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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1699816495938.jpg (319.17 KB, 2560x1440, EZh2bOMWkAMhRsL.jpg)


where should i start with linux? i really want to jump ship, but i've been on windows since 2000/xp and really don't know were to start. i want to be able to customize my desktop gui, use video editing software (it's for work), and still play my video games. i've been looking into Nobara and it seem like a good place to start. Should I dual boot it on my main OS, or put it on my old labtop to get use to it?
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Virtualbox often breaks after new releases or kernel upgrades, leading to relatively frequent crashes and file corruption.
Apparently Oracle only keeps vbox around as a legacy enterprise product and for gullible hobbyists, so stability and testing have suffered over the last decade.


I think you are right to some extent. But I know for a fact of many irl important uses of VMs in corpos and academia that are not legacy or hobbyism at all. Particularly to do with cybersec and other networking related stuff where without a VM you would have to run like 80 physical machines with the same OS and other software on top of each of them and VMs are just a whole lot easier


I never claimed anything about VMs in general, only that Oracle treats virtualbox as a legacy and hobbyist product.
IIRC virtualization is indispensible in the server market; Xen, Bhyve and Docker in particular.


not rly


If you aren't a "FOSS schizo" (?) then just install Steam.

File: 1700459061814.png (139.16 KB, 963x542, 1695365682062.png)


That's the list of toggles for disabling telemetry in Firefox. By default, Firefox sends pings every time you shut down your browser, make a new profile, it pings their servers when you run firefox and much more. Is this supposed to be 'le privacy browser?

I actually just copied and pasted one of these hardened configs and starting up firefox still pings home every time. Very cool!
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>also it had a bunch of unaddressed phone homes and security issues at the time I used it
I've never heard of ungoogled chromium doing this…


well I didn't save what I saw at the time, but perhaps I read a misleading article an the matter.


Here -→ https://github.com/arkenfox/user.js/blob/master/user.js
You don't need to use user.js if you don't want. Just go over the file and use about:config


Those pings still happen even with the most hardened config.js!!!!!!



Do you own one? I just bought a cheap Chinese one and I love the feel and noise and the extra space (it's a tenkeyless).
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>retvrn to hieroglyphics


got one, mostly for getting rid of ghosting, and its more pleasant to type too
feel pretty good, got it since 5+ years for like 120bucks (I had plenty of money), given the time I spend on the computer was a good investment


Cliqter claxters
tip tap


>tfw you will never own an IBM beam spring keyboard


I always get a full sized keyboard. You don't actually need a mechanical keyboard as long as you buy something that's better than the cheap entry-level stuff. That being said, I think Cherry Mx Brown keys are the most comfortable ones.

File: 1653796509011.jpg (14.4 KB, 474x248, sodachi.jpg)


why is maths as a school subject nothing but difficult number tricks with no practical application? physics has equations that are both piss easy and give you answers you can use. fuck educational maths
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66+44 does not equal 100 tho


File: 1699921306861.jpg (11.22 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

our universe is the only possible one, therefore physics is mathematics


that sounds like a social construct

sry, just one of many




>why is maths as a school subject nothing but difficult number tricks
cuz school is meant to make you into a trained monkey that doesn't think, just does according to principles thought out by someone else

File: 1700255649437.gif (2.27 MB, 480x640, 1.gif)


recommend me resources for learning bit, hex, dec, ascii and stuff
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File: 1700334775180-0.pdf (286.26 KB, 197x255, Numbers.pdf)

File: 1700334775180-1.pdf (570.65 KB, 197x255, Boolean Algebra.pdf)

I tried finding you something, it's surprisingly hard. These two look good. They are from here: https://home.csulb.edu/~hill/ee201/



thanks fren
some wikipedia references and articles are also good resources tho it's a shame such info is so spread out


The actual topics to cover will largely depend on what you want to get out of it. Since you mentioned ASCII, I assume you are interested in the actual representations used by computers and not just the numeral systems in mathematics. I'm sure there are plenty of textbooks that cover these things but I can't recommend any because I learned these stuff by attending lectures in university.

I would cover at least these topics:
- Boolean algebra, maybe a little digital circuits
- Numeral systems (binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal)
- Bitwise operations
- Number representations (BCD, sign-magnitude, one's complement, two's complement, floating point)
- Memory, endianness
- Arbitrary precision numbers (maybe?)
- Character encodings (ASCII, ISO/IEC 8859, Unicode)
- Maybe some simple image format like something from netpbm? Or some other example of how other things are represented in computers. 3D models, audio? idk

I'm sure I missed something, hopefully other anons will insult me for it,


This looks sick, I wish I had an excuse to use it.


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Remember when javascript only existed to make websites prettier?


No, and my first browser was text based. JS has always been about adding functionality.


I think you mean CSS


Not to defend js-fuckery but Math.max() and Math.min() make sense if you think of them as taking the sup/inf of the empty set


nah back then it was about crashing your browser


I have a feeling that "AI alignment problems" were just made up to make programmers feel better about their inability to solve any real problem. Please tell me how wrong I am.
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AI is nowhere close to being real and there's much bigger issues. None of the stuff like AI art is anything approaching actual AI.


>AI alignment problems
marketing term, nothing to do with programming


oh yeah dude ai is so so soooooo powerful right now we need to contain it pass laws only let a select few control it because it could kill us all im not blowing it out of proportion so you inflate our stocks no im actually sooo scared aha


File: 1700329216499.png (717.11 KB, 900x900, 1700322707416670.png)


"current text generation models carry with them the seeds for worldwide human extinction and we need to act accordingly" is a massively strong claim that is entirely hypothetical and carries zero evidence to back it up. It was more believable to say that nuclear weapons would cause a human extinction event and it still didn't happen. Why does anyone take these clowns seriously

File: 1662309932640.jpg (93.8 KB, 1600x1066, tux.jpg)


I have used coreboot before, but I got a laptop with a weird chip layout that is going to be difficult to coreboot. I found a few workarounds, but I am having trouble understanding them. Would anybody here be willing to help?
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File: 1699853297510.jpg (449.7 KB, 1440x1024, 1608748099792.jpg)

How do you prevent an evil maid attack after flashing coreboot on a machine?

inb4 you don't


that has to be one dedicated maid to bring along a flashing kit when she could just drug me and tie me up and tell me I've been a bad boy


File: 1699905607178.gif (274.24 KB, 286x286, 1424349867401.gif)

when is framwork laptop getting coreboot support??


LUKS + store the key in flash drive/TPM


Well no, if someone has physical access to your machine always assume the worst. Encrypting like >>22332 says will only keep your data safe but they can still flash whatever they want on the machine.

Afaik once you go coreboot you can also flash internally which means anyone with a modified USB flash could easily change it too.

File: 1653962740679.png (254.36 KB, 416x416, 1638387318493.png)


Remember to constantly randomize your MAC address.
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randomizing your MAC address doesn't do shit unless you're concerned about the local network you're on. when packets get NAT'ed they don't preserve information about the MAC address on the local network because otherwise that would cause all sorts of problems. MAC addresses are only meaningful on a local network because iirc they're randomized and also dependent on the hardware you're using, so if every single MAC address of every device in the world was being sent around on the internet, there would be collisions all the time.


>it's just nice to be noticed.
Deus Ex moment.


Android already does this by default.


sounds good if i'm on a labby, but why would i do it if i'm on desktop


>Thinking any of this shit is going to protect you from the fbi.
If I was doing shit that I thought yhe feds would care about I would use TailsOS or something, but you probably can't even count on that.


Yeah I still using it, in fact anyone still kinda using it cuz we can't just abandon our normies facade.

Also is it true that from Windows 10 until onwards (Windows 11), you don't need install any third-party or additional antivirus?

I still can't move on into Linux. Cuz it's not even my laptop, but my parents.
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Best advice is to run Windows in a Qubes OS virtual machine.


you should only use the built-in windows defender unless you like installing spyware that will make your computer run even slower


although obviously the better option is simply not using windows at all


File: 1699464042518.jpeg (432.64 KB, 1072x1556, 23661f380e41cfde.jpeg)

I mean Windows has nothing exclusive anymore, so I don't get the point in trying it pretend it's still easy to use past Windows 7. NixOS with KDE is easier to teach to kids and old people than Windows 11 unless you want more flexibility than windows would ever non-trivially provide in the first place.

That said, ClamWin was great back when I used to use Windows.


>kids will want to learn a programming language just to use the package manager and install programs
You had a point until you mentioned that meme OS.

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