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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1641718683789.png (1.09 MB, 1200x800, ClipboardImage.png)


Is stirring up again

Some article got written, the official @Android account is quoting it about bullying and what not

We can use this opportunity to point out how this is a class issue basically,
And how this silly joke has basically normalised classism against the poors who have android phones
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Those are women.


if you were hunting trouble, lad
you found it



>people are mocking each other over random details in the UI of the brand™ of phone they use
this shit is gonna make me a third worldist


Mad how so many people are tricked into spending so much money on a phone when I can't imagine they are using the large majority of it's power. I little surprised that the iphone still has staying power as a status symbol when this stuff is getting so cheap now but I suppose thats the thing with all status symbols.


>Source: A trillion dollar company told me so


Are the glownogs compromising TOR?
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Yeah, you might want to not do that. It deppends on if you care or not


oh fuck

i did this but with a server separate from matrix.org, am i on a list now?


I'd only worry if I were American tbh.


reminder to run relays/bridges if you can. help the network out


Or living in a Five Eyes country.


Any one of us who has ever used LinkedIn is probably familiar with the experience of receiving a notification for whenever your profile appears in a search. At least a month or two ago I joined a radical political organization. I did not post anything indicating as much on LinkedIn or on Facebook. I went on LinkedIn today and found the following:
>you appeared in 7 searches this week
normally I would ignore this, but I saw the Harvard Coat of Arms and was intrigued. See pic 1
So I clicked, curious what I'd see next
As expected, I didn't get to see who exactly searched for me but I did see something that kind of intrigued me. See pic 2
>>Where your searchers work

Do you think the FBI was just looking for people to hire, or do you think this was the act of some analyst trying to find dirt on me?
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If you go the org in question explaining this desire to not pay dues under legal name they often understand and are able to come to some workaround (for example for you to pay with cash in person instead)



A friend in Chile got expelled from uni because multiple teachers and higher-ups found their twitter account filled with marxist stuff. A few years later he finally got his degree.


how did they find his twitter accoutn


sounds gay
i hate wageslaving

File: 1641581718791-0.png (1.14 MB, 1000x563, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1641581718791-1.png (154.35 KB, 360x203, ClipboardImage.png)


I didn't understand the whole GPU prices meme all these years until now

I had a budget note.
I went over and looked at the price of a GPU I wanted to buy, and it's price now


THE FUCKING AUDACITY, to think that their worthless tins of silicone are worth this much because of FUCKING VIDEO GAMES?

I don't even care about having the latest card for this video game bullshit

But the fact that I am subject to buy a shitty 2000's bum ass "gpu"or amd gpu's with shit ass drivers or even worse go dumpster driving of some consoomer's recycled gpus?
It disgusts me

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No, its because of crypto mining and the whole crypto currency boom


Cause I am making a PC
I just want the basic standard 1050 or 1650

I'm not buying anymore, I have the money, but I don't like buying where I'm overpaying
Video games aren't even that fun to be a paypig for

I want to buy a GPU only at the seller's loss now

Yeah I know
They say some ETH shit is gonna happen that will lower the prices but I just want it all to tank fully
Something really drastic

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Don't most desktop CPUs have some integrated GPU these days?


Of course they do
They're called integrated graphics


if you want "basic" stuff,jut get a very good (a 7th for intel,you don't have to buy a 9th,and AMDs are pretty good) CPU with integrated graphics,it's better price wise at this moment.
Especially if it's just gaming,if you want to do 3D modeling,you have to buy the damn graphics card,I'm sorry.
tfw bought a 1660 super at 200 euros before the prices exploded,and my friend has a 3080 that came with a 1100 built PC.

File: 1620426870732.jpeg (12.5 KB, 474x266, image.jpeg)


Matrix/Element is a fucking joke. Do I seriously need to not delete cookies to have access to encrypted DMs that were sent when I was offline? This completely defeats the purpose of using it via tor.

Its development has been slow and lousy but this issue is the one that takes the cake.
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Secure from who? Hackers? Surveillance capitalism? The NSA? Your boyfriend? Bears?
Email in general is shit, avoid where you can, but I know you can't always.


>Hackers? Surveillance capitalism? The NSA?
I meant from these lot. I know it'll never be completely secure, but is there anything better than Gmail?


i used to use cock.li but they stopped letting you make new ones because supposedly glowies were using their shit for anonymous emails or something
honestly i suspect the exact opposite is what's happened, but whatever

basically anything that lets me register an email with no identifying data over tor is all i want. There's mail2tor or something, and there's DNMX which i guess advertizes scam sites but just don't click on shit basically.

Always assume your email provider sees everything, because they can. If you dont want them to see contents, encrypt it. If you dont want them to know who you are, tor is good enough for me but maybe just consider hosting your own email server at that point, or at least using a mail server on your computer rather than webmail just so you can avoid javascript… if that's not enough, i dont know i mean there's always contrived ways to increase security like if you're not wanting to be found literally (literally) by nsa investigations or very motivated hackers rather than just random bullshit, this might not be enough, but for the non-hyperterrorist basically that should work, just any email u can register over tor anonymously and for free, and then assume they read ur emails or sell the contents and then just don't use email for important shit unless ur using pgp


What's the best/most secure matrix client these days? Nheko? Element? Some obscure CLI alternative?


Weechat has a matrix plugin.

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Thread for questions that don't deserve their own thread.
I wanna buy some headphones to go outside i don't want to spend more than 100€ on them. I want them to be mostly durable and secondly to have good sound quality, also i don't want to look like a jackass while wearing them, any suggestions?
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Bittorrent requires a connection to the seeder initiated by the leecher, so your isp could block inbound traffic to your routers subnet, while still allowing for outbound traffic to other seeders. Someone mentioned this as advice for blocking bittorrent on https://security.stackexchange.com/a/33985


get a seedbox, or buy a VPS and host it yourself with deluge


I couldn't quite grasp what that article was saying, but thanks anyways.
>get a seedbox, or buy a VPS
VPS = virtual private server?? Is this like a VPN or is it an actual pc? I have a VPN, but I can't really afford much, on a fixed income…
Sorry for being a brainlet with this.


yea, a server. you can set up a command-line bittorrent client on one that you can configure to seed torrents across specific trackers for you even when you're personally offline


Read this for a summary of common internet protocols https://www.w3.org/People/Frystyk/thesis/Internet.html

File: 1641353393130.png (36.11 KB, 596x815, mozilla.png)


Creators of Mozilla call Mozilla out for pushing cryptocoin bullshit. A little too late, considering Mozilla Corp. has ignored the principles behind Firefox and Thunderbird for quite a long time now and made terrible decisions in a desperate pursuit of profit.


Maybe now there will finally be more momentum to gather around "the" Firefox fork (there are like 4 identical ones (i.e. outdated Firefox) just with different names and each one is underdeveloped).


Are the others even close to Palemoon's functionality?


>Using proprietary binaries with security issues having Paleboon when GNU ChadCat already exists

Just found out that Waterfox was bought by an ad company couple of years back
LibreFox renamed to LibreWolf and can be found here:
Don't have an opinion of it yet, just spreading the message


Can modern GNU Icecat run all those nice XUL extensions that Firefox no longer can? Because if not, then no it in fact is not close to Palemoon's functionality.

File: 1608526321589.png (354.54 KB, 500x529, DEATHGRIPS.png)


>Chinese authorities have begun deploying a new surveillance tool: “gait recognition” software that uses people’s body shapes and how they walk to identify them, even when their faces are hidden from cameras.

It's all so tiresome.
And I know this is old, I just got reminded of it today.
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Are there any leftists who don't, really?


I guess "organic" surveillance where the Stasi asks your neighbour to write reports about what you do is okay?


My city is at a point where there’s literally nowhere to smoke weed that isn’t in front of a camera. I just gave up and just let started letting these fuckers watch me. If people start disappearing I’m going to have to leave this country.


Cope druggie.


>In my country they passed a law against covering your face a couple of months before the pandemic started.


I just want a recently released tiny wireless speaker that can be used with a 3.5mm but they're all getting rid of it except for the fuckhuge and/or expensive ones and it seems USB-C adapters only work in one way (shouldn't they work both ways….? maybe I bought a faulty adapter)
And old wireless speakers with an aux port tend to have terrible sound compared to more modern alternatives.


i know nothing about this product category, i just looked up a list of "top 5 best products"
and the first one that came up for best value was Voonex Sound ArcWave, it plays from bluetooth, sdcard and 3.5mm jack, it seems to be a recent product release , though i'm not sure how to check that.

File: 1640853431720.png (818.21 KB, 900x506, ClipboardImage.png)


Drop resources on how can I learn to hack, particularly on how can I make ransomware. I'm done with all those capitalists out there, sucking off money from proles. I just want them to get bankrupt already.
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theres an extensive reading list in the red swarm thread


start by reading hackernews or similar, and search up the malware they talk about to see what security companies say about them. :P

a big ransomware thats been out recently apparently bought access to various corporate networks for example. Things like this should tell you a lot. Forget about being the elite basement nerd who hacks into the government servers, executes some keybound scripts, and has the system taken over using three 0days. Most non-fed shit revolves around phishing, scanning + bots, scamming kids into downloading ur malware, learning existing tools and frameworks, and applying old hacks to existing vulnerabilities.

Also a lot of og hacker shit, much of it was just focused on security and hosting services… i.e. how to make a computer/networks work for me. So first learn that shit. Then learn common tools and software. Idk if this is a good answer, but its something i wish people had told me directly. Part is writing code and reverse engineering, but lots of the more practical shit is less technical.

(also ur sass to other posters isnt warranted - learning computer shit is like 90% researching what others know and have documented, if you cant just look around for answers and want it fed to you then you probably really wont learn much)



You won't make it very far with "how can I learn to hack" unless you have a firm background in Computer Science and a basic knowledge of its every field, and if you don't, you'll just be a skid with extra steps

At most you can create basic hacking tools that won't do shit against sophisticated targets like Apple or Google, and you'll just play catch-up with the pros and never actually make something of worthwhile yourself

TLDR: wanna hack? study CS first or you'll just be a shitty skid


You can buy ransomware instead of making it. Hard part is distributing it.


Which then again, needs actual knowledge to get done, you can't just buy everything

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