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4chan has a system where unofficially all bans last 3 days. I have only posted one shit post and my most recent ban was like 3 weeks. I'm concerned I will get banned for a shot ton of time and not be able to use the site when I accidentally do something mods don't like. 3 days should be enough if it is enough for 4chan and mods here are liberal with bans.
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Bans that last over three days are pointless anyway while posting with proxies and tor is enabled. Nobody is going to abide by a six week ban when literally 10 seconds of effort can avoid said ban. On 4chan it's different because you have to reset your router each time, which is an inconvenience as we all know. Also I have no idea why the mods even bother with permabans, most other chans with a tor node don't issue permabans at all because of the futility of it all.

By now, personally, I must have accumulated a few years worth of bans on VPNs, but it doesn't matter to me because I only use each IP once anyway. Unless you're an idfag like Bee and leninhat, it's impossible for the mods to enforce a ban and tbh it's kinda funny to watch them try to do it.
OP I agree with your point in principle, but I don't think bans are that big of a deal at all. If the mods really wanted to discourage rule breaking posts they could either hire more janitors or block posting with proxies and tor.


Yeah, my main IP is perpetually banned it seems, the ban seems to renew itself automatically unless I pissed off a Jannie that hard that they do it manually each time, but now I'm relegated to phone posting to be able to post on this site.


how do you expect jannies to maintain a stiffy with such low ban durations? it's already getting hard to rub one out since users stopped complaining so much.


Moderation time permitting I think even lower ban durations might sometimes be worthwhile. A ban of an hour or two isn't even worth the effort of resetting your router on a board as slow as /leftypol/, but still serves as a bit of an annoyance if you've already got a message typed up and ready to post. If you've been banned for moderate idiocy and just need to be gently reminded to be less of an idiot in the future, that's about the right level to target.

But of course it depends on the reason for the ban in question.


You are right in the sense that if anything the small number of people responsible for 90% of disruption, bait, flooding the place with shit, etc. are not banned hard enough. Improvement would not necessarily require more organic robots (there could be technical solutions) but it could help.

File: 1649240689796.jpg (147.67 KB, 787x768, 1648144552590.jpg)

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>Inb4 go to >>>/meta/
I already did for the last month. However for one, basically no one uses /meta/ unless they also get complaints about moderation. And secondly, the administration has completely dropped the ball when it comes to feedback, thus /meta/ is practically useless at this point.

And as dumb as it is knowing the contents of the thread, I also appeal to the janitors to not forcibly migrate the thread, or just to delete it entirely.

Ever since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the janitor staff has went berserk with its moderation policy towards the discourse surrounding this topic. Any opinion veering towards supporting Ukraine, calling out Russian crimes, doubting certain enforced naratives that originate from Russian state media or daring to commit the ultimate sin of suggesting that perhaps this time NATO is the lesser evil, is subject to bannings.

First of all, not one of the positions I described above violate any leftypol rules (which so ironically get linked every time you see the ban notification). Not only rules are not linked, the ban "reasons" half the time state non-reasons that just boil down to "I don't like what you said", or vague "glow" responses. If, say, the rules were updated, like with the Covid denial rule, then at least it would be understandable - "alright, guess we aren't a non-sectarian leftist board for all denominations anymore", I'd say, "but at least the staff has the curtesy to say it out loud that we are all now expected to be putinbots".

Secondly, not once have I received proper feedback in /meta/, the board for giving moderation feedback, over the nature of these bans. And not just me, but other anons who got similar treatment over the pro-Russia frenzy of the administration. In other words - janitors literally aren't doing their job, refusing to elaborate their bans on posts that don't violate any rules and are intent to keep silent pretending like Brezhnev just died and we all are now supposed to listen to Swan Lake on loop.

And finally, out of the five or four bans I have received over the past month, all of which were for posts that are practically identical, at least 2 of them were overturned on appeal. No explanation was given once I asked why these were overturned but not others, or why is nothing being done about powerabuse. SPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Love how not a one of you Vatniks have a single coherent point aside from screaming insults and "glowie".


no both of you kill yourselves


Still no proof that Russia is "imperialist", just more sloganeering and russophobia. Yawn


there is you just ignore it because you are circlejerking about the Russian state for some reason



add an rss feed for all the boards

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holy shit just stop spamming this irrelevant discussion and the report log and /meta/
you don't need to escalate this to a mod issue, just log off for a day you motherfuckers


There is no spamming on my part, I had to submit two reports because you retards think a report should be able to be written on the pin of a needle


File: 1648770138511-0.png (5.72 KB, 492x85, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1648770138511-1.png (47.98 KB, 914x338, ClipboardImage.png)

Why was this guy banned and deleted when mr refuses to shut up when he doesn't know how currencies work, proceeds to shit up the thread, wasn't? Why shouldn't the issue be brought here?


cause he is a bad faith ban-evader


File: 1648664405114.jpg (291.73 KB, 1360x765, TASS4293718.jpg)


I want to find old Muscular women threads from /siberia/ :(



Bless you!



File: 1648144552590.jpg (147.67 KB, 787x768, 435.jpg)


So has the moderation theme decided to completely abandon /meta/? Is another war in Olympus that is the hotpocket-smelling Matrix server brewing? Why the fuck do jannies refuse to offer any and all feedback on the board DESIGNED to give communication to the users? Why has there not been a single official mod response to the bans regarding Ukraine special non-violent localized entirely within Seymore's kitchen military operation? I know you are here and you are reading, you fucked up by replying to that shitty "Ban all non-ML's thread" yesterday, which is beyond ridiculous, because despite still (supposedly) being a tolerant to all leftist spectrum board, every anti-Russia poster gets jannied faster than a tankie on r/anarchism or a mentioner of Kronstadt on r/communism. I believe the moderation team owes at least some sort of official explenation.
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File: 1648333736545.png (31.44 KB, 248x240, 823180-small.png)

>Attack our mods
You realize the hostilty began over time, and only because mods refused to offer pretty much any feedback on their mod policy for Ukraine? Also as I said in the past, my bans get randomly overturned and re-overturned on a whim, which, because the mods you deffend are silent as a rock, can only lead me to believe they are either incompetant or completely eclectic in their policy. Literally all could be solved if they either openly pulled an Old BO and said we are now a pro-Russia board, or if they properly explained why these bans are justified. As of now, we got dead fucking silence, a vapid pretense of mod neutrality and a material reality of people getting banned for being anti-Russia. If you feel I am a retard, please try and explain why, I'd be thankful.



No bans are overturned (there are, not in your "case"), you don't know how IPs work, or pretend not to.


Your complaints only add workload to our volunteer mod staff. Why do you care so much about rules and consistency?(:^))


daddy no! D:


I mean, for one, yes there were. Before this 7 day ban I got a 3 day one for the same sort of anti-Russia posts that was overturned as soon as I complained. And a few days ago I successfully posted a few times, but then got the same ban as before. I have no clue how I could have connected to a different IP address, as I only over ban evade once using TOR version, and that wasn't it.

File: 1648281334277.jpeg (35.62 KB, 408x612, images (92).jpeg)


I seem to be perpetually banned, my ban has an expiration date but afterwards it renews itself. It's been fucking ages, maybe since last year even, cannot even remember exactly.
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Did you make the appeal recently? Do you think you could try and make a post on that IP so we can pull up the ban message so I can search for it?


I cannot post with the IP since it's banned and appeal was denied twice.


Okay so the actual ban message you got was "spam ip"? I will search for it but I know there have been a few bans with that as a message. Do you remember roughly when you got banned?



>Your ban was filed on Friday 18 March, 2022 and expires 43 weeks from now, which is on Monday 23 January, 2023

It was even earlier than that but that is the current ban.


Newfag here. Where to post about religion? There not a single thread in this whole website that discusses religion. Is it because religion is considered idpol? Even theology? Should i post on edu? Or leftypol? If i cant post it on leftypol because its idpol, can i discuss (for example) the sociological aspects of christianity (for example, how did it influence african education during the first years of european colonizzation of africa) and not it's spiritual aspects (for example, i cant post a thread on leftypol where its discussed the "turning the other cheek" christian concept and its correlation with the cleansing of the Temple)?
If i can discuss it on edu, how far can i go? Do i need to correlate it somehow to politics (for example, lavey's individualism and how it influenced the concept of capitalistic individualism) or I can completely detach myself from politics (for example, can I discuss the influence of geometry on Aquinas understanding of God)?
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File: 1647865312244.jpg (308.96 KB, 750x553, 1621384039360.jpg)



Beware that religion is a touchy subject and naturally many here are atheists, but many aren't. Also not everyone in this board is familiar with the Christian tradition, being more familiar with the Muslim tradition.

/leftypol/ is for anything related to politics or socialist/leftist theory.

/edu/ is for anything that is related to studying. It can be political or not. For example: Casual music study is probably more fit for /hobby/, more serious study is probably for /edu/.

/edu/ can be political or not, it can also be socialist theory related or not. It is a slower board. There are overlaps in all boards. Just post and mods will move it if appropriate.


woah so many answers. i thought this board was much more dead.
>Beware that religion is a touchy subject and naturally many here are atheists, but many aren't.
im a newfag on this board, not to political theory
>Also not everyone in this board is familiar with the Christian tradition, being more familiar with the Muslim tradition.
why no islamic socialism flag? are mods self hating muslims on here? thats not very halal imho.
Jokes aside, thanks for explaining /edu/. looks like 4chan hasnt an equivalent board.
just for you, i think ill create one single general on /edu/, so i wont flood your favourite board with triggering imagery and disturbing content.


>triggering imagery and disturbing content
fucking projection


>why no islamic socialism flag?

File: 1648048737158.jpg (224.36 KB, 546x500, maoist.jpg)


This boars is a leftist board, which is a problem. /leftypol/ should be a Marxist-only board. Unscientific socialists (i.e. LeftComs, Anarchists, Trotskyists, MLMs, etc—basically those that denounce AES) should not be allowed.



</leftypol/ should be a Marxist-only board
</leftypol/ should be Putin-bot only board
>Omg so true!


So you admit you're a site full of utopian idealist socialists


>Says the Dengist who strawmans everyone else into Shining Path autists
Yeah, I guess we are full of utopian idealists


REEE Everyone's a revisionist except for me

File: 1647981912560.webm (977.42 KB, 1028x550, shitposting_time.webm)


what's up with the bridge?

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