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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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What an austistic freak.


Came here to say this
Holy shit, Hiren's BootCD PE is gonna do a great leap forward.


>communism is when free stuff
Sure tramp


You strawmanned a post from 9 months ago. Congrats.


Cool, hope someone can do something with it that isn't nefarious



File: 1640293143536.png (237.13 KB, 1920x1404, ClipboardImage.png)


Mass cell production.
Better muon and electron based radars.
Mass production of medical equipment.
Organic prosthetic’s.
Easier access to cancer therapies.
Space robotics for astronaut less exploration.
Computer integrated healthcare treatment.
Computer integrated cities.
Computer integrated heavy machinery.
Industrial robots.
Landing strips for drone delivery.
CRISPR for disease eradication.
Effective Malaria and HIV vaccines.
LRT taking over cars(not new just a future trend).
Better access to treatments for the effects of non pharmaceutical drugs and drug addiction.


I don't see any heavy industry or energy production on that list, without that, non of it is viable. And the existing industrial base has to be modified and partially rebuild in the face of changing conditions. Also the transport sector has to be upgraded to operate without fossil fuel or rare minerals. Other stuff that might be important is food production that can endure higher temperatures and water stress.

I think everything on that list is just tertiary industry. Your trying to build a roof before building the foundation and walls of the house.


>industrial robots for greater productivity, it isn’t automation in the sense that it removes the need to work it just makes current production more productive with more machinery


I like how half this shit already exists or is in development in real life and is far more interesting than sci fi tech garbage spewed by the msm and big tech

Really makes you think about how weird the world really is


Just replace "computer integrated" with "smart" and you have the same thing.

File: 1608526080361-0.png (58.33 KB, 1200x1200, hacktivism.png)

File: 1608526080361-1.pdf (307.87 KB, rs1.pdf)

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pdf on left wing hacktivism
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no one wants to download/install matrix though but whatever just b urself
>would a modern maoist style peoples war utilize cyberwarfare and then have a cyber war unit?
I imagine so, yes. It is a form of action that has become integrated with the wider bag of tricks we are used to.
>matrix is easier to use
>and safer
Why are you lying though?



Take a step back from your perspective as someone whose been using IRC for 20 years and think about the average person (even the average technically apt person).

Matrix is easier to use than IRC, like objectively.

And yes, it is safer. Not the perfect security tech, but its better than the… lets see… NO ENCRYPTION and no security that IRC offers.


>all IRC is clear text
Many IRC servers allow connecting over SSL/TLS on port 6697. Authentication may be done using nickserv, optionally using SASL. For reference see https://freenode.com/kb/all for reference.
There is also work being done on a decentralized chat protocol with strong encryption resembling a subset of IRC http://pest.bitdash.io/


TLS is very weak in comparison to the encryption on secured Matrix rooms. The older chat protocol that is up to par with Matrix on this is XMPP with specifically OMEMO, but IRC with TLS is way weaker to be quite clear.


element is kinda janky, and the matrix bullshit about your keys every time you log out basically makes it impossible to have multiple accounts (tho i think i saw a thing that advertized u could be logged in to multiple acconts at the same, time, idk if nheko or some cli matrix bullshit)
i used to use it n got all my anarchist friends to use it, but its just not that great

i use xmpp now p much exclusively and i dont get the hype of matrix when this shit has existed forever lmao. Shit's more polished (not shiny, but works well and is stable), and you can use it over tor easily so wtf matrix??

the only thing is that omemo might not work in mucs? or is difficult at least? idk

can u do omemo in group chats?


learn C learn assembly learn machine code
realize that computers are more than just dealing with some abstraction that someone or some company wrote for their own convenience years ago
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Learn cobol, work for FBI to maintain their servers for $150k, profit


You're not a real programmer unless you built every single circuit in the CPU by yourself, mined or foraged the materials by yourself and generated your own electricity to make it function


senpai, is it actually possible to build your own physical CPU? I'm talking about virtual ones that are simulated inside your computer, I mean actual ones that you can build with your hand


The most affordable option would be https://themosisservice.com/ offering circuit manufacturing with old tooling for about $25,000.


>realize that computers are more than just dealing with some abstraction that someone or some company wrote for their own convenience years ago
I really don't see the logic here. Even if this caused some practical difference, it would still be an abstraction, since the actual fundamental parts of the computer are electrical signals, not Boolean gates.


Is it the end of the Internet?
We are currently in an accelerating global crisis beyond what existed on October 11, 2020 what with the still ongoing pandemic, global energy crisis, and now global supply chain collapse and subsequent declaration of the Second Cold War by the CIA
Now let’s look at the internet
>Consolidated into a few massive websites
>Entire oceans of data collected about the populace
>Increasing woke censorship across the entire web
>Endless bot farms replacing human programmers and moderators
>Small off-shoot competitors keep arising that only exist to compete with the currently reigning sites
>Big sites all vulnerable to crashes and data leaks on their own, so definitely vulnerable to hacking and state interference
<Coronal mass ejection will likely happen by end of the decade
It’s over for Web 2.0 and I’m glad, fuck Reddit, fuck Twitter, fuck Facebook, fuck Google, fuck 4Chan, and FUCK THE CIA
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>the only things that are holding up the major tech monopolies is their monopolies in intellectual property
The IP that helps them be monopolies is not patents, it's secrets, NDA and trademarks. Alt-tech platforms can do everything big tech can, but they don't have the userbase and branding that big tech has. That's why they're monopolies.

There is no way out of this. You can't escape because the normies will not change to decentralized alternatives if their friends and favorite brands aren't there.


>All while the mainstream big platforms retain most of the users' "main" profiles still and benefit from having easy "interoperability" with these social media "startups", so as to not miss on any of the data. A sort of controlled opposition. Like brands.
>Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Coinbase etc
They created a long time ago VC funds, and funnel there a lot of money.
It means they're investing in \ buying \ supporting "startups" (buying shares and voting power in these new companies). Shares = Control = Power.


File: 1634548742786.png (604.84 KB, 660x405, ClipboardImage.png)

The Web died a long time ago.



>There is no way out of this. You can't escape because the normies will not change to decentralized alternatives if their friends and favorite brands aren't there.
it's worth underscoring that in the case of friends, this isn't even a negative thing. it's a result of people having actual use cases for the technology (communicating with friends) rather than using it for the sake of using it.

what tech companies really exploit is network effects, which essentially makes a communication network like that a natural monopoly. it's a regulatory problem which, like landlordism and other parts of capitalism which are 'bad' even in a capitalist framework, capitalism is unlikely to ever resolve. but it's worth remembering that the blame lies not with the users, but with the system. the guy who won't move from facebook to opensourcebook (now with 15 users!) is no only marginally complicit in his exploitation than the renter stuck handing over money to a landlord in exchange for no longer living with their parents in a rural backwater.

File: 1639994812722.png (1.01 MB, 970x546, ClipboardImage.png)


>China to ditch all Windows PCs by 2022 – could this be Linux’s time to shine?
All government services will stop using Windows in the next three years.

If more and more made-in-China PCs are being produced and they also follow suit, could that mean Linux taking over the world by 2030? Ultra based.
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I wish they went full Red Star OS


>the chinese essentially don't give a shit about copyright
they do though


but yeah awesome if true


>they do though
whaddya mean? aren't they known for making bootleg stuff?


the government has been cracking down on it. a big problem is that western companies don't bother filing copyright suits in their jurisdiction cuz scary PRC, so nothing can even happen about it in the first place

File: 1639590113115.png (537.18 KB, 2048x1024, ClipboardImage.png)


>no thread about the log4j exploit
Have you used it yet, anons? Have you patched against it on everything your responsability?
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>managing apache anything
boomers pls


Why yes, you are a faggot for pasting an unarchived link to a notoriously ignorant clickbait rag.


The company I work for is panicking. I dont give a shit and I'm somewhat glad that companies are vulnerable.
Vid related.


thread theme


File: 1640040295146.png (1.41 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Has anyone seen any big orgs publicly say they've been owned with this 'sploit yet?
>>mfw i don't use logging in my applications
Anon. I was implying you should be exploiting this bug, This post was not the epic thing you thought it was when you wrote it.
Literally who cares? grow up anon.
Based and criminally under-rated album.

File: 1640039175547.jpg (87.41 KB, 788x444, btc.jpg)


Is investing in bitcoin or crypto worth it in 2021? I thought it would stagnate by now but there has been a lot of growth at the beginning of the year, if i remember correctly. I was thinking about putting a chunk of money on my wallet and letting it snowball until it grows a couple of times so that buying an apartment will be easier for me. Based or cringe idea?


Not /tech/, take it to >>>/hobby/ or >>>/siberia/

File: 1619216459498.jpg (40.85 KB, 200x250, Looke Smeethe.jpg)


Are there any good "political" tech tubers? I'm tired of "non political" tech youtubers screeching every other video about politics and how essjaydoobs not letting them say n-word is gonna destroy the world and that's just too "political".
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Musl is a libc (glibc replacement) while ubase includes linux specific tools (util-linux replacement) and sbase UNIX utilities (coreutils replacement). Util-linux and coreutils depend on a lot of glibc internal (though patches exist, did I mention bloat?), so sbase and ubase are generally a good choice for a musl arch, that doesn't depend on GNUextensions/Linux crud.
>just use systemd lol, or runit
You don't know what init is. Init (PID 1) is the first userspace process and calls scripts for initialization (/etc/rc, /etc/rc.d/boot, etc.). Because all orphan processes are assigned to init, it usually execs a service supervisor after setup or lets said supervisor handle it. Runit is primarily a service supervision suite, that ships with its own init (runit-init). In fact you can use any daemontools-style service supervision with sinit.
In this regard SystemD is special, because its developer force all kinds of functionality into PID 1, the process the operation of the whole system depends on, and cannot recover without (see https://suckless.org/sucks/systemd/).
You didn't post any arguments, so I'm just going to list the sizes of the respective alpine packages:
$ apk info awesome
awesome-4.3-r1 description:
lua-configurable window manager framework

awesome-4.3-r1 webpage:

awesome-4.3-r1 installed size:
3112 KiB

$ apk info dwm
dwm-6.2-r0 description:
dwm - dynamic window manager

dwm-6.2-r0 webpage:

dwm-6.2-r0 installed size:
68 KiB

$ apk info rxvt-unicode
rxvt-unicode-9.26-r0 description:
rxvt fork with improved unicode support

rxvt-unicode-9.26-r0 webpage:

rxvt-unicode-9.26-r0 installed size:
3028 KiB

$ apk info st
st-0.8.4-r0 description:
Simple terminal emulator for X

st-0.8.4-r0 webpage:

st-0.8.4-r0 installed size
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omg they have a couple more megabytes, what an inconvenience


If you weren't a bougie with high-end hardware you'd know that matters a lot for us poorfags, but you just want to act like pieces of software are like soccer teams á la 4ch*n.


i exclusively use shitty office laptops bought from shady shops


>check out vimconf 21 playlist i found on youtube
>the last video in the list is a video from a channel called Triggernometry filled with comments like "as a nigerian"

And people tell me that minimalist community isn't filled with chinlets that try to sneak in their agenda on literally every step.

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