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File: 1619957982487.jpg (9.18 KB, 236x257, fc7f9cdcdce66085eb9d25d4d3….jpg)


So what do we do about Nazis making their AMA/debate threads? Personally I am not interested in giving attention whores a spotlight, especially because these people always say the same thing and are rarely convinced anyways. I'd permit Nazis browsing the board, giving their opinion here and there, but I'm in favor of banning any Nazi who makes one these AMA/debate threads.
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If the guy actually replies and isn't completely retarded and baiting keep them, it's kinda fun to poke and make fun fo them.


Only reason I'd even have them kept up is to have us relentlessly bully the OP of "I'm a nazi AMA" threads


>Delete the threads
Lmao every time get fucked you fucking uyghur faggot




That worked on 8ch because /leftypol/ was bigger back then. Now its way smaller, and most people here don't have enough time to battle terminally online schizos that stay on the computer all day.

File: 1620007509847.png (11.5 KB, 1200x800, 1200px-Flag_of_the_Communi….png)


Why does Bunkerchan redirect to Leftypol.org? Did Leftypol win?
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>what did it cost?


i just wanna shitpost now there's debatebros everywhere


yeah post quality seems to have gone down quite a bit


I feel like after a week or so the pol debatebros will get bored and leave and post quality should go back up. These people only came because of d011ars' retarded article

File: 1619993041678.gif (26.56 KB, 220x220, thinkball2.gif)


There are about 600 total ips but only 400 on leftypol. Are there really 200 people who use boards other than leftypol and never post on leftypol? I feel like thats unbelievable and the devs wrote the queries to count unique IPs wrong
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Stop caring about some meaningless numbers.


If you removed /pol/ form 4chan, the answer would be no.
Unfortunately that's not the case, so unfortunately we are.


>Are there really 200 people who use boards other than leftypol and never post on leftypol?
I don't usually post there, only lurk lately


they can easily write a site-wide total unique ips query though, can't they?


I find /b/ comfy for some reason.

File: 1619970890762.png (182.08 KB, 367x482, 1604738318546.png)


I'm just asking this to see your opinions but what do you think about turning IDs on on /leftypol/?
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I guess they felt it was ruining the 'anonymity' and just needlessly aping 4chan, I dunno why people hated it so much, I thought it was a good idea, but literally 90% of the people were super upset over it so we had to revert it in like less than a day.


I know this depends on the software but aren't IDs depend on the IP and thread being posted on and change every 24 hours?


Yes they were only per-thread IDs, but people still hated it. Cest la vie.


>and change every 24 hours?
I don't think vichan does this, but it should.

>needlessly aping 4chan
The curse of imageboards.



File: 1619974358628.jpeg (22.14 KB, 474x324, jarate.jpeg)


>/leftypol/ is a complete ocean of piss right now
Reminds me of the 8gag days.
And I hate it.


it'll die down, it's a surge from the article


We are de-radicalizing the Chuds! Just like d0llars would have wanted!




im not a masochist, gonna check if it dies down in a week
see you later guys


You know shit's bad when /b/ is barely getting any posts.

File: 1619893096255.png (252.65 KB, 1010x934, ClipboardImage.png)


Also, where is the repo so I can submit this issue?
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File: 1619922683487.jpeg (21.7 KB, 480x392, cringe.jpeg)



This. I've raised it internally. We just have a backlog of user-facing improvement that comes first.


If you make git.leftypol.org I'll make you a baby.


What if he doesn't want to be a baby?


I, too, think github is godawful for this. Thank you for addressing it formally.

File: 1619960543807.png (9.38 KB, 1001x594, huh.png)


>disable javascript for security reasons
>post in a thread
>redirected here
>have to go back and reload the thread to see my post

File: 1619952559834.png (752.54 KB, 636x838, tarx.png)


Bunker getting deleted was a fucking mistake, there were like 12 people using it in its end days tops. We need a containment site to front as the real /leftypol/ so all the chinlets dont shit this place up, how do we keep them away from here? That retarded article from bourg inc is gonna start a massive tidal wave of autism to slam into the site. What do bros?
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Mate, there was open discussion of leftypol on bunker.


File: 1619953546933.png (4.22 KB, 509x216, qa friends.png)

Come to /qa/, we have soyjaks and meta happenings for all


redirect them to chapo chat maybe the two can destroy each other. polcels' caricatures of us are actually kind of true for them


That would be fun as hell


File: 1619957293620.png (79.47 KB, 1135x646, leftypol.png)

No, we need to fulfill d0llars wish and use the anti-idpol rule to de-radicalize those evil chuds by sucking up to their reactionary asses like the Jannies want us to do!

It is OUR DUTY to obey the Jannguard.

File: 1619894570310.jpeg (405.27 KB, 1533x2048, breakfastofchampions01.jpeg)


One thing i always hated about this software is the redirect back to main page when you delete a post, can we change it o it instead just reloads the thread you are deleting your post from?


How often do you have to delete your posts that this is an issue?


NTA but I have to delete a lot of posts and I understand their pain. I can try and work on this.


Just pass the parent post of the post being deleted to the delete post function. Shouldn't be hard.

File: 1619874108227.gif (222.07 KB, 622x416, 1619826321735.gif)


Please add .intro, .file { padding-right: 50px; } to all stylesheets.


Feels far too wide for me, maybe a 5px…


5px won't stop posts with images


Also blockquote already has a 3em right padding for some reason.

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