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File: 1651892251354.jpg (114.14 KB, 1080x1070, chairmanjoe.jpg)


why do tripfaggots get a free pass for shitposting
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File: 1651964364312-0.png (275.03 KB, 607x483, moody bansperging 2.png)

File: 1651964364312-1.png (234.71 KB, 1270x612, moody bansperging.PNG)

In case nobody checks the main moderation thread I got a half year ban for calling out janny simps lol


at least theyre deleting their shit (i hope?)


Because you're a ban evader, spammer and bad faith argumentator.




poopies thread 💩

File: 1710044768632.png (983.8 KB, 972x1187, 420chanchan.png)

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420chan.org redirected me here. I know it got sold and it's been down for a while, but why redirect here? I don't want things to change. I want them to stay the same. Please tell me everything will be alright.
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File: 1718584047464.jpg (118.94 KB, 1099x613, stonerchan.JPG)

https://stonerchan.org/ best revival of 420chan so far.
Just needs more traffic…


just wait for brennan


Hotwheels shouldn't have agreed to allow Kirt to mod again


There are lots of things they shouldn't have done re:420ch
I don't know enough about the legal side of things, but from a technical standpoint it's not that hard to migrate a site, or at least to start and bring missing parts back in once you have a site to help you out.


i have a feeling this redirect is responsible for the influx of particularly unsettling (even more unsettling than usual) posts lately

File: 1645832037357.jpg (43.31 KB, 440x825, valium.jpg)


Why is there not a recycling thread for the Ukraine conflict? We're on like thread 36
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Yeah bro let's have a thread have its responses die when every 500 posts instead of having threads die when they get bumped off page 30. Cyclicals are shit.


My bad, I didn't know that


Sorry for the aggressive response.


Is there any imageboards that support thread pagination? Like what minecraft forums has?


Kissu.moe does. It's a pretty unique imageboard, running a Vichan backend but a completely custom frontend.

File: 1720554793535.jpeg (75.48 KB, 514x704, 1720352916630.jpeg)


It's been days. Since one certain event in Kiev, lib and /pol/ raiders have been shitting up the thread with low quality bad faith bait. Some of which even posting Banderite chants and throwing slurs with impunity. Despite reports, nothing happens.
Please ban the raiders. They are only repeating themselves after we have already debunked them time after time.


stop calling it /ukr/ it is /ukraine/
/ukr/ is a slave name imposed by jannies


Sometimes its fun, but then after waiting for new threads the new threads are just boring regurgitated shit from 2017
Everything else is just waiting for news to happen to comment on them and maybe make some memes OR redundant questions that don't deserve their own thread which can be answered by reading books on said topics

everything is kind of cyclical and has a pattern to it
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And at some point it becomes more fun to larp as one of them than to express dissenting views, since most posters enjoy it so much they tend to neglect the "nonsectarian" aspect. They can't even tell bait half the time and just cheer it on.
There is no self-criticism and there will never be in their circles. There will only be eating eachother for whoever expresses less anti-revisionist takes or takes a stance against multipolarism. Seeing oneself as some sort of tactician in the choices between shit sides. Great men will remain as such - Lenin is forever pinned to remind you that he is more important than the rest. Stalin can only be questioned from a point of achievements and refuting accusations, never from a point of critique! Any dissenters are immidietly labeled fascist, liberal and undergo fed-jacketing. Be prepared to be outnumbered and shat on if you dare construct a well-written critique, the conversation will go nowhere, but you will either engage in it until you're no longer able to or automatically become "refuted" for refusing to further respond. It is cyclical in all instances. Don't like it? Go somewhere else is the answer (ironically what these individuals are told in real life when brining up communism i.e. "Go to Venezuela").

It is fun. It is extremely fun and sometimes educational. Though the illusion that posters have is that they can never be wrong through a certain school of thought. Ironically this mirrors lolbert circles in which they think that Austrian economics has long since "refuted" Marxism and fail to engage in any of it - simply relying on said written "refutations" beforehand instead of actually reading Marx and forming a critique themselves. They are afraid that they might be converted if they begin to read on it. This is also why Leninists have barely bothered with anarchist literature and instead recommend their own "refutations" in the example of The State and Revolution being parroted over and over again. The same immuno response to outsideness and difference is seen here. Try to engage with liberals as a proclaimed communist within their circles and watch as they pile up against you with one bad take after the other. You will see the exact same cynicism in here with anarchists and ultras among other views.

Does any of it matter though? I think that this in itself will result in more of what they Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Be prepared to be outnumbered and shat on if you dare construct a well-written critique
In the best cases. Chances are your post will get deleted by mods and maybe even banned.


Slow and boring now, bumps are all boring effortless posting. This is what happens when no drug board. Less users, less posts, less interesting stuff. Ukraine thread right now? Posters redirecting anon to go to Reddit to follow the war updates.


Spent all night bored
why won't we just have a drug board already?



File: 1719767822738.png (141.37 KB, 492x428, 1705390077739584.png)


There is this one chubby femboy that spams pictures of himself. He showed up in stonerchan not too long ago and flooded the website with pics and gifs of himself too.

Please IP perma-ban that fuck, hell RANGE ban that creature, it's way too annoying.
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He hasnt posted anything in couple days, I really hope the bastard mods havent banned him.


Can we start temp-banning people who respond to commiecat spammer?


I have posted in the past few weeks and days, but not as much because the debate created a huge MAGA wave on this website. They've banned me many times.


Can we start temp-banning people who reply to this guy as well


They probably have…. or he's had his phone taken off him

File: 1719580353447.jpg (27.66 KB, 255x278, 1558133987533.jpg)


Jannies please tell me you're not gonna allow /usapol/ threads here now that with their election approaching. I g-get this place is supposed to be a shithole and it'd be consistent, but…
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Just to clarify that this thread was originally made on /siberia/ and that's what "here" refers to.

t. OP


Not a mod

/meta/ is about discussions about the website /leftypol/ in general, and referred to the "Jannies" in particular. That means is a /meta/ discussion, not a /siberia/ one.



Trump -> P01135809


Maybe Hexbear would find this funny.

File: 1719357247238.jpg (2.15 MB, 2797x2797, Mixed_onions.jpg)


did the .onion just go down?


Should have been dealt with

File: 1709959457815.jpg (571 KB, 981x1072, headline.jpg)


>Fascists shitting up every board
>Chinafags shitting up every thread
>Anarchopiggers shitting up every reply
>Class collaboration and lesser evil nationalism everywhere
>Retards who haven't even skimmed Marx 101 acting like authorities on topics
>On the other side of the table morons who uncritically uphold low-level slop text and poorly interpreted Marx like scripture
>Communism reduced to spirituality and great man worship
>Constant disguised idpol threads
>General ruin of any sign of a competent, rational left

Perscription: we need to ban all the /pol/yps, and clamp down on /bunker/fags and /GET/fugees. Maybe put up a moderated wall that prevents any IP from access unless you answer a couple long-form questions on basic Marx and Engels. Would weed out retards in a snap.
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>The worst part is mods not clamping down on Nazis like they used to. I think the site has been compromised
Leftychin wreckers go back


>We are at a point, where we have absolutely no common ground, what leftism constitutes.
Good, lol


Your point falls apart when you retardedly chose to go after anarchists as well, as if this board is only meant for Marxists and Stalinists fucking each other in the butt till they knock out


follow your leaders nazi chinlets


>Maybe put up a moderated wall that prevents any IP from access unless you answer a couple long-form questions on basic Marx and Engels.

terrible idea but it would be very funny to see the clusterfuck of trying to implement this


i dont give a single fuck to you all dumb communists sack of shit

but tell me this…



Suck my dick


Peter Growpotkin


Since this redirect is probably gonna be like that for a while we probably should set up a board or two for our 420chan comrades

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