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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1645095163680.jpg (90.3 KB, 768x526, nftlogo.jpg)


can you redpill me on NFTs? I know they're a scam, but can we use it to fund socialist movements around the world?

for shits and giggles I minted an NFT
I was surprised by how easy it was. the only catch is that you have to pay the market something like $60 to have the NFT listed, which means that people have to sell a NFT for at least $100 to make any money.
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Screenshotted every post in this thread


Based bourgeois hijacking prices of graphic cards.


Im thinking instead of NFTs you can make a crypto that parodies crypto and openly states crypto is a scam and the money from buying that crypto will be used to try to end crypto so they don't have to hear about crypto anymore and you can make random computer generated images as proof of purchase so it will work like NFTs to their view.


>crypto parody
<only slightly more scammy than real money
<buy one and get the second for the price of two
<buy today!


*actually uses the money to expand his funko pop collection*

File: 1645325583407.png (181.92 KB, 773x806, 1645323929356.png)


>Apple's retail employees are reportedly using Android phones and encrypted chats to keep unionization plans secret
iToddlers BTFO.




Whaaaaaaaaa, but I thought Apple was secure and private?!


Let's be real here if it was Google employees they would be using iPhones not Google Pixels unless they know how to install custom roms. Also they are just retail, they don't actually know the inner workings so they are just being overly cautious.


Should programmers be required to study the history of their field so that they stop constantly reinventing the wheel? What would be some good books to do so?
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>The challenges of the field are usually not low level. They are architectural and social.
i have no idea what you mean by this


>I don't get what "architectural and social" wheels you think are being reinvented.
I'm not OP. I didn't mean to imply such things are being reinvented. I meant to say that the challenges most software engineers face aren't due to algorithms or some weird implementation of something, rather it is all the other things, which include arquitecture and software engineering stuff like requirements, planning, design etc. Although, systems design is done very poorly so things do get reinvented (poorly) all the time. With regards to social, I swear people doing "agile and scrum" rediscover the infamous waterfall method and basic planning principles all the time.
>i have no idea what you mean by this
Software engineering except the programming and server/CDP/CDI parts.


most people use programming principles to 'not repeat mistakes'. however most of these programming principles (SOLID, DRY, etc)
are very dependent on context and either can be ignored or are obvious.
as for reinventing the wheel, thats what libraries are for.
as for ethics, theres tons of books on technology ethics. however, you are either a codemonkey or you are already selling your soul to porky for profit


>I swear people doing "agile and scrum" rediscover the infamous waterfall method and basic planning principles all the time
not really, it's the managers who do because waterfall and what passes for agile in companies is basically micro-management. programmers don't "discover" it, management does because it's more attractive to them. there are charts and coloured graphics with little featureless men representing "the user" and little clouds representing "the cloud" and so on.
if you want to see a pure programmer way of doing things, look at open source development, it's all very focused on code and discussion about it in issue trackers and mailing lists, there are hardly ever any formal planning documents or endless meetings about what do we really want. generally if someone is struggling to get their idea across, they will quickly knock up a prototype and show what they mean or make a patch that adds what they want and send it to the maintainer. like Linus said "talk is cheap, show me the code".


File: 1677800010541.png (356.61 KB, 685x458, deville.png)

academic software engineering is actually more heavyweight than agile, look at formal methods and even traditional development (pejoratively called 'waterfall') uses fully fleshed use cases and design documents as per IEEE standards (still a ton of companies do this instead of agile). Sad to say but agile is still probably the methodology with the least amount of ceremony corporate environments are willing to accept.

File: 1677052656719.png (33.47 KB, 800x1127, Libgen_logo.svg.png)


Status update?
Is the site back? Is it trustworthy?
What about the onion version?
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nvm, onion link is outdated




On Reddit they're saying that only the .fun domain is trustworthy because of the dude who runs it, as opposed to the guys running the other domains intending to use them for ads/money-making??
Any info on whether or not the onion will come back? It seems essential for the intended purpose


File: 1677051083577.png (30.27 KB, 3000x2000, Stack_Overflow-Logo.wine.png)


How dependent are professional programmers on Stack Overflow? Based on what I see online it seems that most of them couldn't even write a single line of code without it, but I'd like to believe that 99% of programming discussion online is by students and for students, and people whose job is programming are not as incompetent as they are made to be seen based on their "memes" and discussion forums. I would imagine a competent programmer would need to consult Stack Overflow very rarely.
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Anyone who is programming things they have not done before is either copying from stack overflow or from the documentation. When programming shit you've done many times before you can rely on your own memory.


I'm not doing that.


it depends. Stack overflow only has generic answers and solving problems specific to a company or application often dont have answers


Why do you ask the quesrion? Seems there is lots of resentment in it for some reason?

Stackoverflow is useful but its overstated how useful it actually is. If it wasn't stack overflow it would be some blog, subreddit, YouTube video, tutorial, documentation, etc.


I'm a professional programmer and I don't even have an account there.
generally documentation and reading the code (if it's open source) is far more helpful than whatever voodoo shit is recommended to try and fail with on sites like stack overflow.


I've been using Linux exclusively since I was 13, which happens to be 20 years ago, lol. I'm trying to apply for jobs, and they've sent me an "online meeting app's" (Skype, Microsoft Team, etc. clone's) link that only runs on Windows.

I'm totally out of the loop, mates. How do I install a Windows (TM) system on my spare laptop? Do I just download an .iso file from Piratebay (and if so, which? plz link) and burn it somehow (plz link Linux software to use) onto an USB stick?

I feel like a child here, please help me out.

Worst part? It's for a job at Huawei, a Chinese coop, that you'd assume would be more Linux-friendly. Sure, they offer an Android version, but guess what, it requires registration providing your phone number, that doesn't include my country's intl. +xx call code. Lol.
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> Chinese company
< no name online meeting app
I would just tell them that I am no longer interested.


Don't bother with torrents. Microsoft doesn't care for keys/activation anymore, you can literally just activate the official Windows 10 permanently with a simple command prompt line (google it). Download the Win10 iso from Microsoft's website and use Rufus to load it on a USB stick and boot it from your computer's BIOS.

Also I'd recommend using Win10 debloater to get rid of all the garbage that Microsoft adds to Windows (Though I'm not sure if debloater will delete some of the apps you've mentioned), and Uninstall Edge.cmd to remove Microsoft Edge for good.


I think that windows teams software runs in the chromium browser well enough
it also has an Android client, so if you have an Android phone it should be no big deal.


They should give you a url, you don't need to install it.


i need to eat, dude

tried, not compatible


File: 1674299157814.jpg (24.24 KB, 850x400, Programmers-1.jpg)


What do programmers actually do at their jobs?
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It's crazy how software engineering jobs haven't changed that much. I saw that movie and it blew my mind how similar it was to my work.



but apparently that's not enough, so we also spend hours upon hours in endless meetings that serve no purpose. see stuff like "scrum" with it's daily meetings, backlog meeting, retrospective meeting, planning meeting, ad-hoc meetings for some shit that broke because of a previous deadline rush, "knowledge sharing meetings", even meetings that just require you to hang out in some online meeting room all day just in case someone wants to ask something and texting it doesn't "feel urgent enough". on top of this also clerical work like writing everything out in some online website like Jira about why we do what we do and so on.
>inb4 u are doing scrum/agile/safe/muh methodology wrong!!!
cool story, I don't give a shit, I don't care about "doing it right"

in my experience, as a programmer, startups are the most exciting places to work at because you build new things to solve new problems. any larger organization will just drown you in bureaucracy. startups do have the downside of a lack of job security though since you don't know how well it will swim or sink.

>ackchyually bureaucracy is not bad.. how can you be on a left-wing site and say stuff like that

again, don't care. I find it terrible so it is terrible, for me.


What do subjects of neoliberal ideology do with their time? Attempt to do busy work to resolve the tensions underneath the tendency of falling rate of profit.

podcast ep: http://generalintellectunit.net/e/091-agile-and-the-long-crisis-of-software/


Typically I’m implementing a clean and useful piece of software for a client who’s not too demanding. Plus I have the whole piece to myself so that’s cool.

But currently I have to write a user manual and it’s incredibly fucking painful, it won’t ever be read by anyone apart from an auditor. My part is nice and could be repurposed but everybody thinks it’s globally a dumpster fire and it would almost be best if the whole thing fucking crashed.


>Typically I’m implementing a clean and useful piece of software for a client who’s not too demanding.
Is this sarcasm and if not, are you hiring?

File: 1676633214414.png (379.45 KB, 2606x1778, 6cqx23jsokia1.png)


This is amazing
Need I say more?
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Seconding >>18457
Remember this is still just ChatGPT which doesn't behave like this on OpenAI's website. It also isn't a black box and we know exactly how it works and are 100% sure it isn't sentient. It's just a text predictor + generator.


Are you sure?
I seems a little yandare to me


>Need I say more?
Yeah, the part where you admit you have kids in your basement


Literally what?


take all the chatbot AIs and put them into the boston dynamics robots and make them fight like battle bots

File: 1676585013406.png (85.18 KB, 1175x1189, code ai.png)


There are a bunch of these code Ai assistants
here's a list:

Are any of these any good and compatible with free libre software philosophy ?

Code pilot for example is out because it copy-pastes code from git-hub without giving attributions or adhering to gpl.

Are there any risks of using these?
Are they doing anything malicious ?


it doesn't copy paste from GitHub, don't be like a tech-illiterate artfag
it is trained on open and freely available GitHub code.
just like you can read through code available on GitHub, so can an AI.


Artists aren't wrong when they say neural networks are basically copying, they're wrong in saying it's "unethical", haha.

>Are they doing anything malicious ?

Giving money and data to corporations.


> Our latest internal research shows that about 1% of the time, a suggestion may contain some code snippets longer than ~150 characters that matches the training set.
Most free and open source licenses demand attribution. Microsoft's Copilot infringes (or rather its user) on the authors' copyright when it reproduces snippets from its training set without attribution. There's a good reason it is banned in any serious company, it's a legal minefield.

File: 1673680603965.jpeg (159.04 KB, 1080x704, Naxalites.jpeg)


I've been only have to find a American Maoist Prisoner website if anybody knows such sites please document them. I think all communist insurgency groups must utilise darkweb for propagation of their doctrine.
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Kayppakaya had a quote about how communists shouldn't hide their beliefs, but should hide their method of organizing and protect the comrades that work with them




>"Discussion of revolution and communism in the English-speaking world is just fantasy role playing unless it begins and ends with the cold hard reality that the left has been completely neutralized and marginalized here and the numbers are nowhere close to what they need to be".
>"Moving revolutionary leftism out of the farthest margins and closer to the mainstream should be your first and foremost objective before you talk about anything else, because otherwise you're just LARPing. You're arguing about a political movement that has no actual movement".
>"You can do this by outreach and activism. You can also do this by finding ways to make socialism and communism look so fucking cool that people start knocking each other over to be a part of it. Finding clever ways to make it shiny and attractive in a very indoctrinated society".

Source: https://twitter.com/caitoz/status/1590883795838070784

>"In my opinion the obvious way to open up a path for dissident ideas to replace the status quo is to kill the public trust in the stories they were told in school and continue to be told by the mass media about the kind of world and country they live in, but so far that hasn’t happened. My own ideas for advancing that agenda which I’ve been seeding into the world have been inadequate, and so have everyone else’s. So we need more new ideas. Lots and lots of new ideas".

Source: https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2019/03/28/your-plans-for-revolution-dont-work-nothing-weve-tried-works/

The reason I mention these 2 things is because [you speak of a movement that is near non-existent] and [it is great].


>The reason I mention these 2 things is because [you speak of a movement that is near non-existent] and [it is great].
the reason you mentioned those two things is because you think your conspiratorial circlejerk is more important than actual liberatory movements


DDOS is outdated as you said id imagine most hacktivism was non destructive i.e. exfiltrating information and leaking it.

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