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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1660281334437.png (368.77 KB, 2000x1414, ClipboardImage.png)


Suppose you live in a country that has adopted a planned economy. The transfer of production data and consumption data from various workers' enterprises (factories, offices, stores, etc.) to a central planning office is necessary for the planned economy to function. These data transfers must be kept secure against threats such as sabotage form imperialist countries. How would you design your society's OGAS to be resilient to attacks? The goal is to prevent the transfer of malicious/false economic data from the worker's enterprises to the central planning office and vice versa.

For the sake of this exercise, assume that there is only 1 central planning office and that all enterprises report to this central office. Also assume that there are around 10 million enterprises making reports to the planning office. Don't worry about keeping the physical infrastructure safe, the NKVD has it covered.
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>since this does nothing but weakly enforce open source
Encrypting the chip architecture makes it much harder to put backdoors into hardware, and you can scale down microchip-fab security from ultra paranoid to regular paranoid. If you combine this with virtualization and make it so that the virt-host and virt-guest system run on processor cores with different hardware encryption keys , it will become next to impossible for malware to break through virtualization layers.

Security patching will also become more economical and faster when malware has to distribute it self as source-code, because the step of reverse engineering binaries can be omitted.

The only real downside to this is that each piece of software gets compiled billions of times, and that's wasting a lot of compute cycles, and energy for battery powered devices. Adding something like a hardware accelerator feature for compiling software is necessary.

Current Computer security designs are getting better at preventing weaknesses in memory allocation , so the next target is going to be weaknesses in software logic, and this architecture encryption might be good at mitigating that.




why did you bump this shit? how is this even a thread? is everyone here retarded?
only >>16396 mentioned pki and tls and he got ignored. why does everyone here like writing and talking about shit they are completely uninformed about

wtf is this, it is embarrassing. mods please delete this thread


Blah, SSH and PKI are obvious for encrypting a computer network
Don't blame anons for trying to spin something interesting out of a boring prompt



File: 1690045481658.jpg (172.28 KB, 1388x1388, FreeBSD.jpg)


Imma do it. Gonna switch to FreeBaSeD on my servers. ZFS goodness, raidz2, stability, pkg, serious people.

It's no wonder that the most staunch anti-linux pro-unix/BSD person I ever met was a staunch Communist.

Thread for all BSD variants, OpenIndiana, Illumos, Haiku, plan9 and other unix-based OSs welcome too.
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FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE is out. I installed it on my dekstop, it just works.


The fact that FreeBSD is a complete system has a drawback in that it does not go beyond the old UNIX conventions which, as any Lisp enthusiast would tell you, are TERRIBLE AND NEED TO DIE!! Without GNU/Linux's modularity we wouldn't have stuff like NixOS or Gentoo (though admittedly security by design is even shittier on NixOS, they still can't manage to get SELinux or even Firejail to work). Also, both FreeBSD and GNU/Linux pretty much require hardening, something that OpenBSD does not need as much (congrats, OpenBSD chads, take a cookie). So it's more complicated than it seems. All-in-all I think the BSDs are better than GNU/Linux overall but GNU/Linux's modularity is one of its biggest strengths and weaknesses.


>>22995 (me)
Also, the fact that GNU/Linux does not have one distribution mitigates the power distro maintainers have over the users. If distro maintainers become corrupt or start doing some decisions you do not like you can just go use another distro. How many usable BSDs are there? FreeBSD… OpenBSD… The end.

Also, it's not entirely true that GNU/Linux isn't developed as a complete OS, it's just that people like to replace some components they do not like in it (looking at you, Alpine), something that you simply don't do in the BSDs. The whole system core is basically developed by GNU with Linux borrowed as a kernel because they still can't finish GNU Hurd. But if by GNU/Linux being incomplete you mean that it doesn't use its own in-house kernel then you'd be correct.

I'm not saying that GNU/Linux is better than BSDs, I just disagree that the fact that the development of the BSDs is so centralized is entirely a good thing.


>It's no wonder that the most staunch anti-linux pro-unix/BSD person I ever met was a staunch Communist
How is communism connected to hating on GNU/Linux? If anything, GNU/Linux haters are often lolberts or liberals who think copyleft is communist and authoritarian and who are way more class collaborationist than copyleft enjoyers ever will be. I think those BSD users who don't just blindly hate GNU/Linux and who support copyleft are more likely to be communists.


Yeah, most copyleft haters hate it because you can't combine it with permissive licenses. And why would you use permissive licenses? So corpos could use your code in their proprietary product, of course.

File: 1701539095295.webm (183.15 KB, 542x360, chopchopchop.webm)


>right click image
>there's no "copy image" option
>open image in new tab
>it's a blob link that doesn't work
execute order 66 on silicon valley. the whole point of digital entities is that they can be copied and pasted easily and infinitely without any kind of interference. But more and more web developers, in defense of "intellectual property" specifically and "private property" more generally are trying to reverse the economic development of computing to more closely resemble the era of print, when, if you wanted some text, you had to copy it by hand, or type it out on a typewriter, or God forbid, buy the damn book, or drive to the library.

How much more are they going to encroach on us with this parasitic, rent-seeking bullshit? Will they start manufacturing keyboards without a printscreen button? Are they going to start charging you for each character you type? Are they going to stop letting you copy text that's in your web browser? Will they equip every OS with a keylogger to make sure you aren't violating copyright law when you ctrl+c and ctrl+v? Are they going to start wrapping every single fucking thing that used to be easy to rightclick->copy in seven layers of javascript nonsense so that you can no longer access it?

And increasingly every web application's bloated and unoptimized front end is written to pander to mouth breathing phone and tablet users who never knew you could do this stuff in the first place. Soon you won't even be able to right click stuff at all, because that's obscure. That's a privilege only developers should have. End users are too stupid everything should be done through left click only.

We're building a web app for an engineering firm at my job and our client asked us to remove all keyboard shortcuts because they're too confusing for users.

The kind Vladimir Ilyich would have shot everyone here.
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this will work until they turn everything into a blob link. just the other day this was working for me and now it's a blob link.


Can't you download blobs?


No. you can't.


File: 1705349234186.png (55.64 KB, 320x320, ClipboardImage.png)


The blobs are by definition already on your computer.

File: 1705292913289.png (1.12 MB, 1024x1024, 1703703771766.png)


BOSTON (AP) — Online retailer eBay is criminally charged and will pay $3M over employees who sent couple live spiders and cockroaches. eBay Inc., will pay a $3 million fine to resolve criminal charges over a harassment campaign waged by employees who sent live spiders, cockroaches and other disturbing items to the home of a Massachusetts couple, according to court papers.
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That is absolutely crazy, glad justice was sort of done at least


> employees
I thought it was the rank and file but reading the article it seems it was actually executives? How embarrassing.


A convenient excuse to make layoffs while keeping executives in place.


I'd be scared shitless if a massive corporation decided to fuck with me tbh.


File: 1705742571288.png (14.76 KB, 658x82, cpusa.PNG)


 No.1280[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Thread for questions that don't deserve their own thread.
I wanna buy some headphones to go outside i don't want to spend more than 100€ on them. I want them to be mostly durable and secondly to have good sound quality, also i don't want to look like a jackass while wearing them, any suggestions?
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cock.li, they opened registrations for everyone
you can register through tor and they let you use an email client like thunderbird instead of some javascript web bullshit like protonmail


File: 1705349003925.png (13.46 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

How do you block this site, and leftychan in the /etc/hosts/ file?

Just temporary – except for leftychan – since I procrastinate too much, plus I prefer phone posting so I can associate my computer for work.
Though I don't know what device would handle the convertion and of the femboydom videos, nor what device will get the probably now 100 of book marks for porn tag combinations and stuff.

Every other site I tried has worked – with the exception of amazon but that needed the cache to be wiped – but this site for some reason gets around it.

You could go on those website that have a list of public emails, the email you're looking for is a code so it can't do any harm if someone else sees the code.
Or alternatively you can get a different email that doesn't need an email like >>22390 , >>23011 , or any email service that you can close that which also doesn't permantly store that data.


File: 1705349043363.png (12.38 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Other than privacy and no java script, what do these engines offer?
Not a gotcha or anything, I'm just interested in finding a search engine, or a combination with an extension – that doesn't do googles approach of having an ai give inflated website that are
optimized to be picked by the ai.

"Inflated website" – for those who don't know what I'm talking about – websites that have the answer or not, but also have extra paragraphs of information that you don't care about.
>Search: "re:zero season 3"
>Site: https://www.radiotimes.com/tv/fantasy/anime/re-zero-season-3-release-date/
<Answer is half way in the artcile, most of it is infromation about the show which you already know about.
Least worst example, but this is what you will see more commonly at the top of results.


I'm blocking javascript by default. LibreX seems nice though. I hope the instances get added to SearXRNG or something similar.
I don't like the redirection to privacy frontends some meta-searches are doing, they interfere with my own filters. I've seen some sites redirect to cuckflared services.
>I'm just interested in finding a search engine, or a combination with an extension – that doesn't do googles approach of having an ai give inflated website that are
optimized to be picked by the ai.
There is a twofold problem of all successfull general search engines thus far having bootstraped off the google index in some way and SEO methods gaming even the simplest web crawlers.
There are a few curated search engines (see >>22715), but i often don't get great results from them. See the discussion under >>20783 on how to make using the other general searches bearable.


Nothing special

File: 1703986745627.png (332.75 KB, 576x566, dark pork.png)


>host server
>train shitty language algorithm on /pol/
>algorithmically generate fedposts
>plaster it with the lowest tier of fetish porn ads and cryptojacking
>monetize the police


File: 1703987118437.mp4 (1.09 MB, 720x480, BlackwatchPlaid.mp4)

>algorithmically generate fedposts


>making profit out of /pol/'s idiocy
Bourgeoisie, I kneel.


>algorithmically generate fedposts
this doesn't even need generative AI to know about
Whenever you point it out to a /pol/tard they'll just call you a troon/transhumanist and spam wojak folders

File: 1705189994499.jpeg (86.31 KB, 733x900, uem3xgtppkbc1.jpeg)


Tachiyomi and all of its forks have stopped development due to Kakao. Manhwas killed the manga star. This thread could be used for finding alternatives.


Imagine paying for manga or comics, you pay $20 for something that will take like an hour to read??


aren't manga readers basically zip/pdf readers? did it have a function to download content from third parties or something?


>"legitimate" open-source development
Translation: "Open-source development that we approve of."


Was it scraping the images from their site? Or what was the issue?

File: 1704412863460.jpg (296.15 KB, 838x1447, 1704406639555930.jpg)


This could've easily been a shortcut but they had to add a whole fucking separate key because marketing, baby.
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i have the unicomp version
it's very satisfying to type on, but heavy and can't play games with it


File: 1704447892785.png (78.53 KB, 600x600, boop the screw.png)

they're really trying to force the AI meme, huh?


all that investment needs some kind of return. you need AI even though you don't want it.


Fuck Windows 11. All my homies hate Windows 11.


Still no leap keys like the Canon Cat had :/

File: 1701305273248.png (53.11 KB, 2560x694, OpenAI_Logo.svg.png)


>it's been exactly one (1) year since ChatGPT and most "generative AI" products/software were released
Has it lived up to the hype or is it still too early to tell?
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Oh! Glad we're in agreement, comrade.


Why isn't there anything on the board on the hype around local models since the beginning of this month? The hardware requirements and costs of running a local model have plummeted. It feels like a paradigm shift. Mixtral is very interesting.


Anybody experimenting with those transformer things? Can you do this:

1. Compute (outside the AI program) long number X made of repeating digit minus some long number Y without consecutive repeats to make long number Z with very few repeating consecutive digits or none.

2. Ask the AI what Z plus Y makes.


Too many of my words are slanted in the above because of alcohol.


>in practice whatever ends up getting adoption is whatever makes it easier to extract short-term profits
"So we've made this new model of our phone. Yes, we've cut out many features but LOOK AT THIS, IT FOLDS!! IT FUCKING FOLDS!! AND IT'S AS THIN AS PAPER!! WHY AREN'T YOU EXCITED, GET EXCITED, YOU ASSHOLES!!!"

File: 1704800102933.jpg (658.78 KB, 1080x2400, 1704796627439298.jpg)


restrictions for thee but not for me
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true leftists are only in favor of copyleft and public domain


class struggle.
copyright for proles/artisans=good
copyright for capitalists=bad
to say otherwise would be like one of those people who says burgling some wageslave's house is leftist praxis because property should be abolished


the hbomberguy video probably


I'm pro-OpenAI-getting-fucked.


>copyright for proles/artisans=good
1. Artisans are capitalists.
2. Proletarians cannot own private intellectual property. If they do, then they become bourgeoisie.
>to say otherwise would be like one of those people who says burgling some wageslave's house is leftist praxis because property should be abolished
The proletariat's ultimate goal is to abolish private property, ie., capital.

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