interact with them as human beings state your case and get a hearing

You can also go bat for other people you think are being treated unfairly and they'll sometimes listen

For the record I got unbanned almost immediately after the appeal

See we have the least worst mods on an anonymous imageboard or most forums for that matter


You are both right


no loss

File: 1681047840710.jpg (180.86 KB, 593x545, 7j9q6jxqhiv51.jpg)


Can we bring back the soyjak general thread on /siberia/ so people will stop complaining about the no-frog/soy rule?
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File: 1684198460833.mp4 (2.48 MB, 576x682, Shopping_cart_edit.mp4)

>What actually gets made here anymore? Fucking dayum?
I'm talking about the left as a whole, not just here. I don't think being SEObrained about it is gonna help. The advantage here is to not trick yourself into breathing manually.
>The characterization of leftist memes being preachy and wordy is still something you see everywhere
Because that's a subset of the whole "the left can't meme" trend that only relevant to itself. You don't see it outside that context. It's obvious protection when most memes leftists make aren't intentionally related to their politics if at all other than the absence of concurring with the right's stance on a culture war issue. While the right can literally only make memes about their politics lest be denounced by their peers for being woke.


who the fuck is paying for soyjaks on this board or anywhere that isn't completely cartoonishly unhinged? get your head out of your ass before you start coughing up shit.


>muh shopping cart

shopping carts are honestly the most efficient thing about capitalism, i never understood how corpoboiis can sell them to us for 25¢ each; you can get more than that in metal weight


Taking shopping carts without intent to return them is stealing, you are not 'buying' the cart by putting coins in it


True, I have a little crate cart and even that is probably one of the most useful things I own, I would get so much use out of a full-size 🛒 kinda cart.

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