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>still thinking it was suicide




he knew too much… lol

File: 1608526368235.png (87.53 KB, 373x327, 1605175862874.png)


Just started programming a month ago and finished an introductory python course. Can you recommend me some projects to do to become a better programming? Hopefully something related to communism. Danke.


Try making an imageboard or a twitter clone in django.


here some small project to help you learn
>Basic Games
&ltTetris clone
&lt2048 clone
>Web stuff
&ltSimple web crawler try to fetch relative information in a website and turn it into usable data
&lta simple Chat with different canals
>Advance stuff (mostly related to memory)
&ltAtari Emulator
&ltGameBoy emulator
>Cypher stuff


Or, maybe, anything else?
AES is just ok for coldstorage, not data-in-transit anyways.



challenges / interview questions:
leetfree.com (click all questions, sort by difficulty)
codeforces.com/problemset (sort by difficulty/rating)
Cracking the Coding Interview (find it on libgen.is)
projecteuler.net/archives (math-oriented)

are you going to be doing any web dev? i have a bunch of links saved in a txt for that stuff too


>are you going to be doing any web dev? i have a bunch of links saved in a txt for that stuff too

File: 1608526368564.png (295.03 KB, 1200x630, 1605809275148.png)


Apple trying really hard to delude normalfags into believing security == privacy (while offering neither).
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Wait so if I'm a poorfag who can't afford a fancy phone that supports an open source OS buying a used iphone is better than getting stock android shit?


>used iphone
only if you want apple to kill your device performance with a firmware update
see https://edition.cnn.com/2020/07/14/tech/apple-slow-iphone-settlement-payouts/index.html


Eh, I only use my phone for calling and whatsapp (thanks to normies and my boss).


buying a cheap android and installing replicant on it is better than both of those options.


Doesn't it suffer from the same issue as Graphene i.e. it's supported in very few devices that are hard to find and/or expensive?

File: 1608526367310.jpg (62.07 KB, 800x570, m$.jpg)


>Pluton acts as a hardware root-of-trust, which in simple terms protects a device’s hardware from tampering, such as from hardware implants or by hackers exploiting flaws in the device’s low-level firmware. By integrating the chip inside future Intel, AMD and Qualcomm central processor units, or CPUs, it makes it far more difficult for hackers with physical access to a computer to launch hardware attacks and extract sensitive data, the companies said.
>The chip comes with immediate benefits, like making hardware attacks against Windows devices far more difficult to succeed. But the chip also solves a major security headache by keeping the device’s firmware up-to-date.
>Microsoft declined to say if it planned to offer the Pluton chip designs to other chip makers or if it planned to make the designs open-source for anyone to use, but said it plans to share more details in the future, leaving the door open to the possibility

Because having to choose between the AMD and IME botnets wasn't enough, Microsoft is going to add its own backdoor to pretty much ALL processors.


Microsoft has already been adding backdoors into every motherboard in the form of UEFI.


>all hail the new security chiperino, it will make puter safe
it's an old story it has been retold for decades, every single time it plays out the same. Everybody trusts the black box magic, making it exponentially more lucrative to break the security of the chip, because so much rests on this one pillar. The chip gets owned, and all the hardware has to be thrown out and be replaced with new wares. It's a racket.

i hope somebody finds a way to use this to lock open hardware.


Oh boy I can't wait to have TWO black boxes inside my computer!!!!!!!!!!!!

File: 1608526363459.jpg (37.32 KB, 416x212, Infrared_dog[1].jpg)


Does anyone know anything about Thermal Goggles/Scopes? I heard right wingers talking about wanting to use rural camouflage against us.


sure, if you have like 15k to burn. very few people even own NVG's and thermals are substantially more expensive - I wouldn't worry about it. moreover, a space blanket lined with some insulating fabric can assist with hiding. the taliban just use blankets when they are in a hurry


I have no idea what exists on the lower end of the scale, including older technologies. Where I'm at, a modern chip putting out 50hz with auto non-uniformity correction is going run you ~$7000 while goggles are about double or more (collimation and bridging gets expensive). I am in Canada, but you don't save much in America either.
I actually got a chance to demo PVS-31's with clip-on thermals - great stuff, but very front heavy and bulky. Whiplash injuries with advent of helment-mounted NVG's has always been a problem and it's going to get worse unless more effort is put into reducing size/weight. Iirc Act in Black of Luxembourg makes some of the lightest, durable dual-tube NVG's today. The very high-end shit from L3 uses a small, integrated germanium lens which solves this, but access is limited to super sekrit government work.
As for the space blanket, you actually don't need much space at all - just enough insulative layers, the Mylar and some kind of adhesive (Velcro) to prevent the layers from separating.


This is more /k/ content >>>/hobby/

File: 1608526361522.png (1.86 MB, 1600x1324, thinkpad.png)


Yep… they don't make 'em like they used to.
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This is what technology in the communist utopia would look like and it'd be beautiful.


I get the hate chiclets get, but I'm not minding them on a new (to me) thinkpad I got recently.
Could do the classic keyboard mod, but maybe I'm just too lazy to break apart an older keyboard.


That looks way too heavy


I sometimes bring my own coffee to the local Starbucks and pull out my modded thinkpad as a powermove.


What technology is this?

File: 1608526360341.jpg (27.41 KB, 525x350, rms-1-525x350[1].jpg)


none of my programmer friends believe in open source software because they claim it "doesn't make money". I tried to explain that large corporations would be willing to pay for the programmers wages since the intellectual property itself is only so valuable if they have programmers actively developing it and adding labor time. they claim that it never happens in real life, so I countered it by using the linux foundation as an example, and explaining that plenty of companies fund linux development just because it's such a nice software to use for servers and that it's simply way cheaper to cooperate on linux than trying to go solo and develop their own private software. they claimed it was an exception and insist that it doesn't work and that this is why closed source software is more dominant, but I don't really know of any other examples of free software to persuade them. I remember that Brazil was pretty big on it for a while, was that because of some kind of government policy or what? are there other examples of free software dominating in capitalism simply because it's cheaper and more profitable for companies in the long run?
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Oh it's this retard again.


I like FOSS as much as the next guy but you know I'm right. There's no such thing as it "dominating" or subjugating capitalism; if it did in any meaningful capacity then we wouldn't be having this conversation.


nobody said otherwise. get reading comprehension skills


>Open source also lets corporations more easily depress the wages of programmers.
that makes no sense


I just don't want software/hardware that spies on me and builds a profile out of massive amounts of datamining, but I guess FOSS sucks because it doesn't have "destroy capitalism" in its licenses.

File: 1608526323613.jpg (67.38 KB, 482x427, wojak depressed.jpg)

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Junior programmers are most exploited proles currently. Only senior programmer that bring lot of surplus value has benefits. I am student at pretty bad computer science school i struggled to find a job entire 3 years. Finally i lied about knowing someone and got a job as Java developer with no technical interview. I never wrote webapps in Java, i was using Python for everything, why would iuse Java? Python is used by scientists in all interesting areas like ML or cybsec. Anyway i thought i will never find python job so i accepted offer. I spend first month in this job mostly writing tests. 2 weeks ago manager "trusted" me with writing nondependent, noncritical piece of original CRUD code. Project is using old legacy technology and it was trully difficult for me to implement even basic sorting or filtering in components i wrote. Ok, so i spend a month working, making some stupid mistakes and asking him some stupid questions (that probably gave a way what a clueless idiot i am to him). Anyway after a week i finished my task, and i even spend a weekend working on it, because i did not wanted to dissapoint. I thought when i come back in monday i will be trusted with writing other tasks, but no. Manager was talking with some other guy about throwing me out, about how i dont know anything about Java, and he did so loudly so i can hear it and any other worker sorrounding me (we work in open space). In current situation i dont know, it may be better if he straight fired me, but i will probably go there another month or two, with nothing to do. Manager will ignore me, wont give me any tasks, and he will talk shit about me literally behind my back. I cant even focus on writing those tests and make stupid mistakes. My piece of code i spend week of work and even my free time on is fully functional, why he cant even accept my fucking pull request?! All i want is for my programs to be used in production and get first year of experience earning bad wage. What a sorry predicament i got myself into. I wasted few years of my life, my health (spine and eyes) for carrer that seems to be unsuitable to me. I dont know what should i do anymore.
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it's pretty huge in the US, i think france would probably have a few odd boutique things (cybersecurity and state departments go hand in hand). you could look into security engineering which is basically an overpaid software engineer who code audits - usually you just need to get 1-2 bs certs and prove you can read C code.


labor aristocrats are basically the modern day bourgeoisie so they will definitely swing from lamp posts when the revolution starts.


Based mods, I hope more threads are moved to the side boards.


We had those too, but at low level, for example we had "calculus" where we never got above derivatives. Then I had numerical method when I learned how to calculate integrals numerically - we had to write program to calculate area under a curve, but values of function was undefined on some interval so you got weird results trying to calculate it, that was pretty cool


sadly in capitalist society you need to have money in order to make money and whatever money you make will be gobbled up either by your landlord or a large corporation.

File: 1608526321589.png (354.54 KB, 500x529, DEATHGRIPS.png)


>Chinese authorities have begun deploying a new surveillance tool: “gait recognition” software that uses people’s body shapes and how they walk to identify them, even when their faces are hidden from cameras.

It's all so tiresome.
And I know this is old, I just got reminded of it today.
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I hate surveillance tech TBH. Like everything else it's inevitably going to be abused AF


Are there any leftists who don't, really?


I guess "organic" surveillance where the Stasi asks your neighbour to write reports about what you do is okay?


My city is at a point where there’s literally nowhere to smoke weed that isn’t in front of a camera. I just gave up and just let started letting these fuckers watch me. If people start disappearing I’m going to have to leave this country.


Cope druggie.


Does anyone here know how to code in Python?

I'm trying to learn but I got stuck in this exercise where basically I need to split a list of words in two lists. I.e.: I need to have every word from the beginning of the list to the N-1 word in a list a, and the remaining words (from the N word til the end) in a new list b. N is the splitting point and it can be any index between 0 and M (size of the list -1).

The only way I can think of to do this is by iterating over all the words from the first word until the N-1 word (looping through all the words starting and index i=0, 1, …, i=N-1), and at each iteration appending the respective word to list_a (list_a.add(list[i]). And do the same thing for the remaining words (looping through the N word to the very last word, and append these words to list_b).

Is there a better/more efficient way to do this?


If the list is called ‘l’, can’t you just do


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