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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1618554942802.jpg (83.78 KB, 640x470, tor.jpg)


Know some good shit on Tor? Let us know. Whether it be substitutes for clearnet services, or just the .onion domain for whatever, or just something cool.

What I found:
>privacytools.io site
>Invidious (YouTube front-end)
(Clearnet version: https://vid.puffyan.us/ )
Requires enabling certain scripts to work unfortunately. You can sign up and make a list of subscriptions though.
>Nitter (Twitter front-end)
>/leftypol/ (/leftypol/)

Some things I was interested in hearing about:
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comfy text-only chatroom
admin has some cringe stuff hidden outside the chatroom but the chat itself is pretty nice
cp requests and excessive spam is banned pretty quick


Just a bunch of infosec tutorials on one page. probably written or collated by GPT but they are at a level that I don't often see, listed in order of difficulty. seemed worth bookmarking.




File: 1683532099756.jpeg (49.75 KB, 641x478, 1682468966985.jpeg)


Seems like Dread is up again (for now at least)

Thanks for the instagram thing it helped me.

File: 1676965803798.png (52.31 KB, 620x300, file.png)


Rendition 1.0
post everything related to reverse engineering here, including but not limited to guides, resources, personal projects, news about RE

here's a handy guide to get you started: https://rentry.co/ReverseEngineering
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>I don't have the time or drive for that. Can I automate it somehow so that the job finishes quickly?
Definitely. Learning how to do that may require some time and/or drive, or someone elses.


could you point me to a script? I really don't have the time to learn a scripting language from scratch to get recorded copies of lectures that expire soon.
most of my time is spent on preparing to get into my national math olympiad team
help would be appreciated


File: 1682779668906.png (23.95 KB, 938x214, ClipboardImage.png)

fwiw I found this answer about unacademy, which uses the same method for serving the files. there MUST be a way to avoid losing access.
help me bros


I want to contribute more to reversing but it is so fucking boring like goddamn


How does one contribute to it?


>Telegram is proprietary spyware backdoored by the FBI and Homeland Security
>Discord is just flat-out spyware
>Hoop / TamTam are both garbage
>Element is worse bloatware than FUCKING fbi.gov somehow (and no, I am not exaggerating, the app crashes constantly and it's a huge drain on my memory)
>RocketChat is fucking dead (except for the self-hosted channels, but good luck finding those, much less any interesting or good ones)
>Mastodon appears to be centralized. New users have to choose a server on which to open their account, but can follow and communicate with users of other Mastodon servers, although servers have the ability to ban other servers at their discretion. Joinmastodon.org contains a list of 106 Mastodon servers committed to the "Mastodon servers agreement," whereby each server agrees to enforce its own monitoring content, create backup copies of the site, and give users a three-month warning before suspending their accounts.
>MeWe - Doesn't encrypt user data unless they pay for the service and it stores its data in the United States.
>Viber - garbage app that makes you sign up with a GSM number instead of VoIP.

As for Yahoo Together and others like BCM Messenger that have since gone defunct were shit also and I say good riddance to it.

This leaves us with Tor.
>is user-friendly, unlike I2P & Freenet
>bans don't exist for hidden services because no single IP is assigned to you since all it uses are public proxies
>doesn't censor you
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another fucking thread about this thats a carbon copy of all the other ones on the board?


There's a bunch of Tor threads. Everybody knows about it, which is why you're seeing that, I suppose.


Forums are completely dead also. Forgot to add that.


uhhh no you made the same thread here >>19450

File: 1680288002629.mp4 (11.79 MB, 1920x1080, デブ狸レイン.MP4)


All of my software exists to destroy capital.

Quite literally. That is the true purpose of free software to me.

To eliminate capitalist control over my computing.

And for that matter corporate control of the same.

Thus saith the Preacher:

> If the users don't control the program, the program controls the users. With proprietary software, there is always some entity, the “owner” of the program, that controls the program and through it, exercises power over its users. A nonfree program is a yoke, an instrument of unjust power.

> Richard M. Stallman

It also literally destroys capital; consider the case of Blender. Whole proprietary software industries have died in its wake, replaced by a world where 3D artists collaboratively contribute to Blender, either with code, or with money to pay for code.

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Oh, Bitwig Studio exists, but it's also proprietary


I was about to say you what you misunderstood about the points I made but then I read till the end and oh boy
>This is laughable now. Webpages are not "proprietary software". They're adhering to a variety of open W3C standards which is why you can inspect the code on the page and the like.
W3C standards are whatever google shits out in chrome. There isn't even a working alternative browser aside from firefox i.e. puppet opposition (and even then shit refuses to work/gets slow) and safari which is just of the same cartel. The "standards" are now way too complicated for any competition to exist since nothing short of international megacorp can maintain such a codebase, let alone make profits.
JS is usually obfuscated and actively anti user - ads, popups, install our app, give us your email, tracking every mouse movement of the user, fingerprinting the shit out of their browser, etc.
Let that sink in, then we can talk.
I do not see how I fit the tech bro meme. The tech bro is a corpo supported, soy tech fan, probably works in IT and helps building the cybergulag. I am none of those things.


Also read "the javascript trap" by Stallman. Even he notices it, although he doesn't know much about the whole browsers-proprietary-through-sheer-complexity corruption.


LMMS, Qtracktor, Tracktion 7…


LOL none of these come anywhere near Ableton Live
I did mention Bitwig but again it's proprietary even if available on GNU/Linux



>4chan - garbage.
>Reddit - garbage.
>Any altchan (except for here, not including Tor IBs)
>Element (formerky riot.im) - not actually encrypted or safe, given how they can still see what you're doing, provided that your homeserver is matrix.org. i'd watch out. You can self-host, but that requires maintenance and technical know-how (+ a registrar that won't kick you) assuming you run a server of your own. But if you want to find one? Self-hosted Element instances are hard to come by, namely because no single list of all the differebt websites that have their own Ekement chat client. So you're just gonna have to know what you're looking for. So is it centralized? Pretty much, yes.
>Viber - requires a GSM number. You cannot use VoIP. So as a result I never used it.
>Discord - garbage.
>Telegram - AGAIN centralized. You do know they can see everything you do on there, right (aside from maybe two way chats or invite-only servers, which even then that app glows)
>Yahoo Answers - rest in piss. Also, fuck Yahoo.
>YouTube - censors people with their stupid fucking algorithm that they only implemented until after Charlottesville. It was first about "extremist content" on the site, but now its been taken to a new level to include literally EVERYBODY. Thanks a lot, N*zis.
>Google - See above. Also, GARBAGE!
>the Daily Stormer/The Purity Spiral/other "white nationalist" blogs and forums.
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you can't read.




This is Substack but better because it lets you do fucked up CSS shit like old school Tumblr except it's even better than Tumblr because you won't get death threats for not shipping Doctor Who with some other BBC IP


>because you won't get death threats for not shipping Doctor Who with some other BBC IP
Lmao. Kinda miss tumblr though.


SS is pretty nice desu

File: 1683076006985.jpg (34.92 KB, 474x342, rfid.jpg)


Remember when RFID blocking was all the rage?

>Still, people are worried about electronic pickpocketing — worried enough to strap on RFID-blocking fanny packs, even skinny jeans.



myeah given that RFID readers in stores and whatnot can barely read the damn things even when you're pressing your debit card to them, I wouldn't be so worried. plus there's the fact that people often have more than one RFID card in their wallet, negating almost the entire benefit compared to a magnetic stripe. you can even see that they need to basically touch their victim's ass for it to work
a friend of mine asked me what it would take to be able to read an RFID card from say 50 meters away. I pointed out that 13.56 MHz has a wavelength of 22 meters or so, so any practical antenna will have a width on the order of half of that, plus you'd need a lot of power. so basically you'd have to set up an HF station nearby and somehow point a long Yagi-Uda antenna at the target without them noticing. something like pic related
with LF (120-150 kHz) tags it becomes even more ridiculous, but maybe you could wrap a reading coil around the ground where you expect your target to be or something

File: 1679323919158-0.png (24.27 KB, 3840x2160, YouTube-Logo.png)

File: 1679323919158-1.png (58.83 KB, 895x794, vimeo upload limits.png)


Will there ever be an alternative video platform that matches its ability to let you regularly put out content to a large audience?
Vimeo comes close but you have to pay to exceed the limits and the audience is definitely more limited.
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To help make this an actual plan I think it may be worth a shot someone approach someone like vedal987 to try Owncast or PeerTube because 1. he likely does at least mild programming so these sort of things may interest him for being open source and 2. Neuro-sama being just an AI that can occasionally get unhinged has gotten him banned on Twitch before and this could potentially happen again and 3. Neuro-sama seemingly keeps gaining momentum in relative popularity among vtubers themselves and viewers so it may help these other platforms gain some more traction for more users and eventually if enough people switch through strategies like this in different niches there will be a tipping point even more people will come.


I don't really understand why businesses have to constantly grow to stay alive. Isn't it possible to have some sort of equilibrium where you just make revenue and pay your workers and just exist?


No. Capital begets capital. Anyways, that situation would be even less preferable because it would just be stasis.



Pointing out that youtube is not profitable is like pointing out that the janitorial staff at a company are not profitable. Google/Alphabet is a lot bigger than youtube. Youtube is just a tool for them. They acquired it because of how they can use it, not because it will make them money. IDK the internal politics there ofc but it does seem like the CEOs of youtube have it in their heads that they need to be profitable and think they are the ones who are finally going to do it. Maybe google just tells them youtube needs to be profitable so they reduce costs as much as possible. If Google needed youtube to be profitable they would have gotten rid of it years ago because it's never been profitable.

File: 1668576113682.png (3.22 MB, 1584x1200, ClipboardImage.png)


Thread for watching rocket launches and shit.
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File: 1682102315855.jpg (15.02 KB, 474x355, joker.jpg)

I can laugh but I'm also crying.


File: 1682764543758.png (132.82 KB, 816x827, ClipboardImage.png)


What a great scam. The money still gets spent, great man billionaire theory is pushed, and nobody is accountable for failure. It's just billionaires doing what billionaires do, nothing to do with public money guys! Total success!



Isn't this entirely because Musk refused to let them use the normal water dampening that absorbs shock during lift-off? Instead of being absorbed the force basically turned the launch pad into a crater and blew the debris back up at the rocket causing damage before it even lifted off.

File: 1678171776315.png (29.89 KB, 128x128, index.png)



Is "Not Evil MTX" the official successor of "Not Evil" v2 onion site (http://hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion)? If you know "Not Evil", please check "Not Evil MTX" and answer my question.


File: 1682617434047.png (380.43 KB, 512x512, jerome18.png)

Yes all indications are it is the same site:

- No ads
- Same look and feal
- No censorship
- A means to report abusive URLs
- Troll scroll is there and it's exactly the same format as it was before not evil disappeared. When it first resurfaced I noticed that it even had some of the old chat logs from back in 2021 in the default /dev/null channel.


seems like an interesting search engine, thanks


File: 1682635570347.jpg (49.19 KB, 700x836, 1559816781025.jpg)

>searching "cockshott" brings up leftychan before leftypol


File: 1682176866147-0.jpg (183.58 KB, 800x1120, components_SZ0A6479.jpg)

File: 1682176866147-1.jpg (35.9 KB, 620x465, typhone.jpg)


These are the only cell phones that are acceptable to use without having to rely on Soygle. As of 2019, all commercial cell phones came with a proprietary baseband chip which is basically backdoored spyware. As for GrapheneOS? Don't even think about. There is so much blobbed sources plus the ARM Trustzone backdoor that they claim they fixed (which is horseshit). Oh, and you have to always consoom the newest Goooooooooogle products like an iToddler because of device support issues and the small number of people who work for the project. There is no real guarantee of safety on an Android unless you were running it on a VM.

Pinephones/Librems are horseshit too. Same goes with dumb phones. Your carrier can always log your shit. And 2G/3G getting discontinued in favor of VoLTE spyware. You can probably substitute this with software that helps you change voices, spoof nunbers and so on for the calls. I'd installl Tails OS on it.
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most of the suggestions itt are like painting a target on your back


I wish Pixels had removable batteries man.


my old motorola can't keep winning


or a microsd slot, or a mic jack…


I've never seen someone shittalking grapheneos who actually knew what he was talking about.

That's like saying windows telemetry is still spying on you after you installed linux, retard.

>you have to always consoom the newest Goooooooooogle products

But you can still use old pixels and install grapheneos on them? It's the same as being unable to upgrade android on older phones.

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