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Have you heard of Riot.im?https://about.riot.im/freeits a federated discord alternative.
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It's not an alternative.
It doesn't even have voice channels


I stopped using Discord a year ago and exclusively use Matrix now.


It does have voice communication, though it is generally less good than Discord in every way.


Its one of the best projects


You should be using mumble for that.

How so? Discord's voice chat is laggy and low quality.

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What do people think of this IB software? it looks like a higher version of whats running on leftypol.org




It looks wrong, I don't like it




theres a demo app linked in the readme



Isn't most imageboard software FLOSS? The only exception I can think of is 4chan and some other irrelevant imageboards.

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Can anyone give me a good GPU/CPU review site that doesn't do sponsored content? Like 75% of all articles about RTX i have found have been sponsored by Nvidia and it sucks.
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>>685There are desktop computers with Arm CPUs but they are not aimed at regular users. For example, here is this beast: https://store.avantek.co.uk/avantek-thunderx2-arm-workstation-thunderx2station.htmlThere are laptops with Arm chips now that run Windows on Arm, but last time I heard about it they couldn't get GNU/Linux on it.>>681As far as I know, Arm GPUs don't have Free drivers. Do you happen to know about something like that?


>>688>There are desktop computers with Arm CPUs but they are not aimed at regular users.If you want a arm desktop you should just get a SBC: https://www.fsf.org/resources/hw/single-board-computers>There are laptops with Arm chips now that run Windows on Arm, but last time I heard about it they couldn't get GNU/Linux on it.This is incorrect, there are many arm laptops that ship with GNU/Linux natively, many Chromebooks are examples of this, they also ship with coreboot by default making them more free than just about anything else. The ASUS C201 being one that can be librebooted, but requires a external wireless adapter and has a low quality keyboard.>As far as I know, Arm GPUs don't have Free drivers. Do you happen to know about something like that?At minimum there are many Mali, Adreno, Videocore, and Vivante GPUs with open source drivers available. There are plenty of options.If you've got a excess of capital and you're worried about performance you could also get a Raptor system with are based off IBM Power: https://www.raptorcs.com/content/BK1B02/intro.html


>>690I just noticed my FSF link there wasn't to actual SBCs just to SOCs. Just to keep the list reasonable and useful I'll list all those computers with open source hardware, which have CPU/GPU combinations which not only are open source but which don't have any GPL violations, and are capable of running a full desktop system.http://www.banana-pi.org/m1.htmlhttps://www.olimex.com/Products/OLinuXino/A20/A20-OLinuXino-LIME2/All the Cubieboards except for 4 and 5: http://cubieboard.org/model/https://www.crowdsupply.com/sutajio-kosagi/novenahttps://www.raptorcs.com/content/BK1B02/intro.html (this actually goes further than the others here to have a entirely opensource extremely fast CPU)


Look at the steam hardware survey and go for the most commonly used hardware , this way you will get a system with reasonably good compatibility for most games since game developers use this data when they decide what hardware they should support so that they can have the broadest audience.

And if a load of people are using a particular CPU or GPU then that means it is probably not complete rubbish.



how u make ur frog vibrate

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some /tech/ memes.


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File: 1608526005346.png (310.2 KB, 640x469, _poFGYIxbpLhx71voB0waoMVnh….png)



i dont get it


It's just a different extension for JPEGs. It's the same format.
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File: 1608525874934.png (104.91 KB, 500x403, 1571869676590.png)

wow that sub makes me sick


shut up ya pretensions twats
>le epic religious m*n with violent threats pic


either way the sub is extremely weird. the trans movement will not survive this way.


File: 1608526157050.png (1.31 MB, 843x1082, hig-mac-1992.png)

>how do you fix it and make it better?
Stop overloading filename metadata with file format metadata, and especially stop overloading filesystem hierarchy metadata with both through pathnames. Put different metadata in different, dedicated Db fields, like a civilized filesystem.


it pronounced jiff u doink

File: 1608526039668.jpg (46.65 KB, 458x458, nouveau-raspberry-pi-4-mod….jpg)


Is Raspberry pi 4 safe to use? Comparing to Intel/Amd that may be backdoored


>>692>Is Raspberry pi 4 safe to use dompared to Intel/Amd that may be backdoored?Cortex-A72 in the Raspberry Pi 4 are vulnerable to speculative instruction attacks without software patching which reduces performance similarly to AMD and Intel CPUs but the Raspberry Pi 4 lacks the ME, AMT, PSP, Microcode, etc issues. There are still a tremendous amount of issues regarding software freedom though, and with a lack of software freedom necessarily comes a lack of security, to quote the FSF on this matter:>Boards based on the Broadcom VideoCore 4 family, such as the Raspberry Pi, require nonfree software to startup, although signature checks are not enforced. A free proof-of-concept replacement firmware has been developed, but it is not in a usable state, and development has halted. Until the nonfree startup program is fully freed, these boards are useless in the free world.>By default, the GPU requires a blob running in this same startup firmware. However, Broadcom also supplies an "experimental" free software stack, which could run without blobs, if the startup firmware were free.>The startup program also implements accelerated video decoding, primarily using highly optimized proprietary code as well as some dedicated video decoding hardware blocks. There are intentional restrictions, apparently due to software patents, blocking the use of this code without a license key (a form of DRM). Nevertheless, video decoding can be done with free software on the CPU, with a performance and power cost.>There is an additional concern for the Raspberry Pi Camera Module, produced specifically for use with the Raspberry Pi. In order to access the Camera Module, it requires the use of a binary-only driver on the Raspberry Pi. This driver refuses to work unless authentication of an ATSHA204A chip present on the camera board succeeds. This is a crypto chip capable of solving challenge-response requests using a captive secret key within it, essentially it is used to prevent hardware cloning and confirm that the camera board was not manufactured by a third party. In other words, it is a form of hardware DRM. If necessary, you can use a USB webcam supported by free software instead.https://www.fsf.org/resources/hw/single-board-computersTwo secure products with roughly the same price range as the Raspberry Pi 4 are:Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>>693What about old hardware? Like a Pentium 133 or an AMD k-6 ?


>>707>What about old hardware? Like a Pentium 133 or an AMD k-6?Sure, you shouldn't really need to go that far back though, also those CPUs are probably slower than the systems I listed. It seems to me that at the very minimum some K-7 and Netburst CPUs would be a possibility. It's difficult for me to give suggestions though because they've just been consistently moving in this direction for such a long time, and because in many cases the early developments of these technologies are either innocuous or simple to work around.2006-2008 is the grey area for Intel CPUs because this is when things started going south with AMT, ME, TPM, Microcode, Speculative Execution, etc. You really do have to do some research into the individual CPU to know for sure in this time span. I honestly don't know as much about AMD CPUs, I know some of them have speculative instruction issues since 2003. They started getting Microcode in 2007, they got SEM at some point post-2003 and they got their PSP system in 2013. It probably took a generation or two for each of these things to become strong enough to be harmful though as in Intel CPUs. If you really want to go back to the vary root of most of this it's with trusted computing which started to slowly be implemented starting around 2003:https://www.eff.org/wp/trusted-computing-promise-and-riskhttps://www.eff.org/wp/meditations-trusted-computingAnother concern for x86_64 systems is that they have non-free bios which need to be re-flashed with coreboot or libreboot in order to be able to boot using only free software. This problem is near universal with only a few examples of machines with modern Intel CPUs being the exception. Additionally the vast majority of systems lack support for libreboot/coreboot. Due to this there is no x86 system I can point to and say out of the box this is capable of running a desktop environment securely.


>>693>http://www.banana-pi.org/m1.htmlIt recently came to my attention that there is actually a great deal of controversy on this board. It seems that it's not entirely standardized that it's not entirely open-source hardware, and there are a number of legal disputes with it. Given that I'd likely suggest the other board as a raspberry pi replacement.


old hw bad

File: 1608526005534.jpeg (11.68 KB, 474x308, r5635563456234.jpeg)


So I bought this pandawireless wifi card for packet sniffing.i managed too get it running and in monitor mode on my computer, but, my machine keeps yelling at me about airmon-ng already being installed under "iw" which is what I used to put my dongle into monitor mode, but, I am not seeing any applications with iw loike airdump that allows me to monitor traffic in the area.Can anyone help me actually make use of my wifi cards monitor mode?
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>>539Lmfao, i'm stupid. My repository needed updating. That being said I still don't know what to do with monitor mode.


>>542crude monitoring capability should be provided by even the most gimped router's http frontend provided by ISPs. if you are serious about regulating your own wireless network, you should get router that allows custom firmware/openwrt from get go. Right now I would suggest you to just go wardriving and find any useful throwaway AP. keep in mind most ISPs of the world use few digits of hexadecimal number as WPA key so bruteforcing them is feasible


>>557Yeah but how exactly do I go about monitoring and analyzing my network traffic?


>>560Switch the card to monitor mode and run airodump on it, you lazy faggot. There's a lab session on their aircrack website about capturing a 4 way WPA-PSK handshake. Try that.



hi comrades,

i need a simple video editor for youtube, something simple like microsoft movie maker used to be
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tryed it, its pretty bad tbh


What's wrong with https://www.openshot.org/ ?
always search for "open source ____" for free simple programs without adware.


Hard of this, but I don't know how good or bad it is: https://github.com/olive-editor/olive




vegas pro

File: 1608526298389.png (34 KB, 500x144, unnamed.png)


Is there a 3rd party app, which allows me to "follow" people, without using an account? Or is there a free "Twitter to RSS" converter, so I can receive tweets als RSS feed? I'm unable to find anything! Thanks in advance!


File: 1608526298648.png (2.93 KB, 500x500, nitter.png)

If you're on a desktop, you can use one of the many nitter instances over twitter: https://github.com/zedeus/nitter/wiki/Instances

Nitter is a free, self-hostable frontend for Twitter. I believe it can also generate RSS feeds for accounts so you can follow someone without using any specific apps or anything.


Thank you!!!! It works perfcetly! Now I can receive tweets as RSS feed! Great!


File: 1608526294492-0.png (239.67 KB, 1366x768, Ubuntu-20.04-New-Features-….png)

File: 1608526294492-1.jpg (22.74 KB, 750x422, ubuntu-20.04-lts-scaled.jpg)


are the new Ubuntu backgrounds based or what?
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>It's Open Source dumb dumb
But is it FOSS?


>dependency-caging Poetteringware
God I agree. I had forgotten about this until I wanted to use Cdemu on gentoo and it wouldn't even work without installing systemd garbage.


Pure autism. Go install openbsd if you want to pretend like time is stuck in 90s




Yeah fuck modularity and god bless CIA/Red Hat Linux.

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