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/tech/ - Technology

"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1684978493141.jpg (2.02 MB, 1920x1280, wank.jpg)


How do I actually buy Bitcoin? I'm using Bisq as like the market since apparently it doesn't have all the bullshit and it won't freeze my money, as well as Electrum as my main wallet (of course I don't have anything in it). But there's nowhere for me to pay money into it so I can't actually buy bitcoin and when I try to find out the problem it just tells me ways to get bitcoin to start when all I need is to pay my currency into the machine to get a fraction of a bitcoin to spend, I don't even need it to be super duper anonymous or whatever. It's so frustrating, if you don't know someone who knows this shit it's as obtuse as a rock. I just hope I don't have to go through like robinhood or any of those fuck companies that I have no trust for. Help would be much appreciated.
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hell yeah dude

my man's going fin-goth mode


First of all, you should want to avoid bitcoin as it is horrible wen it comes to privacy. Every transaction is public and viewable by everyone, see if you can buy a privacy coin, such as monero instead.

If you want a different way to buy either of them, be it bitcoin or monero, check out localbitcoin and localmonero. You can use many different ways of making transacting with individuals (even cash by mail) and it's even accessible through the darknet.


Have you used localmonero personally?


Buy drugs with paper dollars, sell drugs for monero


don't lol, we've had two straight years of bitcoin moving horizontally without significant appreciation, which is insane considering we are also going through unprecedented inflation which was the exact scenario that should've pumped bitcoin, but it didn't. because after everyone bought at ATH and lost their fucking money like morons, they never went back and they will never be back.

File: 1685719997088.png (246.04 KB, 1200x537, ClipboardImage.png)


The vast majority of people use the internet to do banking and mail but slightly faster, and watch shitty slop on Netflix or whatever
Social media is a pyramid scheme to defraud marketing agencies using inflated numbers and making people talk about nonsense
None of it is particularly necessary to the functioning of modern capitalism like it's made out to be, and a lot of the infrastructure relies on increasing monopolization i.e. Cloudflare and Google/Alphabet buying up IP addresses and backbone networks which will probably easily collapse during a financial recession just like what happened when the dot-com bubble popped
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I would still much rather check out a book from a public library
There's really not very much that online commons resources like libgen have that a well-funded urban library system doesn't have


To be fair, Kiwi Farms users are only doing what the internet was always meant to be used for: identifying and surveilling perceived threats to order. It's just that it's been "democratized" from governments like the US to random reactionary mobs.


Well actually the internet was supposed to be used for exchanging research data over long distances.


Public research universities in the US have always been an integral element in the military-industrial complex. Many research programs rely on government and military grants, the CIA recruits their agents from them, and they happily lend their expertise on certain topics to the military.


True but that doesn't refute the point

File: 1685314983258.png (115.53 KB, 1200x630, stalinwasanazi.PNG)


Thoughts on Reddit? I know they’ve quarantined r/genzedong and finding genuine ML subs on there is difficult, but I feel like that crowd can be more amenable to our worldview. There are already a lot of subreddits that focus on workers rights and are anti-reactionary. What’s stopping us from creating our own sub on there and uniting the proletarians of the world?
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File: 1685317430929.png (60.91 KB, 251x356, mysterious mr r.png)

>Thoughts on Reddit?
Venture capitalist social media. Any popular community is absolute shit, filled with bots and platitudes. Aaron Swartz (pbuh) was a fool to help build it. Lemmys (incl. Hexbear) have their major, hugebig issues but are far better, despite them.

Never use it through its main interface, only use an alternate frontend like teddit.net or libreddit (inb4: lib stands for 'libre')

>What’s stopping us from creating our own sub on there and uniting the proletarians of the world?

Just like /leftypol/, you're only uniting a bunch of disparate, desperate nerds. On top of that, it's a horribly ineffective platform, on a technical level, even with an ideal userbase. You cannot effectively organize on it.
Additionally, any community that somehow magically does that will be shafted. We've seen evidence like genzedong and others. And anything that doesn't will get sanewashed like the formally anarchist /r/antiwork . They won't allow you to say anything dangerous. They won't stop the bot armies from drowning you. They are public bourg and they own the system.

OP is a fucking idiot.

>but I feel like that crowd can be more amenable to our worldview




>prior affiliation with 8chan
It's not a 'prior affiliation' you sanewashing little shit. We weren't affiliated, the board was born there and was there for most of its existence.
You might as well be saying Marxism had a prior affiliation with Karl Marx.

As a matter of fact, there were far more anarchists on the board for the first few years until a mod balleted them, so the problem wasn't even 8ch.


99% of 8gag, including the staff, hated us. the only reason /leftypol/ didnt get deleted was thanks to hotwheels, the literal creator and owner in name only


You’re a fed



8chan under hotwheels was terrible. Pretty much all mods on all boards were either retarded or glowing, /leftypol/ was full of spam by COINTELPRO shills. /cyber/ was alright until that too got assimilated.
8chan flourished after hw left and, believe it or not, even /pol/ was on a good path away from being the racist disinfo shithole that it used to be.

Btw, this is the thread that got it shut down:
Now the entire site is full of shitposters again.

File: 1683745389701.png (717.71 KB, 1500x937, ClipboardImage.png)


Google is dedicating a huge portion of their IO conference to code automation and job automation. It's no coincidence that this comes just mere months after huge downsizes in both Google and the rest of SV. Tech bros, is it over?
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I tried to become a programmer a decade ago when I was in my late teens/early 20s but a large number of factors caused it to not work out. Looking at things like this I'm glad I ended up in some shitty engineering gig even though the money isn't nearly as good.


>but for programming it's gonna give you code that was already written and can be found on the internet, code copied from stackoverflow is gonna work 100% of the time so chatgpt still can't compete.

Okay, but that is already what happens on a large scale tbh


But programmers understand code, if you ask ChatGPT to make firmware for hardware that only exist in prototype it will only give you garbage as ChatGPT has no understand of coding, hardware or even you are asking of it. All GPT knows is statically is the correct response for a give input.


File: 1685090846685.jpg (72.97 KB, 750x1115, vrsx0hczo42b1.jpg)


How can we help these poor people
Should we set up a chatline?

File: 1684811225580.jpg (11.7 KB, 306x306, 507.jpg)


>datetime library
>doesnt support conversion to Juche


>waaah devs won't support my pet calendar
write it yourself anon. patch welcome and all that
<Today is Pungenday, the 70th day of fbi.gov in the YOLD 3189


>the wordfilter changed the month name
how deliciously dlscordant. hail Eris!


Date should be written year-month-day. The month should be spelled out to avoid confusion about the order. The year should be Juche, the months should be based on the French revolutionary calendar, the finer distinctions should be Swatch Beats.


Shouldn't use an inferior western softaware


Dataminers have gone too far.
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didn't this get reported several years ago?


And another social satire becomes reality…


Yeah and recording people's private lives (like Alexa does) is illegal, but it's all processed by a machine so it's okay in the eyes of the law. No one (supposedly) can review the footage like CCTV.
>paint ass
If you're just changing the color it'll have no effect since it's based on some sort of "analprint". If you physically cover it then how the hell will you shit (or you can shit the paint off your butthole as the first poo drops)?
>sit slightly further back
And shit on the toilet seat?
>disable camera
"Ah yes Boss Porkyface I disabled the camera because I'm morally opposed to surveillance. Y-You're not gonna fire me are you?"

Can't wait to have my ANALPRINT analyzed I BET IT'LL SHAKE UP THE ALGORITHMS.(No jakdumps in /alt/ please.)


File: 1684391609372.webm (2.24 MB, 640x360, speedrun.webm)

laws are not enforced when booj break them. when will you learn this, anon?


What if you just wanna pee? Then you can cover your butthole

File: 1683845612745.png (119.72 KB, 787x425, 1683839537931.png)


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who go full overboard


Google, they really should make all of their services unusable because of ads and malware


IIRC umatrix is unmaintained because Ublock origin can do everything umatrix does anyway


Here is the thing: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Dynamic-filtering:-quick-guide
In ublock origin advanced mode, you can block images, all 3rd-party, inline scripts, 1st-party scripts, 3rd-party scripts and/or 3rd-party iframes on a page. Besides that there are two whitelist options for hostnames, to exempt them from all dynamic rules or from all static rules (premade blocking lists).
Besides Cookies, CSS and Media ublock can effectively block everything umatrix can, but you cannot whitelist individual request types.


File: 1684543106632.jpg (220.93 KB, 1280x720, 1683563977443.jpg)

Not getting blocked so far over the past couple of days. Another win for Linuxchads?

File: 1682562550058.jpg (55.28 KB, 1280x720, 95362956.jpg)


You guys do realize that the only *truly private* method of communication through electronics are payphones, right?

>inb4 muh burner phones!

Buy them at the store they can catch you on surveillance and see your receipts. Buy it online and you can still get tracked. Only good in certain scenarios.
>internet & computers
No safe network exists. At least none that are civilian accessible.and a whole bunch of other shit too that the feds have up their sleeves (like using RF to see what you're doing). There are so many faults with using computers for privacy, esp as having any privacy whatsoever is impossible now unless you're Amish, that its reached the point that "internet privacy" has become an oxymoron. Even if there were ways to stay private, it would be extremely difficult.
>but muh Fairphone and Faraday Bag!
They can still track you even with a Faraday device.


Also, GrapheneOS is shit.
>cell phones
Your calls can easily be tapped, especially for dumb phone users, even though "privacy enthusiasts" claim otherwise.
>landline phones
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Delet this


Normies come out on top again, as physical person to person communication beats out techoid gadgetism.


Normies can no longer exist without their smartphones.


True privacy: never communicate with another human being ever again
Being in the same room as someone is a massive privacy leak


The internet is when a computer connects to another computer
Massive privacy oversight right there

File: 1682570168061-0.jpg (151.54 KB, 960x1440, 1.jpg)

File: 1682570168061-1.jpg (175.16 KB, 1170x1269, 2.jpg)


>Joe Russo says AI will be used to “engineer storytelling” in movies.
>“You could save the AI on your streaming platform. ‘I want a rom-com starring my avatar and Marilyn Monroe's avatar,’ and it renders a story with dialogue that mimics your voice.”
this is just deepfake porn but more pathetic


I want a middle aged psyop gf who will straight up just fucking kills me. Watermeleon-between-thighs level carnage.I want it to get really embarrassing, she is gonna make me her little pee pee piss boy who can't take enhanced interrogation. I'm a real freak, I'm not normal.Ma'am, please, just crush me, Ms. Gabbard




>Ms. Gabbard
yes ok, I understand now, I can finally see.
I want the same thing.


Can I have a romcom where I get a harem after the revolution with this?


I don't want a rom-com starring anything or anyone
This is just going to make more unwatchable schlock
Hopefully this next recession wipes out the middle-class retards that would want this



Teachers getting pepper sprayed over phones is not shocking to me. On my first day teaching, I had a girl leave my class and scream at me for asking her to put her phones away. I caught the same girl scrolling tiktok on a serious standardized test. I’ve found a kid using chat GPT on his final essay— it’s blocked on the computers but he emails it to himself from his phone, doesn’t even get rid of the "Sure! Here’s a paragraph…." part of the bot’s response when he pastes it into his essay.

I’ve seen kids taking videos of horrible fights, and I’ve seen kids watching those videos later. It seems both exciting and numbing to them. Sometimes they’re texting when I’m talking, and they say they’re talking to their parents. Why are you texting your kid? Stop.

I had one kid lose his phone when he came back from a suspension after posting threats, but he was still on his phone in my class because he handed the administrators his old phone instead of his real one.

Sometimes you suggest to administrators that none of them should be allowed to have phones, and they say it’s a safety issue. You lock away a basket of phones into a closet down the hall during a standardized test because they won’t stop beeping, and your department chair tells you that you could get in trouble for unwarranted seizure.

You do your duty and tell parents their kids are on their phones, and they tell you they thought their ADHD kid was allowed to have a phone in their educational plan. If you say they aren’t, and read to them their plan, then they demand that their child get ten minute cool-down breaks— where they go in the hall and look at their phones. It goes into the plan.

The accommodation I need is for you to read, listen, talk, and write without looking at your phone. These kids use their phones to cheat, to torture each other, to shop, and to essentially spoil their youth and their last chance for a free education. If anyone tells you this isn’t prolific in American schools, they are lying to you or they have the type of brain worms where they think digital technology is helping people and not wrecking our brains. If you’re in your 30s+, you are basically from the Before Times, and you’re probably ontologically different from younger generations because of smartphone exposure.

I want to throw my phone down the well. I don’t like how accessible I have become to other people in all thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I agree that the medium of phones needs to be addressed


This is a copypasta from reddit


i think this extends to the modern internet at large, in the 90s and 2000d we expected to be fully control of the technology we own but slowly we stoped owning the technology and became apathetic to it. sofware like windows 11 is hostel to anything you want to change to it. and it's getting harder to root and jailbreak your phones. and social meida is completely out of our hands. and the worse thing is there's nothing to do about it. we don't care about owning things anymore we just subscription it. why would kids care about education if they can control any of the out comes that come with it. if work can be done with fucking bots now that says something about the work.


which is funny because the internet in the 90s was even more monopolized than it is today


I understood, all these pupils ask is to get on their phones, just begging, then you can't really even confiscate it (not me exactly), misbehave, etc… but they are teens and kids so I try not to blame them, I am not that much worse, glued to my phone outside of work.

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