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File: 1608526398972.png (19.09 KB, 600x200, cloudflare.png)


Are we about to witness the next escalation in clampdowns on speech across the internet? The incoming presidential administration in the United States has included among its Department of Defense transition team Alyssa Starzak. Starzak, who previously held positions as General Counsel of the U.S. Army, Deputy General Counsel at the Department of Defense, counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and assistant general counsel at the Central Intelligence Agency, has for the past few years now been Head of Policy at Cloudflare. During her time at Cloudflare, we have already witnessed examples of politically-motived business decisions about who gets to be protected by DDoS protection services and who doesn't, including the shutting down of sites like 8ch and Daily Stormer. But it seems DDoS services have become just another aspect of Silicon Valley's merger with the US national security state.

Sources, since no news sites really seem to have picked up on this yet:
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Would that not be noticeable and traceable ?


No, you can pay people anonymously to DDOS for you, and they'll do it via infected computers and hosting providers.
The only noticeable thing is your suggestion that "that wouldn't happen", and >>5961's memoryloss for any website pre-cloudflare.


Yes, bunkerchan itself was forced onto cloudfare due to a ddos less than a year ago


Are ddos protection services really efficient enough to last ? Would it not be easier to use a re-host protocol, if you connect to a server you have to rehost data of that server, for a while. It would make ddos near impossible.


So decentralized DDoS prevention doesn't exist huh

File: 1608526208377.jpg (1.08 MB, 1854x2560, 141013_r25584_rd.jpg)


Post every single idea you have, no matter how stupid or insignificant, for combining or using current technology to get closer to revolution or a socialist society.

Just post at least one idea.
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use linkedin to unionize the pmcs


Will the companies try to stop these? Shouldn't the left not work on those corporate platforms?

The cops exist.


A wiki of sorts with profiles on politicians, organizations, and individual content creators. Each profile contains a series of sourced lists of: promises made, and kept/broken; declarative statements made; "true or false"/factual claims made; sources of funding (available in charts); directly associated individuals/organizations; and direct consequences of various activities.
So a profile could look something like these:

>Name: Dave Rubin

>Funded by Koch Brothers [1 - $UNKNOWN]
>Claims to be a classical liberal [2]

>Name: Donald Trump

>Promised to build a wall on the border of the United States and Mexico [1] [2 - BROKEN]
>Associated with Steve Bannon [3]


You are only describing EDI

Here is my idea OP. Create an open standards body for federated economic planning. Open material recording format. Open ERP. Open demand forcasting. Open bookkeeping. Etc.


Cybersyn was botnet shit and Allende is an overrated succdem.

File: 1608526388566.jpg (261.05 KB, 944x876, 1606583741769.jpg)


Is there any point in storing old computer hardware?
I've got a bunch of junk taking up space that I've got just in case, but so far it's been useless to me.
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File: 1608526415442.jpg (31.08 KB, 419x444, f7e8d8ed50dca9a2f79134d52c….jpg)

>What “botnet” are you guys talking about?
>being this new posting on a board with a nonstandard TLD
get better handlers/analysts glowie


That's not how that caption is translated into Chinese.


>That's not how that caption is translated into Chinese.
>taking a meme seriously
>taking anything anyone says on an imageboard seriously
Get help


Yes. Do you have any old network devices, anything that plugs into network via wifi or network cable, anything from phones to printers to heating mangment systems, ANYTHING?


To clarify any of these devices can be used to find exploits to then hack any other similar device on the internet. Anything that connects to a network that is not your PC or Console.

File: 1608526413928.png (12 KB, 200x200, shit cringe.png)


Can we have one of these going? I hate having to be forced to use this shitty spyware for school. It is so janky and broken and is missing several features that I usually take for granted in a computer Also the person who thought shoehorning Grammarly every time I open up CIAhrome deserves to be hung, drawn, and quartered (in minecraft)
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I could compile kernel from google's tree and use debian's ARM userland but I could not figure out how to enable modesetting with mali. I know some archfags managed to do it but I could not replicate it.

wonder how atom based chromebooks work


File: 1608526416615.png (1.35 MB, 1000x750, 3re23r23rm.png)

I have literally never used a google product in my life. Yeah, i've used their apps and their web browsers before, but, I refuse to touch anything hardware related to that fucking evil company. Fuck that.


Just format them NIGGA


They made them Linux compatible because ChromeOS is based on Gentoo.


what smartphone do you use?

File: 1608526417253.png (419.43 KB, 1571x831, 1607539627347.png)


Solve the verification problem before it's too late and it's enforced because "who will think of whomever the fuck". Time is running out.
All those takedowns really made the anti-privacy goons come out. "Just give them your ID", "it's necessary for the whatever", "what do You have to whatever".
Also I don't care about porn but it's the only picture I found that fits.


The development of neural networks and its consequences have been a disaster for the internet.


porn will be over saturated by deepfakes, GANs, and AI.
Textual porn is already fucked thanks to GST3 and other bots.

Saturate it all imo

File: 1608526417636.jpg (112.17 KB, 1130x678, singularity.jpg)


Is a singularity even plausible? *asking leftists*

Like my personal opinion no. because if we enter a singularity what's to say that we didn't have the intelligence to create our own information I:E if we manage to create bots smarter than us then why would we let them fuck up the world. we would probably use them to teach us what they know and then burn them once we have the information.

humans know bots don't have feelings feeling and consciousness are only experienced by living things bot can only retain information and use that information to make more information then we grab that information. That's what we do now with calculators after all

what do you think?


Well of course it's possible, just not on the near future. A better question is if it is desirable. Also keep in mind humans have a tendency towards self-destruction, just look at what's happened in the latest centuries.

And who's to say a sufficiently intelligent AI can't develop feelings of their own? They'll most probably be completely alien to us, though.


If the Singularity means an artificial intelligence that improves it self faster and faster, that is not possible, because it violates the law of diminishing returns. If it just means that humanity could build vast artificial intelligences that run most of society like in the Ian Banks Culture novels that is possible.

File: 1608526402175.jpg (67.95 KB, 800x420, 34234-3.jpg)


I can understand why one would use python for practical purposes : it is the most 'battery included', 'scripting' programming language that requires least amount of fuss to get the work done 'initially'. And yes lots of important scientific research framework depends on python so you don't have much choices on few domain specific problems.

actually that's a spook. I am willing to bet a lot of money even simple boiler plate web applications developers would have wished they are writing in java the moment exceptions start flying.

also those salty researchers who just want to stick it up to their programmer friends with clever jupyter notebook demos would be sorry when they realize numpy could have been much more usable and less human error prone should they chose a language with, you know? BLOODY TYPE AWARE SYSTEM that can allow computer program to deduce which operation feeds what operands without mere mortals fumbling through yet another stack overflow question or never ending reference manual pages???

like seriously, I would furrackign volunteer to port legacy app I am tasked to expand to BCHS or even bloody perl script or fucking racket scgi on my off time than torture myself with this bullshit language of jokes

python & its perpetrators should be gulaged for sabotaging type system and wasting workers time while inflating exploitation rate for bourgeois class
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Scientists/cybsec guys/data science guys whatever dont write big software projects, they use tools to solve immediate problems and python is great for that because its concise and simple to write. Also perl you mention in first post as alternative is much less maintanable and error prone


B-But Python is popular and I want to feel hip and special about the programming languages I use!!


Then learn lisp or Haskell, python is too pragmatic to be hip


may I ask which country you are wage cucking at? I would be surprised if you did not see all the entry level python job openings nearby


File: 1608526415703.png (31.41 KB, 200x155, R.png)

R-using scientist here, I honestly don't see the point to Python. When you really need efficient routines that are going to be massively iterated you simply write them in C++. In fact all the heavy duty R stuff is coded in C++ on the back end.

File: 1608525985240.jpg (64.31 KB, 1000x615, GHOST-GUNNER-2-CNC-Gun-Mil….jpg)


Is it something practicle for insurgent groups or is it a giant meme?
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This depends on the design. Guns need to deal with some variation in the amount of pressure each cartridge develops. A design meant for small-scale manufacture should have enough tolerances and maybe a way to tweak spring pressures to allow for some variety in materials. I saw one gun design a while back that specific exactly how to heat treat the steel for the springs inside it, to get it just right.




File: 1608526386754-0.jpg (356.51 KB, 1500x1000, DiCenzo_WIRED_ISIS_Weapons….jpg)

File: 1608526386754-1.pdf (1.35 MB, Frontline_Perspectives_Ins….pdf)

File: 1608526386754-2.pdf (1.29 MB, Islamic-State-Recoilless-L….pdf)

not a meme. plug n play heavy weapons are the future.


Interesting. I did a bit of amateur rocketry years ago, this is way more sophisticated. Small arms will only get you so far.


These file dumps are super interesting. Really puts into perspective how simple things can be made.

I ran across a youtube video some years back where a guy hand made a rifling button and the press to push it though a home made barrel blank.

As somebody with a nicely equipped shop, I think it is fair to ask the question: at what point do you become the man?

File: 1608526405307.jpeg (141.74 KB, 640x634, 3EBEE9D6-B75B-4757-A771-0….jpeg)


Any of you guys do this? I set up BOINC on some old laptop I had and started using it to search for pulsars and shit. Also, [email protected] became the most powerful “supercomputer”.
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i mean yeah seti was stupid, but still, distributed computing makes it easy for scientists to get computing power quickly and cheaply, it was able to expand massively with COVID and became the most powerful computer in the world as i said, its very flexible.


Actually wasn't much of a waste of electricity since there was no low-power modes or thermal throttling back in the day. Better to use idle cycles for something than nothing.

Now we have Bitcoin, which is a scale of wastage worse than everything before it combined.


>Better to use idle cycles for something
Completely unrelated but I hate retards that keep their computers turned on all day and night just for nerd cred, not even running a home server or whatever.


who the fuck just leaves it on?


A lot of people on technology imageboards who want to seem cool showing a high uptime on their rice or something

File: 1608526393615.jpg (146.24 KB, 565x730, 1606876145673.jpg)


Do you use a CRT monitor?
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I used to. i Had two CRT monitors, one was a 19' one for small stuff and the other is a 24' widescreen trinitron CRT, that i never got to working properly. The screen would drop like a water fall, maybe i got ripped off, or a capacitor needs changing. CRTs are nice if you have the space.


i don't play smash


Also they can quite literally explode.


Remember to sit 3 meters away from the screen, it's good for your health.

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