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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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>Joe Russo says AI will be used to “engineer storytelling” in movies.
>“You could save the AI on your streaming platform. ‘I want a rom-com starring my avatar and Marilyn Monroe's avatar,’ and it renders a story with dialogue that mimics your voice.”
this is just deepfake porn but more pathetic


I want a middle aged psyop gf who will straight up just fucking kills me. Watermeleon-between-thighs level carnage.I want it to get really embarrassing, she is gonna make me her little pee pee piss boy who can't take enhanced interrogation. I'm a real freak, I'm not normal.Ma'am, please, just crush me, Ms. Gabbard




>Ms. Gabbard
yes ok, I understand now, I can finally see.
I want the same thing.


Can I have a romcom where I get a harem after the revolution with this?


I don't want a rom-com starring anything or anyone
This is just going to make more unwatchable schlock
Hopefully this next recession wipes out the middle-class retards that would want this



Teachers getting pepper sprayed over phones is not shocking to me. On my first day teaching, I had a girl leave my class and scream at me for asking her to put her phones away. I caught the same girl scrolling tiktok on a serious standardized test. I’ve found a kid using chat GPT on his final essay— it’s blocked on the computers but he emails it to himself from his phone, doesn’t even get rid of the "Sure! Here’s a paragraph…." part of the bot’s response when he pastes it into his essay.

I’ve seen kids taking videos of horrible fights, and I’ve seen kids watching those videos later. It seems both exciting and numbing to them. Sometimes they’re texting when I’m talking, and they say they’re talking to their parents. Why are you texting your kid? Stop.

I had one kid lose his phone when he came back from a suspension after posting threats, but he was still on his phone in my class because he handed the administrators his old phone instead of his real one.

Sometimes you suggest to administrators that none of them should be allowed to have phones, and they say it’s a safety issue. You lock away a basket of phones into a closet down the hall during a standardized test because they won’t stop beeping, and your department chair tells you that you could get in trouble for unwarranted seizure.

You do your duty and tell parents their kids are on their phones, and they tell you they thought their ADHD kid was allowed to have a phone in their educational plan. If you say they aren’t, and read to them their plan, then they demand that their child get ten minute cool-down breaks— where they go in the hall and look at their phones. It goes into the plan.

The accommodation I need is for you to read, listen, talk, and write without looking at your phone. These kids use their phones to cheat, to torture each other, to shop, and to essentially spoil their youth and their last chance for a free education. If anyone tells you this isn’t prolific in American schools, they are lying to you or they have the type of brain worms where they think digital technology is helping people and not wrecking our brains. If you’re in your 30s+, you are basically from the Before Times, and you’re probably ontologically different from younger generations because of smartphone exposure.

I want to throw my phone down the well. I don’t like how accessible I have become to other people in all thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I agree that the medium of phones needs to be addressed


This is a copypasta from reddit


i think this extends to the modern internet at large, in the 90s and 2000d we expected to be fully control of the technology we own but slowly we stoped owning the technology and became apathetic to it. sofware like windows 11 is hostel to anything you want to change to it. and it's getting harder to root and jailbreak your phones. and social meida is completely out of our hands. and the worse thing is there's nothing to do about it. we don't care about owning things anymore we just subscription it. why would kids care about education if they can control any of the out comes that come with it. if work can be done with fucking bots now that says something about the work.


which is funny because the internet in the 90s was even more monopolized than it is today


I understood, all these pupils ask is to get on their phones, just begging, then you can't really even confiscate it (not me exactly), misbehave, etc… but they are teens and kids so I try not to blame them, I am not that much worse, glued to my phone outside of work.

File: 1683076006985.jpg (34.92 KB, 474x342, rfid.jpg)


Remember when RFID blocking was all the rage?

>Still, people are worried about electronic pickpocketing — worried enough to strap on RFID-blocking fanny packs, even skinny jeans.



myeah given that RFID readers in stores and whatnot can barely read the damn things even when you're pressing your debit card to them, I wouldn't be so worried. plus there's the fact that people often have more than one RFID card in their wallet, negating almost the entire benefit compared to a magnetic stripe. you can even see that they need to basically touch their victim's ass for it to work
a friend of mine asked me what it would take to be able to read an RFID card from say 50 meters away. I pointed out that 13.56 MHz has a wavelength of 22 meters or so, so any practical antenna will have a width on the order of half of that, plus you'd need a lot of power. so basically you'd have to set up an HF station nearby and somehow point a long Yagi-Uda antenna at the target without them noticing. something like pic related
with LF (120-150 kHz) tags it becomes even more ridiculous, but maybe you could wrap a reading coil around the ground where you expect your target to be or something

File: 1682395719688.png (426.11 KB, 696x518, ClipboardImage.png)


<Problematic development with regard to drive encryption. luks and (less suprisingly) bitlocker.

I am writing to give some news about my detention and investigation.
The “attentions” that the prison administration (and/or the preliminary investigation judge?) show me continue. More reprisals for my hunger strikes? Who knows.

In any case, on February 14 there was the third search of my cell (after those of December 6 and January 9). Around 7:30 p.m. the ERIS (anti-terror cops) arrived, with helmets, balaclavas and shields. There were a dozen of them, one officer was holding papers, on the first one I could see my photograph. Ours was the only cell searched in this section (but they let a dog through the corridors), two other cells in another section, I don’t know in the other buildings. The prison warden, Michael Merci, and the assistant warden were also there, watching, from behind the glass doors.
As soon as we were out of the cell, they handcuffed us, me and my concellino (who had been here in the section for just a week) and took us to the shower room, on the ground floor, for the traditional body search. We were locked in the showers during the two-hour cell search.
They found a cell phone with a charger. On Tuesday, March 21, I then went to the disciplinary board. As punishment, I am deprived of the spesina for 30 days.

On March 30, same thing. The ELAC (the prison security “squad”) arrived and the story started again.

As for the investigation, in recent months new elements have been incorporated into the dossier. The most significant is that the police were able to gain access to my computers, even though they were encrypted.
The one at work, on which Windows is installed, is encrypted with BitLocker. A report incorporated with the file earlier says that they had already tried to access it during my police detention, but had not succeeded. But in September, the Brigade d’appui en téléphonie, cyber-investigation et analyse criminelle (Brigade of support in telephony, cyber-investigation and criminal analysis) sent SDAT a copy of the hard drive. In the report, they explain only that they booted the computer with a USB stick and then used the AccesData FTK imager 3.3.05 program to copy the hard disk. But they do not mention the decryption operation itself.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1668087087609.png (422.11 KB, 1024x1024, ClipboardImage.png)


Free DNS is a dynamic DNS domain sharing project that offers free subdomains that can be registered and administered by members

List of domains available to register a subdomain from: http://freedns.afraid.org/domain/registry/

You can volunteer any domain that you own to the project, too
You can set it so that you can give your approval to a subdomain before letting it be registered (private) or waive the right to approve (public)



File: 1682138118674.jpg (50.78 KB, 450x573, 1681761476649322.jpg)


how stupid would it be to accept an artificial intelligence job when i only have experience with good ol programming

File: 1669311214048.png (107.05 KB, 169x255, 1621459814328.png)


Does anyone have a site or video playlist to learn C++ from scratch?

I'm doing terribly in my course's Programming class because I'm completely lost and didn't do any assignments
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OP is just gonna do the codecademy course probably


It's not just a "thin layer over C", people write C++ in a very different way than they write C. It requires a different approach. It's like saying C is just a thin layer over assembly.


File: 1670199974432.jpg (111.39 KB, 1728x1080, cherno.jpg)

Cherno on YT has a big playlist of C++ that I binged and it taught me everything I need to know


if you don't do exercises, you won't learn. You need to actually type it out or else you won't get it. Reading a book is probably the slowest route. I'd go with code academy.
I'd go anyways. If you pay attention, your brain will start to piece things together and you might understand something.
Fuck off.
>2004 C++
The language has evolved greatly. It no longer resembles C plus classes with nicer syntax. It is a different beast as the other anon said.


if you are an engi student this might be helpful….even if you are just cs student I guess.

File: 1679625510531.png (621.28 KB, 811x853, 1679596765168830.png)


Am I overreacting if I think "AI" will lead to the complete death of the internet as a global interconnected place to interact with other people? At best governments and corporations will force you to ID any movement online to separate you from the bots.
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It will necessitate turning to things like telegram, fbi.gov, and matrix clients to filter out potentially inauthentic users. This is why it's good that telegram and fbi.gov channels aren't indexed by search engines and almost always require you to be invited or stumble across a link.
At the level of government you will see a push to kill anonymity on the internet, and impose surefire indemnification measures, possibly at the hardware level, that prove a user is a human being.

The goal of those measures would be to filter out the AI driven noise.


it's not just the internet, leftypol is underestimating the effect this will have on the working class worldwide with the amount of jobs that will be decimated. contrary to what marx's optimism though, i don't think this will lead to a global communist revolution but an indirect culling of much of humanity and further regression into neo-feudalism since no one trusts each other


True. Just saying I don't know what it will be.


Made me realize how this website is just filled with larping pseuds.


People were saying the same thing about cybernetics. Most of the jobs could have been automated away half a century ago, we had the knowledge how to do it. What was, and is still missing is the machinery. You can have awesome controllers and machine learning systems, they are worthless as long as the machines that they would drive are still too expensive.

File: 1680232936337.jpg (467.44 KB, 868x1182, 1448739816204.jpg)


AI alignment stuff is exactly the same as the woke/anti-woke grift cycle. It's not a genuine expression of concern or values, it's about forming a second-order cottage industry of performative assent or dissent for clout and cash. They love their objects of critique for this. Not one of these "AI alignment" guys can explain to me how a LLM is going to take over the world lol. You can totally sense the grift from a mile awhile.

‘if one wants to control a process, the best way of doing so is to subordinate the present to what is (still) called the future, since in these conditions the “future” will be completely predetermined…’
—Lyotard, ‘Time Today’


Now make it take an oral exam.


Moronic Dunning-Kruger. This whole website is filled is hiding their head in the sand around AI, it's so weird. Sad to be honest.

File: 1658958475816.jpg (153.67 KB, 720x1280, snapshot.jpg)


They're desperately trying to come up with any angle for VR that isn't video games. How Meta thinks of VR makes me think about all those tiktok accounts that are like you shouldn't spend ur free time enjoying things, u should be doing Google surveys so that u can afford a lambo.
With all the stuff you can do in VR, the best that Meta's marketing team can come up with is "you can look at really high res images".
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I'm hoping some programmers could pull together a decentralized metaverse with good privacy protections implimented so I dont have to feel like im constantly being watched and having all my bio data recorded to doxx me.


Neocities is still around, in case you miss those.


File: 1667187881585.jpg (483.28 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0002.jpg)

>If you realize that this is just a display technology it becomes apparent that chasing after a whole integraded virtual world is pointless.
It just makes what Meta's been doing all the more perplexing. They've popularized 'Standalone VR' as a term and at the expense of enthusiasts pushing more productivity-oriented stuff. I remember John Carmack saying his ideal relationship to VR would be indistinguishable from how a child treats an iPad—that is to say, an all-in-one video game machine that you can pick up and watch ads play on for like an hour or two. This infantilization, which continues to inform Meta's approach to development is really odd because we're just not at the point where HMDs are being sold like monitors yet; even though I think we should. There's no standard for booting straight into a VR desktop environment on PC either. That FSV demo is cool as hell, especially when all of the subfolders are opened at once. I've never seen a 3d file manager depicted like that before.


Necrobumping with Dan Olsen's video on the colossal failure Decentraland has been:

<The Future is a Dead Mall - Decentraland and the Metaverse



I worked for a subcontractor for one of the Metaverses.
3D Modeler, user assistance in game, tester.

Did this for 1 summer. Needed work.

VR is almost all people age 7 to 16 at this time.
VR headsets are developing to be both lighter and spread the weight out around the head (as opposed to all in front).

Acutal uses of VR:
War means don't leave the mountain base, ship, tunnel, submarine. Future wars require hiding underground and using smart munitions and missiles. As such, VR is necessary as you can't see the sky.

The second use case of VR is Guns.
1. Most people under 30 can't afford guns, gun ranges, ammo, transit to gun ranges, permits, and safes. This is a cost effective way to get people proficient at aiming guns.
2. Gun ranges only allow forward fire. VR allows fire in all angles and directions.
3. If going to the gun range takes 20 minutes, you do it once a week. If going into Gun Club VR takes 1 minute, you do it 2 times per day 4 days per week.
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