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Please bring back wordfilters.

Some suggestions

bring back Vaush -> Agent Kochinski

and filter breadtuber to fedtube
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Well, I don't.


There's no reason a leftists should be using these words as much as they are used here. It's mostly used by right wingers who adopt socialist imagery and vulgarize theory to fit their ideological needs. Disc0rd retards, right wing idpolers, conservative "socialists", ironic and unironic nazbols, all of you wolves in sheep clothing should be purged on sight. No leniency for disease-ridden vermin.


That'd fuck up a lot of links


Calm down, dude.
>as much as they are used here
Ah, but you can use them.
It does describe a real thing and I find that I have to call reactoids degenerate ("atavistic" could theoretically be a substitute) on the reg. I don't want it to get wordfiltered to casanova Rightoid.
>ironic and unironic nazbols, all of you wolves in sheep clothing
>all of you
This literally could not be further off the mark.
Listen, I am your fairy fucking godfather. But I haven't got a magic wand that I can just wave about.


>t's mostly used by right wingers
<You call out people for being retards and decadent porky suckups? ur /pol/!!!!
go back

File: 1643213387476.jfif (7.29 KB, 275x183, mental.jfif)


Can we open a mental health board? Some of us has deep problems but won't go to neo-nazi filled imageboards. We might discuss our past traumas, lives, mental health there.
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They don't necessarily have to be misogynist or neo-nazi. But you are right. A space for mentally ill to wallow in their misery is not something we should have. It shouldn't exist in all of the internets. Because it creates a vicious cycle of misery that never ends. Maybe if those guys could go outside and talk to someone they wouldn't have been the same.


But something r9k'ish(where misogyny, racism etc. is prohibited) could be a little fun nevertheless. We don't have anywhere else to tell personal stuff on an anonymous board.


I made a therapy thread in /hobby/ you might be interested in >>>/hobby/22545


fuck no


>A space for mentally ill to wallow in their misery is not something we should have. It shouldn't exist in all of the internets.
Too bad /siberia/ exists

Suggestion to the mods: delete /siberia/ permanently

File: 1643095417235.jpg (77.52 KB, 1600x900, t6k3okp8jvf11.jpg)


hello, i am new here. does this site have any notifications, if so how do i look at them?


Did you click on [options] and turn on notifications?


i dont see a "notificiations" button. isn't it on options>general?


Yeah, in general -> auto update.


tripfags and namefags latley are out of control. It's ok to have a couple but now they are shitposting everythread with their faggotry.
This is what happens when you let boards like /siberia/ run free
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File: 1642939958992.jpg (43.5 KB, 500x728, 1627765361930.jpg)

Personally I've come to think mods banned soyjak because it offended their protegés


Put it on on every board please people need to filter you


>you can’t just engage in gotchas and sophistry from whatever position you want. This adds to quality.
>tripfag add to quality
lmao, how delusional
i wouldnt force anonymity, id just ban the retards using trip for their ego


This is exactly why they did it. They kept getting soyjacked because they are soy. So the banned it. The best part is.. they soyjack people


Make a counter argument. Who decides where the ego is? The mods? Literally every decision they make is a bad one. The only trips would be horny posters and everyone who wants to talk about politics would lose it



cute meganekko

File: 1641262725526.jpg (56.12 KB, 900x600, bolsonaro.jpg)


Why not host the matrix instance on leftypol so we can all have a cool @leftypol.org username?


Single point of failure. If the site goes down, communication goes down with it.
If someone wants to pay for a separate server, maybe it might make sense.


you mean have the irc accessable through the website in real-time?

File: 1642769273292.jpg (75.14 KB, 614x768, jpsfh2qghzk11.jpg)


What if we made a therapy thread for anons to give mental health advice/listen to each other, with an emphasis on class consciousness and overcoming capitalism related problems?


Not sure why you feel a need to ask permission to make a thread. Empower yourself!


Ok o7


File: 1641916724448.png (7.59 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


I found 2 chans which are for most part dormant. That means we can seize the opportunity to encourage /ourguys/ to post there and make them both pro-/leftypol/!
These 2 boards are:
Agree with such idea?
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who owns it


what's the point
are you just trying to get us to up the traffic on your dead site(s)


I hate zoomers trying to recreate the early 2000s or worse, faggots who never learned that the online cesspool we live in today is thanks to raids.


I have no idea.
No. Because the site is dead maybe some anons can actually help Leftypol "colonize" it?
off topic nya keren


There's no point colonising a dead site, if we ever were gonna actually invade another site the goal would be to redpill their users into gommunism


Add this so that anons can opt out of leftypol JS history which is currently obfuscated through the contemporaneous 'Options' user-frontend; which lacks any mention of this functionality tracking a user, potentially across sessions, for years.


Thanks for linking the updated script, I'll test and add it. It should be done in <48hr.

Clarification for people unaware of what this is talking about, vichan necessarily creates a local storage variable called 'own_posts' in order to store which posts get (You)s, if (You)s are enabled by the site configuration.
This is not a bug so much as a missing feature for people wanting to easily opt out of (You)s for privacy reasons, I assume in case their computer is seized or leftypol.org software is replaced with malicious code in the future. While the 'own_posts' variable is never sent across the network by leftypol software, local tracking is still a valid privacy concern for some rare but real possibilities.


Thank you.


The suggested change has now been added (see /tech/ thread).


<I wake up and I see the update implemented on-site now

File: 1642117041103.png (291.34 KB, 980x742, ClipboardImage.png)


It had its run but there is literally none to be gained by not just merging this back into /leftypol/ and the other boards. This board is splitting the site's userbase. Way back we would have shitposting threads on the main board sometimes. That was better.

Sorry, what are we losing exactly? Another twelve soyjak/poljak threads? The "BBC Kino" thread? Another four hundred incel threads? More idfag threads? Spam threads? All the good threads on /siberia/ could just as well be on other boards. >>>/gulag/ can be used for a lot of the purpose /siberia/ did anyway.

Additionally, /siberia/ has often served as a beachhead for at least two groups that are actively raiding this website:
A. leftcels
e.g. https://archive.today/IMSpZ
B. split-wrecker central
e.g. https://archive.today/kDpTj
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And it is your intention to derail this thread again by talking about Junko every five seconds despite this not being the same thread? So you agree with me that cancerous /siberia/ behavior does not stay in /siberia/?


OP here I'm not going to post much if any more myself so I'll just leave it to whoever. If the thread just dies afterward then hopefully it has people consider the merits of having /leftypol/ and /siberia/ as separate boards.


You aren't wrong but pest control would be more appropriate than burning down the house.


BPD thread. Sage and ignore.



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