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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1657086807100.jpg (36.19 KB, 680x470, glow.jpg)


> The #FBI Child ID app—the first mobile application created by the Bureau—provides a convenient place to electronically store photos and other vital information about your children so that it’s literally right at hand if you need it. Learn more at go.usa.gov/xJSfm.


Considering it's something coded by the US government, It'll probably be a poorly coded wrapper for an even more precariously put together web app, so real bad idea to put "vital information" in it even if one did trust the feds for some reason.


facebook and instagram already exist for putting pictures of your children-property into the panopticon


FBI pretends that those are independent companies.


File: 1657212825686.png (184.58 KB, 680x470, glowApp.png)

fixed that for you

File: 1656559146308.png (44.67 KB, 685x296, dickscord.png)


We're reaching the point where even fucking documentation is being relegated to walled garden social media.

> The 30 year history of the World Wide Web seems to be one of barely glomming together a relatively robust, relatively well maintained set of information sources and then destroying them at the first sign of a company offering a slicker product.. which then spectacularly dies


I was complaining about this a bit ago. It's crazy to me how seemingly everyone has fbi.gov blinders, even leftists and security and privacy advocates who should know better are weirdly keen on funneling everything they say and do through fbi.gov. Maybe the allure of ruling your own little internet fiefdom is just too strong to resist for most people.


looked up what this is about and seems to be some gaming thing
not sure what's so surprising, most people that use this will be more likely to have a fbi.gov account than sign up for irc or whatever


This is especially a problem for Minecraft mods. I don't get why devs would rather people pester them for each little thing when github provides an easy way to make documentation pages via github docs, and I imagine most other major git platforms have something similar.


File: 1657209776293.jpg (91.4 KB, 1610x1044, discord.jpg)

"the answer is on the d*scord heres an invite bro"


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half decade as a fortune 500 professional programmer, never met anyone who's used either. quit larping and use an IDE


Try meeting more people.


Vim can be turned into an extremely powerful IDE that runs entirely in a terminal, that is incredibly powerful because, it makes it possible to do software development on any computer.

Emacs is a program without peers, there is nothing quite so extensible and powerful out there, there is no way you can replace it with an IDE.

By the way neither vim not Emacs ever were the default editor, that has been and still is VI or nano. Both of these are objectively inferior, and are chosen as good enough minimum. VI is something like a predecessor of vim.

Both VIM and Emacs are also the king of efficient work flow, if you can memorize enough key-bindings, you'll run circles around somebody using something like vscode.

While there are legit reasons to use an traditional IDE, it does not depreciate VIM nor Emacs in any way. Their are tangible benefits to using them instead.

>argument from fortune 500 fallacy (derivation of authority fallacy)
You are making the argument that capitalists who have the most money, for some reason know better how to produce software, fortune 500 means the best at making money, not quality. But the reality is they do not make the best software. They are monopolies that make mediocre products.


"vi" symlinked to vim (or whatever flavor of vim) in a lot of distros


"vi" is symlinked*

File: 1656314707823.jpg (51.51 KB, 1125x1115, GOOSE.jpg)


I've gotten much better at scheduling my life and time blocking but at the moment i'm using a google account to plan my shit. I want to move off this but i don't know what is good for scheduling while ensuring my data isn't scraped and sold.
Any recommends?


a plaintext file


Remind (https://dianne.skoll.ca/projects/remind/) can sync with your existing google calendar and has multiple graphic frontends.
For birthdays you should write a csv file (the format /etc/passwd uses), so you can write scripts for converting it to any sufficiently simple calendar format.


Can you share across devices without using someone else's server?


You will always need a server for that, unless you're on the same LAN or use a TOR hidden service.
Remind stores the calendar data in '~/.reminders', so synchronization could be implemented as a three-way merge of the local file, the remote file and a snapshot from the last sync over ssh, or you could just use a VCS.



i still don't get how bladeless fans work
also why is this dyson guy important?


>i still don't get how bladeless fans work
They are not bladeless. They use a small hidden turbine (with blades) that is coupled to an air-duct that uses Bernoulli's principle.
Inside that air duct, a small amount of air that moves very fast, transfers it's kinetic momentum to a large amount of air, to make it move slowly (at fan like speeds). It uses a tiny fan that uses air to blow more air.

Please don't post videos that shill for patents. Patents are a huge obstacle that stall technology, and are designed to serve one singular purpose: impose monopoly interests on everybody else. If you are an inventor make your invention opensource. You can get funding from all the people that use your invention. Patents will put you on a leech held by lawyers, and you'll regret it for the rest of your life getting torture by people who don't understand how shit works.


I hate marketing so much. Reminds me of "air" fryers or, more fitting for the tech board, "serverless"

File: 1656637425621-0.png (780.04 KB, 1599x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1656637425621-1.jpg (28.4 KB, 540x360, mpv-shot0002.jpg)


>check out news for the new mycroft.ai Mimic 3 TTS engine
>one of the demo videos has a dev with a thick european accent
>he sounds more robotic than the TTS

Anyway, I wonder if /robowaifu/ is having a field-day with this yet. They already have a thread of training-data libraries from cartoon characters.

File: 1656322937339.png (642.01 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


Is MediaPortal the based open-source alternative to premium stuff like Kodi and Plex?

Have any of you used it

Is it pirate friendly?


Kodi is FOSS and free to download and install? Anyways anything that lets you stream open codec videos locally is pirate friendly.


Free software alternative*

Anyway, I use Jellyfin for that.


Every media server is pirate friendly.

Based. I fucking love Jellyfin.


How did Bill Gates manage to make people forget what a piece of shit he is?
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File: 1656359665768-0.png (219.71 KB, 2776x644, swtpc6800_FloppyDisk.png)

File: 1656359665768-1.jpg (157.37 KB, 1058x776, UnixPcGui.jpg)

Also unaware that Microsoft didn't make anything note worthy. Disk operating systems was old hat by 1981, CP/M stood out because it offered portability of applications where software written for say CP/M on the Ti-99 would work on CP/M for the CP/M for the Osborne with little effort (as long as the program didn't directly address hardware). MS-Dos didn't offer this which is why you have somewhat PC compatibles like the Sanyo MBC-550.
As for Windows by the time the first version of MS Windows was released not only was there of course MacOS but the Amiga was released, AT&T Unix had gotten an official desktop, Tandy released Deskmate, Digital Research released GEM, IBM released Top View, and Quarterdeck released DESQView.


Not Jewish or another type of minority so the far right ignores him. He's also able to fly under the radar by playing civility politics and virtue signaling with philanthropy so the your typical liberal ignores him. Stays off social media like Trump and Musk to avoid saying anything controversial. Leftist know he's a scumbag but there are very few in the U.S. with a platform loud enough to complain.


He totally went to the island.



It happened again with Internet Explorer that was just Mosaic that by the time MS re-skinned it as IE was long in the tooth. MS didn't even have the rights to Mosaic (as they used it) as they just bought the licence then refused to pay royalties till they got sued and managed to settle in paying a lump sum along with getting the rights. So when Microsoft was dragged into the anti-trust hearing MS had openly broken copyright law where they were packaged IE with Windows while not having the rights of the copyright holder to do so and still the DOJ still didn't throw the book at them at the end.

File: 1656199763478.jpg (70.91 KB, 1000x1000, optiplex.jpg)


>Be me
>Be in high school
>Annoying mechanical engineering class
>We are using computers that are still running Windows XP
>SolidWorks runs like shit on these
>School says they won't replace them because "it works"
>Use my magic USB stick to delete system32 and reboot
>Teacher can't figure why it's not working
>Get new computer two weeks later

Pic related


Deleting system32 is kids stuff. You really want Windows to shit itself, use another OS to make files with names legal in NTFS but not under Windows especially in system folders.




>use another OS to make files with names legal in NTFS but not under Windows especially in system folders.
so the only way you can delete files windows wont let you to, is to use another OS?
one thing i really fucking hate about windows is that it refuses shit i fucking tell it to do
>no, you cant delete cortana files even though you are the admin, permision denied, fuck you
yes because i want my computer to disobey my commands when i fucking tell it do to something
god bless linux or i would have lost my sanity with this piece of shit OS

one way i have thought about bypassing this is to write a kernel level driver, is my plan good?


The goal was to make it die quickly, not extend its suffering.


With files names legal under NTFS yet illegal under Windows you run into the problem that Windows doesn't know how to process some file names or processes them wrong. Like con where Windows literally thinks con is the console. To fully fix this you have to rip out Windows legacy code that prevents Windows from being fully NTFS compatible (yes I know MS wrote NTFS for Windows NT but Microsoft is stupid and not fully compatibility with their own file system and patched it by simply having the OS not use certain characters and names for files).

File: 1656182043337.jpg (412.56 KB, 843x1200, 1644187477665.jpg)




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