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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1608526407258.png (225.21 KB, 560x315, sybil.png)


Japan Will Fund AI Technology to Pair Singles Based on 'Emotional Quotient'

This is Silicon Valley tier, in that it doesn't actually address the real issue.


they’re one step away from state appointed gfs


And I thought hookup apps were dehumanizing enough.


File: 1608526408466.jpg (181.99 KB, 720x712, mikucccp.jpg)

if this leads to personalized vocaloid gfs running GNU/Linux CRITICAL SUPPORT


you really saw japan in the headline and had to post this shit huh


Based on the description this is not even an expert system just some weak ass similarity metric?

The stated goal is to make people breed, not to make them happy.

File: 1608526406313-0.png (131.31 KB, 989x889, cootact.png)


>Yonder is an A.I. software company that discovers the hidden groups who control and amplify online narratives, so companies can navigate an unpredictable, ever-evolving internet with confidence. While we can’t fix the whole internet, we can help with this part of it. Our mission is to create a more authentic internet, where everyone can experience a true sense of belonging.



They give info to companies on how to increase their influence and reach.
>their promotional pdf attached
I wonder if we can get our hands on some of these reports they make for companies.


Sounds liberal as fuck and I bet it's only going to target """alt-right""" and lefty stuff.


Any of you guys do this? I set up BOINC on some old laptop I had and started using it to search for pulsars and shit. Also, [email protected] became the most powerful “supercomputer”.
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i mean yeah seti was stupid, but still, distributed computing makes it easy for scientists to get computing power quickly and cheaply, it was able to expand massively with COVID and became the most powerful computer in the world as i said, its very flexible.


Actually wasn't much of a waste of electricity since there was no low-power modes or thermal throttling back in the day. Better to use idle cycles for something than nothing.

Now we have Bitcoin, which is a scale of wastage worse than everything before it combined.


>Better to use idle cycles for something
Completely unrelated but I hate retards that keep their computers turned on all day and night just for nerd cred, not even running a home server or whatever.


who the fuck just leaves it on?


A lot of people on technology imageboards who want to seem cool showing a high uptime on their rice or something

File: 1608526402175.jpg (67.95 KB, 800x420, 34234-3.jpg)


I can understand why one would use python for practical purposes : it is the most 'battery included', 'scripting' programming language that requires least amount of fuss to get the work done 'initially'. And yes lots of important scientific research framework depends on python so you don't have much choices on few domain specific problems.

actually that's a spook. I am willing to bet a lot of money even simple boiler plate web applications developers would have wished they are writing in java the moment exceptions start flying.

also those salty researchers who just want to stick it up to their programmer friends with clever jupyter notebook demos would be sorry when they realize numpy could have been much more usable and less human error prone should they chose a language with, you know? BLOODY TYPE AWARE SYSTEM that can allow computer program to deduce which operation feeds what operands without mere mortals fumbling through yet another stack overflow question or never ending reference manual pages???

like seriously, I would furrackign volunteer to port legacy app I am tasked to expand to BCHS or even bloody perl script or fucking racket scgi on my off time than torture myself with this bullshit language of jokes

python & its perpetrators should be gulaged for sabotaging type system and wasting workers time while inflating exploitation rate for bourgeois class
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Scientists/cybsec guys/data science guys whatever dont write big software projects, they use tools to solve immediate problems and python is great for that because its concise and simple to write. Also perl you mention in first post as alternative is much less maintanable and error prone


B-But Python is popular and I want to feel hip and special about the programming languages I use!!


Then learn lisp or Haskell, python is too pragmatic to be hip


may I ask which country you are wage cucking at? I would be surprised if you did not see all the entry level python job openings nearby


File: 1608526415703.png (31.41 KB, 200x155, R.png)

R-using scientist here, I honestly don't see the point to Python. When you really need efficient routines that are going to be massively iterated you simply write them in C++. In fact all the heavy duty R stuff is coded in C++ on the back end.

File: 1608526401023.jpeg (78.27 KB, 800x600, image.jpeg)


>hides your face from coppers
>no more facial recognition


white people hate wearimg masks, they'll get rid of them soon when the vaccines come out


True, this is eternally based



I'm glad I no longer get weird looks from visitors


The pandemic happened a month after my country approved a law that was made to stop protesters from covering their faces. Pretty funny.

File: 1608526399670.jpg (487.95 KB, 744x1218, 1607043116285.jpg)


>The research paper in question deals with possible ethical issues of large language models, a field of research being pursued by OpenAI, Google and others. Gebru said she doesn’t know why Google had concerns about the paper, which she said was approved by her manager and submitted to others at Google for comment.
>The paper called out the dangers of using large language models to train algorithms that could, for example, write tweets, answer trivia and translate poetry, according to a copy of the document. The models are essentially trained by analyzing language from the internet, which doesn’t reflect large swaths of the global population not yet online, according to the paper. Gebru highlights the risk that the models will only reflect the worldview of people who have been privileged enough to be a part of the training data.
Kind of a weird thing to get fired over, especially when it's your damn job to do exactly this.
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That wasn't it at all. Reading comprehension: F, see me after class.

What she is saying is that AI is being trained using language data from the internet. Only the wealthiest people on the planet have access to the internet, therefore AI will be trained by speech/text patterns of the wealthiest humans. And she's right. Last thing we need is an imperialist, anti-communist AIs.


Also, people don't act on the internet like they act in real life.


is it tho? considering social network is modern equivalent to crack cocaine psyop, I'd think researchers would have access to rather diverse data including poorer part of population no?

I might actually read her paper if it's openaccess


File: 1608526405035.pdf (1.19 MB, sp (1).pdf)

Apparently this is it? I can't find the actually published version. (If it was published yet.)


>Do this or I quit
>We accept your resignation
How the fuck was she fired?

File: 1608526398972.png (19.09 KB, 600x200, cloudflare.png)


Are we about to witness the next escalation in clampdowns on speech across the internet? The incoming presidential administration in the United States has included among its Department of Defense transition team Alyssa Starzak. Starzak, who previously held positions as General Counsel of the U.S. Army, Deputy General Counsel at the Department of Defense, counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and assistant general counsel at the Central Intelligence Agency, has for the past few years now been Head of Policy at Cloudflare. During her time at Cloudflare, we have already witnessed examples of politically-motived business decisions about who gets to be protected by DDoS protection services and who doesn't, including the shutting down of sites like 8ch and Daily Stormer. But it seems DDoS services have become just another aspect of Silicon Valley's merger with the US national security state.

Sources, since no news sites really seem to have picked up on this yet:
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Would that not be noticeable and traceable ?


No, you can pay people anonymously to DDOS for you, and they'll do it via infected computers and hosting providers.
The only noticeable thing is your suggestion that "that wouldn't happen", and >>5961's memoryloss for any website pre-cloudflare.


Yes, bunkerchan itself was forced onto cloudfare due to a ddos less than a year ago


Are ddos protection services really efficient enough to last ? Would it not be easier to use a re-host protocol, if you connect to a server you have to rehost data of that server, for a while. It would make ddos near impossible.


So decentralized DDoS prevention doesn't exist huh

File: 1608526396657.jpg (48.79 KB, 359x363, 1597826941514.jpg)


>There are 160 apps on my phone. What they’re actually doing, I don’t know. But I decided to find out.


The worst thing about phones is that the only way to win is to not play at all.



>There are 160 apps on my phone


Closest I've gotten is LineageOS without gapps


Mozilla shoots itself in the foot again to please its overlords at Google.

>I came across this video recently, in which Mozilla add-on developers talk about the implementation of the new "DeclarativeNetRequest" feature that Google intends to use in order to replace the current "block WebRequest" used in Manifest V2 by pretty much any content blocker worth of it's name. The video is only 3 weeks old: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpDFS-GUytg

>To summarize the important bit of the video, Mozilla is planning to adopt the new functionality without replacing the current one, essentially to ensure compatibility between add-ons in Chrome and Firefox while also maintaining the content blocker functionality.
>However they are very careful to always say, wether in this video or in the corresponding blog posts, that they will support blocking WebRequest "for now", or "we don't have any IMMEDIATE plans to remove content blocking capabilities" which concerns me, because they are definitely going to implement DNR in the future, even if only at browser start up at first.
>The fact that they don't give us a definitive answer regarding content blocking features is a big concern. Surfing the web without UBO is…unthinkable at this point.
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Opera GX gang represent


Firefox is controlled opposition.


File: 1608526397822.png (66.35 KB, 1083x410, browser-user-share.png)

Just imagine if they had done this shit while they were the underdog to Internet Explorer.


they havent done anything yet


False, they've done A LOT of dumb shit over the years.

File: 1608526394717.jpg (218.97 KB, 800x1000, thebotnet.jpg)


Google violated US labor laws by spying on workers who were organizing employee protests, then firing two of them, according to a complaint filed by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) today. Several other employees were fired in the wake of the protests, but the NLRB found that only the terminations of Berland and Spiers violated labor laws.
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It's kind of telling that they don't use this motto anymore. Now it's 'Do the right thing', and what this 'right thing' is up to anyone's guess.


It's "don't [b]be[/b] evil". I.e., perfectly fine to do evil as long as you keep your image clean.



>The union's formation comes after years of rising employee tensions at Google over the company's business and operational decisions, including its work with the defense sector, plans for a censored search engine in China, and the company's handling of sexual misconduct claims, the last of which resulted in a massive employee protest. The union's demands hit on many of those issues.

>"For far too long, thousands of us at Google — and other subsidiaries of Alphabet, Google's parent company — have had our workplace concerns dismissed by executives," the workers wrote in the Times op-ed. "Our bosses have collaborated with repressive governments around the world.

When the CIA's anti-china rhetoric backfires and it makes the employees of the most important spyware unionize.
lmao. Based, but also cringe.


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