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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1675628432923.png (89.29 KB, 750x512, ClipboardImage.png)


Twitter API becoming a premium service in a few days
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same, with some hot accounts not accessible on some instances. what happens if nitter stops?


Make sure you cycle through different instances if one stops working. https://github.com/xnaas/nitter-instances


Lol this broke Twitter since a bunch of its own features were blocked from using the API


Does this nean nitter.net will stop working?


I've often had better luck on nitter.snopyta.org than nitter.net (suggesting a rate-limit or site-specific issue) but it seem to be working fine.

It would be trivially easy to make an alternate frontend since everything is pretty open. I'm surprised I haven't heard of one yet (protip: i didn't look)

File: 1678171776315.png (29.89 KB, 128x128, index.png)



Is "Not Evil MTX" the official successor of "Not Evil" v2 onion site (http://hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion)? If you know "Not Evil", please check "Not Evil MTX" and answer my question.

File: 1645261840669.jpg (57.68 KB, 1200x817, dvdplayer.jpg)


blu-rays are an unnecessary gimmick
reject false modernity, re-embrace DVDs and VHS
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And M-Disc is designed to last decades when properly stored. Put a HD or solid state drive in a safe for a few decades and you there is sizable chance it will have data corruption.


Yes..and…? I never suggested otherwise.


I dont think ive heard of M-disk before.


M-Disc basically is a writable disc that is close to the longevity of a properly pressed disc.


lol no

File: 1677653727083.png (300.87 KB, 512x512, out-0(4).png)


What would be the most anti capitalist programming languages? What i mean by this is what languages would be widely used if what becomes popular wasn't determined by what companies hire for and put money into and the number of people coding in these languages due to past establishment in industry making it predominant. With that said also a language with memory safety and other precautions against potential exploits from bad actors and be more friendly for FOSS development so the language itself has to be open source to prevent possible shutdown from lack if further advances to it from companies. Do many languages fit this? If not perhaps one should be developed.
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>I have seen complaints about it's white space sensitivity.
bikeshedding, the semantics are more important

>What do you think is the better memory managment system if not garbage collected?

it depends, it is a trade off, etc. etc. but OP's question was what would be popular, not better
the same could be said about julia optimizations and runtime, that's the problem of general purpose languages


>anti-capitalist air conditioners.
Passive heating/cooling but otherwise non proprietary easy to source parts in an open hardware with a schematic provided.
I am OP. When I said popular I meant so coder friendly but with good performance it would have to become popular if given enough freedom for people to choose such things over standards that may or may not be good. I know it's a weird way of putting it. For personal projects best language is whatever an individual wants they can handle. For small limited group projects what is best depends on their skill levels and personal preferences tthey can agree on together. For long term open source projects you need something that would appeal to enough people to keep it going and since you can't gaurantee every contributer is a good programmer you would need a language that has some idiot proofing without sacrificing too much for those of high skill level so you dont wind up with exploits in operating systems and programs that take a long time to find by people that would patch it instead of use it maliciously. These could be general purpose or purpose built languages. This is basically the principle i was going on.


File: 1678028694681.jpg (508.55 KB, 2560x1706, 2db26880.jpg)

trains are anti-capitalist technology

I understand your question, even if it is counter-factual and utopian. my first guess as I said would be those hobbyist languages that people use in their spare time. but even then, I have met people at my job that honestly like corporate tools like tfvc or adabas
people in this field are weird, specially those that only program at work

I guess you were expecting replies like
>all rust programmers and HN users will be relocated to collective farms hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest transistor


I think it's more utopian to think you can always rely on a big tech company to support these tools indefinitely rather than replace them at whim. Using corporate tools is fine but it needs to be considered they can be dropped at any moment and you cant expect it would suddenly be kept going in the public sphere for long if it didnt already stand on it's own without big tech money and demands. Sure it may be the case for some things to survive though so long as they are open source and well documented and people legitimately like them rather than only like them because the limited options tech companies allow them to work with. I also know smaller tech companies sometimes let their coders have more freedom on what they use ive heard.


Actually when i said smaller tech companies i really more meant startups.

File: 1645095163680.jpg (90.3 KB, 768x526, nftlogo.jpg)


can you redpill me on NFTs? I know they're a scam, but can we use it to fund socialist movements around the world?

for shits and giggles I minted an NFT
I was surprised by how easy it was. the only catch is that you have to pay the market something like $60 to have the NFT listed, which means that people have to sell a NFT for at least $100 to make any money.
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Screenshotted every post in this thread


Based bourgeois hijacking prices of graphic cards.


Im thinking instead of NFTs you can make a crypto that parodies crypto and openly states crypto is a scam and the money from buying that crypto will be used to try to end crypto so they don't have to hear about crypto anymore and you can make random computer generated images as proof of purchase so it will work like NFTs to their view.


>crypto parody
<only slightly more scammy than real money
<buy one and get the second for the price of two
<buy today!


*actually uses the money to expand his funko pop collection*

File: 1645325583407.png (181.92 KB, 773x806, 1645323929356.png)


>Apple's retail employees are reportedly using Android phones and encrypted chats to keep unionization plans secret
iToddlers BTFO.




Whaaaaaaaaa, but I thought Apple was secure and private?!


Let's be real here if it was Google employees they would be using iPhones not Google Pixels unless they know how to install custom roms. Also they are just retail, they don't actually know the inner workings so they are just being overly cautious.


Should programmers be required to study the history of their field so that they stop constantly reinventing the wheel? What would be some good books to do so?
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>The challenges of the field are usually not low level. They are architectural and social.
i have no idea what you mean by this


>I don't get what "architectural and social" wheels you think are being reinvented.
I'm not OP. I didn't mean to imply such things are being reinvented. I meant to say that the challenges most software engineers face aren't due to algorithms or some weird implementation of something, rather it is all the other things, which include arquitecture and software engineering stuff like requirements, planning, design etc. Although, systems design is done very poorly so things do get reinvented (poorly) all the time. With regards to social, I swear people doing "agile and scrum" rediscover the infamous waterfall method and basic planning principles all the time.
>i have no idea what you mean by this
Software engineering except the programming and server/CDP/CDI parts.


most people use programming principles to 'not repeat mistakes'. however most of these programming principles (SOLID, DRY, etc)
are very dependent on context and either can be ignored or are obvious.
as for reinventing the wheel, thats what libraries are for.
as for ethics, theres tons of books on technology ethics. however, you are either a codemonkey or you are already selling your soul to porky for profit


>I swear people doing "agile and scrum" rediscover the infamous waterfall method and basic planning principles all the time
not really, it's the managers who do because waterfall and what passes for agile in companies is basically micro-management. programmers don't "discover" it, management does because it's more attractive to them. there are charts and coloured graphics with little featureless men representing "the user" and little clouds representing "the cloud" and so on.
if you want to see a pure programmer way of doing things, look at open source development, it's all very focused on code and discussion about it in issue trackers and mailing lists, there are hardly ever any formal planning documents or endless meetings about what do we really want. generally if someone is struggling to get their idea across, they will quickly knock up a prototype and show what they mean or make a patch that adds what they want and send it to the maintainer. like Linus said "talk is cheap, show me the code".


File: 1677800010541.png (356.61 KB, 685x458, deville.png)

academic software engineering is actually more heavyweight than agile, look at formal methods and even traditional development (pejoratively called 'waterfall') uses fully fleshed use cases and design documents as per IEEE standards (still a ton of companies do this instead of agile). Sad to say but agile is still probably the methodology with the least amount of ceremony corporate environments are willing to accept.

File: 1608526298929.png (110.37 KB, 1198x1080, fediverse.png)

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Does /tech/ participate in the Fediverse? Seems to me that this is the sort of social media we should be trying to get people into, even if social media itself is kinda trash.

I've always disliked social media, but after the news at >>>/leftypol/1066439, I've been considering getting into the Fediverse. You see, I would like the people who DO use social media (basically everyone) to be on better platforms, but I feel I cannot demand that from them if I cannot even use them myself. For instance, it would be disingenuous to ask Comrade Cockshott to start his presence in Mastodon after getting banned from fedbook if I could not be there to follow him and boost his follower stats. So..

So, /tech/, any thoughts on the Fediverse? What are some good instances and communities I could join? What are some people I should be following? What implementations are better, Pleroma, Mastodon, something else?

Also fediverse general.
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>dedicated art instances where there's pressure to not clutter it up with too much non-art stuff
and then they get #fediblocked for not banning loli


How is it a "fash instance"?


i actually didn't see a lot of fash instances aside from kf and shitposting places. not sure what people are talking about


new to pleroma?


where are the based socialist mastodon instances?

File: 1677052656719.png (33.47 KB, 800x1127, Libgen_logo.svg.png)


Status update?
Is the site back? Is it trustworthy?
What about the onion version?
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nvm, onion link is outdated




On Reddit they're saying that only the .fun domain is trustworthy because of the dude who runs it, as opposed to the guys running the other domains intending to use them for ads/money-making??
Any info on whether or not the onion will come back? It seems essential for the intended purpose


File: 1676360487238-1.jpg (153.2 KB, 1348x900, ilovefs-gallery-136.jpg)


Let's express our love for user freedom in this thread. Why do you love Free Software? Which Free Software do you love?
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Maybe shit like this is why there aren't many women in cs


it isnt


Damn i was so close


Because I can modify my software, submit patches and argue with maintainers. But my love for FSF peaks when I license my own projects as GPL3/AGPL3 and people complain that it's discriminatory to porkies.


>when I license my own projects as GPL3/AGPL3 and people complain that it's discriminatory to porkies
the discrimination is the best part of GPL3! i am proud of my discriminatory and disdainful attitude towards capital!

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