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Why the fuck was this thread erased?

Whose feelings did I hurt this time?
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It's ziospam
the pic speaks for itself


What???? Zionism, you idiot.


You are a fucking faggot who should be raped to death


File: 1628125662913.gif (1.23 MB, 254x254, soytard.gif)

The reason is because productive forces on its own, is not the reason why I as a communist support places like China or Cuba. SO ur shit thread was based on a false premise that we communists should also support Israel just because they got developed industry, typpical leftcom RETARD


Pure antisemitic racism. Workers-to-be shouldn't be racist, it's a trait of the bourgs and petties.

File: 1627244632869.jpg (59.92 KB, 759x474, honeypot2.jpg)


How do we know that /leftypol/ is not a CIA honeypot? Remember that they tried to create a fake social media website for cubans to incte subversion against the revolutionary government.

Also if something "suspicious" (not necessarily illegal, just "sus" in CIA terms) happens the admin is supposed to give them the logs right? Since the servers are located in the US.

I'm not trying to bash this good website, I just want to know what others think about this.


My opinions:
>You shouldn't be doing anything political online without protecting yourself. This site is no exception.
>This website shouldn't be used for IRL praxis or cybercrime. For starters, it's public-facing and clearnet, E2EE is infeasible unless you go full PGP.

At the end of the day, you usually can't trust a website, even if the admin acts in good faith. It's hosted by a provider who can probably get subpoena'd by whatever government the site resides in. ISPs can track IPs in and out. This is the same deal with almost any website and is hard to avoid without making it darknet-exclusive.
leftypol.org supplies a Tor node and allows proxies and usage without JavaScript or 3rd party connections, so people protecting themselves can use the site pretty securely. But at the end of the day, this site isn't designed to handle those problems. It's a public imageboard.technocracyTechnocracy



File: 1627233558215.png (10.24 KB, 1217x104, Do your fucking Job!.png)


This site is being flooded with low quality rightoid bait, then the mods ban any /pol/ack shitposts. The quality of this site has taken an alarming dive.


That fag has been derailing thread after thread for days now.

File: 1627230024332.png (457.04 KB, 745x732, jannyabuse.png)


No fun allowed mod abusing his power again



File: 1627228299096.png (5.96 KB, 214x236, shockjak.png)


Like seriously what happened several minutes ago? How can some people post gory images such as the one with the islamic terrorist tagline (where Samuel Paty's beheaded head can be seen). And also why is one post praising Kyle Rittenhouse? Like are those posts from /pol/ or is that a collection of /pol/ false flags disguised as antifa discussions?! Or is it just a spammer, posting useless things with a bot?

Are we attacked just now?
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go back faggot


And now you're harassing me? I'm just asking you guys what happened several minutes ago and counting into this exact moment.


> I'm curious what's happening inside their minds.
Lead poisoning. https://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2018/02/an-updated-lead-crime-roundup-for-2018/
Tetra4Anon seems pretty based from the posts I've seen, let him stay.


File: 1627233234493.jpg (131.1 KB, 616x900, нет.jpg)

Yo Tetra4Anon, replying to dumb troll posts doesn't help. That person comes around occasionally and responding just gives them attention. They're doing it to get a reaction. That's what's going on in their head.


File: 1627133133913.png (171.71 KB, 594x600, dogfacedponysoldier.png)


Ive noticed a huge amount of right wing crossposting uptick in the months since the bunkerchan merge. You have tons of conservatives and polyps posting unironically, esp. on /b/

Does anyone else notice this and what is anyone doing about this?


File: 1627133427626.png (79.47 KB, 1135x646, derad.png)

It is our mission to de-radicalize all reactionaries in the Anglosphere and all over the world. We will fulfill it.

File: 1627112818406.png (364.14 KB, 500x1000, 1551925387923.png)


Mods should help /edu/ more. Move any thread that can be moved there. Like straight up take that shit on /edu/
It"s the only way of making it relevant.
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/b/ was objectively better before the redirect, and it isn't necessary either.


without /b/ all this shitposting woud happen on /leftypol/ and this woud make /leftypol/ even worse


Mods should help edu


It was. /b/ is complete trash now except for the copypasta thread and a few more. Also it seems like radlibs and /pol/yps are constantly trying to colonize it.


We should only have /b/, /leftypol/, /edu/, /hobby/ and /meta/

b for shitposts, lefttpol for discussiong, edu as an archive, hobby should host tech, games, anime and music, and meta as it is

File: 1627095495979.jpg (14.46 KB, 250x396, Althusser.jpg)


Our janitorial team is 60-80% "anglo" (Canadian, UK, USA, AUS, etc.), while our posters are like 60% non-anglo.

How come?

Makes me THUNK really hard.
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File: 1627195718576.jpg (194.64 KB, 1490x1080, lainbtfoing.jpg)

>Like has been pointed out already ITT, most agree there were excesses.
Lmao, the usual handwaving away of the issue, typical ML. There were excesses, BUT everything they did was basically right. Fuck off with your hypocritical partyspeak dip.

>That doesn't negate the fact that on average it was way better than the ancap-logic type moderation that was the overreaction and has stayed with us from /leftpol/ -> Bunkerchan -> leftypol.org

First, leftpol had not enough critical mass of posters and was overrun. Leftypol on the other hand has.
Second, nice smearing hands-off approach with ancapistan, typical ML again. Ancap is an economic position, and what we discuss here is politics. Your aversion to all things free is characteristic, especially your position on a degree of actual free speech that we have here.
I say it again, ban spam, cp, guro etc., lock especially cancerous threads or move them, but take it fucking easy and let the userbase battle it out by themselves. We don't NEED your overbearing assistance like a fucking vanguard or whatever. Fuck off with your ML cancerous mentality.


File: 1627196127324.jpg (19.06 KB, 300x283, shrek.jpg)

>I suffered repeated bans from BO
<I was fucked in the ass by a banhammer too and I liked it!
okay buddy, I can see why you have that flag

>took a long time to break from the Anglo mental conditioning

you're stokholming hard


>The Nazis trying to exterminate entire groups of people “whitewashes” their crime
<Obviously the only way to uphold the sacrifice of the Soviets is to deny that the Nazis sought to exterminate all jews rather than acknowledge they sought to exterminate all slavs and roma as well!
Temperature of the universe after Heat Death occurs IQ


there is nothing more cringe then wanting the moderation team to push your personal political ideology.
people take leftypol far too seriously as a political entity and nowhere near seriously enough as a discussion board.

here's a radical idea: if you disagree with someone and they're not a tedious rightoid, argue with them, mock them, have fun with it. you're not the fucking checka, you're not here to protect some revolution. every single user on this board could join the US military tomorrow and the main historical effect would be a chart in stars and stripes magazine being a little bigger than it would otherwise be.

uncritical support for US intervention in Cuba, uncritical support for the balkanization of russia, uncriical support for the invasion of iran, uncritical support for america going back into afghanistan, Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times, Taiwan is not china, uncritical support for the overthrow of the Kim dictatorship, uncritical support for an invasion of Venezuela, the Bolivian coup was good, Israel is the only democracy in the middle east, and if there's any other countries you like, i hate them too.
no, not really, idiot. but look outside: look on Russia today, look on pressTV, look on KCNA, look on CNN. what do you see? i said the words and nothing changed. they aren't magical incantations and this isn't a wizards tower. they're just line noise on your internet signal.


You were buck broken lmao
Its okay to say Iran is bad and repressive tyrannical regime that needs human rights. Acknowledging the truth won't cause the sky to fall down. No one will care


Just a single question, comrades:
>What is the % of our moderation team in terms of nationality
<vs. poster (IP-based) nationality?

It strikes me (hard) that like 80% of our "vol" team is anglo, while our posteriat is like at the very least 50% NOT anglo.

Interesting, innit???????
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Who cares mods do their job and purge polfags out of this board. Mods are gods


>who cares about facts?
<what matters is that MY cultural/political background is represented
t. anglo


>Anglo Anglo Anglo Anglo Anglo ANNNGGLLOOOO!
Can you stfu and actually say something in good faith?


calm down it's just an image board


File: 1627131814363.jpg (2.88 KB, 111x107, wtf_sunglasses.jpg)

this is literally IDPOL except its even dumber due to being about shit that doesn't matter

File: 1627083884908.png (410.11 KB, 540x728, шалфей.png)


Are the mods going to do something about the unironic nazi spam or is this another shitty altchan to be abandoned immediately?




might be best to just get into one of the separate channels for /lit/ discussion which I won't mention here. free to join but tightly moderated and frequently purged to weed out inactive members and ofc any tard shitting up the room is banned immediately


I'm already in a couple leftypol approved matrix chats but shit man, that's not leftypol


might be a blessing in disguise tbh. maybe I'm coping and I've never been too into any image board (just lurked bunkerchan) but what's salvageable out it? just use the matrix chats to get to know some ppl who actually know their shit as they seem more likely to be active in those chats where they can actually hold a conversation with ppl as opposed to here where it's just pseuds, poltards and attention whoring tripfags. read. join party and union. share meaningful thoughts and insights with peers and build on each other's ideas.

all of that has become nigh impossible here, i'n afraid. just imo and without any special anymosity. phonepostan so sorry for redscarepod writing style


I remember it like it was 3 months ago, when effort posts where being written and responded in kind, this is nothing like what you get out of a matrix chat or discord chat

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