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Every few months, people come up with an idea to create a new imageboard, since mostly everyone is dissatisfied with the state of vichan/lainchan, or thinks they can do it better. Having better software would greatly enhance the experience for both regular users and mods, and have more crossover appeal to “normies”. The problem is that no one can agree on the technical or more importantly non technical decisions on how one would go about making an actual, usable replacement for lainchan.

In fact, people don't even agree on whether the imageboard replacement should be an imageboard at all. This thread is a merged, consolidated, megathread of all the various attempts at answering this question that people have made.

Previously, there was a thread on outreach to lainchan, including a strawpoll:

The poll determined it should be built in Java, but a significant minority wanted to use a functional programming language, esp. Haskell, or Clojure/Lisp.

The only way a new imageboard will be built is if multiple people, technical jannies and lurker-programmers, from here and lainchan and even elsewhere, actually collaborate on a single project and concentrate their efforts on this.

There are important technical and non technical questions to be answered.

Namely, do we even want an imageboard?

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>may lead to less discoverability for shitposts and niche topics
I mean they will still show up on the overboard, right? Plus you could have multiple tags so have them in one mainstream tag and whatever niche tags they want.

Hierarchical board based is an interesting idea, the SQL for showing it could get pretty complex though.

you should explain hierarchical boards more though


could the hierarchical concept be combined with tags and create a hierarchy of tags?

Also how many layers deep would the hierarchy be? I'd hate for the app/user to have to parse a tag/board tree N layers deep every time they want all the posts for some broad category of things. And could users create these tags or would it be janny based?


File: 1631527695523.png (208.07 KB, 351x400, animesmoking.png)

I guess my problem is every time you add a subcategory of a subcategory, you have to join the categories table to itself, and joins are expensive. If you're 20 subcategories deep that would lead to extremely bad performance, at least from a traditional relational DB. You want to minimize the amount of joins. Tags are flat, just one join to the tags table and you can get whatever you need.

IMO the first step is decoupling the pruning logic from the tags/categories discussion. That way we can consider it in terms of discoverability, and have pruning based on last reply+1 week, not some hard catalog limit like 350 threads. This would also eliminate damage from sliding and raids because creating a new thread would not be a destructive act (deleting old one).

Although the catalog view would have to be rethunk, because if the amount of threads can be arbitrary, the catalog can only ever show the top of them.

There's also the pub-sub/group model where users can subscribe to certain groups/topics/boards and their timeline would be an amalgamation of all of the boards they are subbed to.


>you should explain hierarchical boards more though
To detail my approach to a hierarchical imageboard:

I'm working on a non-standard http server that translates POST requests to writes instead of CGI execution. By default the server would have read, write and exec permission on directories, read permission on all files and directories would be created sticky.

Mounted at the root of the server would be a filesystem, that passes through all writes and on reads generates static pages on the fly (or with some form of caching, idk yet).
Boards would be directories not starting with a special character stripped by the client, otherwise they would be threads.
Either posts would reside as plaintext files and have a header with file references. In this case the client would write to that file.
Otherwise a post would be a directory without write permission, with a plaintext body file and fields or references as separate files, which means it could not be directly written by the server, instead being written as an asynchronous request to a fifo, which has higher throughput and is more secure than a CGI request.

>the SQL for showing it could get pretty complex

I hope this makes clear that no tables are involved in the hierarchy. Administrative tasks would be handled by communicating with daemons through fifos or direct file/directory modification.
For bumping, threads would always be named by their last reply and the catalog would be like 'ls' in descending order. Anchoring and pinning could be done by adding special symbols to the thread name.

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Interesting ideas although I was looking for something more in line with a traditional web app. Good luck with your project though, keep us all updated.

Also what do you think of the trade offs of ordering by last reply vs Twitter style ordering by create date with most recent first

File: 1630847512359.jpg (121.49 KB, 1280x720, slackware.jpg)


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Debian is older than you. Mandriva likely is. Even gentoo and ubuntu are now older than a lot of users here I guess
People born in ubuntu's release year are now 17


Gentoo is in no way historically significant.
Slackware on the other hand IS.


By switching from Arch to Slackware. Slackware is better than Arch in every sense of the word. It's easier to install, more stable and the 3rd party packages (slackbuilds) are much more safer and trustworthy than the AUR will ever be.


Not including stuff related to any desktop environment like GNOME, is it true that distros like Arch, Slackware and Gentoo are any more performant or easier to maintain than Debian, Ubuntu or Fedora?


and they're harder to maintain
except maybe arch which is on par with debian etc

File: 1616439926035.jpg (38.02 KB, 580x346, niceproprieshit.jpg)

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Although he still hasn't regained his position at MIT, Richard Stallman is returning to the board of the Free Software Foundation.


How will the corporate apologists, identarian social climbers, and Microsoft agents who smeared him in the first place respond to this?
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Normalfags are useless technolumpens


Aren't normalfags successful capitalists?


File: 1631304530316.jpg (723.11 KB, 2048x1536, img_0906.jpg)

> Richard Stallman will be giving a talk in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Saturday, September, 18, titled Free Software and the GNU General Public License.

> Website of the event. https://osdn.org.ua/

(() => {
  Array.from (document.styleSheets).forEach (e => { e.disabled = true; })
  document.querySelectorAll ("*").forEach (e => e.removeAttribute ("style"))
}) ()


View -> Page Style -> No Style



However, while visually equivalent, for dev purposes the latter retains style attributes of elements and prevents their application, e.g. Unique IPs, while the former removes style attributes of elements.
Array.from (document.querySelectorAll ("*")).filter (e => e.hasAttribute ("style")).length

File: 1631376370429.jpg (42.24 KB, 764x960, FB_IMG_1631307835455.jpg)


I remember some rumblings about a public repo.
When is the repo going to be released to the public?
Why hasn't it yet?




We've finally fixed most of the basics (like feature parity and automated backups) and are now taking steps towards uploading the git repo. We just have to fix the absolute shit tangle of changes we made before version control was being used, among other small things.

File: 1608526287100.png (32.83 KB, 432x432, 1565502518003.png)

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This Thread Has Been Re-appropriated for leftypol.org Usage.

General thread meant for the discussion of the mobile app for browsing leftypol.org, known as clover.

Releases can be found here:
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app is kill but .net still works




leftypol on the app is no longer kill, it seems to have fixed itself. I think it was some shit with cloudflare. However now 4chan isn't working. I'll try reinstalling the app later.


4chinz won't work because of the new captcha and flags. No need to try


I like to lurk 4chan also. Can you guys fix it do the fork world with the new captcha system?

File: 1630247576800.png (41.78 KB, 512x443, notepad.png)


>Boycott Beijing 2008 banner
>"Free Uyghur" (v7.8.1)
>"Stand with Hong Kong" (v7.8.9)
Has it actually amounted to anything? What better text editors are out there?
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It's libshit reddit activism where people think repeating something often enough amounts to any real life change


>Spreading awareness through your platform is useless


gateway drugs work




>Anon's to-do list in Notepad++

File: 1622826507101.png (1.26 MB, 2000x2061, lispers-unite.png)


Lispers of the world, unite!
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Except it is nothing like Forth. Imbeciles like to claim that arithmetic expressions are in Polish notation but that's not true, Lisps don't have arithmetic expressions. They don't resemble each other in any way.


A lot of femboys/traps are men who want the recruit difficulty women have. They want financial favors from men (basically being feminine is your only hope of escaping wageslavery unless you're a landlord's child or some shit) as well as better sexual partner options.
At least in my region almost all traps I see on Hornet want money. You can of course tell me that it's just that I'm ugly. You have a point, but I have no problem getting laid with masculine men for free. Because you can hardly monetize masculinity unless you're like model-looking


I happened to learn tcl (because I like spending my time on useless stuff). And I quite liked it. As I understand it's akin to lisp except it's strings instead of lists.
Now what lisp do I pick that is similar to tcl in implementation, namely:
one that has corouintes just like tcl (compared to python's async-await insanity they're extremely pleasant. Basically calling a coroutine creates a new command, and calls to that command result in the coroutine's execution till the next 'yield'. Also calling a coroutine from a coroutine just works, calls will be directed to nested coroutines)
one that also has a built-in/standard event loop like tcl
one that is either painstakingly easy to extend with c (like tcl) or can call into c


>one that is either painstakingly easy to extend with c (like tcl) or can call into c
guile can do this


GCCEmacs is great, it feels like a real major upgrade

File: 1626143035578.png (83.83 KB, 2999x1315, girls who code_0.png)


I was listening to a Citations Needed episode about the propaganda trope of "Labor shortages" and realized that all that WE NEED MORE WOMEN AND PEOPLE OF COLOR is not about making software companies less monocultural (which is good in itself), and the real porky's goals are:

1. Increasing the overall supply of engineers, like they pushed women into the workforce in the 60s in the West.

2. Getting the candidates who tend to accept lower salaries (at least women are routinely underpaid, probably PoC too).

In fact, CN hosts briefly mentioned it themselves:
> what they want to do is they want to expand the pool by any means necessary, whether they use liberal inclusion language or whether or not they use, they want to have more workers because if I have twenty people applying for a job versus three, the demands, of course, will be far less

Somehow, the whole inclusivity hype should be hijacked with unionizing, because who would oppose the white'n'male CEOs' tyranny if not a diverse labor movement?
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Why not? If you think you will go through with it. Worst case you just spend some time learning something new and interesting.

What is your groundbreaking idea? Or is it a trade secret?


Apparently there's scientific evidence that diverse teams perform better, for example: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1111/ecge.12016


>Is it still worth learning programming
Yes because coding is the new literacy. The difficult parts you have to learn are usually conceptual which you keep even if you go to a different programming language later.


It's primarily for language learning, I want to create something similar to readlang/learning with texts for which you can import text and articles to use for reading in your target language, but instead of just focusing on unfamiliar words it implements the ilya frank method
http://english.franklang.ru/index.php/ilya-frank-s-reading-method via some open source translator I imagine. It's one of my favorite learning language methods but there are so many limited resources outside of premade russian to target language texts.


I'm sticking with diversity

File: 1608526303623.jpg (50.24 KB, 400x579, SICP_cover.jpg)


I'll start with a pretty obvious one.

It's pretty good, don't let the hundreds of unfunny and unoriginal edits of anime girls holding it make you think it's just a "meme".
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> The "debate" had an interlude, in which Costanza asked Sussman why MIT had switched away from Scheme for their introductory programming course, 6.001. This was a gem. He said that the reason that happened was because engineering in 1980 was not what it was in the mid-90s or in 2000. In 1980, good programmers spent a lot of time thinking, and then produced spare code that they thought should work. Code ran close to the metal, even Scheme – it was understandable all the way down. Like a resistor, where you could read the bands and know the power rating and the tolerance and the resistance and V=IR and that's all there was to know. 6.001 had been conceived to teach engineers how to take small parts that they understood entirely and use simple techniques to compose them into larger things that do what you want.
> But programming now isn't so much like that, said Sussman. Nowadays you muck around with incomprehensible or nonexistent man pages for software you don't know who wrote. You have to do basic science on your libraries to see how they work, trying out different inputs and seeing how the code reacts. This is a fundamentally different job, and it needed a different course.
> So the good thing about the new 6.001 was that it was robot-centered – you had to program a little robot to move around. And robots are not like resistors, behaving according to ideal functions. Wheels slip, the environment changes, etc – you have to build in robustness to the system, in a different way than the one SICP discusses.
> And why Python, then? Well, said Sussman, it probably just had a library already implemented for the robotics interface, that was all.


Bootcamps cost as much as university and give a worse education. IF you're going to skip university just teach yourself instead of paying for a bootcamp.


> Bootcamps cost as much as university
Do they? Then why would anyone take them?


because they're shorter than university and are used by adults doing career switching who don't have time to go back to school


Anyone have any recommended books on online surveillance & privacy? I've become real paranoid about this stuff lately so I'd at least like to be well informed if it's going to drive me nuts.

File: 1630964531349.png (43.78 KB, 800x640, 800px-X.Org_Logo.svg.png)


How do you laugh at win users for security when we use shit like pic related?
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>lmao, and what exactly could windows even hope to offer to the linux kernel that's actually useful?
Not fucking freezing when doing heavy io?


>Windows xp is already leaked
Is it like a documented code base or just naked source code ?
How much legal terror do people have to dodge to work on something like libreXP ?
And can you make it work on modern hardware ?



use the cfs scheduler and ionice.


*cfq scheduler


ah, it seems they replaced it with bfq.

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