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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Stop posting about how cool you are for using one consumer tech product over another or having math skills or something. Start endeavouring to not completely automatically repulse a woman or actually any actual person TODAY. Thank You.(No.)


Don't you have a broken print spooler to fix windowsfag? Technology is a major PITA in most people's life either way and just because you enjoy clobbering 18GiB of your HDD and 4GiB of your RAM with telemetry and floaty GUIs, it doesn't mean we do.


Math is cool though even if I can't do it well


simping is bad


women love my M2 MBP

File: 1658993721656.png (134.45 KB, 1920x720,


Hello, here's a one time advertisement for a new search engine.

Do not expect me to advertise this a second time, write down the website address if you want to find it again.

The search engine is free to use but additionally you may purchase complete search results in .txt documents.
There is additional features planned for this search engine.

You may use this search engine currently to explore a very weird internet.
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Yes, but the console dies sometimes because of various reasons.
Various reasons that have caused the crash:
1. The crawler is unstable, and does not properly deal with some types of websites, causing a system wide crash.
2. ISP problem every week to two weeks involving some monitored communications and lowered speeds.
3. Lost system integrity.

How would I use these addresses? Most of these addresses on my end do not respond to a http request or ping request.
On https://bgp.potaroo.net/v6/as2.0/bgptable.txt
when using a ping command on cmd prompt
"ping 2001:608:0:fff::3:3053"
this ping command results in request timed out
Other addresses also fail.

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You're going to have to advertise on more than niche imageboard if you want to fund more features. Also do you have a way to get a more permanent link, or at least a way to regularly get updated links?


File: 1667568450653.png (18.07 KB, 128x128, rdj.png)

The link no longer works.




ye, wolves


What smartphone do you have? What you recommend? Also share your recommended apps.

I have a Xiaomi Poco F3, I got it for cheap ($280) and has a lot of good features like 5G, 120HZ AMOLED, NFC, a powerful processor etc I don't plan to buy another one for in the next 4-5 years.

My recommended apps:
>Blokada (to block all ads, doesn't need root)
>f-droid (alt app store).
>Bromite and Fennec Fdroid web browsers
>Libretorrent if you want to torrent on your phone.
>Tachiyomi if you want to read manga.
>Radiodroid for radiostations
>Torbrowser for tor proxy/onion service
>Lucky Patcher if you want to fuck around trying to unlock apps for free (Needs Root)
>MX player for videos, Simple Gallery for images.
>New Pipe or YT Vanced for youtube videos.
>foobar2000 or blackplayer for music
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I'm not really an anime guy so no.


I installed it to try it out and no anime works. They give me an error. But Better Call Saul and The Boys works, wtf is this app 💀


What's the recommended phone + OS at higher end price ranges?

Is the difference between Calyx, Lineage, and Graphene significant?


pixel 6 pro + grapheneos


Since Youtube Vanced is dead, is ReVanced any good?

File: 1612998061767.jpg (3.86 MB, 3120x4160, ereader .jpg)


I love my electronic reader, I must have read hundreds of books on it, all free thanks to the pirate comrades and websites like library genesis, mobilism or archive.org.

Picrel is a Kobo Aura with Plato as OS. I hear KOreader is also good.

So fellow anons, do you live fully in the current year? Do you own an e-reader? Do you love it? Are you still hesitating to get one?read_a_fucking_bookRead a Fucking Book
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also turn on airplane mode except for the occasional update, the background internet services will drain your battery


that's coo, i still want to deamazon it since i don't trust them with my data




>can the new kindle be jailbroken?
There are a lot of kindle jailbreak instructions out there, so without knowing your exact model and firmware version, i would say: probably yes.


I would also say if your kindle is not currently jailbreakable, it's a good idea to just put it on airplane mode all the time and wait to see if a new jailbreak comes out. I did this after missing a jailbreak and my kindle updating itself to a newer version, and now I can jailbreak since there's a new one out and it hasn't updated since.

File: 1663049690998.png (383.69 KB, 570x390, ClipboardImage.png)


As communists we know how well porky cuts corrners, even baby formula is tainted

So I'm asking the techies as a luddite, if someone had like wireless mouses, gamepads, etc and used them daily
would it marginally give them more cancer than usual??
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did you post this from /ghostypol/?
you're already dead my guy


what is a radio operator and what skin damage do you speak of?

i have experienced heat of the eyes, it's nasty
you have to put cucumber and drink cold stuff to get it out of the body




autist hypochondriac thread!


Is op a german microwave hater?

File: 1668576113682.png (3.22 MB, 1584x1200, ClipboardImage.png)


Thread for watching rocket launches and shit.
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Wow, the Faustian spirit and muh nihilism, we really care about that over here


Congrats to americans for finally getting it to work


File: 1668607456656.png (1.47 MB, 765x1023, ClipboardImage.png)

>A technology demonstration called Callisto, named after the mythical figure associated with Artemis, developed by Lockheed Martin in collaboration with Amazon and Cisco, is also in flight aboard Orion on Artemis 1. Callisto will use video conferencing software to transmit audio and video from mission control and use the Alexa virtual assistant to respond to the audio messages. In addition, members of the public are able to submit messages to be displayed on Callisto during the Artemis 1 mission
lots of dumb pageantry around this, but the CubeSat missions seem interesting
BTW, it's funny that a lot of satellite payloads come in cute little cube forms


That might be the last, there is chatter about Artemis III not happening before 2028 and that SLS might be scrapped. They'd instead use a Falcon 9 with dragon to get the astronauts from earth to LEO and HLS from there to go to the moon.


File: 1668676448484.png (2.38 MB, 1908x1146, ClipboardImage.png)

Yeah that one was weird and unique to me because they don't usually fire rockets from Vandenburg. I've seen the shuttle a few times flying into Edwards though. There was some Trident launches that also caused a disturbance but I didn't see them first hand.

File: 1668665603606.jpg (5.32 KB, 241x209, 1514393608219.jpg)


would you join a matrix server that has a d-scord bridge bot


no, join fbi.gov instead

File: 1668216648950.png (21.74 KB, 512x512, unnamed.png)


Which adblockers would you guys recommend? I'm using firefox btw
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i just use adblock if i want privacy i just use tor


In uBlock Origin, if you enable "I am an advanced user" in the dashboard settings, you get dynamic filtering which is basically what uMatrix does (they were both developed by the same person before he merged uMatrix's features into uBlock Origin and stopped developing the former)



This only applies to scripts though. Blocking iframes in umatrix lets you open them separately and I often disable images, media and css when I'm on a slow network link.


Depends, if I want to mess with advertisers I use Adnauseam and Trackmenot, if I have a need for speed I use ublock origin.

File: 1668447141198.png (3.45 KB, 267x189, download.png)


>Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language that is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. It is a general-purpose programming language intended to let programmers write once, run anywhere (WORA), meaning that compiled Java code can run on all platforms that support Java without the need to recompile. Java applications are typically compiled to bytecode that can run on any Java virtual machine (JVM) regardless of the underlying computer architecture. The syntax of Java is similar to C and C++, but has fewer low-level facilities than either of them. The Java runtime provides dynamic capabilities (such as reflection and runtime code modification) that are typically not available in traditional compiled languages. As of 2019, Java was one of the most popular programming languages in use according to GitHub, particularly for client–server web applications, with a reported 9 million developers.

<Oracle offers its own HotSpot Java Virtual Machine, however the official reference implementation is the OpenJDK JVM which is free open-source software and used by most developers and is the default JVM for almost all Linux distributions.

Java has all the features of any OOP lang with functional additions as well, multiple libraries for every conceivable use case, is an A-tier general purpose language, runs fairly quickly (as fast or half as fast as C/C++ in most cases), tons of people know it or learn it in university, or in their corporate jobs. Other languages like Kotlin, Scala, and Clojure, as well as Ruby/Python implementations, and many more are built on the rock solid engineering of the JVM.

Most of silicon valley and top corporations use Java to some extent as well. It has a solid open source implementation (OpenJDK) which is the standard. It's easy to learn, simple enough for midwit programmers to collaborate and make maintainable, portable, performant software that fulfills a practical purpose or need. It's the workhorse of programming languages.

Why then does Java get so much hate in the FLOSS community? Do people just hate OOP? Is it because of Oracle's nasty reputation? Is it because of the old school, GOF-design patternified J2EE apps thats used to be made (and are still maintained)? Most modern java can be written with minimal XML (esp. with modern spring boot).

Or is it simply because JavPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It's hilarious how people who claim to be software "engineers" will disregard all evidence proving how fast and efficient Java is and will keep claiming that it is a resource hog just because they had bad experiences with Eclipse.


God, python and ruby have their use, but I really dislike command line programs that you can feel run slow. I remember playing around with vagrant and homebrew, and it's such a joke that running –version feels so slow.


>Tons of linux distros (RHEL + clones, Ubuntu, Suse/opensuse) are owned by corpos and those make up the majority of distros anyway
This is one of the causes behind the adoption of systemd and other freedesktop sponsored abominations. Notice RH is also involved in Java development.
But there is no reason to focus on the particular corporations, because this is only a symptom of the huge amount of labor required to maintain OpenJDK.

>Redefining TRU(tm) open source as made by hobbyists and not foundations is wrong

You wouldn't want to live of the scraps Microsoft publishes on their Github. These corpos publish their code because some people fix their bugs for free. They retain authority over their project and no personal or community-driven effort would have any hope of forking their codebases, that consist of decades of cruft. You may observe the Palemoon fork of Firefox, to see how code complexity or simply inane standards can consign open-source software to the realm of large organizations with many developers at hand. In the case of Oracle this is unanimously bad.

The licensing incident is a good example of how Oracle still tries to preserve their ownership of Java.
IIRC the memory access pattern of the Oracle JVM makes it perform particularly slow on ARM (relevant papers are paywalled), hence the Dalvik VM uses registers instead of a stack-based architecture.


I still have bad experiences with IntelliJ indexing and the like and having to tune GC just for editing. Java is fast, if you tune it right and let it warm up, but it still has to start the JVM and warm up.


alot of the slowness of java is really just spring being shit and overuse of reflection. Other nu-java ee frameworks like microprofile, micronaut and quarkus are supposed to be better.

File: 1665038028083.png (83.19 KB, 920x993, ClipboardImage.png)


This thread is for discussing the future of imageboard software, with particular relevance to large imageboards such as leftypol.

Vichan, one of the most popular imageboard softwares and the parent of (the parent of) leftypol's, has recently had its founder Hotwheels say "STOP USING VICHAN YOU FUCKING NERDS", after a major exploit in the embed function dating back to 2011 was found.
( https://nitter.net/fr_brennan/status/1570456345244991496#m )
He insists "Please STRONGLY CONSIDER deprecating vichan on your instances as I have repeatedly begged users to do."

However, despite its struggle to find developers, it has the most developers and most consistsntly active developers out of the imageboard softwares I am aware of (that said, I don't know much about the futaba forks)

The other non-fork competitors seem to be lynxchan (I've seen a board using it call it an abortion) and jschan. Pretty sure both are run/maintained by approximately 1 person at any one time. Furthermore, despite some cool nifty features including websockets instead of polling, they're in many places well behind vichan in terms of expected functionality. I personally believe that a migration within the next few years to one of these would be tolerable but horrible, and that if their approximately 1 maintainer vanishes, the project will stagnate like the others.

So what is the future, on the software side, for leftypol? Is the best path forward to edge back closer and closer to vichan by pushing our differences upstream, and ride it out until it has no more maintainers?
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File: 1668389344252.gif (1.42 MB, 450x258, Coding.gif)

This topic has been beaten to death several times on /tech/ alone, let alone other parts of the internet/chaniverse. I'll leave this copypasta here which basically explains the whole thing.


Vichan: the software that just won’t die

Why vichan hasn’t been replaced and probably never will

Vichan and Vichan derivatives such as lainchan have long been the standard of imageboards in the “alt chan” universe. Briefly, Lynxchan looked poised to take over as the imageboard standard, but it’s reliance on mongodb left it vulnerable to data corruption and unreliability issues.

Any semi-competant coder can create an imageboard with 80%+ feature parity with vichan within a few weeks or even days. So why, after all this time, has no imageboard managed to take over from vichan?

Wordpress is blogging software written in PHP, from the dark ages when PHP was a terribly designed language. Like vichan, wordpress is a structureless, poorly written, outdated, spaghettified oldphp-based piece of shit. Yet, it persists. There are countless plugins, themes, and tutorials created for it, which enable countless nontechnical small business owners to create good looking websites with prebuilt themes. The very ease of use corresponds with it being hell to maintain and write plugins for. Ironically this self-induced difficulty has created a whole ecosystem of plugin and theme developers, selling overbloated plugins that perform functionality that could really be done in a few lines of code, mindlessly installed by nontechnical bloggers. Even conservatively, around 30%+ of all websites use wordpress, including major corporations like airlines, banks, and media conglomerates. The fact is, there is a self fufilling prophecy, where a software’s popularity can meme itself into existence. Wordpress is the Kim Kardashian of cms software: popular for being popular, despite an utter lack of any other redeeming qualities. And vichan is essentially the wordpress of imageboard software.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


just to follow up, I've been straight up TOLD by the people who run leftypol that even if I wrote a replacement chan today, they wouldn't switch to it.

Unless you have some alternative userbase which is willing to adopt brand new software, there's no point.


The technical aspect and the sociological "userbase" aspect are completely independent of each other. Most "normal" people don't give a shit about features, all they know is that you can post and that's it.


Did they say why they wouldn't change?


basically they're focused on improving leftypol's VIchan variant and its functionality and rewriting it would be too much work, plus they wanted to do it in scala if it were done at all.

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