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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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will Desktop PCs ever switch to RISC processing, or is it time to take the bluepill and switch to Apple?
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so why does x86 still have so much power draw?


idk, not an expert on the power side. Ask a semiconductor engineer. Intel's chips are mainly used in desktop/server environments anyway so its possible using less power isn't a design priority for them anyway, or at least as much of one
open hardware implies open architecture


roughly speaking, more transistors generally implies higher power consumption.


>No RISC processors are up to performance level with AMD let alone intel


the process of decoding x86 into a risc-like language is extremely complex

File: 1611871686293.gif (190.91 KB, 220x165, thumbsupkid.gif)


Some anon here earlier was talking about making a standard API for chans/imageboards?

I assume the format will be REST using JSON as a serialization/marshaling format?

This would be great, if all standard chan software could implement this, possibly in addition to server side rendered HTML(optional) for the NO-JS /g/entoo-fags and torfags, people could easily write their own clients, maybe even a desktop app
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I tried reading what NNTP was about, but quit because there is very little info on the topic. I assumed it was a protocol that was built on top of TCP, like an alternative version of zeronet.

Unless you're doing something highly specialized AND have institutional backing, there is no reason not to use HTTP over TCP.


NNTP was an internet protocol used for usenet articles before the world wide web was invented in the early 90s. Its basically dead but theres one anon here who keeps autistically focusing on it, same as /g/entoofags talk about disabling javascript in browser because Stallman told them to like 10 years ago


Vichan's code is littered with nntp protocol autism. It was never completed, afaik.


My assumption was, that NNTP articles were close to a drop-in replacement for IB messages.
After reading the RFC, I must admit NNTP's retrieval of articles by traversing a GROUP is less than optimal for throughput and the structure of NNTP is inherently incompatible with the notion of threads, unless the server automatically moved articles to a new "subGROUP".

However I believe we should think about adopting some NNTP concepts such as:
board hierarchies (perhaps with their own overboards)
ability to retrieve resources through WILDMAT

Observing NNTP also gives us the chance to avoid its shortcomings.
Being able to retrieve messages by their ID is undoubtedly a good thing, but you could implement a request for threads or even boards.

Are operations on threads and boards (and/or matching against messages by date) sufficient to negate the cost of linear traversal, or are there more elaborate data structures, that curb the overhead of common usage.


>Are operations on threads and boards (and/or matching against messages by date) sufficient to negate the cost of linear traversal, or are there more elaborate data structures, that curb the overhead of common usage.

Assuming the threads/posts are stored in a database, aren't most relational and even some non relational dbs based on B/B+ or modified B+ trees? If so average search complexity is O(log n), same for insert and delete.

Thinking about shit on the data structure level is a little too low level for web dev anyway since you would most likely be using a database/store someone else developed and its their job to make it efficient.

>board hierarchies (perhaps with their own overboards)

interesting, would the only point be for overboards?

>ability to retrieve resources through WILDMAT

is that some sort of regex search? Modern intelligent information retrieval techniques have probably obviated the need for that. Most likely using some sort of search engine thats already built although basic search functionality can be built pretty easily in a normal program.

File: 1611528688113.jpg (210.39 KB, 1080x841, holy freaking crap.jpg)


How do I stop being neurotic about privacy? I'm seriously considering turning down a job offer just because thanks to this pandemic I'm going to have to use Google Meet every day for a few minutes. I don't want to give my data to the basilisk but this honestly feels like a losing battle. Should I just give up and perish like a dog?
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I really don't get the privacy-whoring. Like sure, its retarded to give your private info and such, but being paranoid about your email links, YouTube, game or porn preferances and personal politics? Like, you aren't really giving away your privacy. Its just going to be some algorithm in a database that will scan you and send apropiate adds to annoy you. Whats the worse that could happen? Some technofeudal fascist purge? I mean, for one its so unrealistic that its like being a germaphobe, and two, remember that CIA had the data about 9/11 collected, just never got around to review it in time. So unless you are some /dead/ schizo doing epic illegalism, there really just doesn't seem to be that much reason to go full on data hermit.


>remember that CIA had the data about 9/11 collected, just never got around to review it in time
Stopping crimes has never been the point of mass surveillance, it's been noted many times that the NSA's PRISM program has more data than they could ever possibly sift through. The point is to collect things that can be used to intimidate or silence people who threaten their power.


Is the mass surveillance really relevant outside of the Imperial Core?
I live in a periphery country as a shut in prole and haven't had social media in 6 years but still have a google account which I rarely use even if it has some personal data required for government procedures linked to it which makes me reluctant to delete it.


Should I do the Tor survey when you launch the browser or is that a test to see how retarded you are about security?


Read a book on the civil rights movement in the U.S.

File: 1610934454148.jpg (84.9 KB, 420x560, terry.jpg)


Does discontinued shit like windows 7/vista still have feds spying on you thru it?
Im planning on having a 32 gb usb stick so I can flash w*ndows 7 on it, and I don't want to give it any network access, just use it to run applications that Linux cannot run and record footage for stuff (I'm planning on becoming a content creator, not the point here)

My question is that, are there still feds spying on you even on old discontinued stuff?caCanadien


The feds don't really target any one single individual unless they are suspect. They spy by dragnet surveillance and build dossers on people and then if you start acting sus they pull your name and interrogate you. That's how it works.


On this note, what is the true extent of the CIA/NSA being able to spy on you through Windows? Are there actual backdoors that are meant specifically to be backdoors?


The last service packs for W7 that came out around the same time as W10 added the same spying shit. W7 now has unpatched, widely-known vulns. You will also likely be running proprietary software in userspace in W7, which compromises your security.

> I don't want to give it any network access

if it's offline/airgapped that's pretty good.

Overall you should always assume a proprietary OS is spying on you.


Remove telemetry updates for Windows 7 and 8.1

File: 1610870753511-1.png (126.85 KB, 768x576, gramsci.png)

File: 1610870753511-2.jpg (165.98 KB, 1020x667, 3116657364.jpg)


Don't listen, the wunderweapons are not worth the effort compared to good workers' unionization efforts. If the feds actual go for action that's more useful than any of the lifestylist solutions here.
Boomers didn't stop the January coup attempt because there wasn't anonymity.

File: 1610807894986.jpg (65.77 KB, 475x320, nkvdshooting.jpg)


Is it possible to get access to some form of VPN if you can't afford a monthly subscription? I tried openvpn with some open servers but I'm a techlet and I don't think I've set it up properly, it barely seems to hide anything.
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Not a rebuttal.
Tor, like literally every usable computer and software, gas weaknesses. Furthermore, Tor users almost always get caught by deanonymizing themselves or downloading and running things they shouldn't. Either that, or being worth spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on.
Do you have any specific example you want to discuss, or are you just parroting FUD shit you don't understand?


I will say that Tor Browser (not Tor), as a long-life Firefox build, is somewhat insecure if you are being personally targeted, but the best option for anonymity.


really? i didn't know
i was using it to pirate music


nothing wrong with stealing data, if you give them useless data or dont care
like what, they're gonna intercept and copy your download of mama mia 2?
(not really a reply to you but about what you said) btw for good practice with tor, of course no javascript, dont go to any websites you use on the clearnet on tor, for the same reasons stay away from anything with cloudflare or recaptcha, and dont open anything from tor on the client you run tor on
lesser known good practice is also use a bridge so your tor traffic is less easy to automatically effect, and explicitly set a few guard nodes that you trust, you can set up your own if you really want to
and qubes is really great for this, you virtualize your tor environment every time, so it doesnt match the environment you use for other browsing, and you can open shit in a sandboxed way
safe cybertravels



File: 1610753296203.jpeg (94.79 KB, 1024x768, snipson.jpeg)


I want to learn coding in python, but the problem is, I just don't know why I should do it.
Game development is meaningless since gaming is purely infantile and a psych ops made by porky to keep the proles sedated with pointless "fun"
High end programming has no use outside of web design and programming garbage like malware and some preexisting services that have been done a thousand times
Almost everything is proprietary garbage that cannot be tampered with or learnt from, so I am forced to learn from pre-existing tutorials which only go over normie shit (no biggie)
So to sum up, I just don't see any purpose in learning to program, almost everything surrounding it is just some CIA psych ops or a tremendous waste of time
I'm seriously at a block here.caCanadien
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Sure thing edgelord.

It's dozens of other monsters, actually. Some are adorable little pets, like PDP-8 assembly. x86 assembly, on the other hand, is more of an encryption algorithm all its own.


Lol, don't listen to this guy. Start with javascript, php, python. Build things, modest things, but build shit. It's the #1 way to learn.


Should I make and add an Extra Mega Titty mod to my Fallout?


coding is for the gays


I don't know the technical requirements to make mods. I'd expect for there to be detailed guides. Maybe you should. The problem is that you might have to work with textures and geometry. That complicates things significantly.

File: 1610665651063.jpg (73.18 KB, 820x615, hacker man.jpg)


Been teaching myself to code recently, I won't make a rambling OP because the replies will probably be more insightful.
I've been using Codecademy and I found it's really good except for when the bash terminal decides not to work (and then works perfectly when I reload the exercise and copy and paste the code from the old one). I don't learn skills particularly well from reading, so actually get walked through the doing is a major plus for me.
Is it the best thing going? Are there better sites? Are there other self-taught people here? I don't want to spend years in a university and would rather get some qualifications rather than fuck around any longer (opinions on things like CompTIA?)

Course I've been doing for people more clueless than me (you don't need to buy the pro stuff, just try to figure everything out before using hints, and always read the hints even when you've finished it):


Books with practice problems are the ideal way to learn since they actually put some pressure on you to commit your full conscious brain to the work.
I tried codecademy for some time off and on but that shit never got me the skills I needed to actually figure out how to write and make a program from scratch. Learn Python the Hard Way did, although it doesn’t exist online for free anymore, I’m sure there are other websites like it.


You really need to eat your own dog food to learn coding. You can go through all those technical books and run examples and exercises to familiarize yourself with runtime environment and syntax BUT you will never be a productive programmer.

Pick a project/topic you are genuinely invested in and try to utilize language of your choice in its problem domain. Language like c++ is too generic and big so you might end up learning to use somebody else's library but that's OK. I truly 'got' c++ while writing opengl demos despite using it 4+ years solving artificial algorithm problems.


This. I've tried learning to program many times before, but it only amounted to anything when I had some kind of project to actually build. You can't learn programming in the abstract sense, only in the concrete sense of actually doing something.

I tip I can give is to check out this repo (or any of the other ones like it) https://github.com/tuvtran/project-based-learning
. It's a list of programming projects and tutorials, structured around the languages they teach. Choose a project that intrests you and do that. I'm currently doing buildyourownlisp.com and it's been going well enough, though it's not a perfect introduction to C, so I'm going to check out other books like C Programming Language and Modern C as supplementary material.


I'm probably more project orientated than most, I want to make some cash coding obviously but most of the compsci students I've heard about have no real vision of a thing they'd like to create, and I've already got a notepad full of things I'd like to do. Not to shit on compsci students but I thought they'd be more technical-creative kinda people rather than plumbers that learn plumbing because plumbers make bank.
I want to learn C++ because it's been sold to me as a very good foundational language to branch off from, and my limited understanding of compsci tells me it will make me more understanding of the other branches as I go into them.
Thanks for the list, I will come back to it.

One thing I think I will struggle with is that lots of projects are complex and involve lots of files all referencing each other, is there a way to understand this other than poring over it for hours?


you get used to it as you familiarize yourself with tooling for your language.

it's worth investing your time and energy because 75% of programming is about structuring/packaging your idea. core algorithm/optimization is too fun to be a burden anway 24.999% of work is finding witty name for it


So I have been wanting/needing a portable Linux drive for a while, having just explored some of the versions tonight I am quite interested in POP_OS or just standard Ubuntu but it seems for installing onto a USB Manjaro might be easier just because of the installation process and less messing around.

Do any comrades have experience in this or just linux distros in general, maybe give me some guides or point me in the right direction

I will mostly using it for programming and work (networking) and its just going to be easy to have one if not a couple of USB's ready to go at any time.

p.s fuck CURRENCY (dollars)


Why would you start with pop_OS? I have never used that, but, that isn't something I would recommend. How much experience with linux distros do you have? Because, you are going to have a hard time if it is none. If you want to install something on a USB I would suggest Trying your hand at tails, or, lubuntu. I dunno, ubuntu is probably too bloated for a USB drive and prolly Linux mint too.

Alternatively you could always just accept the meme and install gentoo.


I have I'd say medium experience and have used some to set up servers at work and have have used linux OS for personal use years ago, but installing an OS to a USB is completely new to me

I am about to give manjaro a whirl though but I have never used arch before to my knowledge


>POP_OS or just standard Ubuntu but it seems for installing onto a USB Manjaro might be easier just because of the installation process and less messing around.
What's the difference? Any distro can be installed on a USB, plus both of those you mentioned have simple graphical installers which will make that even easier. In this sense, what distro you choose makes no difference whatsoever.

If I were to give you tips, I would advise choosing a system with a fixed release schedule over a rolling release system. You don't want your USB system to die when you update after 3 months of no usage and have a bunch of packages break. Get something like Debian or Ubuntu/Mint/Pop. It might also be worthwhile to get a system that comes with nonfree drivers installed out of the box, in case any of the machines you plug the drive into need those. Debian offers the nonfree iso, and Ubuntu/Mint/Pop already come with those.

In any case, why would you want a USB like this for work? Do you often work in machines that don't belong to you? I understand doing this for something like Tails, but if it's just for normal usage, you'd be better off dual booting, or better yet, wiping windows and installing gnu/linux.


I regularly work on machines that don't belong to me, I also think (assume) having some usb's about set up would be very useful.

after testing manjaro im going to stop being a lazy nigger and do the partitions needed for something ubuntu based, its just going to be much more simplistic


Update: I just got it done with Ubuntu no problem seems I over thought the process, thanks for the help anyway comrades


So, this is a thing now.
Come hang out with us fellow tech junkies.




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