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File: 1645077210736.jpg (46.39 KB, 500x357, 1583514437114.jpg)


Some nights leftypol is so shit that I just pretend to be a clueless retard (no, not a fascist) just for shits and giggles.
Does anyone else do this?
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I do that as well. Let's think about this for a second. Why am I allowed to post the way I do but ThingNoticer isn't? I think the difference is style. I have it, most people don't. This is why things went down the way they did.


Its because frankly I only post after consuming large amounts of narcotics and only come here to look at the porn and trigger americans


I play a game against myself. I try to see how much Al guul I have to ingest before I become as dull as the people here. If I do I win the game. Needless to say I've never won the game.


penis cummer


You guys pretend?

File: 1644477494502.jpg (51.04 KB, 679x400, sustown.jpg)


All the retards are crawling out! I officially declare 07:00 AM GMT as the hour where posts have the worst quality and also the hour when all mods are asleep.
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It's 7:48 GMT
and I can confirm this


Personally, l think 02:00 AM GMT is a good contender.


We need to turn off american access to this place
It's the only way


The shittiest time on the internets is 17:00 Eastern Coast Time.


this, but its also when shit mods are still on


Word Filter Proposals: Marketing Terms Edition

(Post(ing/ed) (on/to) Social Media > Post(ing/ed)) Online
((Browse/Scroll)(ing/ed) (on/to) Social Media > Surf(ing/ed)) The Web
Influencer(s) > Sales(person/people)
Tweet(ing/ed) > Post(ing/ed)
Re(tweet/blog)(ing/ed) > Boost(ing/ed)
Content > Post
Content Creator > Poster
YouTuber/TikToker > Videographer
The Algorithm > Search Engine Optimization

Any more suggestions?
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>Not wanting corpspeak to become the default is le politically correct
>literally rendered in computer code (parentheses usage)
tbh I mostly agree we should try to reserve word filters for funnies, but I see these marketing terms thrown around a lot on here and it really does degrade people's ability to think about these things outside the framework these marketing terms were made for. If you have some funny alternative suggestions I'm all for it, >>26748 has the spirit.
Also I wanted an excuse to wonderbreadpost


>Re(tweet/blog)(ing/ed) > Boost(ing/ed)
you didnt think of reposting?


>>literally rendered in computer code (parentheses usage)
that isnt regex


Nah I'm not that good at regex yet. I can search stuff with it but I dunno how I'd make these as regex.
Oh yeah good point.


OP's proposals and understanding of wordfilters are doubleplus ungood.


Leftypol is objectively the best website in the world

It is easily demonstrable by a negative definition, follow this, what are the other websites? 4chan, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, whatever. Internet is mostly three American arms dealer in a trench coat anyway. Give me just one website that is better than leftypol. I’m waiting.

I was surprised too when I came to this conclusion, but I accepted it and so will you. Leftypol is the best website in the world (objectively).(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)
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Leftypol is kinda dead innit


Yeah but at least it's easy to some good necrobumps


It sure is, isn't it


File: 1643785736324.jpg (217.91 KB, 1198x854, Self-Moderate.jpg)


This is a discussion thread about the concepts of community self-moderation and self-curation, how they can apply to this site, and its interaction with the extent of staff-enforced 'quality control' (deleting reactionaries, idpol, derails, etc.)
There's pages of other threads for other topics so don't derail it with 'jannies should/nt ban [x]'.

I believe a discussion community should ideally be capable of self-moderating. There are some obstacles to this, and I want to ask what they are, which can be solved, and how it can be achieved.

1) Why curate?
In a sentence, so that the catalogs aren't filled with or endorsing 'the same thread every week', reactionary shitposts, idpol bait topics and other generally-unwanted or quality-degrading topics.
Most of the community consider this a detraction from insightful threads getting attention, a welcome sign to unwelcome users, or simply a bad experience. Too much of this, and the users leave and the site essentially dies.

1) b. Why self-curate?
In a list:
>so that the site isn't reliant on random volunteer jannies to stop the above from happening
>so that jannies can be told with confidence to not curate topics that currently would just sit at the top of the site all day if they didn't
>so that a raid when jannies aren't online isn't paralyzing for hours
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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seething janny didn't even read the post, all he fears is irrelevancy on an irrelevant site, how ironic.


Bringing janny drama into this really detracts from any seriousness.

I agree with some things here but the best way to do these kinds of things is to formalize them and have them imposed by jannies. Warning bans for bait takers, encouraging reporting, shit like that.

There's a big issue with not taking the bait:
Reactionary positions go unchallenged. How do you plan on dealing with this?


Not a mod but ok
You just want people to self-impose a karma system, it seems
Most problems could be solved by just saging shit threads, you don't need to do anything extra


A very good description of the problem.
While I would agree this all sounds very nice, I can't help but think it breaks down when it comes to solutions.
Just to counteract bait threads you need to make high quality threads, effortpost, make OC make people aware of the problem of the problem of the attention trap outlined continuously. That looks an asymmetrical fight.
>go unchallenged
Who cares if they are unchallenged if no one sees them? Compared to a shouting match over hundreds of posts this problem is trivial.
Sage and move on has been wisdom passed down through the ages for a reason.


Horrifying to think this might be someone's actual opinion
Why is there a distinction between a community and a janitor in the first place?

File: 1650665682402.jpg (69.93 KB, 526x681, demonic chip boards.jpg)


I know half of you will freak out because its me saying it, but could we have a thread on the main board that is just for people to hang out in, post random shit, generally talk about things, not necessarily politics related but obviously there will be a lot of crossover. Like Matrix/fbi.gov but you don't have to sign in an all that junk. Just a thread for banter and shitposting. Yes technically there is a whole board for that on /b/ but i feel a fast hangout thread would be better. Also whatever happening thread is happening and ITG end up defacto being this anyways, so it might free those threads up a bit.
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Smells like stupidpolyp in here


File: 1651819815581.jpeg (78.43 KB, 1024x682, duuuuude.jpeg)

hear me out guys…. what if we made a thread that's an imageboard, it'd be like nesting imageboards and free up infinite space, just put all the conversation in one thread and make it about whatever topics, but curate it so it doesnt turn into fbi.gov, think of the possibilities


Very cool

it should be more anon than the matrix since it's public


Who is this physco path?


The post that started it all. Should have followed the advice (it's not my post but almost as good as mine).


thanks for making my animal election fred sticky mods (more like gods) xoxoxoxoooxooxo ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤



File: 1680832082515.mp4 (895.1 KB, 576x542, cat life coach .mp4)


Hello everyone, we have decided to take some measures to try to make /meta/ more productive - first of all, all posts by mods wil now be identified by mod tag (preferably) or by putting mod in the name field if needed. This will also apply on all other site management threads. Individual mod names will be optional. We hear the criticisms that have been levelled on this issue and we apologise that it has taken some time to take this action.

In addition we would like /meta/ to be a more productive space in general, so please try to post suggestions for improvement rather than blanket criticisms. We may move ban appeals into a dedicated thread in order to reduce the amount of new topic clutter. I hope that we will be able to introduce more reforms soon but this is an important first step. In addition, recruitment of new moderators to give some new blood is continuing apace currently. Please bear with us for more improvements!
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I've been banned multiple times for "illegal content" and /pol/ spam but I literally am just shit posting and arguing with Grace from my phone. Probably something to do with dynamic ips. Every single time I appealed and got denied, so I had to wait 'til I'm home to make a /meta/ post.
Not really sure what to make of it, there could be a wrecker in the mod team or there could be a glowie abusing certain ip ranges constantly.
Or, dun dun dun, it could be both :o


Not a lot into wrecking personally but paranoia is hilarious to me


>muh pomo
ok anglo




>using words you don't understand


Filter please. Seems to be the same person too spamming it


Tulcel > Trotskyite
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Do it not because it needs to be done but because it is funny → >>26570


I want her to choke me until I pass out.


Do you need help, because we can get you a dominatrix if you really need to get off.


That would be a frivolous use of funds tho
come on


We can arrange that, anon


Off topic is a lame incel hangout spot now, and offtopic boards in general are just a bad idea

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