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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1655442827719.jpeg (29.04 KB, 850x445, ai-writing-software.jpeg)


I am not interested in fear mongering about it, or acting like this is going to destroy reality, or pretending it needs to be locked up by the state and massive companies to prevent our fragile minds from being destroyed. I'm just suggesting that if you are not using it to do work for you, you're wasting time. It scared that Google engineer just because it's just good at making believable crap with an internal, consistent logic that appears like sound reasoning. Even the gimped versions they give us are strong enough.

Just put in an original paragraph, then generate the next one. Outputs require only a few cycles to get something good enough. Usually, they are annoying, and repeat media tropes you've read a thousand times.. but so what? It's not going to be original, it's not going to be interesting, and it's not going to be insightful. But it can be a useful tool. It can help you to generate new ideas, it can help you to write better.

But only if you use it.
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<Write about Skryim in the style of Cormac McCarthy.

The land was old, older than men or mer or gods. The earth was a great wheel that turned in the void, and in its turning, it birthed all things.

The first men were borne of the earth, and they were hard and strong. They were the children of the earth, and they loved her as their mother. They worshipped her, and they were her first priests.

The earth was bountiful, and she gave of her bounty to her children. The men hunted and fished, and they raised crops in the fertile earth. They built their homes of wood and stone, and they worshipped the gods who walked the earth among them.

The gods were many, and they were powerful. They were the children of the sky, and they walked the earth in the guise of men. They were the lords of creation, and they ruled the world with a hand of iron.

The first men were content in the land of their birth. They worshipped the gods and they lived in harmony with the earth. But the gods were jealous, and they coveted the men's love.

The gods warred against each other, and the earth was rent with their battles. The men fought for the gods, and many were slain in their names. The earth was stained with blood, and the skies were dark with the smoke of battle.

In the end, the weaker gods were destroyed, and the stronger ones claimed dominion over the earth. The men were enslaved to the will of the gods, and they were forced to build great temples and shrines to the gods.
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<Write a story about Skyrim in the style of an erotic novel.

The Dragonborn approaches the ancient temple, her heart racing in anticipation. She has been waiting for this moment for months, maybe even years. The elders had spoken of an ancient prophecy, a chosen one who would be able to vanquish the evil dragon Alduin and restore peace to Skyrim.

As she enters the temple, the Dragonborn is greeted by a sight that takes her breath away. In the center of the room is a giant dragon, its body writhing with lust. The Dragonborn can feel her pussy getting wet as she approaches, knowing that she is about to experience the most intense orgasm of her life.

The dragon begins to speak in a deep, throaty voice. "You are the chosen one, Dragonborn. I have been waiting for you."

The Dragonborn can't resist any longer. She falls to her knees and begins to suck the dragon's cock, feeling it grow harder in her mouth. The dragon moans with pleasure as she takes it deeper and deeper, her tongue swirling around the head.

Finally, the dragon is ready to fuck her. He grabs her hips and slams his cock deep inside her pussy, fucking her harder than she has ever been fucked before. The Dragonborn screams with pleasure as the dragon pounds her pussy, his cock hitting her G-spot over and over again.

Finally, they both reach orgasm, the Dragonborn screaming so loud that she is sure the whole of Skyrim can hear her. As she lays there spent, the dragon speaks once more. "You are the chosen one, Dragonborn. I will always be there for you."


all those ai algorithm creations were a bit like a variation of the "monkeys and typewriters" hypothesis: you give enough people an algorithm and theyll generate millions of punchlines with no joke. this is probably the worst outcome of present day ai, we arent getting tortured by a self aware computer program but we are using the unaware ones to be creatively bankrupt.


Virgin brute-forcing, black box, slow and buggy AI, chad intricate, auditable, efficient and polished algorithm.


If you think about it GPT-3 is basically a really good search engine.

File: 1655858248378.jpg (33.5 KB, 1440x438, g2Lmpw.jpg)


cloudflare taking a shit -> 40% of the internet going offline instantly is just going to be a bi-monthly routine from now on huh


File: 1655871529125.jpg (83.32 KB, 1356x924, needs.jpg)


Reminder one of Cloudflare's chief officers is now in the Biden administration.


File: 1655872430199.jpg (103.47 KB, 1087x1126, tong.jpg)

The net's going black JC!


Is anybody working on new networking protocols that are less vulnerable to DDOS ?
It's impossible to search for that because search engines are dead set to give troubleshooting advice as soon your query contains that keyword.


I currently use Gmail for my email(s). I should probably change over from Gmail, right, for security reasons? It's not that I have anything interesting or worth while in my emails, just thought it would be nice to make it more difficult for surveillance capitalism to work.

So basically I'm asking:
What are some secure and safe email providers (if they exist)?
What email provider do you guys use?

ps. I'm not surer advanced with tech so dont ask me to "throttle the ip of the dingle drive until you set up the proxy cum email server with the soyjak harddrive tor sleeper agent software" because I'm not willing to do that shit.
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autistic doesn’t want your “rad creds” in fact they’ll reject you if you get too elaborate, you can just honestly say you want a secure alternative to gmail and they’ll let you in


The problem is how to convince other people to use GPG.


have u gotten rejected for elaboration? i'm curious how u know this. I'm surprised they'd do that
basically… unless they know there's an actual danger in not encrypting (which there usually is not), ppl won't use it. Unless they're paranoid af.
Depends on the model tho. Some ppl i've seen just say "here's my key, if it's not encrypted i'm not responding". But it depends if you're talking about getting ur friends to use gpg or what


people already regularly use it for one-on-one email exchanges. if someone refuses to use it, then that's pretty shady on its own and you should avoid them


Does GPG work for mailing lists (not just signing)?

File: 1654117926806.jpg (112.7 KB, 851x1108, FUMHLLxWYAM6xLe.jpg)


In 2024 reddit will introduce heavenbanning, the hypothetical practice of banishing a user from a platform by causing everyone that they speak with to be replaced by AI models that constantly agree and praise them, but only from their own perspective, is entirely feasible with the current state of AI/LLMs.
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for all i know they've been doing that to me for years
>in b4 a bot responds


gotta keep a steady drip of chinlet walshart shooters going after 99 percent of young people think right wingers are freaks


I agree, that did seem to happen for years right anon?


you were right
i updated the X extension and an post again

goddamn they really just cheap out on everything there


How long until rightoids start waifuing angel bots?

File: 1654546942508.jpg (124.83 KB, 1280x720, Ohara.Mari.full.2391354.jpg)


Or should I only go for me_cleaner? I've heard coreboot causes laptops to use more battery than with the stock BIOS…
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File: 1655120814901.png (99.12 KB, 737x548, ClipboardImage.png)

AFAIK the reason why coreboot and libreboot support so few computers is because of firmware signing that is present on most modern hardware. It prevents any code that isn't signed by the manufacturer with their secret key from running. And its basically impossible to change the public key that is built into the hardware that verifies the code.


I'm fine with grapheneos supporting few devices, makes it easier to audit it.


Doesn't matter unless you can actually build it yourself.


>although consider that if you don't know what your bios contains it may have backdoors
So can open-source software like coreboot, though to a lesser degree


So the only open source bios solution, Coreboot, is somehow bad, not worth it, a hassle, maybe backdoored. That's the message we're supposed to take from this hellhole thread?

Get a coreboot compatible laptop, chromebox, chromebook or desktop and learn about the bios and coreboot, it's well worth it.

File: 1655558550299.jpg (248.61 KB, 1920x1080, citylight.jpg)


Where are the cyberpunks? Where are the cypherpunks? Johnny Mnemonic is basically what I think real life is.
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All major corporations are forced by the US gov to give them all their data on users so they're sort of a part of it.


speaking of cctv i wonder why ive NEVER seen a smashed camera in my life




i've seen lots of ones turned to look at the sky… i think they're just hard to smash


>turned to look at the sky…
The people in your city/country sound smarter than mine.

Same, even using a paintball gun would be good enough.

File: 1655721047922.png (1.21 MB, 791x861, brain.png)


why do people get surprised at windows being shit for personal computing? don't they know its history? it's just an enterprise OS for office work and cash registers



>th-the command line feeeds, the command line feeeds in-to…a c compiler, line by line
instantly closed the embed


File: 1655724347097.jpg (209.53 KB, 1200x1200, personal-computing.jpg)

personal computing


don't disrespect terry


This guy seems pretty based and some kind of ironic unironic crypto leftist?
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go shill your channel somewhere else


>Cites some movie scene where a kid makes a joke as "zoomer no understand computer"
>Diverges into rambling about tomboys crushing watermellons.
Does John Oliver write this guy's scripts?


he's not a leftist lol, in one of his videos he literally complains about le ebil gommunist college professors. however, like many free software anti-botnet types, he often comes to based, quite left-wing conclusions without necessarily realising they're such, so you could call him kinda based.


>however, like many free software anti-botnet types, he often comes to based, quite left-wing conclusions without necessarily realising they're such
That's what I'm saying, man.

>in one of his videos he literally complains about le ebil gommunist college professors

LOL, does he believe in postmodern neo-Marxism? Although judging by the fact that despite criticizing Truth Social he still kinda tried to defend Trump it's not that unlikely.


"Okay, guys, wait. What if Mr. Trump just doesn't know about GPL? I'm sure that if we'll just tell him he'll support GPL and it'll be epic!"
Yes, Outlaw… Just look at the flowers…

File: 1655604124418.png (25.57 KB, 514x252, ClipboardImage.png)


I looked into the old usenet post (1999) that Ratpoison WM cites as how it got its name, and found this gem at the end.


>the writers named him Brozefsky
Proof they were never trying even in the earlier seasons


"ratpoison" makes me think of this song

File: 1652251253899.jpg (1.31 MB, 4640x3480, hw5heaqho3w01.jpg)


Is there any point in adding an external antenna to your laptop besides "aesthetics"?
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Then I should get that if I want to crack my neighbor from five blocks away?


It depends on the range of your neighbors antenna. Probably not.


File: 1653983042613.png (557.69 KB, 600x437, DSCN1297-600x437.png)

You could try doing some hardware modifications. My dad used to do this and could crack passwords from the entire block


sounds like a cool dad. Wish mine was like that…


so based

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