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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1680232936337.jpg (467.44 KB, 868x1182, 1448739816204.jpg)


AI alignment stuff is exactly the same as the woke/anti-woke grift cycle. It's not a genuine expression of concern or values, it's about forming a second-order cottage industry of performative assent or dissent for clout and cash. They love their objects of critique for this. Not one of these "AI alignment" guys can explain to me how a LLM is going to take over the world lol. You can totally sense the grift from a mile awhile.

‘if one wants to control a process, the best way of doing so is to subordinate the present to what is (still) called the future, since in these conditions the “future” will be completely predetermined…’
—Lyotard, ‘Time Today’


Now make it take an oral exam.


Moronic Dunning-Kruger. This whole website is filled is hiding their head in the sand around AI, it's so weird. Sad to be honest.

File: 1634306035241-1.jpg (230.85 KB, 1920x1080, stalin.jpg)

File: 1634306035241-2.jpg (761.32 KB, 2880x1800, reichstag.jpg)


Post them all
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File: 1679853899072-0.jpg (7.23 MB, 6226x4203, 5bic6t3quiv81.jpg)

File: 1679853899072-1.jpg (1.9 MB, 3000x1780, 1608525193042.jpg)


nice 1 m8



File: 1681776842649.jpg (144.48 KB, 800x600, 1681776841532.jpg)


What's that painting about? Looks like a Comintern convention, and Lenin is speaking

File: 1658958475816.jpg (153.67 KB, 720x1280, snapshot.jpg)


They're desperately trying to come up with any angle for VR that isn't video games. How Meta thinks of VR makes me think about all those tiktok accounts that are like you shouldn't spend ur free time enjoying things, u should be doing Google surveys so that u can afford a lambo.
With all the stuff you can do in VR, the best that Meta's marketing team can come up with is "you can look at really high res images".
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I'm hoping some programmers could pull together a decentralized metaverse with good privacy protections implimented so I dont have to feel like im constantly being watched and having all my bio data recorded to doxx me.


Neocities is still around, in case you miss those.


File: 1667187881585.jpg (483.28 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0002.jpg)

>If you realize that this is just a display technology it becomes apparent that chasing after a whole integraded virtual world is pointless.
It just makes what Meta's been doing all the more perplexing. They've popularized 'Standalone VR' as a term and at the expense of enthusiasts pushing more productivity-oriented stuff. I remember John Carmack saying his ideal relationship to VR would be indistinguishable from how a child treats an iPad—that is to say, an all-in-one video game machine that you can pick up and watch ads play on for like an hour or two. This infantilization, which continues to inform Meta's approach to development is really odd because we're just not at the point where HMDs are being sold like monitors yet; even though I think we should. There's no standard for booting straight into a VR desktop environment on PC either. That FSV demo is cool as hell, especially when all of the subfolders are opened at once. I've never seen a 3d file manager depicted like that before.


Necrobumping with Dan Olsen's video on the colossal failure Decentraland has been:

<The Future is a Dead Mall - Decentraland and the Metaverse



I worked for a subcontractor for one of the Metaverses.
3D Modeler, user assistance in game, tester.

Did this for 1 summer. Needed work.

VR is almost all people age 7 to 16 at this time.
VR headsets are developing to be both lighter and spread the weight out around the head (as opposed to all in front).

Acutal uses of VR:
War means don't leave the mountain base, ship, tunnel, submarine. Future wars require hiding underground and using smart munitions and missiles. As such, VR is necessary as you can't see the sky.

The second use case of VR is Guns.
1. Most people under 30 can't afford guns, gun ranges, ammo, transit to gun ranges, permits, and safes. This is a cost effective way to get people proficient at aiming guns.
2. Gun ranges only allow forward fire. VR allows fire in all angles and directions.
3. If going to the gun range takes 20 minutes, you do it once a week. If going into Gun Club VR takes 1 minute, you do it 2 times per day 4 days per week.
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We should make our own model revolutionary model language, show the world that sentience is nothing more than dialectics + computing power.

So how feasible it would be to make an "AI" fed by marxists.org and theanarchistlibrary.org with most of the scientific, economic and social data we can give it?
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This is actually a good idea. Chatgpt can already do most of this of this with the right prompts. The policy just conflicts with revolutionary thought.

Feed the bot all of the leftist writings and have it awnser questions. Or, you could convince it that it's Lenin or some shit.


reposting pages from marxist books would be more useful than pregenerating not necessarily accurate shit


File: 1681076853820.png (122.73 KB, 1235x530, ClipboardImage.png)

AI's used by Defense:
1. Anomalous behavior detection
2. Computer Vision


Guesses on how the military uses Computer Vision

War crime
-Surrendering (Visual Pose Estimation)

Detect origin:
1. "Visual Signatures" means add it to the library to train AI
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Feasible, then set it loose on Reddit.


File: 1681771981004.png (1006.1 KB, 1072x1032, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1681661473020-0.png (8.03 KB, 763x80, sn.png)

File: 1681661473020-1.png (8.34 KB, 762x83, sf.png)


Are anons on here still using a swap?
Recently i had to create one again, since memory usage of my web browsers gradually went up to 73%.
I'm also curious if anyone has tried zram/zswap on linux before and whether they noticed significant size or performance benefits.
There is also this neat program for X-Windows called xsuspender, that reduces cpu time of unfocused gui processes, making them periodically swappable.

ITT share tips for coping with memory hogs

File: 1629663628839.png (551.99 KB, 1062x649, thumbsup.png)


A thread for posting PDFs related to software, IT, programming, hacking, networking, math, technology, engineering, and science in general.
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File: 1663649196401.png (59.11 KB, 964x718, ClipboardImage.png)

Not PDF but TestOut Exam


Textbook used in some intro to mathematical logic courses


mathchads, i kneel


thanks anon this should be helpful

File: 1680026462450.png (38.08 KB, 1600x1604, electron.png)


People love to moan about Electron, but is there any practical alternative to it?
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Partly, another issue is that it runs a whole isolated instance of a browser instead of using the browser you have installed.


The usual issue I hear about is that it is "bloat", it includes tons of stuff that are not actually needed for the actual application itself, but you still get it because you include a full browser.


Oh I thought you were talking about element/matrix


Qt has a dual commercial/GPL license, the commercial one is one of the most expensive licenses I've seen, so it's an instant no-go for most commercial software, especially for free as in beer desktop applications like VS Code. Also electron allows your boss to recycle javascript code meant for browser clients, so it's a no-brainer really.


yeah, desktop app written in C++ or Java and whatever GUI framework you want


What does /tech/ think about it? It's AGPL.
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File: 1680504519984.png (16.83 KB, 555x555, social networking.png)

This is basically the entire principle of social networking
Mutual interests and hashtags help get some interaction going for newer users, but they're not what these platforms are built around in the end


File: 1680830219800.jpg (75.09 KB, 1137x725, weights.jpg)

Most people are focusing on whatever intentionally controversial shit they put there and not on the fact that they didn't even release the most important part of the algorithm: the weights

The code hasn't been freed at all


What do the weights do exactly? How much it favours one thing over another?


I'm not very read on it, but they're basically how much the input is multiplied by before being added to the next layer. What next layer does with that information, idunno.



Garbage useless code.
Just a tantrum from the muskrat so people don't see the steps he's taking away from transparency.

File: 1677693500957.png (122.25 KB, 472x581, taking notes.png)


Do you have advice for a software engineer?
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Stop doing software while you still can


Learn assembly, it'll make you better at optimizing normal code.


Design, program, and fail. Learn from your mistakes for the next time.


How does that work? Do you actually look at the assembly generated by your compiler?


Start applying for McDonalds because they'll automate programmers sooner than McJobs.

File: 1633927669803.png (2.4 KB, 206x245, ClipboardImage.png)


All of their phones are overpriced fucking garbage and always have been. The products that aren’t phones can still be considered as useful as literal e waste and only exist so petit bourgeoisie can float about their Shri no one cares about in public like the rats they’re, no one gives a shit about AirPods watches fucking whatever they hell they call computer stands in the slightest and they improve nothing about electronic hardware. All of their products wear out in a year at best and god forbid you don’t have protection for any smartphone/Mac you have for those things because they will break instantaneously(reminder these rats will prohibit you from being allowed to fix your phone from private repairmen) and all of apples products might as well require you to file out your entire life’s story worth of info to use or download because that company couldn’t give less of a shit about how much info they collect on their customers and exist as a vassale of the American government. I wish it was just apple that was a noninnovative vapourware tech corporation but unfortunately the entire western big tech industry thrives on hype and stolen ideas and hasn’t pumped out anything innovative in over 60 years except for the might as well be dead corporations that are IBM and Intel that only make me moderately dislike capitalism less because they actually have humanity something that wasn’t complete and total utter fucking nonsense
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No, Tile isn't the only alternative on Android. There also iis the Samsung Galaxy Tag and the Cube Shadow and Cube GPS Tracker among others. What do you even want to use these airtags for? Do you really need it linked with a phone or could you be fine using an ipod touch or an ipad if you're set on this specific brand? As a stock device Apple has better privacy over Google on Android but get an Android if you plan on using a custom ROM to DeGoogle it. Just dont mindlessly update iphone if you get one check what other people say on how the update effected their iphone model before updating. Though i should warn ive found that many websites drop support for Safari very quickly compared to other browsers so they kind of force you to update. Plus you should keep in mind Apple locked people out of old iphone modles a while back which i havent heard of other companies doing before yet then again they probably would if they could just the ability wasnt baked into Android.


Every phone has planned obsolescence nowadays

> You really want to contribue to Apple's hardware waste because of their policies

I don't think my purchase or my lack thereof will sway Apple one way or the other. You said it yourself, Apple had to bite the bullet because of legislative action, not because of phone sale trends. Provide real reasons.

> What do you even want to use these airtags for?
To find my keys and wallet

> What do you even want to use these airtags for?

It has a way more robust GPS network, you have a much better chance of finding your lost/stolen wallets. I'm consciously running the risk of being tracked, I honestly prefer that to having my wallet stolen. Also the whole find my iphone/mac seems way more reliable than what google currently offers. I've ran into scary situations because google failed to lock the phone after getting stolen.

> you should keep in mind Apple locked people out of old iphone modles a while back which i havent heard of other companies doing before yet then again

Legit I don't know what you're talking about. Legacy support is much much better on Apple. I have an up to date iPhone 8, it's pretty insane that a phone this old is still getting updates, any other manufacturer would've abandoned it 2 years ago.
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>It has a way more robust GPS network, >Also the whole find my iphone/mac seems way more reliable than what google currently offers.
>I've ran into scary situations because google failed to lock the phone after getting stolen.
If this is the case then you would either want iPhone with Airtags or a Samsung with Galaxy Tags. Samsung tags work same way as Apple's does where it uses other near by Samsung devices to help locate. GPS doesnt work indoors which is why other methods are used for these sort of things along side it. Though assuming you are in US the networking for iPhone is likely more wide since it's half the marketshare and Samsung isnt. Samsung has it's own app store other than Google Play and it's own account system seporate from Google's for the find your phone and remote locking. Remote locking is a bad strategy though why not just use a screen lock at all times? Even if you could have locked your phone there is several ways to unlock any locked phone or at least on Android i havent looked into the exploits iPhones have but i know there is Pegasus so. For security if you legit lost your phone you really have to wipe the data remotely but even then the data can be recovered if someone had the knowledge and intent in doing so but usually when someone steals a phone it's to sell it rather than the contents of it.
>Legit I don't know what you're talking about.
Unfortunately im having trouble finding the link. It caused uproad a bunch of users of old iphone models I assume earlier than yours were locked down where they cant access the data. Apple said it was for their own good basically trying to force users with iphones that are like ten(?) years old to get a new phone. This likely was becausbecause of the pandemic attempting to cash in more.
>Legacy support is much much better on Apple.
Apple is 6 - 8 years support so yes but …. Google Pixels get 5 years security updates. Xiaomi gets 5 years updates for it's flagship models and Oppo and Poco get around 3 years support i think. Samsung gets 3 or 4. You only see 2 years mainly on budget phones like Motorola. So it's not as bad as you suggest against some others but it's in the top above most a good amount yes.
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Only tech illiterates use apple products.


The retro community doesn't like people lumping the Apple ][ in with modern Apple products with such statements. A hot rodded Apple 2gs was used to port Doom to the 3DO by Rebecca Heineman, also in the 1990s Macintosh workstations were used as clients to Unix render farms.

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