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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1619216459498.jpg (40.85 KB, 200x250, Looke Smeethe.jpg)


Are there any good "political" tech tubers? I'm tired of "non political" tech youtubers screeching every other video about politics and how essjaydoobs not letting them say n-word is gonna destroy the world and that's just too "political".
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If there's any programming language whose documentation is youtube vidoes, there's no way in hell I'm touching that.



totally agree.

Any recs for political tech blogs?


I also like NCommander and Cathode Ray Dude


Wow, this is objectively the dumbest thing I've ever read, who the fuck would want politics in IT and why would you ever need it? Like for example, say some random made a video about TCP, what could you possible add to that video that's politics that aren't either completely unrelated and you just switched the topic of the video completely or you're literally just making up how they relate…
Or am I missing something?


File: 1660551184515.jpg (283.15 KB, 1400x967, JWE.jpg)

Technological development is not divorced from capitalism. The consolidation of freedesktop/systemd for instance was inherently political.
Code in itself can only be ideological in what it expects of the runtime environment. However capitalists direct the design and development of software.


So-called machine "learning" is destroying yet another thing, this time science.


Techno-optimists in shambles


>corrupt institutions with zero regard for the validity of the papers their researchers send to publishers shockingly results in poor information being spread


People still don't understand that a computer won't do things you haven't programmed it to do.
Many people think that AI-software + big dataset = new and original programs.
machine learning is a form of brute-force computation, it is a supremely useful tool but it is not a form of self assembling intelligence. We have to put all the intelligence into it our self.
The part where AI can find patterns that humans can't, is true , but it is a quantitative improvement, not a qualitative one.


The big problem with how modern AI is that is just looking for correlation while having zero context. This how you get AI thinking a snow fox is snow because every snow fox example it was given had snow on the ground. Basically we have the Chinese room problem where even if we put a human that doesn't know Chinese in a room and given them instructions on what sequence of Chinese characters to write for a given sequence of characters that whole process won't know Chinese but only an illusion thereof based on a ridged input/output rule set.

File: 1660362981010.png (31.01 KB, 805x315, weizenbaum.png)



Huh, so the computer always belonged to the military in some form or another?


he goes over this in the interview


They don't make computer scientists like him anymore

File: 1660346829355.jpg (577 KB, 2560x1440, 30.jpg)


China pulls ahead
>If you're disappointed by Samsung's relatively slow progress on foldables, say hello to the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2, which looks significantly more advanced than what we saw in this week's announcement from Samsung. But it's for China only, of course. Sorry.


Maybe I'm in the minority here but I really like foldable phones.

File: 1657287816153.jpg (15.44 KB, 331x264, use-gnu.jpg)


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File: 1657717008644.pdf (3.2 MB, 180x255, Ada_Programming.pdf)

If you wanna get into programming but C/C++ are too much, GCC has a compiler GNAT for Ada, a really nice hack-y language based off of Pascal


There's also FreeBASIC which is built on top of GNU


NFT grifters are funnelling money to the foundations behind Blender and Godot? Godot already has a permissive MIT license so it would be easy to turn them into a commercialized proprietary front.


There's an animal called GNU G.O.A.T.


File: 1660360020144.pdf (988.43 KB, 197x255, ctut.pdf)


post rare tux


File: 1655999483411.jpg (99.72 KB, 454x607, star tux.jpg)


File: 1656366611533-0.jpg (102.18 KB, 1600x1200, 1615816340504.jpg)

File: 1656366611533-1.jpg (80.84 KB, 738x551, tux.jpg)


File: 1660026785581.png (924.22 KB, 2000x1000, 1660006814941.png)


>A Twitter data breach has allowed an attacker to get access to the contact details of 5.4M accounts.


File: 1660056261816.png (472.32 KB, 813x543, DiscordHackers.png)

It seems be par the corse. Yahoo users got their logins leaked in 2013 because Yahoo kept their logins in plain text on their servers as if was still the 1970s yet Yahoo still exists. In 2019 someone managed to get a backup of Facebook's servers and leaked it.


Just give us your phone number, bro. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear.


Anyone who trusts these websites will get what they deserve


A USB drive of mine corrupted with stuff on it. Its not important stuff but it would be cool to get it back. I don't know much about tech so I was wondering if you smart bois could at least tell me if there's realistically anything I can do to fix the drive or if its game over.

I'm using a mac and using dick utility it gave the following result when I ran first aid:

Repairing file system.
** /dev/rdisk2s1

Invalid BS_jmpBoot in boot block: 000000

File system check exit code is 8.
Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required.
File system verify or repair failed.
Operation failed…

Is there anything I can do to fix the drive or should I just use some fancy software to recover as much as possible?


The video is unrelated btw, just needed something so I could post thread.



>Is there anything I can do to fix the drive
You could try opening a terminal and typing 'sudo fsck /dev/rdisk2s1'. IDK if the disk utility already uses fsck under the hood. It might give you more options.


File: 1660161822017.png (77.5 KB, 874x612, gparted_4_big.png)


If it's the hardware failing you can use ddrescue to make a copy of as much as possible:

File: 1660059652245.jpg (187.69 KB, 1080x608, encryption.jpg)


Are computers a branch of state/defense/power within the context of a communist party?
It seems they are only treated as tools for mass propaganda and outreach for most I've come into contact with (and with questionable results – amounting to retweeting each other or posting take downs as Facebook posts with hardly any engagement). Is this way of using the technology maybe a huge mistake setting us back currently, especially considering the media platforms often are confirmed police/SIGINT tools where our groups are indisputably targeted/sabotaged?


What smartphone do you have? What you recommend? Also share your recommended apps.

I have a Xiaomi Poco F3, I got it for cheap ($280) and has a lot of good features like 5G, 120HZ AMOLED, NFC, a powerful processor etc I don't plan to buy another one for in the next 4-5 years.

My recommended apps:
>Blokada (to block all ads, doesn't need root)
>f-droid (alt app store).
>Bromite and Fennec Fdroid web browsers
>Libretorrent if you want to torrent on your phone.
>Tachiyomi if you want to read manga.
>Radiodroid for radiostations
>Torbrowser for tor proxy/onion service
>Lucky Patcher if you want to fuck around trying to unlock apps for free (Needs Root)
>MX player for videos, Simple Gallery for images.
>New Pipe or YT Vanced for youtube videos.
>foobar2000 or blackplayer for music
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Unfortunately there are no custom ROMs for my phone so I had to root. Got all the google boatware off it, the thing runs like a dream. Really cool being able to use sudo permission software in termux too.
Have you looked into the aniyomi fork at all? It's really nice having anime and manga in one app.


I'm not really an anime guy so no.


I installed it to try it out and no anime works. They give me an error. But Better Call Saul and The Boys works, wtf is this app 💀


What's the recommended phone + OS at higher end price ranges?

Is the difference between Calyx, Lineage, and Graphene significant?


pixel 6 pro + grapheneos

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