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Can we make an MLM general to contain all the Maoist/Gonzaloist spam threads?
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>merging all the threads into a single one?
OP here and yes. Just like USApol or Covid topics.


That's generally what we try to do here : >>>/leftypol/630976
If you see threads from the gonzalo spammer that we might have missed, please report them, it would greatly help us.


It's a good idea to contain all maoist threads on one big main cyclical thread. Same thing should be done too with the WSWS spam: make a general and whenever the bot posts outside the general merge it


This doesn't make sense though. That is as if the /PRC/ general OP looked like a 15 paragraph copy-paste of a CGTN news article about x recent topic. It looks like shit and nobody would want to treat this MLM spam thread like a general in that way.
I suggest you edit the OP of it and the first reply so that the current wall of text about MLM theory is moved to the first reply (while deleting that irrelevant image), then add a bunch of links to literature websites (like marxists.org, marx2mao, strugglesessions, etc.) a couple of youtube channels (MrOldMajor, Premier Liles, Space Babies, Politics in Command, BlackRedGuard, but not Jason Unruhe because he stands for the revisionist tendency of ThirdWorldism which is at odds with actual Maoism).
You know, making it look like an actual general-OP that the relevant posters on here would want to bump.


Post the OP here you'd like to see and I will edit the thread accordingly.

File: 1639413390888.png (1.25 MB, 900x929, xmas-beach.png)


I want the jannies to check their northern hemisphere privilege and fuck off with this snow shit while I (innocent global south prole) sweat myself to dehydration in the heat of summer.

If you disagree you're a first-worlder PMC and probably wh*te too.
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you will render the snow and you will like it


I hope the snow ends up as a theme like the spooky one.


localStorage.snow = "nothanks";


Use the Options menu.


You idiots need to look at a map. The whole TROPICAL BELT has summer all year round.
t. lives in the tropical belt

File: 1624308966503.png (37.9 KB, 300x100, banners.php.png)


>a picture of a namefag showing his butthole is a banner
This is a new low, even for youleft_communismLeft Communism
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>t. Shay


People from the south are… different.


>Now fixed, anchoring.

Does fixed mean you put it back up, because it's still up…


The new banner has confederate and nu afrika flags side by side, the amusing contradiction is the point.


File: 1628808041192.jpg (98.23 KB, 604x483, 1608946708600.jpg)

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Y mass delete eugene's posts?


File: 1640261823171.jpg (143.87 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

LMAO at how many threads end up deleted just because I post in them.


File: 1640269494601.jpg (30.23 KB, 1024x512, Chefs Kiss.jpg)

>When simply banning and deleting all your posts is not enough for the mods to not want to delete someone else's thread that they were fine with before you started posting in it


The thing about the mods is they are insanely petty. It has almost nothing to do with rules or the board, it’s just the personal mood swings of a bunch of bitchy Queen redditors who have some of the thinnest skin known to biology


This is the only smart thing you have ever said on this website.

File: 1628803700246.png (338.65 KB, 346x480, large.png)

 No.7[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

TL;DR : The "modocracy" is restored, we have a new server, adults are back at the helm, we want to do our best to avoid drama in the future, we are tired of this shit and have better things to do both IRL and on /leftypol/ (like actually moderating), coupers and wreckers are no longer in the leftypol.org modteam. We are working in getting the cytube instance back up.

You'll find here the accounts of the events by the current members of the leftypol.org administration, the drama will be contained here as we are all tired of it and want to move on (while making the necessary changes for this not happen again).

To the /leftypol/ community,

You most likely don't know who I am as I have rarely posted with my moniker and modtag on the site, I never enjoyed the spotlights. I have been mod since Che (aka Old B.O.) stepped-down, admin in Bunkerchan and both admin and the domain owner (with regards to bourgeois law) of leftypol.org and presently on top of this the owner of the server hosting the leftypol.org domain and most importantly an user since 2015, having come to /leftypol/ from the "Marx Vs Stirner" threads in 4chan /lit/. If I am not mistaken I am the second oldest mod after our current sysadmin Antinous who has been in duty as mod for the past 5 years.

I want first to sincerely apologise to the whole community for this pathetic display of drama and immaturity synthesizing the worst of the terminally online left.
After all the event of the past years, especially since the infamous "Rojava" split, this community deserved a modicum of stability and it has been the opposite of

Prior to the events that occurred a few days ago, last april of this year, I had stepped-down from my position of admin, at that time because of the behaviour of people in the modteam back then, some of which being now among the coupers, that had made for me moderating impossible. This behaviour includes secretly plotting to purge mods they didn't like, creating completely false and unsubstantiated accusations, an endless thirst for internal drama and the prioritisation of thereof over basic janitorial duties and finally their recurring protection of the worst schizoposters, thread deraillers and spammers of the site and their opposition against any harsh measure taken against them under the sake of some idealistic and liberal conception of "freedom of speech" (probably inherited from m00t's 4chan with the success to which we hPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>is it really fair to call us a 'monumental failure' and so on for not pioneering some crazy never-before-seen type of P2P internet
>Our huge failing is that we actually use the internet as it is and not as we might wish it was?
the biggest failure of you and your ilk was one of recognition and analysis, not inaction
>Come on, try be a bit less of an idealist.
you don't know what that word means


Still no worthwhile response to >>10656 beyond the most pathetic hand-wave by Caballo? Unsurprising. I'll just keep waiting until the next mod drama happens and the site collapses again. All is right with the world!


I don't think the mod team here has the time or inclination to implement a totally different protocol.


Same as before, you only focus one one aspect of the post and ignore the rest because you don't take the issue seriously. Sad.


Indeed I do not.

File: 1640028690619.jpg (143.41 KB, 900x899, marx-engels.jpg)


A general thread for requesting literature on a certain topic.


Interesting idea.
Is this intended for topics beyond politics? (otherwise I would suggest utilizing the readings sticky on /leftypol/).
What benefit would this thread supply that posting the question in an existing thread for that topic wouldn't?


You know you can make it yourself?


I was going to say that but the title said "sticky".
But yeah I'd just make it to the quality of a sticky and request it be stickied.

File: 1639783638200.png (662.11 KB, 1595x951, ogres win.png)


Leftychan keeps deleting my posts when I post this pic. Guess they feel quite inadequate. So might as well post it here
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I hope that everyone here realizes just how pathetic this is.
Sad and pathetic.


It honestly would not surprise me. Before the split (I forgot which of the two latest), /b/ had the same problem, and then it actually turned out that a couple of mods were allowing those threads and preventing others from doing something about it. Allegedly.


We had people interfering with basic moderation pre-split, now we don't.
The wheels of justice grind slowly.


Probably true for most leftychinners but he is still right about jannies being total garbage and killing the board with their response to it

>Whatever keeps retards from posting here is a GOOD thing
the problem is that currently the board encourages retards to post

>maybe some jannies are unironically part of this
That is why I switched sides from critical support to mods to mods are the problem. Every time I bring it up someone calls me paranoid and the problem never gets fixed. Its been 3 months of this site being absolute trash with maybe 1-2 good threads a week that last 20-50 replies before jannies nuke them for no reason.


I doubt it. Immediately after the latest split, they were pretty good at banning retards. But they got lazy after a while. Now they handle bans and complaints terribly imo.
Remember picrel? What happened to that spirit?

I sort of agree.

File: 1639735999258.jpg (91.59 KB, 563x750, pear.jpg)


4chan's /sci/ is filled with /pol/ users and I'm tired of seeing chinlets trying to push their ,,science" as fact. No clue where I can find a non chinlet-infested /sci/ board so I figured I'd suggest its addition to my go-to imageboard
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Uhhhh >>>/edu/ ???


File: 1639761604185.png (637.99 KB, 1000x533, ClipboardImage.png)

/leftypol/ dead side-board creation be like


I thought /edu/ was specifically for getting educated in theory and stuff, I haven't been on that board extensively lul
Guess I'll make a /scigen/ thread on there


too true


It's a general education board, there's math thread and history thread and more.


Brezhnev it's flag

File: 1639686727949.png (273.26 KB, 419x370, ClipboardImage.png)


PSA you can turn off the snowing effect by pressing the "Options" button and then switching off the "Snow! (requires refresh)" setting.

>inb4 why it's fun

it fucked up my typing on mobile for some reason.


PSA There's already a thread about this.


yeah a literal bait thread


If you post on the other thread, you're a stupid imbecile and should die.

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