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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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For those who don't know, a bunch of major subreddits (at least 3000 in total) are going to go private for 48 hours to protest Reddit killing third party use of its API. It's technically supposed to start tomorrow but a bunch of subreddits are getting a head start already.

More info:

Thoughts? There's more backlash than I expected, and I'm all for it, but I think going with a 48-hour blackout with no demands is basically a toothless gesture, much like the 24-hour protest strikes some unions do. Doesn't really mean anything.
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Some instances have patreon sites and other funding channels set up. Some seem to make a decent stable bank from donations.


File: 1688428646296-0.png (356.52 KB, 942x1070, ClipboardImage.png)


>In an interview Thursday with NBC News, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman praised Musk’s aggressive cost-cutting and layoffs at Twitter, and said he had chatted “a handful of times” with Musk on the subject of running an internet platform.

<“Long story short, my takeaway from Twitter and Elon at Twitter is reaffirming that we can build a really good business in this space at our scale,” Huffman said.
>“Now, they’ve taken the dramatic road,” he added, “and I guess I can’t sit here and say that we’re not either, but I think there’s a lot of opportunity here.”


Top Fucking KEK this guy sucking off Elon so hard that he thought that doing the same thing was going to be good for Reddit. Despite the fact that Twitter has been losing money and is a giant echo chamber for far-rightoids as Twitter will finally die.


File: 1688627048670-0.jpg (1.05 MB, 5312x2988, 20230705_115836.jpg)

File: 1688627048670-1.jpg (884.1 KB, 5312x2988, 20230705_115829.jpg)


what's this bruv
it looks tasty


Hey comrades,

This article came up https://www.vice.com/en/article/v7e9y3/activists-are-designing-mesh-networks-to-deploy-during-civil-unrest about an open source mesh network (including the hardware made from easily accessible parts) to be used when governments shut down the internet. It seems the original project is dead, but I did manage to find this repo

I have (as of this moment) limited expertise in hardware and protocol programming but I have time and resources to delve into it and perhaps start it back up.

There's several things they mention in the description of the program, such as a lack of encryption, lack of peer to peer, how all messages are saved in nodes, etc. These strike me as someone with not too much knowhow, as bad design aspects.

I would like to dedicate this thread to trying to dig up more info on this project, and for people with more know how to chime in on what ought to be different, if you would restart as the sole dev(s) anyway, or pointers on where to start.
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anonet has been around longer than you've been alive


File: 1687531844998.png (32.34 KB, 1080x472, 2005.png)

lol no.


Phones near police reported not recording:
-Microwave weapons that stop electronics would not be it as that is not permanent.
-Backdoors are not responsive

Phones near police don't upload:
Simple Jamming a mobile antenna running on battery with a giant antenna running on generator.

Stopping Internet in local areas:
1. If they stop it, they will also ban HAM radio for civilian use.
2. If they ban HAM radio (send, not receive), than no sense creating a mesh due to arrest risk.

Wide area Internet shutdown:
-They are loyal to money. They have to find a way to make money flow. Wide area shutdowns are only loyal outside of 9 to 5 M-F.


A meshnet would only make sense during a time of war, when laws would be suspended or disregarded anyway.


>If they ban HAM radio (send, not receive), than no sense creating a mesh due to arrest risk.
They don't have the means to enforce a ban on ad-hoc wifi and bluetooth even if they wanted. Imagine how many extremely tech-literate cops they would need running around with PDAs sniffing for packets to triangulate
>A meshnet would only make sense during a time of war
Meshnets are used commonly to share free internet or to connect remote areas without landline infrastructure, some of them are even sponsored by local government

File: 1688657880941.png (90.46 KB, 1080x1071, specialneeds.png)


what in the heavens do they mean with this formulation?


It means only retards trust Elon's suckware.


If you install it as an APK instead of through a "store" like F-Droid, you don't get automatic updates.


If you install Signal from the APK on their website, it'll download updates automatically and send you a notification when it's ready to install. Then you just tap on it and hit install on Android's usual app install dialog.


Why not XMPP + OMEMO?


Is this the only safe communications technology out there? To elaborate further, WWII-era encryption methods, such as the German Enigma machine, would not be easily cracked by a modern consumer computer. The Enigma machine was used by the Germans during World War II to encrypt their communications, and it was considered highly secure at the time.

Cracking the Enigma code was a significant challenge and required the efforts of a large team of mathematicians, engineers, and codebreakers at Bletchley Park, including notable figures like Alan Turing. The codebreakers employed various techniques, including developing early computers called "bombes" to assist in the decryption process. It took years of dedicated work to decipher Enigma-encrypted messages.

Modern consumer computers are significantly more powerful than the computing technology available during World War II, but cracking the Enigma code still required advanced mathematical and cryptanalytic techniques. It's important to note that the Enigma encryption was not fundamentally flawed; rather, it was vulnerabilities in the implementation and operator errors that led to its eventual decryption.

However, it's worth mentioning that modern consumer computers, combined with advanced algorithms and techniques, can crack certain encryption methods used during that era if they were weak or based on known vulnerabilities. But the more robust and well-implemented encryption methods, such as the Enigma, would still pose a significant challenge even to modern computing power.


Where am I going to get a KL-7 from?


File: 1688641245377.gif (7.13 MB, 546x750, turing.gif)

>the Enigma encryption was not fundamentally flawed
OP the fact that the Enigma never encrypted a letter to itself was a huge flaw. in fact it was what allowed the bombes to work in the first place, thanks to easily guessable cribs (a known-plaintext attack)
I'm not even sure what point you're making. you can implement AES in a microcontroller for offline encryption if you like. it is largely immune to known-plaintext attacks


File: 1682038982049.png (8.51 KB, 445x120, ClipboardImage.png)


All nitter instances are rate limited now
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Stop. Reading. Garbage.


deflection to shit i wasnt even talking about jesse what the fuck is a microblog just get your news from the streets and basket weaving fourms we also have news anon


>touch grass
I double on this. The moment you touch grass and see how the life really is all the anti-communism and reactionism will slowly wither away. No, going from one building to another doesn't count.


we need something with critical mass for breaking news. it's trivial to control the narrative when everyone is in controlled walled gardens where every click is monitored and recorded and saved to your record which is accessible to your local cop/landlord/porky


Twitter and microblogging are going to die together same as they were born together
This is the end of the road
Fediverse, Blue Sky, Threads, etc aren't going to "replace" it

File: 1677693500957.png (122.25 KB, 472x581, taking notes.png)


Do you have advice for a software engineer?
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File: 1688473921705.png (353.96 KB, 640x783, d003de4a67542595.png)


File: 1688477187523.jpg (54.59 KB, 500x491, 1437215403230.jpg)

nice meme but thats all it is, a meme, unrepresentative of real life


Where Programming Socks and cat ears.



Basically this is correct.

File: 1672028568700.png (3.23 MB, 1264x1024, ClipboardImage.png)


Name a single time you used a search engine to find anything worthwhile. They are even on a conceptual level just a bad way to navigate the web, and on top of that many algorithms are centred around marketing and spam and noise muddles up every result. They remove the interactive aspect of the web which makes it such a unique medium and help commercialize its very content. Stop using search engines.
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Two issues:
a) You're limited to just what the SEARCH ENGINE reddit offers which is limited by it's bias.
If I were interested in getting a torrent of a video game, and reddit is legally or culturally pressured to take down content about that, (just like r/shoplifting and r/incel respectfully), unless I can find a link to a separate resource from another comment, (which also can be censored if reddit is against such resource), I'm fucked.
b) Using reddit limits you to what reddit directly offers. If the solution is something outside of reddit, you'd have to hope that this resources is accessible (either through subreddit link or a comment link)

Like seriously: I recently had an issue with trying to figure out why my cpu jumps in usage when watching a video, and while I found the solution of a clone of a stackoverflow, I would've never found it since I'd neither knew that it was on that alternative stack overflow, but I'd never find a resource that would've granted a SEARCH ENGINE that would give me the stack overflow alternative or even an answer from that overflow.

And it's funny that you go: "normies use it" – normies type "X reddit" on a search engine since even though reddit is helpful, it doesn't always help and having alternatives lined up is needed.

Again: search engines are fine, they're just one of many tools in your tool box to work with.
Saging so the thread can wind down from the dumb take.


Soft of related note, do you guys have any search engiones you recommend?

I switch to duckduckgo in the past, and I'm noticing that they recommend not based off
of what actually will satisfy you query.
Like these two screenshots just happened to me recently – and I haven't has bad of a result than when I was using youtube, and I got only 3 results I kind've wanted, and 9 results that were literally disconected from anything I asking.
On that youtube example. Here's one off the top of my head: trying to look up lets play content to the parrot moment from ace attorney, and after 4 results it game me results from ace attorney role play videos.


File: 1688419210469-0.png (273.53 KB, 1027x1864, a.png)

File: 1688419210469-1.png (1.72 MB, 1819x814, b.png)

I don't know anything about the internal design of search engines. Still i suspect duckduckgo tends to match keywords and literal text while google has more of a dwim approach. Most of the results you are getting are SEO optimized to death. I do several things to minimize the presence of these in the search results:
>minimize pronouns, prepositions and articles as much as possible
<the more individual word matches, the more likely optimized sites will win
>quote the word with the least likely results or an idiom
<may get no results at all, especially with long quoted text
>if a search fails, try again with synonyms
The reformulation you did for the first search isn't different enough. Either be more creative or get a thesaurus.
The most important thing is to anticipate what sites may match. Some search patterns will always give you crap results, even with google or whatever dwim search.

Flood detected; Post discarded.


with searx you can curate what websites are pulled from in search results, you could set it up to e.g. search all alt stack overflows you compiled (not a response to you so much as a comment on a practical way to cut down the google bullshit while still finding collective knowledge thats been posted online b4)


>The reformulation you did for the first search isn't different enough. Either be more creative or get a thesaurus.
Not a bad tip, but it's odd just how many rings you have to jump through to make the engion work with you.

Like sure, these two aren't that different:
>Study in one sitting or throughout the day
>Should you study multiple times a day or once a day.
But I find it odd that a word like "study" was almost entirely descarded, and instead I was given results for tips for studying and working out.

>The most important thing is to anticipate what sites may match. Some search patterns will always give you crap results, even with google or whatever dwim search

You can use the "site:" argument in the search, so I guess I should use more tags.

That's interesting, can you make it give highlighted results?
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File: 1653001131008.jpg (25.16 KB, 680x453, FS_Q8HkVEAAzam8.jpg)


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Amtrak electrifies the profitable bits like the northeast Corridor but most of the existing network is owned by freight companies and lo and behold, they don't want to invest the money. The government would have to force them and pay for it to boot


I wonder if the no windows is supposed to be a diss to Bill Gates?


Then you'd be left with the retarded capitalist dependents.


File: 1688463266976.png (319.37 KB, 888x767, 1688463091372.png)

its happening


The apple car development team has to be so demoralised right now. EVs are losing steam thanks to Elon and the increasing conciousness about battery technology, its limitations and the imperial origins of lithium. Even more, the dream of self driving is as far away as it was 10 years ago, for they didn't take in account the crumbling infrastructure of the US (and the whole western world for that matter). And now Tim Cook is betting the future of Apple on "spatial computing", which itself it's an ofshoot of self driving development.

File: 1676169769823.png (155.07 KB, 840x734, ClipboardImage.png)


Linux Distro users are good, because it is open source. I won't lie and say linux is good, but if you like linux, what distros do you use?

I'll start
I use Fedora and Manjaro on my two devices, but the one with Manjaro is mostly because i installed it there 2 years ago, and it hasn't broken down yet. If you're considering using Manjaro just don't, I think arch would be better since it's more stable than manjaro probably
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>The kernel is by definition seperate from userspace and usually consists of multiple differently privileged parts internally.
Then I expressed myself incorrectly (or I was incorrect, take your pic). What I should have said is: Windows runs a lot of things in kernel space that Linux runs in user space, e.g. window manager. I assume wm in Windows is explorer.exe.


>Windows runs a lot of things in kernel space that Linux runs in user space, e.g. window manager. I assume wm in Windows is explorer.exe.
No, explorer.exe can in fact be killed and restarted through ctrl+alt+del, which is also started by the user on keypress. Windows has graphic components in its kernel, but i don't know to what extent. X-Windows used to come with drivers that accessed the raw video devices. Now, at least on linux, the lower half of any video driver resides in kernelspace.
The windows base system is as locked-down as it is, because there is a system layer, where software runs in userspace with more privileges than a regular user (see the evocative diagrams in my previous post). In principle it's as if init, getty, dbus, powerd, and X were the only programs running as root.


On your own graph here >>20723 window manager is part of the kernel subsystem.


File: 1688249892504-1.png (3.36 KB, 266x247, gditoddi.png)

You are right.
The diagram is a bit misleading, as the component most closely resembling a window manager (DWM) operates in userspace while communicating over a kernel ipc mechanism. The "composition engine" (gdi/win32k) in kernelspace ostensibly does drawing to the screen. Documentation hints at some of it being in userspace before NT 4.


File: 1688251062286.png (4.73 KB, 540x265, graphics01.png)

>"composition engine" (gdi/win32k) in kernelspace
This time i got it wrong. The composition engine is entirely in userspace. Only the legacy dgi and low-level DXddi apis are actually in kernel.


I bought a framework laptop because my previous one was so cheaply constructed that it literally disintegrated from use.

I quite like it. I'm not going to pretend that buying a product will solve any systemic capitalist evils like ending e-waste or granting a right to repair, but on a personal level, I'm hopeful to be able to avoid some common pitfalls with consumer products like disposability and planned obsolescence by being able to repair this thing myself or replace parts on it. Plus it seems pretty sturdily constructed in the first place. The keyboard's very crisp by laptop standards and is backlit (which is thoroughly unremarkable, but my previous laptop wasn't, because I lived in the stone age), the trackpad's nice, the screen is annoyingly glossy, though it is high resolution with a large color gamut. Hopefully they release a matte screen at some point. And being able to choose where the ports are on it is a bit of a godsend to deal with cable mess.

Thoughts on this thing?
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>so cheaply constructed that it literally disintegrated from use.
Same happened to me, I would have liked a framework ideally but won't spend that much on a computer.. In the end I settled for a thinkpad x13 because they go for 500 bucks on the lenovo website, I think they try to empty their inventory or something. It's not quite like those old reliable t series though, the ram is soldered on my model for example which sucks a bit.


>They seriously need to fire of who is ever in charge of their design department.
the only thing i see wrong is like it looks like an offbrand macbook, but other than that i don't see what's the big deal. ýou need to do something about your social anxiety, dog.


Framework is one of the two companies I'd consider buying a laptop from - the other is System76.

On the hardware side, Framework is perhaps doing the best for upgrade capable, repairable, modular laptops using modern hardware. Unfortunately, they're not quite as good on the software/firmware/openness side. They do mention Linux (on the DIY version) but they aren't using an open Coreboot based firmware or other custom stuff and I know there was some disappointment with how they handled some things in the past in this regard. Still, they are far from the worst and could get better and any improvements they make are easy to upgrade to in terms of hardware or firmware/software.

System76 by contrast is still using more or less "whitebox" ODM laptops, customizing them though they are working on totally custom built ones. However, they are an openness ethos company first and started with software/firmware. They maintain the PopOS Linux distro (one of the best Debian/Ubuntu style for desktop use) partially for their own hardware and as such their laptops all work 100% on Linux, all the function keys and other stuff works. They also use Coreboot on nearly everything Intel based (AMD coming with the 7xxx series), and custom firmware with custom embedded controllers that are FOSS and openhardware spec. They also fabricate a lot of their stuff in the US, ethically sourced etc…notably their "Thelio" cases made for their desktops; soon they'll have a locally fabbed laptop model and by the end of this month they should be selling their first stand alone PC case, Nebula, if all goes as planned. They contribute a lot to Linux software, Coreboot and other custom firmware, and release designs on github for much of their custom hardware such as a libre control PCB/daughterboard and the like they use in their desktops and servers.

Neither Framework nor System76 are the cheapest options for getting a PC, but if you want to contribute to companies that are making things a bit less shitty, they're solid options. Often the Linux friendly/libre/open/modular/repairable/ethical/privacy focused hardware tends to be either ancient, underpowered, horrendously expensive, poorly supported, ugly or amateurish, very intentionally niche, someone's creative/art/statement project,or any combination of the above. There are many reasons for this and its not all bad, but when you're asking someone to spend well over a thousand doPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


anyway to support both corporations without buying their mainline products?
like a donation?


For Framework, not sure about donations. You could go to their "marketplace" and buy all matter of parts and components, some of which like their SSDs are off the shelf (they have WD_BLACK 850X I think etc) . They also have a $100 carbon capture credit (they're partnered with Running Tide, which uses kelp etc) which is intended to make buying a a Framework laptop entirely carbon neutral, but its something like a donation (I have done no investigation into Running Tide themselves though, but were I thinking of purchasing one I'd definitely put in a little time). You ma

System76 on the other hand has multiple avenues to contribute both in terms of time and finances. Donations to the PopOS Linux distro is probably one of the easiest ways to contribute. They also have an assortment of S76 components (including the new Nebula cases, now available, their Launch keyboard kits and components etc) if you don't want to buy a whole PC or anything. Between the two I'd feel more comfortable going out of my way to donate to System76 given their frequent releases of open specs and design docs for their hardware, firmware and software alike; Framework's modular focus on the hardware itself is great and in buying their varied components and encouraging them to advocate for open source/spec with any new firmware/hardware/software they commission.

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