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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1666074966682.png (150.51 KB, 510x997, 75c306783ac2ebf6.png)


It took 8 years for this joke to go from extreme paranoia to practical tip.


File: 1666096786700.jpg (24.84 KB, 616x516, 1665224073518537.jpg)


"Alexa, set search engine to duckduckgo."
"Alexa, look up how to make a bomb using meth and child swimsuit magazines."


Paranoia, even if justified, is not healthy.


File: 1666097962591.jpeg (27.29 KB, 500x412, Charles Manson.jpeg)


File: 1665252870316.png (48.99 KB, 300x300, no paypal.png)


Time and time again, PayPal has proven itself to be a garbage service, but what are the alternatives?
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so you buy the coins, then you cash them in for the same currency that you bought them in?


To do what? Online you can just pay directly with your card. Transferring money to people my bank has Zelle built in and I don't think it has any fees and it transfer immediately.


don't do this. bitcoin isn't really anonymous. it isn't really untraceable. it is subject to taxation. Also crypto mining is basically the equivalent of burning half a forest for a gram of iron


i'm not OP, but I'd like to hijack this thread and ask specifically about online wallets which you can receive money to and send from without a bank card attached (like paypal used to be…)

Is this a thing nowadays? It's such a useful feature but idk any alternatives to paypal and paypal has clamped down recently



I bought a ryzen 5600g and 3200mhz ram, but it runs at 2133Mhz

Should I go into bios and make it run at 3200mhz,
Will it last longer if i keep it under clocked according to the JDEC code?

Is it still overclocking if I'm making it run under it's told spec


>Will it last longer if i keep it under clocked according to the JDEC code?


For RAM speeds it is not going to change longevity a significant amount, it is a more stability thing.


The igpu in that processor will have a significant performance loss at that memory speed, if you intend to use the fairly capable onboard graphics for graphically intense tasks like games or productivity software, set the ram to 3200mhz.

>Should I go into bios and make it run at 3200mhz,

I would do that.
Optionally you can test your memory for stability to make sure your pc doesn't crash
On Linux you can use the memtester package (it's in the standard repositories)

>Will it last longer if i keep it under clocked according to the JDEC code?

JEDEC is just some kind of a lowest common denominator industry standard, it's not the limit for your component.
Technically it will last longer but, RAM is unlikely to crap out, your motherboard will likely die first.

If you are concerned about extending the life expectancy of your computer the number one thing to do is make it have a low temperature.

>Is it still overclocking if I'm making it run under it's told spec



ok i'm gonna make the jump, if there's no performance difference i'll just go back to 2133mhz


this was just a 2 second tune up

there's no way ram can fuck up and destroy the set-up right? unbelievable how such a simple thing can fasten up shit

File: 1664555322880.png (2 MB, 1968x2953, 1664552780510493.png)


Wow the botnet is so benevolent for tracking everything I do to make sure I'm not suicidal.


>Wow the botnet is so benevolent for tracking everything I do to make sure I'm not suicidal.
No they just want to detect when is the best time to sell you rope.


porky trying to close off the last escape from this hellscape


this is why I use an ungoogled Android ROM, so that no one will be able to stop me from killing myself



Any one of us who has ever used LinkedIn is probably familiar with the experience of receiving a notification for whenever your profile appears in a search. At least a month or two ago I joined a radical political organization. I did not post anything indicating as much on LinkedIn or on Facebook. I went on LinkedIn today and found the following:
>you appeared in 7 searches this week
normally I would ignore this, but I saw the Harvard Coat of Arms and was intrigued. See pic 1
So I clicked, curious what I'd see next
As expected, I didn't get to see who exactly searched for me but I did see something that kind of intrigued me. See pic 2
>>Where your searchers work

Do you think the FBI was just looking for people to hire, or do you think this was the act of some analyst trying to find dirt on me?
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File: 1665177978079.png (26.57 KB, 723x480, ClipboardImage.png)

Enterprise Holdings


The FBI knew you would get the notification. They undesrtand how LinkedIn works. They wanted to sniff out how perceptive you are to see if you would [Notice] them. Or maybe someone there is actually spying on people using regular user-end tools instead of the backdoors provided to them by these companies lol.



There's probably a career-minded analyst or a team assigned to monitor and influence your radical political organization. They probably have the biometrics and any other data they need on everyone even associated with the org. They probably knew you would get the notification and are monitoring responses to the notification.

We give all our data away folks, to organizations with effectively infinite resources. Infinite.

What did we expect? If only there was a genre of dystopian movies or something to educate people.

The Israeli's are rolling out "remote operated crowd control devices" in Hebron. Time to get organized or it's coming to a food court near you.


>I joined a radical political organization
What did you expect? It's asking to get put on a list.


yeah i dont think this is an actual agent but it could be, i mean they literally got the silk road guy by searching him on linkedin

File: 1665682461801.png (10.75 KB, 512x512, unnamed (1).png)


Does any of you know of any good rooms to join? I already created my own. Plan on making the website and paying for the enterprise plan tomorrow. But right now I'm using the free trial version. Here's a tutorial on how you can self-host your own workspace on Android:

Step #1.) Download the 2019 release APK from Github.


Step 2.) Set up your own server. Use desktop to make your burner email (like temp-mail.org) along with a secure password (like the strong ones you can generate from xkpasswd.net). Then set up your account and workspace and now you're finished with that.

Step 3.) Now you can download the updated RocketChat app from Google Play or Fdroid, enter the workspace URL that was generated for you when signing in to the app, along with your login credentials you created and now you should be in.

Step 4.) Now you just pay up for an enterprise plan (it's $7 I think).

Step 5.) Now you just create your own website. Just say DreamHost. Then CDN services (like Vanwa).

Steo 6.) Next just hook everything up and set up your website and you're good to go.
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what even is this, just a FLOSS version of slack?

File: 1663259178231.png (107 KB, 529x741, ClipboardImage.png)


More consolidation in the tech market. Figma bought by Adobe.
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>paying a subscription just so you can put together widgets marginally faster
what a racket


figma balls


i hate adobe garbage, i don't understand how they're stuff is superior

it just seems like they have a monopoly on this shit
i tried premiere and after effects and it was so ass, and non-intuitive to use

i liked using the open source shotcut more and MS Paint


File: 1665588966765.png (979.54 KB, 2056x1506, ClipboardImage.png)

Waggie #234, did you commit a wrongthing? Not thinking about leaving, ehh?


because competitive free market or some shit that results in this lmao

File: 1664911298764.png (54.68 KB, 660x515, ClipboardImage.png)


Let's be honest, it's a contradictions that lawmakers make laws that benefit the consumers
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t. iToddler


Xiaomi best, but we shouldn't be fighting about brands of shit at all comrade. Corruption is the rule and a big deal in policy making, I can't think of any other good reason for this law.


If it means less proprietary bullshit like Apple's special snowflake "standards" I can't complain tbh.


Mmh. I'm still surprised we got used to USB C so fast.



On the suface this can only be a good thing, anon. what do ye ken in the deeps?

File: 1645340893017.jpg (225.44 KB, 1080x1920, pinetime.jpg)


I was looking at the PineTime and wondered if there were actual cool uses for a smartwatch but I couldn't come up with any. Does leftypol have a better imagination than me or are smartwatches simply not worth it?
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File: 1652487598021.jpg (231.73 KB, 1002x1200, f91w.jpg)

>Not meming, as in embracing a fictitious proto-cyberpunk aesthetic for fun or (perceived) prestige.
I'd rather get a terrorist watch


I can't stand those horrible metal pin buttons that older digital watches used to use. They hurt my fingers to press and they had a strong disposition to breaking.


>terrorist watch
cultural aftershocks of the war on terror are trippy


I wonder why there aren't more e-ink smartwatches.


File: 1665208734256-0.png (300 KB, 920x703, 1665083603864999.png)

File: 1665208734256-1.jpg (34.21 KB, 534x835, 1665086374535815.jpg)

File: 1653090260187-0.jpg (239.45 KB, 1178x1163, FTNW1D2WAAERQ1g.jpg)

File: 1653090260187-1.jpg (289.84 KB, 1152x1209, FTNW1D4WQAEIoTg.jpg)

File: 1653090260187-2.jpg (278.97 KB, 1387x1359, FTNW1D1WIAE3fUe.jpg)

File: 1653090260187-3.jpg (186.21 KB, 1139x1056, FTNW1D1XsAI4scS.jpg)


Do not touch The Disc.
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I'm gonna FUCK that disk with DIKS


floppy DICKS


>It says 4 1/2 floppy dick drive, but I'll risk it.
From some newgrounds cartoon I forgot the name of.


ah, that takes me back


iirc amstrad's reason was literally just that the manufacturer was willing to give them a cheaper deal than any 3 1⁄2 disk manufacturer. (which backfired when they got stuck making unprofitable drives purely for amstrad since the alternative was a hefty payout for breach of contract)
like the famicom floppy itself, the reason it's a weird format existing in the first place to throw out low-ball bids to dodgy British people is that a bunch of companies wanted to design 5 ¼ floppy successors. iirc the FDS is from Misumi's attempt, Amstrad's is from Hitachi's, and the normal 3 1⁄2 standard is derived from Sony's.

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