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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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>DuckDuckGo Just Got Worse [Mental Outlaw]:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQC28Is_k2k (embedded)
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>channer memeshit
/g/ has a lot of good resources if you know how to dig but if you want to be retarded I won't stop you.


i hope the people that run that site enjoy the lunch money online small businesses pay them to be shilled as the answer to the new globohomo world order to lonely boomers on IBs


>/g/ has a lot of good resources
10 years ago sure.

>if you know how to dig

You have to dig a lot these days.


ddg is now pestering me about bots when using the onion service and asking me to complete a captcha that doesn't even work correctly


>Not supporting Russia? Heckin unwholesome, refer to this wojak I made.
Go back to 4chan.

File: 1659590537761.jpg (45.24 KB, 1024x576, 1659452357387.jpg)


Feel like we’re approaching a level of “this you?” dunk culture intersecting with perpetual data aggregation / crowdsourced surveillance state that we’re going to start seeing people get quote tweeted with Cache style footage of their daily moments.
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it is very disturbing just how willingly people are going along with extremely invasive surveillance

Imagine telling somebody 10 years ago that people would be cool with a global shipping and retail monopoly (amazon) or a tech monopoly (google) putting an actual wiretap in your house. Do you think they would believe it?


Imagine how worse it would be for Microsoft during the 90s Microsoft anti-trust suit if it was against modern Microsoft and the data collecting of Windows 10&11 along with the lockout chip (pluton) that when activated not allowing anything but Windows 11 to boot.


I will enjoy the death of evidence when deepfakes become commonplace. Baudrillard would be proud.


How does the death of evidence benefit the average normie?


Millennial humor is doing a review of something bad like a failed pop-tart and saying it “tastes like if Capn Crunch voted Republican”. Zoomer humor is sending someone online a photo of the inside of their house.

File: 1661780376233.jpeg (9.03 KB, 301x150, picture.jpeg)


What's the cheapest, most portable, least pozzed outdoor computing setup?

A defacebooked Quest2 with a minipc, keyboard and airmouse or something?

Not interested in gaming. I'm thinking about breaking up long walks with some sitting, lunch and imageboarding. There are no outdoor tables here, just benches, so a laptop wont work. Don't really want to be hunched over a laptop anyway.

Anyone do non-gaming VR or AR outdoors?


fwiw I wouldn't be doing this in an urban area or a cafe or something. This is a pretty isolated area and the people here don't go outside tbh.


og cybermen were cool


Is a quest2 a good portable computing device just because it needs less power than a laptop? If privacy concerns could be addressed ofc.

File: 1661761215776.png (443.63 KB, 641x597, 1617706866019.png)


Class-Action Lawsuit Accuses Oracle of Tracking 5 Billion People

Get fucked.


but how do they do it? what oracle products spy on you?


Oracle rents out computer time at their massive data centres so they would be in the same position as AT&T (that collects Internet data for the FBI through the Internet backbone) to collect data.


bro thatll be like 5 cents a person


Current valuation 265.47 B
Divided by 5 billion is 53.094
So even if they liquidated the entire company that's 50 bucks per person before legal costs are covered.


They purchase data and use browser cookies to correlate data people put on to the internet and construct mostly accurate profiles based on the metadata that seems to be connected.
So for example if you use the same emails for amazon and youtube and then watch certain videos or buy certain products their system uses the data from those views and purchases, notices they're both connected to the same email address, and then constructs a marketing profile based on the accurate assumption that the same person is behind both accounts and the purchasing/viewing patterns therein.

File: 1657039247468.png (120.98 KB, 513x476, 1653657210837.png)


what are people thinking when they make a torrent of a single fucking zip file with everything in it
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It depends on the files that are being compressed. File types that are already compressed by itself won't get any smaller by compressing them into a zip file.




cannot conveniently read the files without extracting the archive and therefore ~doubling its size on disk for nice people who seed their torrents


If you have multiple files in a torrent, you might only be interested in a subset of these, and don't want to download the rest. This feature is broken if you pack it all into a single file.



You WILL download the readme file

File: 1608526323426.jpg (33.06 KB, 444x250, home.jpg)


Do we need a leftist Luke Smith?
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>what was his reasoning in the first place?



I like Prot but I'm not sure about his politics.


If that helps zoomers question the state of the internet, software, and electronics then that's still a good thing.


it doesn’t

File: 1661744245264.jpg (18.75 KB, 474x248, wagie toilet.jpg)


>User IDs are part of Throne’s accountability system: After you use a restroom, you’re asked to rate its cleanliness. Meanwhile, each user gets a “Throne score,” similar to Uber, and repeat offenders who abuse the restroom will be blocked. Weight sensors also track if someone’s been in the bathroom too long. “Very few people create issues in [public] bathrooms, don’t respect that amenity, and then ruin it for the majority. Most people really want and value that clean experience and will leave the bathroom as good as they find it,” Heinzelman says, adding that user IDs are a way to “create the accountability that is currently missing in the shared bathroom space.”

"user id accountability system" is one of those phrases that makes me really question why, exactly, "accountability", which is a buzzword which is thrown around to justify all kinds of mutual overwatch, has become something so constantly harped about in the modern context.
at a certain point "accountability" stops being something which is done on the basis of being accountable to a specific community, or a specific social group, and more something which is done solely to create an informational panopticon of paranoia for the benefit of power.
when people say "[x] needs to be held accountable]" - to whom? by what process? why does this entity, who is the fount of accountability, have this power at all? or is it just this vague gesticulation at a Big Other, aimed towards neuroticizing us as people? and who is that Big Other? in this society, in this capitalistic society, if you are appealing to the Big Other, you are appealing to this ideal form of being - this ideal subject of the contemporary society - against which all human beings can only be seen as lack.
if tech startups can justify operating their paid, user ID'd public toilets using the language of accountability, if all sorts of harassment campaigns and inane arguments are justified because of "accountability", you have to wonder if this all isn't deliberate mutual paranoia.


File: 1661746753626.jpg (8.37 KB, 320x320, what the fuck.jpg)

>bar the messy shitters from pooing in loo
>doesn't stop them from needing to shit
>they have to find somewhere else to shit
how to skyrocket shart-in-mart levels in 1 easy step


Meh, a self cleaning toilet is way superior to this.

The surveillance-toilet is inevitably going to look like a poop explosion, because un-doutably somebody will go "challenge accepted" and find a way.
The toilet won't function when the server that's controlling it has something wrong with it, and then people will get fed up with it and rip out the locking mechanism and replace it with a simple mechanical slide lock from a normal toilet.

File: 1661489370817.jpg (33.98 KB, 316x316, jpog.jpg)


I want to remake Jurassic Park Operation Genesis but with better graphics and a map editor like the Clash of Clans mobile game. I want to make is easy to port to other devices. Basically a simpler version of CIties: Skylines.

What game engine/library should I use?

I also plan to make it open source so maybe it should be written in a popular language known by many.

I currently have zero knowledge about game development.
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Also, be careful because Jurassic Park is patented. Cultural industry can suck my knot with their intellectual property shit, but we unfortunately live in capitalism.

I recommend that you use another name with a different universe than the Jurassic Park.


Yeah I will use some generic name.
Wow thanks. This looks perfect. Just installed it now. I need to watch some tutorial now.


Unity if you want to get shit done, Godot is the better alternative but harder to use since less people use it.


do it dinosaur boy, i believe in you



File: 1660281334437.png (368.77 KB, 2000x1414, ClipboardImage.png)


Suppose you live in a country that has adopted a planned economy. The transfer of production data and consumption data from various workers' enterprises (factories, offices, stores, etc.) to a central planning office is necessary for the planned economy to function. These data transfers must be kept secure against threats such as sabotage form imperialist countries. How would you design your society's OGAS to be resilient to attacks? The goal is to prevent the transfer of malicious/false economic data from the worker's enterprises to the central planning office and vice versa.

For the sake of this exercise, assume that there is only 1 central planning office and that all enterprises report to this central office. Also assume that there are around 10 million enterprises making reports to the planning office. Don't worry about keeping the physical infrastructure safe, the NKVD has it covered.
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ngl that sounds pretty retarded




It's security by obscurity taken to the logical maximum. One environment per computer.


formal verification is much better than a half-baked idea like this. that and going back to Harvard machines


>since this does nothing but weakly enforce open source
Encrypting the chip architecture makes it much harder to put backdoors into hardware, and you can scale down microchip-fab security from ultra paranoid to regular paranoid. If you combine this with virtualization and make it so that the virt-host and virt-guest system run on processor cores with different hardware encryption keys , it will become next to impossible for malware to break through virtualization layers.

Security patching will also become more economical and faster when malware has to distribute it self as source-code, because the step of reverse engineering binaries can be omitted.

The only real downside to this is that each piece of software gets compiled billions of times, and that's wasting a lot of compute cycles, and energy for battery powered devices. Adding something like a hardware accelerator feature for compiling software is necessary.

Current Computer security designs are getting better at preventing weaknesses in memory allocation , so the next target is going to be weaknesses in software logic, and this architecture encryption might be good at mitigating that.


I’m installing linux for the first time, what distro should I use? I’m fine with it taking hours to set up, as long as it’s free. I ain’t paying for that shit. I was leaning towards gentoo but what do you guys think?
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It is sometimes memed for "learning linux".
Part of the reason is the lack of practical use cases for LFS, because it isn't really forward-compatible ("updates" would be repeating the install process). You could write your own update scripts, but there are already projects with full-featured package managers, that cover most of LFS's potential niche (https://sabotage-linux.github.io/ https://kisslinux.org/ https://sta.li/ https://www.glaucuslinux.org/).
Gentoo/portage in practice only supports freedesktop or freedesktop/openrc gnu/linux, but it's the most popular distro with few install scripts (compare pacstrap, arch-chroot and genfstab), a source-based package manager and supposedly noticeable performance benefits for the whole system.
Useflags already were a thing before gentoo btw. It wouldn't be a meme if it wasn't comparatively popular among pure source-based distros.



>updated repos and packages

>easy to use
>stable and sane default gui (gnome)
>can be customized
>community support
>not a hobby project


>needs 40seconds to open firefox


canonical glows in the dark and there is no reason to use it over mint (that removes the occasional telemetry) or any other luser friendly distro.


macOS Ventura

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