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File: 1659112649220.png (1.54 MB, 1323x780, 1657846479365.png)


Posting "kek" should net you an autoban.
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File: 1659878426680.png (276.9 KB, 485x632, ClipboardImage.png)

K e k
The absolute state of new fags


It's such a dated meme and no one really likes it anyway so idc


File: 1660203258827.jpg (128.92 KB, 640x480, zerg-rush-cover.jpg)



>Dated meme
Except that it's used as a synonym for "lol" - at least if you use it properly. "Lol" is too mainstream, and as such too boring. What other word can replace "lol" if not "kek?" You also forgot the Koreans? (ㅋㅋㅋ)


Of all the asinine may-mays zoomers retards on here post, you take issue with "kek"?
Fucking reclaim that shit.

File: 1660212276763.jpg (161.05 KB, 1024x768, President-Xi-2.jpg)


Mods, why did you delete my thread? I didn't even get a chance to see the replies.


moved to /prc/, I am quite sure


Derp, found it. Thanks.

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Oldfag here, it's been a while since I've used leftypol but it genuinely seems like the site has improved. Whatever happened to bunkerchan anyway? Maybe my memory of the 8gag days are fuzzy but the current leftypol seems like less of a neckbeard echochamber. Don't get me wrong, it's still an anonymous imageboard and with that comes a certain amount of toxicity, but now idpol threads seem rarer or at least there is definitely a certain amount of pushback when people use being "anti-idpol" as cover for being reactionary. I'm also glad users seem to have outgrown Muke and co.

Btw, I still remember that one time leftypol had a massive hardon for Jeremy Corbyn, there were so many memes and they're all saved on my phone.
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File: 1660204394233.png (476.23 KB, 800x445, 1645780589662.png)

OP you are the redditor, you are the twittertard, and now your kind has hijacked leftypol congratulations.

It's like that meme about California. It's shit because of the people living in it, because it's shit they flee someplace else, doing it all over again.

In our case it's actually the case that fags like you have hijacked every cool place and subculture on the internet left because your own places, cultural products and memes leave much to be desired.

>b-b-but I was the oldfag!

And where pray tell were you during your absence? I think it's very clear from your derision of "neckbeards". That you did not acquire from leftypol, to be sure.

What can I say: congratulations! My alienation process is complete thanks to fags like you. The cool internet is on its way out, the only remnants being the friends I've made over the years. I pity the zoomers, I really do. They will never experience the joys of a bunch of humorous, ingenious and strange autists getting together and propelling shitposts to the heavens.


nico nico neck yourself, neckbeard


File: 1660204960254.jpg (78.58 KB, 772x525, 1660127828691003.jpg)

You will never be cool, faggot.




I'm so fucking cool, your mom gets frostbite

File: 1660154511724.png (159.45 KB, 1130x885, ClipboardImage.png)


been seeing a lot of picrel since july. Is this one guy or is this some new annoying strain of anti-"""totalitarian""" liberalism that has infected the board? The constant accusations of having not read any theory are particularly rich, and the vague gesturing towards a perfect revolution that need not be carried out violently nor defended with violence is laughable. The inability to distinguish between "critical" support and "uncritical" support is also common in posts of this vintage, as is a very glowing tendency to get frustrated at Anti-American sentiment. "Why do you hate America? Just get mad at capitalism! Ignore that America is the current unipolar capitalist hegemon doing all the coups and IMF loans and privatization! Sh-shut up!!"


I agree it's annoying, it's a very obnoxious type of idiocy, but I doubt he's a federal agent. I just get 'hormonal zoomer anarcho-liberal from Twitter/Reddit' vibes.


> Tomas's law:
> Any sufficiently advanced malice is indistinguishable from stupidity. (Because that provides deniability for the perpetrators.)
> I don't know Tomas's identity, but he said I could post his law.

File: 1659830544209.png (128.26 KB, 256x256, ClipboardImage.png)


So, a few days ago I posted in >>>/siberia/287571.
Reacting upon the OP lumping together feminists with "loudmouth conservative boomers" and "alt right manchildren", I wrote a friendly remainder that you can't really be a socialist without being a feminist as well. I later noticed that my post was silently removed. The OP remains.
That this can be an inflammatory issue on this site does not elude me, but here's the rub: on any other socialist space that I know of, my statement would have been uncontroversial to the point of being meaningless. Feminism is literally the stance that genders should be equal, and that some amount of struggle towards that goal is warranted. Now, far be it from me to demand that leftypol conform to the standards of other socialist forums! However, I think that clear and articulated rules and policies are always serviceable – if nothing else than to elucidate what audience is welcome, or not – so with that in mind I kindly ask our mods to clarify the following: is leftypol an anti-feminist site, or is it not?
Thank you for your time.


Feminism isn't synonymous with women's lib. Gender equality was always a part of socialism, but feminism is mostly a liberal movement. Different people have different attitudes toward the relationship between feminism per se and socialism, but you'd have a hard time finding a remotely serious socialist who isn't for gender equality, whatever term they use for it. Asserting that you can't be socialist without being feminist is going to ruffle feathers for the reason that what the word even means is pretty contentious.
>Feminism is literally the stance that genders should be equal
Except it's a lot more complicated than that. Feminism is a (series of) actually existing movements and bodies of theory with IRL baggage and a lot of conflicts. There is a concerted effort by different strains of feminism to assert that the one term or definition of gender equality is feminism and that "real" feminism is their interpretation of feminism, the intent being to assert a very particular theory as hegemonic (or to be portrayed as such).


If it was for gender equality it wouldn't be called 'feminism'


not anti-feminist, in fact we *are* feminist, but we're also very aware of how idpol is weaponized to create divisions in the left as well as to alienate the proles. If USA had a gommunist revolution tomorrow you bet you're ass that women would be a lot better off but that doesnt mean we agree with lib framing of things
very pre trump anti-sjw vibes coming off this. uhm ackshually im not a feminist, Im an egalitarian wojack.png


NTA but vibes aren't an argument.


>anti-sjw vibes
that is honestly hilarious
like one of the most hilarious statements on this board, easy.
I have nothing to say about this queerness except purely instinctually I had the same reaction as the poster you are replying to.
Semantically, categorically, it makes sense.

File: 1634516423304.png (38.67 KB, 497x527, 1427670888973-0.png)

 No.13898[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Hello everyone. This is the thread to make proposals. Feel free to have your say whether user or mod. We have these proposals did not pass last week, but may be worthy of further discussion:

Proposal: Moderator votes remain the counted votes in admin decisions, but users should let vote using strawpolls (or perhaps polling systems built into the site?) per topic to display general user attitude to a proposal. If the majority User opinion directly opposes moderator majority vote then the proposals should be discussed and votes called on again after a break of 1-2 weeks to let people rethink positions on a topic.

Proposal: Make this the ‘official’ Leftypol channel >>>/leftypol/534666

Proposal: I think that we should also keep the current userbase engaged, making things like weekly game tournaments, actual organized debates, movie nights followed by discussion and so on. I've been thinking that a weekly leftypol podcast could be a good idea, just a couple of anons talking about what happened in the board and the world during the past week and inviting people to talk if they so desire, we could have debates there, and interviews and other things, and share it on spotify for others to see.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Proposal 1


there's a mod feedback thread on /leftypol/
seriously it's right there


I agree with both of these ideas more or less, I always thought moving mod feedback off leftypol was a mistake, however, there needs to be more clarity on what exactly mods are not allowed to say without mod tags on. For example: are mods not allowed to say like 'I think x on leftypol is pretty good' in a general non official thread? That might be going too far.


I don't really understand the first proposal as we already have a moderation feedback thread stickied on /leftypol/ >>>/leftypol/742065 unless you mean removing any feedback thread on /meta/ and redirect everything to the /leftypol/ one. However that would be quite a mistake because where, then, would someone banned on /leftypol/ could appeal and complain about the moderation? It would encourage people to break the rules and ban evade which is idiotic.

For the 2nd proposal like caballo said >>21969 what exactly would be considered 'banned speech" needs to be clarified.


>banned speech
I'd simply say such a rule is unenforceable.
Fundamentally here's my problem: I don't know how someone with political education could come up with that. Might as well say mods need to say three Hail Marys after any action.

File: 1659142196280.gif (972.83 KB, 350x260, 1442214374207.gif)


Is the overboard worth for le higher PPH when most of those posts come from retards who aren't actually interested in whatever topic at hand?
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File: 1659339721356.png (152.91 KB, 638x309, green is my pepper.png)

You will eat the peppers.


good god, can you stop making shit up?


Only if you give me a good word for people who can't handle less that one post per hour, dictionary-reactionary.


File: 1659368597859.jpg (115.37 KB, 800x450, yamcat.jpg)


I use the overboard because I engage in all boards. I don't understand what you're trying to say though. Could you rephrase?

File: 1659304960661.jpg (70.46 KB, 854x480, bogg.jpg)


>he responded to the bait
>spam 30 posts of off topic sakism
>the anon is getting frustrated
>lower the PPH

File: 1659198916483.png (12.63 MB, 4000x2666, ClipboardImage.png)



Join the volunteer team and help out the moderation of the site!

What you do:
- Keep the site clean from spam
- Ban rightoids
- Help decide things
- Communicate with the usertariat
- Keep the reports page empty
- Dev work if you're a dev

- Be leftist/communist/anarchist
- Not be a lib, right winger, nazbol, etc
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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paraplegic, non-tor this time


If you've applied, please make yourself known in the vetting/waiting room, in the main chat, in the congress room, or DM a mod.


I could but should I


Don't, I hear they make you sign a contract with your blood


'tis true, this be the devil's work


/leftypol/ was spawned by a /pol/ user


>not posting the scene


how you know it was written by tarantino

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