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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1673702658014.png (1.24 MB, 720x1000, 1664414880458.png)


Is there a reason why a person studying and trying to get into the industry shouldn't learn legacy stuff?

Namely is there a potential for a sort of job specialising in it?
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legacy tech is for older devs who never updated their skills and instead decided to snowbird on the tech they learned when young. Its not that 22 year old grads learn cobol, its that they retain the same guys who programmed a pdp-11 back in the 70s to stay on and keep consulting to fix all the arcane errors with that one program that the state government is still using since 1977 but is in charge of all payroll for government employees and absolutely must keep working.

The only exception ive seen to this is mainframers, z/os programming and so forth, where I actually have seen new grads hired.


I don't think software that is actively maintained should be considered "legacy". But there is no widely accepted definition of what legacy actually means. For example, there's a popular book called "Working Effectively with Legacy Code" which defines "legacy code" as any piece of code that (try guessing before you read the spoiler) has no tests.


Seems like the most common advice and really reflects >>18210
Huh til


File: 1674492798367.png (614.1 KB, 800x450, ClipboardImage.png)

im trying to get into electronics and architecture via my own interest in the NES system. using it as a way to educate myself on various programming and electronics topics via a system i have an unending amount of motivation and interest in picking apart and learning. i know its almost 40 years old, i know it uses assembly and the 6502 microprocessor, i know its been obsolete longer than ive been alive. is it a waste of time for me to learn about all these things by understanding the myriad intricacies of this system? does being that obsolete make the knowledge gained too hard/impossible to apply to modern systems and technology?


I guess the fundamentals are still there, so imo I'd say it's still worth playing around with and learning how to max it out.

File: 1668805096523.png (11.1 KB, 682x251, 1668800359296069.png)


honestly if you can't solve problems like this, you shouldn't be in tech
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Maths notation is optimized for writing on chalkboards.
Today people use computers for maths, maybe it's time to change the notation to some kind of syntax for a math-centric script language.


>Maths notation is optimized for writing on chalkboards.
How so? I was under the impression that most of the symbols come from written works.


nta but peak performance evropean high school goer here, never even heard of that symbol
did you take long or short math yourself





File: 1641419090144-0.png (73.44 KB, 1200x1200, 1200px-XMPP_logo.svg.png)

File: 1641419090144-1.jpg (99.62 KB, 1296x751, Madrid_may_day375.jpg)


Currently, the best you can hope for when looking for a secure XMPP client is Pidgin and Gajim, which is not ideal. Aside from rampant security issues and lackluster development/maintenance, there is no integrated OTR and OMEMO support.
Historically, the reason for this disappointing selection has been due to the sabotage of porkies like at AOL or Microsoft who purposefully killed the project so their own software could hold a monopoly.

So, in the spirit of communism, I'd like to propose an autonomous community project for developing and maintaining a client:
- Multiplatform (Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android)
- Modern, default features for stuff like end-to-end encryption and media sharing, etc.
- Proper delegation of dev duties according to principle of mutual aid. Individuals contribute what they can and the group determines how it fits into the project and how the individual could be supported in their contribution
- Up to date with https://xmpp.org/extensions/
- In-built default OTR, and for groupchats, OMEMO. The client shouldn't generate keys for the user though

Pointless, confusing modularity on the user's end can instead be done for them by a smart, mutualistic development team that are themselves users that want a proper chat client.

Let the ruling classes tremble at a communistic secure chat client!
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you should be a patronizing techlord elsewhere


File: 1642160402976.jpg (55.47 KB, 1000x669, gno.jpg)

>the user thinks they have anything important to say


Simple PGP could be better than OTR


conversations.im is great for android (for free on fossdroid) - managed to convince my tech-normie friends to switch thanks to this one.
As for desktop, it becomes a bit more difficult. All of the clients suck, but as of now I'm on Gajim (even done a full translation for my native language), but I got to admit it's a python clusterfuck. I even started reporting bugs on their gitlab (which I never did prior to this) but it's fucked nonetheless. Anyway it works (mostly), for encryption you will have to install plugins - they're either included, or in repos, or if you're (god forbid) on windows you'll have to install them from within the client. Best of luck.


>* Snikket on mobile ( https://snikket.org/ )
Is this just Conversations with a slightly modified version of XMPP? Confusing website

File: 1667426235941.jpeg (63.91 KB, 680x960, toox.jpeg)


This article shows a plethora of holes in Linux, problems which even Windows has methods to curb. It seems like the current model for linux kernel development somehow is failing (either in lacking funding, or something else). What will it take for Linux to catch up to corporate alternatives?
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tanenbaum was right about microkernels. having separate containers and systems that don't rely on each other is the most important thing in security right now. QubesOS literally runs a bunch of VMs, sandboxing sensitive ones from the safer ones (AdminVM, VaultVM…). Of course that won't happen to Linux because it's already a huge bloated codebase with millions of lines of code, so the only way out is doing something closer to OpenBSD, QubesOS or MINIX, if you don't want to contribute to those directly for some reason


also, using a memory safe language is a must. C is completely outdated for modern OS development


Linux was never designed to be a super duper tight-asshole security magic pill. If you want that, go deal with OpenBSD or whatever.
C can be memory-safe, it just requires a skilled eye for vulnerabilities instead of relying on a run-time program to handle it for you.


HURD is already a functional OS!! It's microkerneled and modular all the way down


Well I wouldn't call it catch up. Linux is still secure in a lot of ways that it's corporate competition lags behind in. So like the user is in a pickle rn of chosing between a bunch of OSes that are all vulnerable in some glaring, publicly known way.

I assume these are the case for linux-hardened too, or is this just for the vanilla kernel?

File: 1664018325499.png (188.45 KB, 300x300, ClipboardImage.png)


Linux, Windows or Mac

You like and use, Post 'em

I'll start

7zip the best file archiver

Honeyview, Imageviewer handles all images and gifs and zip images too

Goodbye DPI, helps bypassing region blocks, not a VPN but it's something

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pretty is subjective, which is why quod libet with a GTK theme that you like and a customized layout is best


File: 1673656146202-0.png (400.35 KB, 837x657, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1673656146202-1.gif (3.12 MB, 1298x709, rssguard.gif)

https://lzone.de/liferea/ RSS/Atom reader in GTK
https://github.com/martinrotter/rssguard RSS/Atom reader in Qt


https://gajim.org/ for XMPP only chat


If you're on Android poweramp is pretty great with luminous dark skin it fits pretty well with amoled displays.


Why is MS Paint so fucking good, and why can't a single FOSS programmer replicate its simple genius


>Australian schools are “flying blind” and lagging globally on the use of artificial technology in classrooms, the author of a report on edtech has argued.
As long as the teacher critiques the text in dialogue with each student individually it's fine and likely more beneficial for each student than a world without automatic text generation however flawed
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ChatGPT is unreliable, it makes things up all the time. It was made to produce convincingly looking text, which makes the bullshit harder to spot. It is not useful as a learning tool, especially not for children. If you want to improve educational outcomes, the single most effective (and actually backed by science) policy is providing students with free meals. All edtech nonsense is just a way to funnel public money into private hands while making education worse for both student and teacher.


>it makes things up all the time
So no change from the current educators


If that was true, a lot more people would fail standardized tests. Unless you believe that students can learn the curriculum despite their teachers misleading them.


There's a serious point I'm making here if the student cracks the bullshit code, and education is largely lies to children and this is not a bad thing because they need to learn those simple lies to have a hope in hell of learning complex truths, by and large the teacher is upset if they're not overworked and utterly stressed then they'll give a good educational response if they are we'll…

Robot nanny doesn't have feelings or an ego and sometimes for the student cracking the bullshit code will get very interesting responses >>20353

The first subsaharan PhD at a German university delivered their thesis orally with few to no notes

They passed inb4 hurrdurr affirmative action
This was in the 17th century or so, if anything
the bias would be in the opposite direction

Automatic text generators can pass medical exams education will change for the better or it will become even more disconnected from reality

Most factories have multiple break shifts and the break shifts aren't governed by a bell btw


It can pass the (written) medical exam because there are canned answers for it. It's a fault of the exam, not an achievement of ChatGPT. It would absolutely fail an oral exam. The examiner would very quickly figure out that it does not actually understand anything it says.


>Software architecture refers to the fundamental structures of a software system and the discipline of creating such structures and systems. Each structure comprises software elements, relations among them, and properties of both elements and relations. The architecture of a software system is a metaphor, analogous to the architecture of a building. It functions as a blueprint for the system and the developing project, which project management can later use to extrapolate the tasks necessary to be executed by the teams and people involved. Software architecture is about making fundamental structural choices that are costly to change once implemented. Software architecture choices include specific structural options from possibilities in the design of the software.

This is a thread for general discussion of software architecture, the high level design of software and software systems. PDF dumps also appreciated.

Note: Software architecture is separate and at a higher level of abstraction that for example, object oriented design. There are specific patterns, methodologies, etc. for software architecture just as there are design patterns for OOAD.
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Update. Predictably did like shit actually designing the system. It was a very naive approach, but I dropped more buzzwords than a clickbait tik tok video, but the engineer was pretty smart, so probably not impressed.

The hardest part was gathering requirements correctly. I stumbled through that and my requirements were shit. Then the design was half-baked, not thought through and mediocre. The engineer was cool and helped me along at least.

The most significant barrier to acing this was probably practicing. The problem was rather easy, tbh, and it didn't require any of the fancy shit you see on the design interview questions while studying. Still I struggled to design it. I was also nervous and figuratively shitting my pants all, so it could have been worse.

All things considered I'd say I did 6/10. At least my other interviews were strong so hopefully they balance out.


>has different study plans depending on how much time you have left
You're going to die in seven days, why did you watch that cursed vhs tape anon???
>In a world with infinite labor power, the solution would be to simply do it, and then check where you fucked up with your unknown assumptions, delete everything and start again with a better understanding. Obviously, this is never practical nor feasible in real life.
Feasibility is a bourgeois metric. In reality any rushed product is trash. Actual historical progress is only achieved through dialectical struggle through contradictions.


GJ anon, especially on short notice


Thanks :) much appreciated.



repo containing a bunch of diagrams for common system design questions

File: 1672538150801.mp4 (838.37 KB, 940x940, leftcom praxis.mp4)


i use text-to-speech to generate audiobooks from large amounts of text. However when I use ebooks as the input there's a lot of shit like line breaks, end-line hyphens, page numbers, citations, headers, footers, and other junk that I don't want in there. Within reason, what's the best way (other than manually doing find and replace with regular expressions) to clean up text before processing it with TTS?


On linux you can use ebook-speaker that does skip some of that stuff . It's a command line tool to help visually impaired people. It doesn't have an inbuilt TTS so you have to install one beforehand, like for example espeak or festival.

You can also use pdftotext to turn pdfs into regular text files and then use the utilities sed and awk to remove all the crap you don't want the TTS to read aloud. It's easy to put sed and awk commands into a bash script, so that once you have exactly how you want it, you can apply it to other files.




i use festival already to generate ebooks. sounds like what i need is sed and awk


i looked into sed/awk tutorials

I found it easier to just convert PDF to text and then brute force through all the stuff with just find/replace using regular expressions in notepad++

I've already made a couple of audiobooks this way and listened to 1 of them


maybe upload the audiobooks to youtube or some other video platform?

File: 1672380641874.png (14.87 KB, 542x542, images (1).png)


My pc is turning only the led and fans, no peripherals and no image, I tried changing the memory slots but no success, what could be the culprit?


What make and model, and how long have you had it?
What distro of linux are ya using?
Are you sure the monitor is plugged in correctly?


What do you mean make and model? I have my computer since 2020, and yes everything's plugged correctly


Who make your motherboard and CPU? Is there a beeper if so what beep code?


if there is no beep,then your motherboard is probably fucked,that's what happened to me.


either a bent pin on the CPU/mobo or a dead CPU


i would like to discuss an idea thats been floating around in my head for a while, i haven't seen this brought up anywhere yet

trying to devise a way to actually organize effort around a common goal, primarily a primary defense against getting psy-op'd

the general idea is to make an ML algorithm, NN, what-have-you, that is designed to filter out common idpol/psyop from discussion and return concrete, actionable information. what's being suggested is essentially a great equalizer, it flattens the playing field so that the work necessary can be done without worrying who's glowing. typical glow tactics would be programmed in, and divisive messaging would simply come out as 'please remove me from the group cause i'm not in a position to actually help'.

for example, your org is going to do up a mutual-aid. someone still liberal would typically be crying and complaining about how they're oppressed black disabled lesbian muslim etc. etc. the algo would filter that to the recipient and turn it into something like, "I'm in a position where I need financial assistance before I can actually help with this thing". Then resources could be distributed to them accordingly, freeing them up to be actually useful.

maybe not the best example but interested in feedback
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the people you don't like are trying to use censorship to suppress "misinformation", right? in that case, your best bet would be to keep an eye on what kind of technology they develop to achieve their goal, copy it from them and apply it for your own goals. both sides want to control the narrative, so it makes sense that the means to achieve it would be the same.


id-pol operates by self-referencing
you'd have to make a heuristic linguistic filter algorithm to detect self-referencing.

AI stuff uses a lot of computational power, i don't know if that's really viable.

The least effort variant is word-substitution for identities.

However be warned that if you make a censor system, all the identitarians are going to flock to it in order to let their id-pol pass through while they block the id-pol of the rest. You somehow have to find a mechanism that plays the different id-pol factions against each other so that they all block each others id-pol. Seems like a tricky thing to get right.

I don't know maybe it's better to train a gpt-bot on marx's collected works and use it to drown out idpol with in depth economic discussion.


Topic blocking is a cat and mouse game, but it could help.
Account blocking becomes a cat and mouse game but can be done.
If capital wants to obstruct something, they will make it so.

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