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File: 1642904618769.gif (30.92 KB, 889x63, amogus_ass.gif)


Make it a board




Go back to reddit


tbf this thread was slightly funnier 4 months ago when it was made


le sussy saboteur has arrived



File: 1652982988329.jpg (91.13 KB, 1158x764, 1652317711733.jpg)


thoughts on generals?
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>have some "organic" generals that haven't been enforced by the staff
90% of the generals are organic on this site, they already existed, the point is people are using them but some special snowflakes keep making split threads for no reason.
>anglo autism
<not making a mess
Sorry pal, being a messy fuck is pretty unliked by most cultures.


that's a 4chan thing that's immigrated to the other sites.


>special snowflakes
go back

>90% of the generals are organic on this site

is that why you keep whining in meta to have threads merged lmao


if you dont like a thread you can hide it, its just that simple


>go back
No u redditor
>you keep whining in meta to have threads merged
<everyone that does de thing I don't like is the same person
You're an entitled retard and you should take your meds, fuck off.
Sure, if its a matter of disliking a thread, that's not the problem here. I hide the Yuri thread because the spammer has made discussion in it impossible and its just pic spam and a waste of space to look at, but if others want it that's fine by me, no skin off my back and no harm done to the site. Same goes for the small recent threads popping up, since they're actually threads discussing specific topics that aren't seen in other OPs. Nobody is telling you not to make new threads, just don't make
A) Really shitty lo effort stuff
B) the same as an existing, active thread
Because that's just lazy faggotry.


Why do threads related to: reproduction, birth rates,abortion, sexual matters, etc. generate so much drama? Everytime you see one of these they're filled with hysterical people having the biggest fights and shitflinging contests. I really don't get it.



File: 1652897175178.jpg (129.67 KB, 828x712, FTCwRaWWQAA4xFM.jpg)


>New threads are being created too quickly.
Why am I punished for trying to make a thread on the side boards because siberia and leftypol are "too active"


What if the restriction was lifted if there was a recent mod action and no recent thread deletions. It's only there to stop the catalog being flooded when mods are offline anyway.


Depends on the thread being made, a lot of spam or no-effort OPs are made or of existing topics that are just pointless, thus the mods clean up sideboards from that because they're slow as is and can't afford split threads that make them even slower

File: 1652812826624.png (1.25 MB, 1366x768, tony face.png)


Is there a reason why racism, transphobia, etc. aren't against site rules? Seems like a necessity if we want to avoid becoming /pol/


Go back to Reddit


Can't, I got my account suspended


What the fuck are you even talking about?


>7 year old board imminently at risk of becoming nazi hotbed insists local tourist


they are de-jure banned as a part of the idpol rule


Does the staff have a contingency plan if 4chan ever gets shut down?
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leftychan (not leftypol.org) and getchan exists


Getchan is shit and the mods are retarded. leftychan is dead and entire effortposts and good threads'd be lost in transition.

To either try and spam this place to death in petty spite or just to migrate here.


>To either try and spam this place to death in petty spite or just to migrate here.
the former would last a day at most and this is assuming 99% of /pol/tards are not unironic redditors who barely know a thing about imageboards, but they are
migrating here simply doesnt make sense for fascists


over there "leftypol" is just a label they use for anyone they disagree with. same for "bunkerchan". many of them don't seem to know that leftypol is an actual board



Maybe 10% of 4chan users are leftists, I use 4chan on-and-of and occasionally I see people express communist viewpoints. /his/ used to have a solid Marxist community but it's mostly racists posting haplogroups now

File: 1635578851967.png (417.35 KB, 636x474, shingo.png)


why do so many on leftypol try to dicksuck /pol/ so hard. Most of the arbitrary contrarian takes, the stupidpol/tuckercel bullshit, here comes from people wanting to distance themselves from neoliberals/radlibs so bad that they actually end up becoming retarded in the process.

Stop trying to suck /pol/'s dick. I don't give a fuck what some 15 year old kid with a nasal voice in fbi.gov likes say muh uyghur nonstop anyway. /pol/ is made up of low autism score spergs and the fact you have to try and impress them is pathetic.

Way too much "haha i say uyghur too lul im not like those pink haired sjws! I'm edgy! don't you think i'm cool now? please approve senpai!" bullshit
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Also there is literally no way to judge opinions objectively because you astroturf the board and you won’t allow a none astrotrufed space for people to discuss it


If we didn't enforce some standards then the board would just become /pol/ or ULP, you do understand that right?


i've said a bunch of times, actual spam, YWNBAM threads, that sort of stuff, it can get gone.

Good faith threads that are entered into in a spirit of discussion should stay. Those are the most interesting threads in my opinion, people respectfully disagreeing


i dont even see posts that are clearly arguing in bad faith deleted, especially on the side boards where theyre more noticeable due to their slowness


Agreed. This will be inevitable.

File: 1652410901024.jpg (453.07 KB, 1920x1080, 1652402420310.jpg)


Is there an easy way to see every single epub file that is currently up on leftypol? A library view of sorts.
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I will ask the techies.


is there a particular book you're looking for or are you trying to just get everything at once? libgen is your friend


Everything at once to find niche texts I don't know about.


Put this on google
filetype:pdf site:leftypol.org

Unfortunately it doesn't work with epubs. Devs could put some sort of index or catalog page for all the pdfs and epubs currently on the site


I think the search function lets you search file extensions because I tried to search for "epub" and got the retarded "Query too broad" "error".

File: 1652418036735.png (820.24 KB, 1280x720, 1651887052205.png)


>(Query too broad.)
why are you limiting searches FUCK


Agreed. Very annoying when I'm trying to find something I vaguely remember.


Yeah it's fucking trash


Seriously I should be able to search for "[insert sentence here]" and post should come up along with OPs.
There's a discrepancy too in the search function on /board/ vs catalog


come on dude i want to search for epubs

File: 1630542716558-0.png (203.13 KB, 902x739, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1630542716558-1.png (195.06 KB, 882x721, ClipboardImage.png)

 No.11224[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Here we suggest themes for next month's /roulette/ board topic.

/roulette/ topic for the month of December is:
/spoox/ - Paranormal, horror and the occult

/AK-47/ was made into its own board: >>>/AKM/

Proposals for January:

1 - /long/
OP's must be over 300 characters long and replays must be over 150 character long, maybe do not allow images.

2 - /lifestyle/
basically taking stuff like cooking, fitness, being outdoors, ect and make it into its own distinct thing, which would free up /hobby/ to be mostly about tv, movies, comics, ect

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Are you "trolling" or just really dumb?


I know the whole project of roulette is dead as fuck, but i just want to state my interest in a /bantz/ board.
Thank you for your time.


How different would that be from siberia?


Should just have a /hangout/ thread on the main page


Seconding this

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