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File: 1687168945392.png (1.01 MB, 714x951, 1653702656590.png)


I understand that mods like encouraging theoretical debates, and I understand that the war is slow and that "happenings" don't happening often, but over the past few threads Zigger vs both siders bickering seem to be reaching about 85 to 90% of the /ukraine/ thread content.
See following threads for examples:
It seems pretty ridiculous considering most of this "content" is just rephrasing of the same few talking points that have been talked to death over the course of a year. Maybe early on exposure to these talking points may sway people to ziggerism or both-sidism, but after a year no one is going to be changing sides anymore and this debate is largely redundant imo.

Obviously I don't want to ban debate about multi-polarity vs socialism, but having to shift through 80 paragraphs just to find information about developing events about the war is annoying to say the least. I propose a separate thread to this debate so that the /Ukraine/ thread can be more orientated to the actual war and a seperate containment thread for those who want to waste there time writing 30000 word essays that will not change anyone's opinion

<but anon that will make the actual /ukraine/ thread really slow

imo thats desirable, less shifting through essays so you can find what you want

pic unrelated
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containment is actually not effective whatsoever. any time there is a question of containment the question inevitably shifts towards "removal". the ukraine thread is not at that state (yet) but we do try to trim away the excesses of retarded sectarianism. thankfully its mostly just a few anons of either side appointing themselves as the golden arbiters of everything which is righteous and good in the world (mostly on the ukraine side), and a handful of trolls / insane people who just go on those threads to post insanity (more equal distribution).


>the ukraine thread is not at that state (yet)
Thanks for the laugh!


shut up lib. Z!




Hah I trooled you


To to mod who runs the Twitter (misato I believe). Here’s a chance for promotion lol. Qrt or reply should suffice. I would probably put something dumb like “We remember 😉”. Also a May Day tweet should be made today maybe
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File: 1693447316703.gif (818.95 KB, 500x280, furious misato.gif)

Misato… what have you done!?


misato here
im really sorry i missed this, i was probably awol when this thread/tweet dropped
ill make it up somehow :(

appreciate the kind comments, it is kinda overwhelming and draining sometimes (hence why i burn out and go absent sometimes)


does more than one person have access to the twitter account? would make it easier for it to be responsive if it's not entirely shouldered by one person.


File: 1693454092717.png (2.06 MB, 1800x1302, Misato Sisyphus Grind.png)

>shouldered by one person.


It's okay Misato, you're still the best mod we've got

File: 1693265490821.png (49.13 KB, 512x512, 1636326774032.png)


Can I ask, what's the rationale for having different boards, when most are barely used? /akm/ and /tech/ for example?

As for /siberia/, what's the point?
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I know, I was pointing out OP’s false logic


>only keep the main board and meta

That's exactly what should happen.

/siberia/ attracts people who think communism is a joke and meme


Tbf so does the main board to an extent. I still think the problem with siberia is the sex and relationship general, it attracts too many incels and pedos


idc either way but ya Ive definitely wondered why like every board into merged into either leftypol or siberia and maybe hobby. edu is basically just an excuse to turn leftypol into siberia and now siberia feels pointless no? again tho im a relative new fag so take my analysis with a grain of salt.


/siberia/ is the renamed /b/ board, made for exactly that purpose, random, and less moderated posting

/AKM/ is the /k/ board for guns and weapons and shieet.

/tech/ is the board for IT work and development of the site by users as well as addressing tech issues or giving advice regarding computer problems.

The side boards are slow but they're still filled with meaningful entries and their slowness it to their advantage.


Anyone know what happened to Leftypedia? Just checked in just now and all I got is this:
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Based, but it seems you'll have to restore image-files. There should be many of them saved on archive.org and some on archive.is, I checked.


still no images on Leftypedia. please fix this


Isn't "User:Friendlyleninist1917‎" the Wisconcom weirdo who got banned from ProleWiki?

The guy has a personal vendetta against ProleWiki, Lemmygrad, etc. It's embarrassing.


Go fix it yourself,you lazy cannuck


Could we have a dev fix image uploads so we can add PDFs and SVGs to the site?


File: 1692317552507.jpg (213 KB, 580x604, capybara gort.jpg)


what is it about leftypol that makes it the best imageboard BY FAR????? is it the genitally gifted mods??????? is it the lovely schizo-autistic posters?????????
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This is an imageboard?


File: 1692659800992.jpg (138.81 KB, 1280x720, literallyme!!!.jpg)

tbh for its problems leftypol is p cool site and fw ya'll heavy. the lack of insane right wing schizos (with some notable exceptions) is refreshing and the discussion by the standards of imageboard is high quality. It would be nice if it was a less slow board but by the standards of more obscure imageboards we're fairly active and sometimes the small poster base gives the site a cozy old school feel


I will play Marx to your Hegel:
this is site is fucking terrible, and it is still, by far, the best imageboard.



The lack of any actual posters

File: 1692936920211.png (331.63 KB, 1889x579, ClipboardImage.png)


it should be renamed to /incel/ or /relationshipwhining/
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They probably will since they're incels


File: 1693016811265.png (417.73 KB, 426x629, e14c697a56473ab4.png)

They do seem to do a fair job at culling spillover, and claim to have a 0 zero tolerance for it in-thread too, but design wise someone new here is going to recognize it as a containment thread and either leave upon recognising that red flag or contribute to the problem. It's a UI problem, people's pattern recogniton will take precedent even if you are vigilant about enforcing a 0 tolerance on it.


File: 1693075814801.png (1.32 MB, 1440x1088, ClipboardImage.png)

Speaking for myself, I don't particularly check /siberia/ as much at least as of lately and, in my my experience, trying to clean up/moderate the /relationship/ threads always end up in me trying the hold the thread's hand every time so it doesnt "spillover," as you said. It can be overwhelming to deal with it.

I appreciate the constructive criticism, though. It does feel weird that the relationship general threads tends to be referred in jest as containment threads for incels. There is a place for productive and constructive discussion for these kinda topics without falling into reactionary and chauvinistic traps and derails. I'll try to keep an eye/focus on the board and the relationship generals more, I apologize

On that note, PLEASE report any instances of blatant misogyny and incel reactionary bullshit. If one report doesnt work, send another one!


I still think my idea of moving /siberia/ to the most remote part of the top bar would be a real funny move


Rename it to /relationshipwinning/.


really mods? You fucking delete every single post in the multipolarism thread?

Is it the official stance of /leftypol/ now to support multipolarism? is H*z still banned?

What the fuck. Mods nuked like half the posts just because im not sucking putins dick


Stop posting retarded shit. Rules and enforcement remain the same.


File: 1692261160791.mp4 (111.59 KB, 498x486, ae3ce76f560e1c0d.mp4)

>Is it the official stance of /leftypol/ now to support multipolarism?
[taps the sign]


Fuck your newspaper trot

File: 1690079451639.png (88.98 KB, 687x617, 41452673.png)


proposal to create a /wave/ board for handpicked "general" thread's, geopolitical generals, and news anon threads.
proposal to create a second /leftypol/ board and a second /edu/ board.
proposal to extend the max page number the /leftypol/ and /edu/ board we currently have.
proposal to create a archive.moe but for leftypol.
proposal to create some special archiving for threads like the wikiglow thread.
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Fuck all that shit.
Make a board called /nut/ and it's nothing but an image of some random shmuck getting his gonads obliterated.
It'd be funny.


who will do the picking?


wave board when mods ?


mods/staff with the help of user sometime yes sometime no


>proposal to create a archive.moe but for leftypol.
That's what >>>/leftypol_archive/ is for. That said, we need the same equivalent for /edu/ /hobby/ and /anime/, since those boards do not have archives.

File: 1691642522066.png (356.61 KB, 685x458, deville.png)



why is my anti third worldist thread saged? is this officially a third worldist/multipolarista site now?


seethe sliding westard


It's even more particular than that. It's for a fringe element of Stalinists who think multipolarity is when you launch military invasions, and the more war and chaos there is the more multipolar everything is. Productive forces? Increased diplomacy without US-style moralizing and meddling? What's that?


Are these Stalinist in the room with us right now?


Make /siberia/ the last of all clickable boards on the bar, preferably the last clickable thing
Because its name is siberia, therefore it should be the furthest away point in terms of boards if you think about it
>but thats stupid and would be pointless
It'd be funny and maybe when someone decides to go there, they might see the rest of the boards and be tempted. Also it would be funny
That is all, thank you. I hope you take it into consideration


idk, i kinda like this idea

yeah its stupid but so is siberia.


The banner on top of a board should advertise other boards and be a clickable link to that board. It would serve as a reminder that those boards exist and anons might visit them more often.


I disagree because it is the second most popular board, its placement is appropriate.


Could we bind this to a specific theme? I wanna see a siberia theme made for a special date sometime


Bump for this very awesome idea mods should implement

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