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File: 1628621917356.jpg (69.88 KB, 660x985, Underwater-Nun.jpg)


Where tf the copypasta thread
Not for serious shit but for jokes/memes plus effortposts
I lost my files of effortpost screenshots and need them back


In /b/left_communismLeft Communism



File: 1628928631063.jpg (4.35 MB, 4160x3120, 20210813_195253.jpg)

File: 1628464054096.gif (11.78 KB, 220x213, pepe.gif)


the postertariat has had enough of this! the janitourgeoisie infighting and couping each other, the site turning to absolute shit! we cant take it anymore and we will not take it anymore!

this thread will be one where the posters will initiate their demands directly to the current ruling junta and finally unionize to protect the place they know and love!

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Someone please reply to me <a onclick="highlightReply('433821', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#433821">&gt;&gt;433821</a>


<a onclick="highlightReply('433876', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#433876">&gt;&gt;433876</a><br/>Being able to call someone a faggot retard niqqer doesn't make you brave or stunning you absolute retarded niqqerfaggot. Kill yourself or go back to reddit. The filters are in place because of posters like you who are unable to hide your seethe and inner rightoid always comes out to shit up threads. Die now.


<a onclick="highlightReply('433764', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#433764">&gt;&gt;433764</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;After a while it gets tiring especially since likeminded people often don't participate in the gatekeeping bullying. In fact, it seems that rightoids, reactionaries and other retards have more support from overly-tolerant idiots who think we should allow all kinds of bullshit or else we'll be Reddit, which is CRINGE!!</span><br/>i haev loose bussy pls bauss, pls gib bring us pol2. reddit uighurs be coping, while I be spreading


This is how we unionise the board: <br/><br/>Okay, so basically this is the gestalt official proposal, I was going to write a document with all the ins and outs of my reasoning, for that, you can go back through this chat and read what I have to say. Essentially, my belief is this: 1) there is somewhat of a consensus among mods and regular attendees to mod related discussions that some form of board democratisation is favourable 2) there are numerous different beliefs on what that should be or what it will look like 3) there is fairly wide consensus that the system of moderation decision making currently in place is not fit for purpose. 4) there is also a fairly wide consensus that, although democratisation is favourable to basically all, most recognise to a great or lesser degree real issues, among these, how can we prevent the subversion of such a system. 4) this leaves us in a position that, we must widen the scope of the decision making process on the board, I.e, democratise it, add more voices to the pool of those eligible to vote, while also making sure that pool does not become subverted with bad faith actors.<br/>My proposal therefore aims precisely to target these concerns, in order to complete the above objective of democratisation to some degree.<br/>While the ideal situation would be in my opinion direct democracy, there are very real threats to this, and very real problems with its implementation. Therefore, I suggest measures in order to smooth over implementation issues in a gradual, increasingly democratic fashion.<br/>Thus, in practical terms, I would like the mods to vote on these 3 separate but cohesive proposals 1) that a union of posters be allowed to created by the posters, this union will act as the mechanism by which posters can discuss issues with the board. It will be owned by the posters, so that it’s independence from the moderation team can be assured. Initially, this union would be a place of discussion, and the will of the board discerned by the individuals who made up the voting body of the union. These individuals would be, those collections of posters who are currently engaged in the board moderation and have been long term. Gradually, more and more people would be added to the voting pool long term, it would be the specific job of these individuals to oversee this expansion. 2) in order to solidify this, myself and soy noticer (the initial inspectorate) be inducted in the mod chat, which woulPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


this sort of thread should go on /meta/

File: 1628108693268.jpg (62.57 KB, 606x602, 1627945276866.jpg)


>ban someone for "no"
>doesnt link banned post
>doesnt allow you to appeal ban because you're banned
lovely transparency you guys got going


oh i can post on /meta/


If I had a magic wand I would give everyone waffle hands

File: 1628079720076.jpg (8.07 KB, 197x256, index.jpg)


Why is there lots of coronavirus disinfo in /leftypol/? And why aren't jannies so quick on preventing the spread of these kinds of falsehoods?
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that's just a silly question: "why can facebook, the 6th largest company in the world, selling a product based on mass surveillance, do a better job at suppressing something than a few unpaid volunteers running no-doubt janky as fuck anonymous board software and mostly reliant on user reports?"democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Oh okay then, but the jannies should be more proactive in countering anti-COVID and anti-vaccine conspiracy theories that are straight-out FALSE.


I don't know who Andrew Wakefield is. My point was that all the mistrust in vaccines was much longer in the making than Covid, there were outbreaks of old diseases we thought were eradicated, because parents started refusing to vaccinate their children like a decade before covid.

I think that if you have to censor science denial you already lost the fight. The enlightenment movement that popularized the scientific method as a tool for knowing what's going on had to fight against the church, and they had no institutional backing that could censor on their behalf, in fact they had to fight against censorship them self. And yet they won against all of this. What ever they had that made them win is what we need to get back. I see this period in time as reality asserting it self. Your ministry of truth even if it deserves that name in earnest is week sauce in comparison. Scientific knowledge became an undeniable, irresistible force that altered how people looked at the world. I want this real enlightenment not just a secular priesthood.

There's like a new youtube "meme" or format where two or more scientists have a public fight over scientific theory, sometimes they make a wager. Maybe something like that is the way to go.


dangerously idealist. (even if there is discussion to be had about scientists losing credibility, where i'd put forward the case that a lot of the time it's intertwined with the way politicians and non-scientific experts like economists have spunked away their credibility)
science didn't beat religious fervor by debating them to death, it won because (1) it actually worked. "god's on my side!" doesn't count for for much when you're taking a sword to a gunfight, and (2) people were compelled into getting vaccinated or otherwise complying with such directives. (even if, by modern standards, the level of compulsion may seem benign. consider, for example, the way that men in WW1 were press-ganged into the trenches before generalized conscription by "mere" social pressure.)
repression and the use of force is always the name of the game. there was never any mystical time where ordinary people were converted to the scientific method (or any other worldview) by reasoned debate. that was always an illusion caused by the fact that for a period, the entry costs to mass publication were so high that official censorship was of limited necessity. (and even then, unofficial, private censorship was rampant.)

there is surely an essay to be written about the rise of antivax nonsense correlating with neoliberalism, a worldview that puts the market above the public to the extent that the freedom of grifters to sell lies and placebos is considered more important than the public's freedom from the plague. if you want your root problem, that's where it lies.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Seriously the report queue is frequently empty.
And simply there is too much content for effective moderation.

Plus, there's been a concentrated attack by fresh IPs spreading misinfo.
Plus we have the retard leninhat among one or two others that also push this shit.

File: 1627979126850.png (119.76 KB, 1200x1200, left.png)


Who have we encountered several moments ago? Someone with a left communist flag just appeared in the "Macron lost control of the state", sperging out anti-vaccine theories, claiming that it's too bourgeois. Is he a /pol/ poster? Is he a visitor, Or is he a /pol/ RECRUIT seeking approval from communists so that the far-left becomes far right with leftist characteristics?

Victims pls discuss here.

Pic: There are no bigger resolutions of the leftcom flag, I'll just use one that looks similar.
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For clarification: what is inherently right-wing about:
- questioning the capitalist state
- questioning the mass-media
- being critical about official IFR statistics
- being critical about generalized state repression
- being critical about the motives of pharmaceutical enterprises
- mentioning adverse side-affects from experimental vaccines
- being critical about broad censorship of criticism of any of the above
- supporting corporal autonomy
I would like to know


The same exact values are shared with Republicans.


This means you have no argument.
If you were being honest you would at least have to admit that there are different class reasons to have criticism of these things.
Right-wingers & apologists of the decadent petty-bourgeoisie:
- are the right wing of the capitalist state
- question only lib media
- minimize IFR only to promote business-as-usual
- pretend the democratic state was never so oppressive before
- are funded and hold major shares and leadership over pharmaceutical companies

We communists critical of the same basic points hold none of those interests in common and to conflate us is purposeful distortion


I remember when leftcom flagposters were good and worthy of respect in the old days. Now it's a flag just used by baiters and shitposters. How the mighty have fallen.


Just look around and you'll see why. None of the flags are pure and free of retarded shitposting. The small group of leftcom posters (I'd guess there's about about 5 of us) that haven't completely given up on /leftypol/ by now are perfectly capable of effortposting and I did a few today both with and without a flag but with the absolute state of the userbase it's like throwing pearls to swine. Nobody wants to engage, anything insightful we say is ignored, misunderstood, met with tired cliches or deleted by stupid indiscriminate vols that delete leftcom posts as if they were pavlovian dogs.
So people like the mexican comrade just troll out of frustration and get accused of being /pol/acks even though they're mostly just making fun of the userbase's lack of rupture with social-democracy and liberalism.
It's your own damn fault that some of us mostly just come here to just to troll and shitpost so If you're going to bitch about how "the good leftcoms don't come around anymore" just remember it's because you earned it.left_communismLeft Communism

File: 1627941882813.jpg (104.1 KB, 976x850, Peeps.jpg)


Is it really just the same few retards who keep spamming their rightiod opinions in multiple posts to make it look like there are more of them than there actually is?
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not only that
unlike forums (and even newsgroups/usenet)
you only have the text of the message, not the author or the title to filter with.
regardins manipulation, imageboards are absolutely yhe worst of the lot


File: 1628293126004.png (162.76 KB, 667x528, 1624684702819.png)

What's TheThingNoticer's endgame?


share his brain infection with everyone else


Is the Tulcel spammer a hivemind? A k hive?


they're driving me nuts, can't we ban all data center IPs?

File: 1627931560604.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.1 KB, 976x850, Peeps.jpg)


It's yet another time when the /pol/yps raid again. It's always in spurts of activity too so I doubt it's native users
Where the fuck do these people come from?
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File: 1628324462638.png (753.85 KB, 1200x645, 58385908390534.png)

We need a purge.


It's not so bad when murica is asleep
maybe a captcha for burger hours?


how about you do your fucking job


Disc: I am Tetra4Anon, that Olympics thread poster back in Leftypol.
1) I need the mods to be reformed (put leftists instead of polturds)
2) All RW talking points must be banned AT FIRST GLANCE.
3) Ban Leninhat, Leftcom, and their accolades



File: 1627898693040.jpg (92.69 KB, 1080x975, 1627657550049-0 (1).jpg)


So, it looks like i'm somehow banned for calling an kurdish( or maybe greek /Pol/yp) ultranationalist "goat-fucker" but why?
Why can't we attack reactionaries with their own language? Fascism is not only a first-world thing, there is a amount of fascism at third-world. We attack white/burger fascists in a fascistic way, so why can't we attack others same way?
Like if a hindutvafag comes, can't we attack hım like "streetshitter" or "show bobs and vagena" ?


I am unable to find this ban, is it still active? Can you give the time or duration of the ban, or the exact ban reason?
I am willing to bring this up with the moderators, as it does not sound like an offense.


It looks like i'm not banned, but there was "this user banned for this post" stuff at there
I just replied to hım with his own language
İt's at there the (my own) PKK-thread

File: 1627606895972.jpeg (141.07 KB, 463x504, Ap0sxZu.jpeg)


You are failures of an administration team
You allow the same old liberal bait and copypasta to stay up time and time again until it gets 200+ replies
You allow unfettered /pol/ argumentum ad nauseum to run rampant on your website
You do not moderate your website beyond the bare minimum of removing spam
The pic related is you
You are weak and I hate you
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File: 1627766718425.jpg (21.13 KB, 699x389, 8chan.jpg)

>/leftypol/ in 2015/2016
>/pol/ posts bait
>one reply, also saged saying "uygha u dumb"
>/leftypol/ in 2020/2021
>someone posts bait
>250 non-saged replies of people screaming for the mods and anons having vaush type debates
>staff to combat this slap an arbitrary character limit and set up /leftypol/ to be diet /edu/ with some really boring dead/forced memes

i hate what you people did to this site and i hate the mods for indulging if not forcing this shit on the site at times


So how do you fix it?
Banning people responding to bait? Building an anti-bait meme culture?


best thing you could do is force BO back in 2017 to transfer ownership of /leftypol/ to somebody else


Have the mods utterly abdicated their duties? Why are there so many obvious low effort bait threads, slide threads, and inane reply fishing questions up? This is making old BO increasingly seem to be competent. And send the tanks into Siberia board, because it's gone to shit.


1. publicize the politics of the moderation team in its entirety
2. purge the rightists and recruit more mods among communists in their place
3. start curating content and make reactionary shitposting have actual consequences after its NOT SAGED but DELETED instead
4. start enforcing no idpol and no sectarianism rules with an iron fist
5. take an actually active role as moderators instead of being in effect nothing but the complaints department you have to in practice create a matrix account for because the report function is completely useless
6. fuck growth, fuck pph, fuck numbers since what chasing them has done is more harm than good for our community
7. bring the hammer down on /b/ by gassing the reactionaries and taking out their trash
8. bring the hammer down on the anti-/GET/ defamation which has zero evidence to back up the claim that it is a pedophile site or that it has pedophiles in its moderation, as the forced rumor goes
9. if soyjak.party does not behave or stop its raids, ban all soyjaks and delete the /soy/ general
10. go harder on OPs than regular posts, delete rulebreakers and sage non-rulebreaking bait or shitposts

just some ideas


On a daily basis we get threads regarding this topic which devolve into endless autistic screeching, moralizing, thinly veiled or mask off reactionary judgements, essentialism, bastardization of materialism, conflation of gender and sex, liberal crybullying, woke scolding, false flagging, without the conversation ever moving anywhere and overall it's just very tiresome to deal with to the point that it would be necessary to do something about this before it completely undermines the already lack luster quality of the site.

If nothing is done, we might as well all just stop posting here and leave the Culture Warriors to do their thing until they cause yet another split.egoismEgoism
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If the site mods plan to continue the usage of word filters on slurs, it should at least be applied evenly to other slurs of historically marginalized folks instead of simply the pair of slurs or so that are currently in effect.

Frankly, though, the filters should be removed.

There are excellent posts posted that become incomprehensible to nonimageboard users because of the word filters. Instead the rules should be made more accessible and probably better enforced against raiders and slide threads, which are far more detrimental than a couple of bad words. Also, the mods should post always with the modtag on while they are on their tenures.albaniaAlbania



As an a transhumanist (like, an actual anarcho-transhumanist) it has been mildly annoying having the slur word filter lead to some accidental conflation. Particularly when there are reactionaries running around casting transgender people as some kind of capitalist-transhumanist plot. I did find the wordfilter funny though.


>Also, the mods should post always with the modtag on while they are on their tenures.
People are already annoyed by avatarfagging. I think that would simply increase discontent with moderators over non-issues.


In defense of the current slur filter: it's purpose isn't protecting any group. It's there to troll raiders.

>There are excellent posts posted that become incomprehensible to nonimageboard users because of the word filters.

What excellent posts are calling people offensive slurs?

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