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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1626143035578.png (83.83 KB, 2999x1315, girls who code_0.png)


I was listening to a Citations Needed episode about the propaganda trope of "Labor shortages" and realized that all that WE NEED MORE WOMEN AND PEOPLE OF COLOR is not about making software companies less monocultural (which is good in itself), and the real porky's goals are:

1. Increasing the overall supply of engineers, like they pushed women into the workforce in the 60s in the West.

2. Getting the candidates who tend to accept lower salaries (at least women are routinely underpaid, probably PoC too).

In fact, CN hosts briefly mentioned it themselves:
> what they want to do is they want to expand the pool by any means necessary, whether they use liberal inclusion language or whether or not they use, they want to have more workers because if I have twenty people applying for a job versus three, the demands, of course, will be far less

Somehow, the whole inclusivity hype should be hijacked with unionizing, because who would oppose the white'n'male CEOs' tyranny if not a diverse labor movement?
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Beyond obvious tech fails like the famous vidrelated, working with 10-20 mostly middle-class-background dudebros would be like working in a locker room (same goes for female-only offices but they aren't present in tech). Having around people with ± the same attitudes, tastes, life experiences and jokes is suffocating and, I believe, it's even worse in the US because of their segregated society.

– OP


It isn't really, and I don't say this to be demeaning. It's just that the tech people I know who are women or non-white generally don't really bring in different attitudes or values or behaviors from everyone else.
At the end of the day, at least from my experience, specific positions will tend to attract people with specific personalities. It's honestly depressing how uniform it can get.


It's more like 5 immigrants from India, 5 immigrants from China, and 1 awkward american nerd. All dudes of course.


Pretty much my experience from working in tech teams. And most of them tend to have the same typical autist nerd personality where they are completely clueless about anything apart from their own specialized little tech knowledge.


>typical autist nerd personality where they are completely clueless about anything apart from their own specialized little tech knowledge.
That's me.


Okay so when I post through the onion with Javascript enabled (though the following functionality is probably also active for the clearnet users) and I export some filters between fresh sessions (between new "tor identities" / browser restarts; no persistent cookies) - leftypol JS / export filter somehow is able to track which posts I've made in previous sessions. How is this technically possible? I am under the assumption that this following string is only filtering a trip, a flag and hiding a couple of threads. Am I mistaken? Here is my export (see options -> general -> storage) of my current filters:

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You know, tor warns you when a website attempts to use html5 to fingerprint you.


That happens when I select and use/upload the oekaki thing

But yes I use the wrong term in that post. I was thinking of fingerprinting more generally and then conflated it with specifically canvas fingerprinting. Being really specific I'm talking about "own_posts": "password": and the "fingerprinting" through non-obvious post history accumulation via the current implementation of the Options Storage export menu, which highlight no such information. It in fact mentions pretty much every other detail, from image sizes, to youtube proxies, to themes – but not that it also accumulates history. It would be beneficial to the anonymous userbase of this site if there was a check-box where you could simply opt out of post history cookie accumulation.

I hope I have made things clearer. I am not a computer scientist and never claimed to be.


>>12766 (me)
<post history cookie accumulation
Or "own_posts:" string/integer (whatever the technical term is) accumulation.


It's an interesting idea for a feature. Unfortunately I'm too busy dealing with spam and ban evasion these days to actually work on things like this.


Thank you for your response. As the picture is clearer now than at the start of the thread I will now attempt to write a proper ticket in regards to this in the right place, the /ttg/, as this thread has run its course.


This guy seems pretty based and some kind of ironic unironic crypto leftist?
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Learn to sage.


Seen his vids before. He's a cringe as fuck rightoid.


>Black tech guy who panders to /pol/tards
He has the niche down pat.


He has some decent videos, but he's a lolbert.


One good thing about lolberts is that if they're forced take the logical conclusions of their theory they have to become at least georgists, mutualists or if they manage t wriggle out of those traps at least concede that UBI is neccesary as reparations for stealing the land from the commons by their own logic

From my interactions with these retards every truly serious prole lolbert is a a good Marxist theorist waiting to be deprogrammed from the storeshartistahn brainwashing

File: 1638599944767-0.png (45.62 KB, 226x223, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638599944767-1.png (35.36 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)


so ive been using e ink shit like kindles and holy shit my eyes dont hurt anymore and i dont feel any headaches. Reading it feels like im reading a regular ass book

so i decided to check computer e ink monitors so to go full e ink and not get eye strain anymore


the first image is 1000 bucks

and the second image is 2000 bucks

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i think eink smartwatch exist. Mb theres a cheap eink phone somewhere


i prefer kobo for the open format and not amazon. But kindle is fine, you just have to convert bookz you pirate iirc




also the latency thing is improving give it time, probably by the year 2035 e ink will rival standard screens


There are screens that can switch between black-white low-energy e-ink and low latency color.

File: 1623203634171.jpg (42.83 KB, 720x480, 1564180497890.jpg)


Youtubers who spike prices of old hardware should jump off a cliff, people out here thinking their shitty thinkpad that their dog pissed on is worth $500
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I browse /leftypol/, it's serious business.


We want secure un-hackable computers for the same reason you want a calculator that makes error-free calculations.
We want predictable machines.



>Older hardware has either no backdoors

That's not how it works, you don't get to decide that older hardware, or any kind of hardware, has no backdoors, unless:

1- You have ALL the schematics of that hardware

2- it was BUILT BY YOU, UNDER YOUR SUPERVISION ( schematics aren't enough, your hardware can still be backdoored or tampered in the factory )

If not, then your hardware has a chance of having backdoors, doesn't matter old or new

> unpached security holes

Correct, but I don’t think you realise that you’re actually more safe with newer “backdoored” hardware, since now anyone can attack and defeat the entire security of your system from security holes that cannot be patched, example being old and vulnerable firmware, including your outdated CPU microcode and BIOS firmware because the OEM or intel don’t bother issuing newer versions anymore
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



I don't want the NSA knowing my porn catagories


>T. pseud whose political horizon is joining a socdem party

File: 1624224280351.png (198.34 KB, 512x337, hacker.png)


Please dump any resource I can use to teach myself, including online communities I can join for questions.

Is Python optimal?

Thanks in advance
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Interesting. Thank you.


This blog really cant be overstated in its quantity of quality work.


check the reading list in >>2934


just be curious, look into how systems work practically, whitepapers are especially enlightening and you should just keep up to date with academic developments in tech in general, be more than just a fucking codemonkey, and also don't glorify yourself, stay away from others that glorify themselves

some especially useful RFC's to read


File: 1608526250762.png (3.65 MB, 1690x1219, Watch The Faces.png)


AMD Zen 3 Launch
Who else here more interested in this than burgerstahn electoral politics?
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The FX series were the last AMD CPUs without their PSP coprocessor, a blackbox running unaccountable proprietary code with full access to the system.


Apparently some motherboard bioses have an option to disable PSP


Now, I'm just cynical, but how trustworthy is a "Blackbox Backdoor: On/Off" switch, really? I didn't look much into it but Win8/10 also came with options to "disable telemetry" and it seems that was mostly placebo, to encourage adoption.

Like if the feds come and install a blackbox on your car, tell you it's a GPS tracker and your car will stop working if you tamper with it but they give you a handy dashboard button that they pinky swear disables it. Would you buy it? I'd still use the car, I got no other options but I'd file it as the agent having lost a bet or something.



Can't these backdoor-systems be used for improving security ? It's a system that runs beneath your system, it would be the ideal place to install a firewall and other kinds of security systems.

Why is the goal to get rid of this stuff instead of repurposing it?


The way towards "repurposing" such a processor would need a lot of reverse-engineering and even if someone managed to execute arbitrary code on it, who is to know how backdoors might still be activated e.g. by signed networking request. IMHO the best chance for any programming and eventual backdoor mitigation on such coprocessors would be a series of major leaks from a CPU vendor.

File: 1633927669803.png (2.4 KB, 206x245, ClipboardImage.png)


All of their phones are overpriced fucking garbage and always have been. The products that aren’t phones can still be considered as useful as literal e waste and only exist so petit bourgeoisie can float about their Shri no one cares about in public like the rats they’re, no one gives a shit about AirPods watches fucking whatever they hell they call computer stands in the slightest and they improve nothing about electronic hardware. All of their products wear out in a year at best and god forbid you don’t have protection for any smartphone/Mac you have for those things because they will break instantaneously(reminder these rats will prohibit you from being allowed to fix your phone from private repairmen) and all of apples products might as well require you to file out your entire life’s story worth of info to use or download because that company couldn’t give less of a shit about how much info they collect on their customers and exist as a vassale of the American government. I wish it was just apple that was a noninnovative vapourware tech corporation but unfortunately the entire western big tech industry thrives on hype and stolen ideas and hasn’t pumped out anything innovative in over 60 years except for the might as well be dead corporations that are IBM and Intel that only make me moderately dislike capitalism less because they actually have humanity something that wasn’t complete and total utter fucking nonsense
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iPhones are expensive but they'll last you a long time and give you a massive return on day-to-day convenience
can't think of a single Android on that level of quality


File: 1640708193676.jpg (136.84 KB, 1200x1914, framework.jpg)

Check out the Framework laptop, that's a company that was recently created by former apple engineers.


where did you get this


framework laptops look cool, but they're unjustifiablly expensive and i'm skeptic that the company will remain afloat long enough for the modular gimmick to really pay off in the long run.

plus, fat chance they have a haptic trackpad that can compete. i hate my work-issued MBP that regularly flashes a bright light from the shitty touchbar directly into my retinas every so often in what i can only deem are targeted attempts at killing me through seizures, but the trackpad is really good and has basically 0 competition in the laptop market. most people can't even tell the clicks on the trackpad are haptic responses


i recently gave my dad my old oneplus 5t as a replacement phone for a galaxy with a dead screen, it's almost 5 years old and is still going strong.

File: 1608526413928.png (12 KB, 200x200, shit cringe.png)


Can we have one of these going? I hate having to be forced to use this shitty spyware for school. It is so janky and broken and is missing several features that I usually take for granted in a computer Also the person who thought shoehorning Grammarly every time I open up CIAhrome deserves to be hung, drawn, and quartered (in minecraft)
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i tried jailbreaking my school chromebook, it didn't work since the guides were shit
ARM laptops in general seem promising, check out https://www.pine64.org/


What kind of issues were you helping fix?

If you buy one with half-assed okay specs then for surfing the web they're pretty damn smooth and straight-forward

>Optimal Chromebook experience

an actual ssd rather than an emmc for the boot drive
a core-i processor from the last few years
8gb of ram

Three-finger horizontal swipe to move between tabs is an awesome feature and now I can't surf the web any other way.

linux developer mode allows me to use gimp and libreoffice and it works without issue… but I just use docs for most stuff now.
more and more chromebook-specific apps are being made for the appstore

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


cringe a corporate shill, telling people to use spyware on purpose, and there are no "backdoors" just security holes. Even if the lock on the door in the back of your house is bad, that doesn't mean you should not lock the front door.


internet is inherently spyware, always has been, always will be

>there are no backdoors

pppfffffttttt….. okay, who's the shill now, perra de culo
you have very trusting sensibilities

>i-it's better that Windows dominates rather than having the BigOS market as bifurcated as possible

the growth of CrOS = less windows users
this is good, this is better than just Winblows having abject dominance

would it be cool that boomers and my midget brained friends started using gentoo or even linux mint for shit-sake… sure, it would be, but it would also be cool if that shit worked seamlessly out of the box and it didn't confuse retards

it's a pick your poison kind of option
too many are priced out of expensive MacOS so it's windows, google, or pulling your hair out with lynucks


Google has been a bigger problem than Microsoft for many years now.


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What an austistic freak.


Came here to say this
Holy shit, Hiren's BootCD PE is gonna do a great leap forward.


>communism is when free stuff
Sure tramp


You strawmanned a post from 9 months ago. Congrats.


Cool, hope someone can do something with it that isn't nefarious

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