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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1680288002629.mp4 (11.79 MB, 1920x1080, デブ狸レイン.MP4)


All of my software exists to destroy capital.

Quite literally. That is the true purpose of free software to me.

To eliminate capitalist control over my computing.

And for that matter corporate control of the same.

Thus saith the Preacher:

> If the users don't control the program, the program controls the users. With proprietary software, there is always some entity, the “owner” of the program, that controls the program and through it, exercises power over its users. A nonfree program is a yoke, an instrument of unjust power.

> Richard M. Stallman

It also literally destroys capital; consider the case of Blender. Whole proprietary software industries have died in its wake, replaced by a world where 3D artists collaboratively contribute to Blender, either with code, or with money to pay for code.

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https://ardour.org/ (FOSS)
https://www.reaper.fm/ (not FOSS)
btw there's a thread for linux musicians on here


>Very few "actual artists" use free software. Even then, they do so as a creative exercise (a form of self-imposed limitation, really) rather than as a daily bread-and-butter thing. There is an amateur ghetto of people making art using free software but it will remain a ghetto until the free software community improves their usability game.
literally source? lmao


back to 4cuck


I was thinking about how to make Flash-esque vector animations with a full FOSS set-up
Inkscape for drawing vector key frames -> Synfig for tweening -> Audacity for recording voices and other audio -> Kdenlive or Shotcut for doing the final editing and rendering
There's also this "rendering manager" thing that takes Synfig projects as well as Blender and Krita projects:

It's all kind of modular
There's also this open-source program called OpenToonz which allows you to both draw and animate, but it's only available on Windows and macOS


yeah, because the objects being streamed are plain text and not structured data. Unix philosophy wins again!
just ask any musician you know.

all these posts are damage control and you know it.

File: 1700703450820.jpg (56.57 KB, 581x563, 1692825297440.jpg)


Is randomizing your MAC address with software like macchanger or NetworkManager enough to actually conceal it or can your hardware MAC actually get leaked when connecting to a random network by whatever means, like wireless traffic sniffing i.e. Aircrack?

Basically, how do I make sure I can't get identified when connecting to random wifi spots or even when only scanning for networks? I know your hostname can also be detected in a LAN but changing that is easier.



If you're going to change the hostname under X remember to update the authentication cookie with xauth or you will break your session unless you restart.

File: 1699816495938.jpg (319.17 KB, 2560x1440, EZh2bOMWkAMhRsL.jpg)


where should i start with linux? i really want to jump ship, but i've been on windows since 2000/xp and really don't know were to start. i want to be able to customize my desktop gui, use video editing software (it's for work), and still play my video games. i've been looking into Nobara and it seem like a good place to start. Should I dual boot it on my main OS, or put it on my old labtop to get use to it?
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Virtualbox often breaks after new releases or kernel upgrades, leading to relatively frequent crashes and file corruption.
Apparently Oracle only keeps vbox around as a legacy enterprise product and for gullible hobbyists, so stability and testing have suffered over the last decade.


I think you are right to some extent. But I know for a fact of many irl important uses of VMs in corpos and academia that are not legacy or hobbyism at all. Particularly to do with cybersec and other networking related stuff where without a VM you would have to run like 80 physical machines with the same OS and other software on top of each of them and VMs are just a whole lot easier


I never claimed anything about VMs in general, only that Oracle treats virtualbox as a legacy and hobbyist product.
IIRC virtualization is indispensible in the server market; Xen, Bhyve and Docker in particular.


not rly


If you aren't a "FOSS schizo" (?) then just install Steam.

File: 1700459061814.png (139.16 KB, 963x542, 1695365682062.png)


That's the list of toggles for disabling telemetry in Firefox. By default, Firefox sends pings every time you shut down your browser, make a new profile, it pings their servers when you run firefox and much more. Is this supposed to be 'le privacy browser?

I actually just copied and pasted one of these hardened configs and starting up firefox still pings home every time. Very cool!
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>also it had a bunch of unaddressed phone homes and security issues at the time I used it
I've never heard of ungoogled chromium doing this…


well I didn't save what I saw at the time, but perhaps I read a misleading article an the matter.


Here -→ https://github.com/arkenfox/user.js/blob/master/user.js
You don't need to use user.js if you don't want. Just go over the file and use about:config


Those pings still happen even with the most hardened config.js!!!!!!



Do you own one? I just bought a cheap Chinese one and I love the feel and noise and the extra space (it's a tenkeyless).
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>retvrn to hieroglyphics


got one, mostly for getting rid of ghosting, and its more pleasant to type too
feel pretty good, got it since 5+ years for like 120bucks (I had plenty of money), given the time I spend on the computer was a good investment


Cliqter claxters
tip tap


>tfw you will never own an IBM beam spring keyboard


I always get a full sized keyboard. You don't actually need a mechanical keyboard as long as you buy something that's better than the cheap entry-level stuff. That being said, I think Cherry Mx Brown keys are the most comfortable ones.

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Thread for questions that don't deserve their own thread.
I wanna buy some headphones to go outside i don't want to spend more than 100€ on them. I want them to be mostly durable and secondly to have good sound quality, also i don't want to look like a jackass while wearing them, any suggestions?
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Anybody know any good resources for smartphone maintenance. My battery isn't charching and google brings up results like HaVe YoU cHeCkEd If tHe ChArGhEr WoRkS???

Like yea bitch, I opened up the whole fucking phone checked if the charging port is connected to battery and everything, I deserve better than shitty clickbait. Help appreciated.


File: 1700082897508.png (350.24 KB, 600x510, ClipboardImage.png)

there's this mass scrapping tool with a lighthouse like logo but i can't remember the name


File: 1700279377392.png (82.81 KB, 1181x635, wat.PNG)

How does one create an email account in 2023 without an email account or mobile phone?


use disroot or autistici with gpg


Manjaro generally sucks. There was a page that compiled a lot of reasons: https://web.archive.org/web/20230626075444/https://manjarno.snorlax.sh/
Linux Mint and Xubuntu are better. Or just install Arch.


> Copy Link Without Site Tracking
Firefoxchads just can't stop winning!


> So, in a nutshell, the cookie banner blocker is like your automated assistant that takes care of annoying cookie banners by either preemptively telling the website you opt-out or by clicking on your behalf to make them go away. This way, you can spend less time opting out and more time browsing.

File: 1653796509011.jpg (14.4 KB, 474x248, sodachi.jpg)


why is maths as a school subject nothing but difficult number tricks with no practical application? physics has equations that are both piss easy and give you answers you can use. fuck educational maths
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66+44 does not equal 100 tho


File: 1699921306861.jpg (11.22 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

our universe is the only possible one, therefore physics is mathematics


that sounds like a social construct

sry, just one of many




>why is maths as a school subject nothing but difficult number tricks
cuz school is meant to make you into a trained monkey that doesn't think, just does according to principles thought out by someone else

File: 1698936011963.png (47.37 KB, 421x432, 1698931524503436.png)


Stallman is OUT!

Anyone defending, mentioning, or promoting Stallman, and his liberal capitalist "free" software philosophy is a liberal.
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Least surprising surprise ever


the shit that made gnome infamous was people sending patches to fix something and then being CLOSED WONTFIX. it's clearly not always a matter of "work for me for free." i some devs already have patreons/liberapays, but what i don't get is why bug bountying never took off. you'd think devs would be shilling people endlessly about it and it would be integrated in all the git forges if it was such a big deal to them.


nothing, if it was posted in /usapol/ no one could tell the difference


Bug bounties don't work because you are not sure to receive the money. It would be better to commission the feature/bugfix. But even then upstream has no obligation to accept the work, so you might end up with a fork and a lifetime of work to rebase your patches.


I can literally post any off topic shit about China I want. And I get more replies than on /pol/

File: 1699856216961.jpg (114.56 KB, 375x500, 1433315482523.jpg)


Is there any point in using a libre router? Or changing your ISP-provided router at all?
These seem very overpriced for what they provide.


You're better off getting a router supported by OpenWrt


File: 1699880662376.png (71.47 KB, 450x300, router.png)

Theres mini fanless routers on Aliexpress, that can run Opensense or OpenWrt.


Can't you get better wifi with those tho? Better coded than the shit the ISP slaps together.


outdated proprietary routers are huge security hazards. get an old pc and install pfsense on it + pfblocker.
get mini pcs/nucs and put wireless cards in them (not intel) and install debian+hostapd and use them as WAPs.
don't use openwrt, it's shit. it wipes your settings when you try to update it.


>Can't you get better wifi with those tho?
I just use a wireless access point for Wi-Fi devices and connect it to >>22310.

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