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Is there any way to play Steam games without installing Steam itself?
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Why do people use this cancer over actual Wine?


cause shpeed


…Because it works better? Valve took Wine and patched it.

I don't know what answer you expected.


use lutris.
they have some valve applied patch but they also present in wine.
base proton take a shitload time to update, custom proton like egg roll add wine patchs and fix to proton.
there also some game that don't run in proton but does in wine.

File: 1608526242672.png (2.06 MB, 2000x1333, Gitter-joins-Element.png)


File: 1608526241213.png (324.32 KB, 920x613, 1601522612750.png)



Why even bother with chips under your skin when your eye, palm or face are more than enough?
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doesnt matter, kill cops, riot in prison, sabotage the grid, their tech will be useless unless you let it rule you


Biometrics are not practical, if somebody steals a keycard, you replace the keycard, if somebody steals your palm-print, you can't chop off your hand and grow a new one with a different palm print. Does capitalism have a anti-tool bias ? Fast-food does away with cutlery, smartphones do away with input devices like pens or keyboards, bio-metrics do away with keys. Is it really so bad if you need a helper tool for using an object ? I get doing away with hazardous cans that need a can-opener, but keys ?


Applying for a job or even working requires smartphones frequently, so it is basically required.


Why bother with eye, palm or face when your walking posture is enough?


File: 1608526255681.jpg (111.2 KB, 480x640, terrydavis.jpg)

Fuck you just had to remind me we can even be tracked by the way we walk.

Surveilance got incredibly scary and it's only 2020.

File: 1608526236979.jpg (572.3 KB, 1800x1200, Asus_ROG_Strix_GL702ZC_9.jpg)


Just want to earn my paycheck to feed myself from something that will work for at least 4+ years and be durable in a chaotic home environment.

I heard stuff about how the new ryzen laptops are crazy good worth of money for the consumer. Don't know much about cpus wars.

Only want to be able to do my work fast on it without lagging under heavy load.

Will be using many many browser tabs, excel sheets, word documents, and pdf softwares. No games or anything. Just work.

What durable laptops would you suggest for these purposes in the $300-500 dollar range. I just want to fully utilize my purchasing power while buying this laptop because i'm kinda loaning the money from somebody else ;-;
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Good luck, keep us posted on what happens


>Will this Acer survive for 4+ years?
>Graphics Chipset BrandAMD
Avoid laptops with AMD or NVidia discrete gpus, those laptop gpus have high failure rates, often double digit percentages, unlike Intel igpus which have &lt0.1% failure rate. MAYBE the Radeon Vega igpus from AMD will be fine, but they haven't been out long enough to determine their durability. Find out what the specific GPU model is.
>Resolution HD (1366 X 768) Pixels
Too small resolution for my taste, wouldn't settle for less than 900 pixel height. See if you can find 1400x900, 1600x900, 1920x1080, etc. If the screen is glossy (which it usually is nowadays) instead of matte, you might want to also buy an laptop screen anti-glare filter.
>Hard Disk DescriptionMechanical Hard Drive
Are you unable to find one with an SSD?
>Processor BrandAMD
>Processor TypeCore i3 3220
Specs look like they're completely riddled with mistakes, find out what the actual processor is. This looks like a scam. Also I would try to make sure it's a fanless laptop.

>Will be using many many browser tabs, excel sheets, word documents, and pdf softwares. No games or anything. Just work.

You can't make money off excel/word, this isn't 1993. Expert knowledge in html, css, php, laravel, mysql, js, bootstrap, node.js, react, jquery, angularjs, vuejs, json and mongodb are the minimum requirements today (you can probably get by with just the first 7), which would take months to learn. Throw in some knowledge of http, apache, nginx, dom, xml, csv, and maybe python, django, beautifulsoup for good measure.

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File: 1608526238941.jpg (814.28 KB, 2048x1536, 1501269694497-0.jpg)

A cheap used Thinkpad. That's all anyone needs.


For the usual office work or even programming many laptops could work.
Get decent processors and enough RAM, and that should be fine, and there's isn't a requirement for the most LEET gaming GPUs.

If the operating system matters, then one with that already preinstalled could be considered. Most should have that anyways.
But libre software is good to have installed.


File: 1608526241577.png (84.73 KB, 678x492, 1601531776030.png)

Can you believe AMD beat Intel even on laptops?

>Will be using many many browser tabs, excel sheets, word documents, and pdf softwares. No games or anything. Just work.

Though honestly you should just get an old thinkpad if you're going to do only this much. They're durable, alright.

File: 1608526236492.png (385.4 KB, 478x638, hasqe.png)


Why haven't you taken the fp pill?


I already do it for scientific simulation programming, but I really don't see the point in using it for anything else.


I like OCaml and Scheme


I use clojure. Most of /tech/ knows at least one functional language anon.


Why yes, I have taken the Susspill.


I like Haskell but I don't find it very much use for the things I do.


Boomer family left me hundreds of blank floppies. (You know how Boomers love to collect things they don't use, which invariably become obsolete and become e-waste; they left thousands of blank CDs, DVDs, a zip-drive and about 6 old laptops and a few ancient desktops too. Because they refused to give anything away when they upgraded their stuff.)

Any ideas for what I can do with the floppies?


if there something importing on it you can try to back them up or try to smelt them, or glue them together to form cube or pencil holder or what ever post pics of what you made


If they still work and you don't want them sell em on eBay or gumtree or whatever

Retro enthusiasts still use that shit


You could use them to backup anything important you want to last.


Those are not good for backup, and the typical storage amount isn't much for today's applications anyways.
>CDs, DVDs
These could be decent media for backup, but it depends. Sometimes the data layer can be degraded, if it isn't stored properly or utilizing materials that last long.


If there are any rare, important programs on it, and they aren't already on the Archive, upload them.




Anybody using this to post here? I'm fucking scared because until recently this project was looking over. No updates or anything then randomly out of nowhere got update notification and against my best judgement updated the app. It's got a new look and options now.

But then got several more updates over the next few weeks. Almost one everyday.

I don't know where to check or see why there are these updates coming from out of the blue. Bros please tell me theres not some hidden malware happening behind the scenes of this new UI changes
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Time to rejoin the human race and post on an image board with a computer like a civilized person.


Web design on chans in general is hot garbage, let alone this one. Mobile interface is objectively superior


I can't always be with my computer dumbass


Then don't post. Are you really not able to disconnect from always online status?


>Then don't post
I want to be able to post and browse comfortably when I am not able to be near the computer

Are you really that incapable to understand people have different preferences than you. You seem to be hellbent on making this some sort of console war tier thing.
>Pc good mobile bad!


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>Looking at stolen code is no reversing, it's called stealing!
>And as last fact. Stealing != Science. Stealing is a crime and I am very happy that it is. If you wanna steal, then do so, but. Not. HERE!

Jesus, what a cuck.
I get they want to keep the project untainted of any possible copyright issues, but damn he sounds like that kid who bragged bought all of their textbooks new in school.


Of course it's a G*rman


> cant reverse
> can barely code
> forum moderator
Yup its an IT midwit


> he doesnt understand that free software project is basically communist in intent


>My reply was not militant. It was a FACT.

File: 1608526223559.png (8.2 MB, 2830x3522, asm_book.png)


I have recently started my first course in Software Engineering. The first programming subject we got apart from C is learning assembly language. I have zero knowledge of the subject and it seems quite intimidating at first glance, and was described to us as a hard course. So I wanted to ask, what would be the best sources of information to learn the language and how to even use it? The YouTube tutorials always seem a bit shit and from my first glance it is true for asm as well. We were also all recommended to read picrel over the course. Is it good and or enough for learning? It's 34 years old, so I was wondering if there were more recent manuals on the subject.
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Play TIS-100 or Shenzhen IO or Exapunks. They don't use actually existing assembly languages, but the principles, commands and syntax are kinda similar.


Where would one be able to find a pirated version of this?


I've played all of them on Linux. Can post links to Linux versions if that's your OS, but it shouldn't be hard to find Windows ones via your preferred search engine.



Thanks for the help anons. Just finished my first proper assembly program. Feels good, but damn is this shit unintuitive to code.

File: 1608526211622.png (322.99 KB, 491x491, COMRADE COCKBLAST.png)


Can someone please make more of these? I just need him in various forms. It's for a psyop. You won't get paid.
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this one is perfect for cop bullshit - thanks.
I will start making these on my own. feel pretty stupid




>name it as a jpg
make sure to remove EXIF data as well when you export as jpg


The only good thing GIMP has going is an unfunny overused meme filter.


File: 1608526271646.png (57.24 KB, 1024x1024, CyberWiphala.png)

Cross Posting this because obs this is Cockshott related

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