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Brezhnev it's flag

File: 1639686727949.png (273.26 KB, 419x370, ClipboardImage.png)


PSA you can turn off the snowing effect by pressing the "Options" button and then switching off the "Snow! (requires refresh)" setting.

>inb4 why it's fun

it fucked up my typing on mobile for some reason.


PSA There's already a thread about this.


yeah a literal bait thread


If you post on the other thread, you're a stupid imbecile and should die.

File: 1634982801743.png (12.9 KB, 512x341, ClipboardImage.png)


By reading the headline already you have knew that the main topic of this thread revolves around several reasons on the question of "why is Nazbolism good (and sometimes a solution) for Leftypol"

1) It's a hearts-and-minds strategy. This is the main reason. By being Nazbol, we can win the support of other channers (including 16chan, Endchan, etc., even /pol/). Just like how South Korea won its support by exporting K-pop and dramas (including Squid Game) globally and how Japan achieves the same thing by internationalizing anime, so can this site achieve popularity by going full Nazbol and winning their (other channers') support. This is part of basic diplomacy, known to analysts as soft power. Soft power is a strategy all countries use to achieve their support through non-forcible means, such as exporting its values into a target demographic/country. This is true for the two aforementioned countries, which have garnered massive support through the spread of their cultural aspects in a global scale. It is different from hard power, in which a country forces its target country to accept and support their values (often through economic, political, and military means); the same analogy for us is when we coerce a site into supporting (or becoming like) us by raiding them in a set basis (like what /pol/ does). So, with that in mind, being Nazbol means a lot for us, for we can attract more people into leftism by aligning our values to theirs while keeping core socialist values (of Marx and Lenin) within us. This can win more hearts and minds from those other channers, which are mostly (in normie vocabulary) "right-wing".
2) National Bolshevism is a form of red-brownism, which combines fascist thought and communist ideals. So, we can LARP as fashoids to win their support only, while remaining true as communists. Therefore we can win their support without overtly going full fascist like them.
3) Lastly, their values are similar to us (such as anti-elitism and populism). So, by being Nazbol, we can therefore synthesize their rhetoric with communist thought. One example would be the anti-vaccine rhetoric. By portraying that the vaccines are made by the Jewish 1% and should firmly be rejected by the common people, we can bring them closer into communism by pushing left populist rhetoric onto them.
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>we can start shit but you can't
fuck these 'people'


File: 1637488582286.jpg (212.43 KB, 590x322, patrick-bateman-cheers.jpg)

Yeah, we won't fall for it you stupid faggot lol

t. /pol/


Alright ngger your first problem is that you're basically trying to pollute the userbase by bringing in retards who believe in shit like essentialism and class collaborationism which are inherently anti-socialist and probably social democratic too.
Do a 360 and kill yourself you nazbol retard troglodyte


>winning support is… LE BAD!


>ideas are retarded

File: 1639110731546.png (721.52 KB, 564x784, 1572889653427.png)







File: 1639118535703.png (556 KB, 835x624, 1587601904942.png)

If Eris were here to see this, she would ban half the boards from Tor just for fun.


get rid of TOR entirely
also fuck your bitch ass book


What are you a pope of?

File: 1639443380933.jpg (40.23 KB, 474x639, OIP.jpg)


I am a Maoist from Australia and wish to post articles here every week or so.

There is a anti Maoist troll who makes fake posts pretending to be a Maoist to make us look bad and shit up this site.

If a Maoist post is not a copy of an article or is not well written assume its the spammer troll. Most recently he pretended to be a student giving a speech on Stalin and pretended to be a Indian lying about the situation in India. (The situation in India is actually significant and improving but we are not on the brink of victory like the spammer claimed.)
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I wish my children's first words would be "Stalin," not "MAO!"
Mautists should face the wall because MAOISM IS PURE REVISIONIST BULLSHIT


its the same poster who spammed anti maoist threads for like 2 years, their autism developed considerably after they got btfo in those threads. It glows heavily


File: 1639487325381.png (8.93 KB, 764x669, Marg.png)

>glows heavily
did someone say


death to America


top zozzle

File: 1637682294066.jpg (54.65 KB, 1280x720, 16c1.jpg)


What is the modteam's gender ratio?
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At one point at 400+ users there was literally one mod for over half a year kek


100% male for certain, but whatever gender they present as depends on a dice roll. Same with most other users of this site.


Sounds based.


Bring back Prickly Cactus


from the little I heard he sounds like a swell guy

File: 1634718709485.jpg (69.39 KB, 611x577, Cook-graphic-1.jpg)


/leftypol/ is a target of a PsyOp campaign
>/leftypol/ is a target of a PsyOp campaign

There seems to be an unusual number of capitalist apologists on this website as of late. Cheerleaders of capital are trying to convince anons of certain things (from what I've noticed):
>stocks are worthwhile and you should invest in the stock market
>crypto is good and you should buy crypto
>managers are the allies of labour (as opposed to being allies of owners/capital)
>cops are proles
Any more you've noticed?
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>I hope we get more women posting here.
Don't worry , I'm sure you'll get a good dicking soon


the ERP board is that way, friend >>>/siberia/


You will never have more women posting here as long as these people >>>/siberia/183963 (specifically inside the thread) can post unironic misogynistic shit as much as they like.


>stocks are worthwhile and you should invest in the stock market
they are tbh, if you need money and work 2 jobs (pretty normal for proles in my country, or having a 50 hour week at minimum, I've heard in the us, an employer can not employ you for more than 40 hours full time, is it true?). Coming to the point; I personally made like a 40% gain intraday and really helped my dad with rent that month, so I was glad, but that kinda money, where you don't work hard for it is really addictive, makes you lose your class conciousness pretty easily.
>crypto is good and you should buy crypto
no idea about this tbh, I am trying really hard to comprehend how capitalists justify cryto having value in it,can someone simply explain me how its supposed to 'work' under capitalism??


>I hope we get more women posting here.

The only women that post on leftypol have dicks, feminine dicks if you want to think about it this way.

File: 1636939035043.png (230.11 KB, 1200x900, ClipboardImage.png)


Continuing the discussion we started in >>>/leftypol/598121

[mod edit:] This thread is discussing the idea of using post reactions (such as up/down reactions, "based/cringe" reactions) to reduce the amount of low-effort shitposts like "this", "based", "cringe" filling threads.
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Are there any imageboards with upvotes or similar?
But I think it would be better for the jannies to just delete excess single-word reaction posts in big threads (specifically on /leftypol/, it doesn't seem to be that much of a problem on the alt boards and /siberia/ is shitposting central anyway), or ban users who post such things too often on /leftypol/

What I think would be hilarious, though, is filtering those posts to the first page of Capitalor other text of your choice


Something like fbi.gov where people show their reactions to a post, without fundamentally changing it.

I don't even think it is necessarily a good, but it's one.


>implying jannies




Or only add shitty reactions so that they have minimal influence on reader's opinion


So I've noticed a lot of posts advertising leftypol at https://0x00000000.xyz which is part of a network of chans running a software called FChannel that federate with each other, I.e. share posts. They do this by boards following each other.
Have you considered joining us, i.e. implementing ActivityPub on your site and making it federate with the rest of the network?
It would give you a new opportunity to explain communism to people, as well as boost the numbers of both you and the rest of Fchannel.
Information on FChannel and ActivityPub
https://activitypub.rocks/ (primer on ActivityPub)
https://www.w3.org/TR/activitypub/ (spec for ActivityPub)
https://github.com/FChannel0/FChannel-Server/issues/9 (tentitative spec for extensions FChannnel makes to ActivityPub)
Alternatively, if the site owner does not feel like coding, they can simply make a leftypol themed Fchannel instance. This would be a poor substitute for properly federating though.
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File: 1636093341699.jpg (152.57 KB, 1019x768, dogfucker.jpg)

I think if we federated with any board, we would kill it.


>are there granular forms of bans (e.g. hashed IP) or would we be forced to ban/allow by whole instance if one dedicated spammer on it became intolerable?
I doubt you can view IP addresses, even hashed, if you do not admin the instance. So the solution to a spammer on a remote instance would be to work with the remote admin and, if said admin does not co-operate with you, to 'ban' that instance (defederate).
This is different from Pleroma and Mastodon, where admins can remotely ban users from their instance.

>I believe that any loss of site features or impact to users (e.g. switching to another imageboard software like FChannel) may not be worth the benefits of federation.

However, if the ActivityPub server can be just an extension of vichan that federates, it could probably work (although it would be some effort to create that extension).
Flags won't federate (as of yet), if that's what you mean. Do you have other features in mind?

>If we did federate /leftypol/ successfully, what impact would that have on your federated imageboards?

I don't really know the ins and outs of it. Im just a humble user. So you will have to ask devchan (developer of FChannel).


I think federation probably won't be suitable between Leftypol and the Fchannel federated network for these three reasons:
1) Massive posting asymmetry. We get multiple posts a minute for hours every day. Federating with any existing /b/ or /pol/ on Fchannel would flood it. ( >>14348 )
2) Moderation. Our users have higher expectations of discussion and moderation than many other imageboards, which would be unreasonable to expect the federated instances to aide by. There aren't federated instances with similar quality control, unlike the diverse Fediverse where there are many similar-enough instances who benefit from mutual federation.
3) General animosity. Even if we didn't flood the place, most of Fchannel's posters are either politically apathetic or let /leftypol/ live rent-free in their heads. Neither party is likely to benefit from the other's posts.

It is unfortunate, as federated technology is generally a good thing we like to embrace; we even use Matrix + IRC bridge for chat groups and have tried to join imageboard webrings. It just appears that federating with Fchannel, at least in its current state, would be mutually destructive.


File: 1636248252751.png (665.84 KB, 1126x845, kim.png)

What if there was just one federated board? Like a /siberia/ sort with lower traffic and moderation requirements that isn't as explicitly political? It would also work better as a limited trial for federation if there was ever an attempt to do something more significant in the future.


That might work


Why did this fucking retard delete my effort post???

I made a post commenting on the rittenhouse veredict FROM A COMMUNIST PERSPECTIVE, didn't even celebrated the fact, but rather pointed out that liberalism lost another battle yet again and the retarded deleted it

Are we not allowed to discuss politics or what? Is this retard too fucking triggered to moderate properly?

Here is my post, I am not breaking any rules

>Rioting is not communist revolution.

>Protecting criminals is not communist revolution.
>Damage to public property is not communist revolution.
>Abolishing police is not communist revolution.

>Communism is the condition of liberation of the proletariat, the proletariat is liberated by the abolition of market dynamics, it might include abolishing the police, rioting and violence, but that doesn't mean every riot is the real movement that abolishes the present state of things.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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stop calling people retards


I also have no support for Kyle, I barely even cared about this entire shitsho, but yeah thi is an inane ban and your OP is 100% on the money.


Literally anything that criticizes the jannies gets deleted, literally /pol/ shitposting survives longer than criticism of site moderation, goddamn


the jannies are literally perfect, how could you possibly criticise them?


File: 1637533165790.gif (942.74 KB, 320x240, Bunkerman.gif)

>>This is not a post supporting Kyle, but rather a post to remind you that taking part in the liberal-conservative spectacle is fruitless, if you believe otherwise, if you spend hours every day taking part in the spectacle you are a foolish liberal and an obstacle to communism
Bravo, OP. Watching the Rittenhouse thread debacle was embarrassing, as anons here started taking fucking antifa's side (as if suddenly we were the same) just to stand in opposition to rightoids.

Instead of sticking to one side of that shitshow in a form of retarded tribalism, we should've analyzed the situation as whole, in regards to burger gun culture, mentality, ideology, and possible implications to other countries.

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