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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1624750467623.jpg (23.79 KB, 315x300, 1611689501586.jpg)


/g/ and /pol/ are down so I know gotta crash with you retards
say something, what distro are you using, why did you choose free software, how does it align with your retarded world viewfedFed
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So he's also free to criticize him. :^)


When did I say he wasn't? I just asked why he was being an elitist faggot :^)


Does anybody run MX Linux? I hear nothing about it, but it's been #1 on distrowatch for a few years. It looks good, no systemd, but it just seems that no one talks about it yet it's the most popular distro?


It's a literally who distro that no one uses. The only reason it's #1 on distrowatch is because the devs use bots to spam the page, thus generating fake interest.


based department

File: 1624598884259.jpg (22.98 KB, 474x266, windows 10 AME.jpg)


Does anyone use Windows 10 Ameliorated/AME edition?

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No matter how much you tweak it you will never make it not spyware.


unironically, yes


>do calculations and theorems
That is entertainment to us enlightened ones.


Dualboot Windows 10 AME for vidya and GNU/Linux for everything else


File: 1626813594139.jpg (51.28 KB, 576x1024, 1626552006531.jpg)

Imagine shutting off ypur machine just to play vidya. Either learn wine likr a chad or suck up to Microsofts penis like a virgin.

File: 1624273933437.jpg (1.24 MB, 4093x2894, EzuBuRmVcAMYE_9.jpg)


I've achieved Emacs enlightenment. My config is a thousand lines of perfection. Lisp machine gang rise up once and for all!
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I used to dump video frames to jpg with mplayer, do some wild editing with shell loops calling ImageMagick and dc, then reencode it with mencoder.
This required a lot of disk space though.
Is development still stalled due to a lawsuit?


File: 1624297841398.jpg (186.03 KB, 1072x1640, 1619451624989.jpg)

Interesting thanks

Is there a single based browser?




That's it


>Is development still stalled due to a lawsuit?
I don't think so.
>We would like to thank GitHub for standing up for youtube-dl and making it possible to continue development without dropping any features. We appreciate GitHub taking potential legal risks in this regard.
>We would also like to heartily thank our main website hoster Uberspace who is currently being sued in Germany for hosting our essentially business card website and who have already spent thousands of Euros in their legal defense

File: 1624214358404.png (3.8 MB, 1800x2400, nice.png)


Give me one reason why I shouldn't.
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File: 1624236252316.jpg (70.22 KB, 980x653, 1623105716400.jpg)

Yeah that's pretty gay, but, arguably it's less boot licky to have a group of devs democratically voted on to pass commits for code changes to the kernel and such. Also it's not like they are forcing us to use proprietary software. But i do agree


I don't get the capability argument. The only people that really suffer are NVIDIA fags. My AMD Ryzen will be unfazed.


>democratically voting on people
Please do not use words you do not understand. Elections are not democratic.


Wtf is this autism.

What do you think communism is retard. Can you faggots go for five seconds with out dragging out your gay ass tabkie bullshit. American elections under borg democracy are not the same thing as voting on people in and running your party you fucking faggots.

Work places should be run this way our mod team runs things democratically to some degree. This is just ideology. Stop it.


Arguably democracy is a very ambiguous word, but a marxist refutation of the represenativeness of OpenBSD's voting procedures would involve first examining potential factors like vendor pressure.


Democracy is voting to make decisions, elections have always been oligarchic in nature. You're operating on a misinformed definition of democracy that stems from an Orwellian inversion of meaning peddled by aristocrats in the late 18th century. Aristotle outlines clearly in his Politics that the people who actually invented democracy considered sortition to be democratic while elections have a tendency to select for people who are already in the upper levels of society.

File: 1624125455921.jpg (29 KB, 800x800, 1615125387200.jpg)


USB 3.0 (5Gb/s)
USB 3.1 gen 1 (5Gb/s)
USB 3.1 gen 2 (10Gb/s)
USB 3.2 gen 1 (5Gb/s)
USB 3.2 gen 2 (10Gb/s)
USB 3.2 gen 2x2 (20Gb/s)

Statements dreamed up by the utterly insane.


You can get that with one fiber-optics cable. In principle they just need to bond a led on both ends of a fiber optical strand and put a signal converter chip on both ends of the cable to make it compatible with electrical ports. Eventually it could become cheap enough to stuff chips into cables, especial if the led and signal converter are integrate into one tiny piece of silicon, and you do something clever with the fact that microchip circuits are affected by light.


20 Gbps isn't even a problem with copper. regular RG-58 coax has about 30 GHz of bandwidth. it's just more expensive than twisted pair


Universal Serial Bussy

File: 1624088366796.jpg (39.65 KB, 976x549, 1624083302505.jpg)


Holy shit, Google and Apple may have unwittingly just destroyed the highly unethical false-sense-of-security marketing of encrypted-messaging apps to dissidents and whatnot.
For years, many of us here on /g/ who have 200+ IQs and who keep our computer gear in a basement Faraday cage alongside our anti-psychotic medication have been alerting the masses that you can't have a secure encrypted-messaging app on an endpoint device that's Swiss cheese. We've been talking about exotic baseband attacks, OTA SIM attacks, 0days against software running on the AP, etc.
But if the latest reports about auto-installed COVID apps in some states are true and not Qoomer-tier nonsense, Google and Apple are perfectly happy to give governments the keys to the kingdom for installing whatever the fuck they wish on a device. Poof go any assurances that dissidents have with regard to their encrypted-messaging apps.
Keep an eye on this. Shit is about to get lit in the neurodiverse community.


>Google and Apple are perfectly happy to give governments the keys to the kingdom for installing whatever the fuck they wish on a device.

Is this new? They always acted whatever way a local government wants them to.

That being said, source?


Those companies always could install apps whenever unless measures are taken to remove the preinstalled shit from stock devices, so it should not be a surprise that it is potentially used for the COVID tracker business. And there are a lot of allegedly secure encrypted message apps that are glow in the dark honeypots, so even besides the PUP installation shit, problems are already existent about security. Just don't use modern phones, if one has to do shady work or so.

File: 1624044683483-0.jpg (288.01 KB, 2000x1716, PinebookMain.jpg)

File: 1624044683483-1.jpg (749.45 KB, 1333x2000, LuneOS.jpg)


Does anybody here use any Pine devices such as PinePhone or PineBook?
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File: 1624076654985.png (937.74 KB, 1280x720, 1624071559119.png)


When my phone dies i'm going for a pinephone. I fucking hate android


Yes. I bought a PineBook Pro to be my new primary machine. It's nice enough, but the default OS is terrible, and I haven't fixed this yet.nazbolNazbol


i bought a beta edition pinephone and i run postmarketos. the default was manjaro arm; WAY buggier and harder to use than postmarketos. but the phone in general is buggy and fragile. i love the hardware switches and getting to use a linux terminal, but the microphone is now broken and it can no longer be used daily (i swapped back to my android ;_;)

pinephones need to mature a lot before even regular linux users can feel comfortable on it. need to mature even more, for even a fraction of normies. i say, keep up the good work, and i'll buy another in a few years.


Does Tinder work on pinephones?

File: 1623984843064.png (48.84 KB, 756x556, 1623949259720.png)


While I really don't care about Rust it's weird to see corporations have so much power over Linux.
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Any Nordic European who willingly moves to the USA has some sort of major corporate/intelligence backing.


Why would Rust attract new developers? C is much easier than Rust.


Rust has a very politically-inclined community full of wokies who are susceptible to trendy politics and zeitgeist, which as we have seen, corps exploit regularly.

Its development and future is also heavily influenced by Mozilla, and the compiler is free of FSF ideology, unlike GCC.

I actually really like Rust, from a technical standpoint, but there is no doubt that it is far more prone to corporate and political influence compared to C.


Also, Rust already has an OS project called RedoxOS, so maybe Rustfags need to leave Linux alone and go contribute there. It is MIT licensed though, so it's basically just ripe for any corporation to swoop in and lock up behind a closed license if it ever develops significantly beyond the hobbyist stage. I don't think it will ever attract a large number of contributors due to the license.


I couldn't give a fuck about le SJWs. Linux is already full of contributions from GPL-hostile companies and that didn't change anything.
You can compile Linux with clang, but you can't compile rust with GCC and the based motherfuckers at FSF already recognized this trick and are working on their own GPL compiler. Let's hope they succeed.

File: 1623980542452.png (1.37 MB, 900x900, ClipboardImage.png)


how do you glowproof your PC? Do I need to learn how to set up Gentoo? I feel like I'm being watched every second by glowuyghurs, winglows 10 and hackers. They're mining all my data. They're watching me. How do I stop that? I also feel like if I wanted to transfer my files to another computer they would just embed their viruses into my files and infect the next computer. How do you stop it?


Install OpenBSD, stop using Google services.

But for real? They aren't really looking at YOU individually, so just try to evade Google produtcs (google.com, gmail, google calendar…) and you'll be fine


They are looking at me individually, they do watch me. I know.
AND it's hard not to use google when it's the only way I can extract certain infos. Such as, it's hard for me to extract info. There's commands you can do on google like direct quotations (say I want to search for "beanie babies" in quotes and not beanie babies without, it gives different results… or a certain timeline "2008..2010" for instance…), these features don't appear on Startpage or DuckDuckGo (the latter of which I distrust anyway). Is it available on Searx?


I think Searx should work like google

If you don't trust them use Tor to browse google then


I may try Googling through Tor if Searx doesn't work… although that might work slower.


another schizo here with a simple question, would it be a safer bet to get a core/librebooted thinkpad with me_cleaner or a pre-PSP amd cpu? i dont plan on doing anything resource intensive

File: 1623943903030.jpg (124.24 KB, 1600x1200, iuoui.jpg)


Does the failure of Linux desktop prove that communism will never work?

feels like a barely functioning toy compare to the commercial options. they argue over irrelevant differences, constantly reinvent the wheel, never innovate, barely handles the basics.

it has no profit motive to unite or to sort boring problems.
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also slave morality would be doing the opposite of apple because they're the leaders.


>Choices on behalf of the user
Yes some choices are very, dare I say, stupid. There's a popular meme about linux UI/freetard graphic design and etc. I would say arrogance too, detachment from what users actually desire, mixed with a degree of narcissism "I'm gonna make my own le-arch-forkerinOS" instead of contributing to something already great


They are absolutely pathetic.
Never forget that Apple was in danger of going out of business in the 90s and they were kept afloat only due to the sheer cuckedness of their fans who kept throwing money at their overpriced and outdated (especially classic MacOS) products just because of the rainbow apple logo. And apple doesn't even treat these users well, sometimes even going to the extent of suing some blogger appletard users for sharing product rumours.
I don't think it's possible for there to be a more examplary epitome of corporate bootlicking than macfags. They don't just do it for free, they literally pay premium prices from their own pockets for it.


You can with third party programs, I use AlwaysOnTop.


I tried switching to Debian a few years ago and really liked it but no matter what I tried my G13 refused to work with it, and I rely on that too much. If only there was a G13 with on-board memory for the keys.

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