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File: 1646928617762.jpg (Spoiler Image, 166.28 KB, 820x460, 0-full.jpg)


I woke up this morning to find that my thread (the e-girl facial abuse one) had been deleted.
That was a good thread, we had done praxis and exposed some Wall Street banker's whore daughter. There was good banter about junko and her chicken farm. It wasn't a bad thread by /siberia/ standards.

However, my main concern isn't about my thread in particular. I want to know what the mods want /siberia/ to be. 3-6 months ago my type of thread getting deleted would've been unthinkable. Posting porn in /siberia/ was the norm. Being 'edgy' was the norm.
Now it seems that porn threads have a 50% chance of getting nuked and the mods are still unclear as to whether porn has to be spoilered.

My two questions for the mods are:
What do you want /siberia/ to be?
Are all of the mods in agreement over what /Siberia/ should be; have you all reached an understanding on how it should be moderated compared to the other boards?(Spoiler nsfw in /meta/)
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File: 1646931892267.jpg (36.12 KB, 500x500, Based.jpg)


this may or may not have been funny in 2017


I assure you it was extremely funny




>What is Siberia?
a miserable little pile of schizos

File: 1646799827624.png (24.58 KB, 122x128, 7242_george.png)


When I try to report someone I get an error:

Undefined index: id in /var/www/leftypol_lainchan/inc/functions.php at line 2818

Fix it so I can keep reporting the extremely obvious anti russia bot posts that are appearing in threads such as this: https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/833967.html


Cope more snitch


Context: this currently happens when reporting a post that has already been deleted.
>>>/tech/14117 (thanks based lewdposter)

File: 1646757078397.png (24.79 KB, 1050x313, ClipboardImage.png)


you banned TOR jannies
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How many more times are you going to ban tor for several hours you fucking retards?






>jannies don't know how tor works
top lel


Makes sense. Most of this lot struggle to locate the any key.


Moralism should be a bannable offense.
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Respect to my Polish comrades struggle.


Lmao this is cringe gold
It gets funnier every time I watch it


its a heckin unwholesome cringerinoo??


noooooo you can't just break social norms and express yourself nooo it's cringe1!1


Yes, but without the funny words.

File: 1646331099763.jpg (Spoiler Image, 198.03 KB, 777x853, 1646255498894.jpg)


Staff shouldn't post outside of /meta/. If users can't bother to make a meta thread/post on the right board, they do not deserve a response. It also avoids potential derailings.


Anime pfp



File: 1639079361045.jpg (134.49 KB, 1680x1120, pflp.jpg)


ban at least commercial pornography
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Should just limit it to one containment thread tbh


>>masturbation causes Alzheimer’s
<Lacking reading comprehension to own the anti-porn posters
<Same but this time defending the porn industry


>open /siberia/ for the first time in a month
>first non-pinned thread is this:
very based, very communist


Banning pornography is communist.
Deal with it.


File: 1646234097514.jpg (53.39 KB, 1000x1000, pp,840x830-pad.jpg)

Wow so true!!!.

File: 1645842952432.jpg (73.47 KB, 720x720, all wojaks.jpg)


Posting Pepes or Wojaks should be an autoban.


File: 1645904699197.png (67.68 KB, 800x450, 1623498982813.png)

No because /leftypol/ made the best wojak of recent times

File: 1645832037357.jpg (43.31 KB, 440x825, valium.jpg)


Why is there not a recycling thread for the Ukraine conflict? We're on like thread 36


Archiving a cyclical is impossible


Yeah bro let's have a thread have its responses die when every 500 posts instead of having threads die when they get bumped off page 30. Cyclicals are shit.


My bad, I didn't know that


Sorry for the aggressive response.

File: 1645758195576.png (34.99 KB, 854x526, pph.png)


>Almost 800 daily IP's
>342 PPH

HOOOREY SHIEEET I wish we could get monthly wars and happenings to keep those high numbers.


It's the glowies you can tell because 1/3 of every post on the forum has turned into anti Russia shilling and we're even getting arguments directly copy pasted from imperialist socdem twitter.


anyone that doesn't have uncritical support for the continuation of white russia's warmongering is the glowies


Look again


Half these tourists are reactionary faggots bringing their """culture"""


More like one third are /pol/tards and the other third is glowies.

File: 1642978167189.png (45.31 KB, 300x238, ff.png)


there should be a single containment thread of discussion of right wing politics on /leftypol
it's fun taking the piss out of them and all but it's not too important
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We have considered this idea numerous times, but I personally feel it isn't viable because no rightwinger is actually going to use a containment thread like that - I mean put yourself in their shoes, if you went to post on /liberty/ would you go seek out a dedicated free speech zone first? Or would you just make a topic?


no, i mean for dunking on them and discussing their “movements” and stuff from a leftist perspective


Absolutely fucking based but I'd also add an explicit ban on misandry to be more neutral and avoid other forms of idpol.
It's fucking incredible that there are people on this supposedly leftist site calling you a "moralfag" for being against the shit that goes on in /siberia/ as if there was absolutely no other reason to be anti-porn and anti-edgy incel shit. Those "leftists" obviously came from other sites recently.
>Low effort posting spreads around the site. Siberia is the breeding grounds for retard posting.


bumping. at least half of discourse on /leftypol/ is non-leftist shit

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