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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1637275879586.png (136.29 KB, 1024x750, spurdo.png)


I want to make some software projects in my portfolio/github to show to potential employers. Ideas?
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>or dockerization, kubernetes,
I use these in my personal projects.

But I don't really use them to pad my resume. I'm too autistic to fool people with a padded resume and a flashy interview. I just use them because they are nice packaging tools and I like tinkering with deployment and server stuff as much as I like to program.


Do they actually look at your "portfolio"? In my experience they don't even read your CV.


In my experience they don't read it but they sure measure how long it is.


No, they've got neural networks for filtering resumes now.


small shops do look at the cv/githubs. The AI hr filters mostly applies to big companies that post job ads on linkedin/etc. and get 1k+ resumes per job posting

File: 1636708786445.png (131.6 KB, 622x1009, sefaria-app.png)


Has anyone thought of making an app similar to Sefaria but instead of religious texts it has a list of Marxist (and other socialist) texts, basically the kind of stuff you see on Marxists.org?


good bait


The marxists.xyz archive can be accessed by any OPDS-compatible device or app, see https://archive.marxists.xyz/help/opds for info. We're still working on adding basic texts to the archive, see >>>/edu/7066 for more info on the project.

File: 1636809991084.png (42.65 KB, 900x900, speculator.png)


Learning from the Era of Ticket Scalping
>Have you ever heard about ticket scalping? This is a practice that dates back to the days of offline ticket sales and live performances.
>Ticket scalping today is a lot more sophisticated. Scalpers use bots and data mining tools to find the most profitable tickets to buy. They then resell those tickets to actual customers with a margin added to the prices.
>The higher the demand for those tickets, the higher the margin will be. A $50 ticket for a live performance can sell for a whopping $2,500 to the right customer. Even smaller margins are lucrative enough when you consider the number of tickets that a scalper can buy and sell.
>Bots make this entire business more scalable too. Rather than manually searching for tickets and buying them at different prices, scalpers can automate the whole process using bots and proxies. Target websites – usually ticket sites – are also monitored more closely.
>Most ticket sites support automated checkouts and digital tickets, allowing bots to parse data from confirmation emails and automatically resell tickets as soon as they are purchased. There is no need to build a manual database of available tickets.

Similar Occurrences
>If the flow of ticket scalping looks familiar, it is because the same method is now being used by sneakerheads who scalp limited edition sneakers from top sites. Rather than manually waiting for a sneaker to become available, scalpers automatically monitor sneaker sites for new releases.
>As soon as the items become available, bots will start generating transactions and using their automated checkout features to snatch sneakers. They can even be programmed to buy a set of sizes or variations depending on availability. Sneaker scalpers can then resell the purchased sneakers at a huge markup.
>This is not a unique occurrence. We are starting to see bots in other markets too, particularly markets where supply is limited. Collectibles, books, even everyday items in short supply are targets for scalping using bots and proxies.

It’s Not Technical
>There are reasons why scalping is becoming more common in today’s market. One of the reasons is the fact thatPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Most scalpers have insiders helping them get tickets/stuff before anybody else. There's no uber edgy coding going on. It's basically nepotism.


how do you play the game of nepotism ?
can it be negated somehow ? get the nepotanians to rat each other out ?

File: 1636792500874.jpg (1.18 MB, 1200x629, dusty.jpg)


Remember to dust your motherboard and other components /leftypol/. Been dealing with some problems with my power button lately on my computer and I finally dusted that shit and now it's working great.


Damn, you're right. Thank you, OP


I did so last month and inhaled so much dust during it I was sneezing for a week.


wear your mask :^) I'm serious

File: 1636520114891.jpg (173.15 KB, 583x610, IMG_0007.JPG)


Within the past 40 years alone, advancements in microscopic tech have allowed the discovery of dozens to hundreds of new fundamental particles beyond protons neutrons electrons and photons and thousands of new physical phenomena beyond charge fire explosions diffusion force etc. If any sole man ever managed to learn to use even a fraction of the potential tools that could be created from such new particles that man would elevate to god like status within the universe
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>he doesn’t realize that the amount of cuts he’s making would drastically increase the perimeter well beyond 4 but to infinity with the more divisions he makes


File: 1636618000996.jpg (15.33 KB, 297x319, 1608526250532-0~3.jpg)

> If any sole man ever managed to learn to use even a fraction of the potential tools that could be created from such new particles that man would elevate to god like status within the universe
How so?


You’ve seen the effects of learning to use fire and chemistry on modern life from actual spaceships, to ion thrusters to nuclear weapons, the possibilities of learning to use muons and completely different worlds of physical phenomena at this point could be in the hundreds to thousands of new tech


Prove it, nerd


>area stays the same
>subdivisions continue
>perimeter increases disproportionately to area
>perimeter keeps increasing onwards to infinity
Imagine cutting a cake in half repeatedly, the amount of cake you have stays the same but the perimeter increases as each new cut introduces a new side, like wide the same with your dumbass authors theory meaning unless the area of the box is decreasing your theory doesn’t hold up, and it doesn’t because a circle by Archimedeses own definition is a square expanded to its maximum area

File: 1633718358395.jpeg (5.21 KB, 300x168, download (2).jpeg)


holograms, sentient ai, clones, flying cars, worker bots, portal guns, multiuniversal travel, faster than light speed space travel, laser based weapons, planet sized cities, life on the surface of other planets
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fukk u my waifu will be real. also at least with robot waifus there are people actively constructing one because they actually want to use one, all the while have a sense for how limited current technology is. some people just don't want to interact with human women


>life on the surface of other planets
earthoid thinks he's special and unique lol


Can you not fucking comprehend what I write? Nowhere do I say that its not easier for a worker to do the work in an exosuit than manually. What I argue that in the large-scale, an exosuit wastes labour due to the amount of maintenance work needed to keep it working, as well as labour needed to produce the bloody things and produce the raw materials for them. Things like cranes or excavators literally remove hundreds of workhours and entire work-roles. You can't really do the same with carrying bricks or potatoes efficiently. Well, you can, its called a handcart. What you are proposing is to replace the handcart with an overdesigned, hundreds of times more expensive gadget that requires constant maintenance. To use it would be down-right idiotic. Oh, shit, I also forgot this other posts. An exosuit also needs a fucking powersource as well. Literally Wallace and Gromit shit. Honestly more techies should watch W'nG because its a perfect BTFO ofost modern vaporware.


>but but but my Juicero machine is extremely efficient at squeezing packets!!!1


is this a grammarly ad ?


What smartphone do you have? What you recommend? Also share your recommended apps.

I have a Xiaomi Poco F3, I got it for cheap ($280) and has a lot of good features like 5G, 120HZ AMOLED, NFC, a powerful processor etc I don't plan to buy another one for in the next 4-5 years.

My recommended apps:
>Blokada (to block all ads, doesn't need root)
>f-droid (alt app store).
>Bromite and Fennec Fdroid web browsers
>Libretorrent if you want to torrent on your phone.
>Tachiyomi if you want to read manga.
>Radiodroid for radiostations
>Torbrowser for tor proxy/onion service
>Lucky Patcher if you want to fuck around trying to unlock apps for free (Needs Root)
>MX player for videos, Simple Gallery for images.
>New Pipe or YT Vanced for youtube videos.
>foobar2000 or blackplayer for music
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iPhone 8
Whatever the hell is the cheapest and most long lasting


I still have my Mi A1. Still works, just had to change the battery and screen.

I hate the phone market, it's all so fucking stupid, like adding notches and removing jacks so they can give the impression of technological advancement.

I think I might just get a dumbphone and pinebook instead of a smartphone.


Yes, do it yesterday, simple as


Think I'm just gonna trade in my old iPhone for a newer one. I've had so many shitty Android phones in the past, I don't want to go back to that. I'm skeptical of the utility of GraphenOS, what's the threat model here? I mean, I already use Facebook and have an ISP my ass is already bought and sold.


Graphene is more about security than privacy, but in the end they are the same. Google Play Services does not have special privileges like in normal android distributions. You can still use it as normal, I keep it in its own profile, it is sandboxed. Really nice network permissions toggle that works better than Calyx' or other distros. Hardened_malloc is an entirely new memory allocator that is safer. Their patches are sometimes used upstream by Google. The list goes on and on with GOS.

According to them, apple has good security but the trade off of course is Apple ID attaching itself to everything you do. For me, Graphene isn't any more work than any other phone, so I would have no reason to change, but that may not be the case for everyone. Some apps might not work with their implementation of google services, I don't know because I avoid those apps to begin with. I think there's a website that tries to keep this info

File: 1634705379181.png (326.69 KB, 633x692, lains2.png)



Lain isn’t life, or, “The sad state of /g/’s”

>This post is mostly about lainchan, but to a large extent is also applies to 4chan /g/ and various /tech/ or /lambda/ type boards all over the alt chan universe.

>Many, if not most of the denizens of /g/, /λ/, /tech/ etc. boards on lainchan and across the chaniverse are clearly hobbyist programmers. This is not a slight, but just a note that it is apparent that the /g/ demographic clearly consists of hobbyist linux power users, and autodidacts who’s knowledge of programming clearly comes from self perpetuated /g/ memes and reading blogposts and essays by people like Richard Stallman and Paul Graham. Occasionally, you do get someone who does know what they are talking about, but the minute one person suggests that using a mainstream IDE might be a good idea, they get shouted down by a hundred people who are positively outraged that anyone might suggest that using something other than emacs/vim is ok.
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>disgraced free software guru/activist Richard Stallman
u wot m8
>javascript blockers because Richard Stallman said to do it in 2011
Almost all browser security issues come from javascript.


Thanks anonymous.
The author seems to subscribe to a "hip = best" mentality, but his description of /g/ meme culture is very consistent with my experience there.
Many of these /g/ things I chalked up to trolling honestly, I mean, the usual argument to push SICP on newbs is generally nothing more than "2hard4u" and hardly ever anything of substance.


>/g/ has managed to retain a sizable contingent of hobbyists instead of replacing them with consumer drones
I don't know man, whenever I visit /g/ their catalog is filled with consumer wars over corporate shitware. Even programming languages are like brands to them.


>Even programming languages are like brands to them.
Fucking Indentation styles are grounds for holy war, it's absurd.


I fucking hate that non-smart TVs simply stopped being made and the "best" there is is fucking 1366x768 crap.
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I just don't plug in my smart tv to the internet, I agree OP, I just want a screen


NTA but when I was a l*beral I had the same thought process. I'm trying to phase out the spyware shit now but it is quite hard, especially to a normie who's tech literacy ends at opening file explorer.


I could ask my mother and brothers they think this way


So like having PC monitors is better than TVs right?
They can't disable that shit right?

Also how do TVs work anymore since everything is digital now
Don't all of them need to smart now?

Can you buy a monitor that is meant for PCs and use it as a dumb TV???

Also why don't you use a PC monitor as a smart


it's more expensive with the same size because of the lower input delay for gaming.
>disable that shit
what ? do you mean "they" can't stop your monitor remotly ? no they can't since it doesn't have a network card.
>Also how do TVs work anymore since everything is digital now
same as before,also digital is a buzzword.
>Do all TV need to be a normal tv but with a built in microphone and camera always connected to the internet ?
>Can you buy a monitor that is meant for PCs and use it as a dumb TV???
You won't have an antenna port,so you need to have some third party bullshit,or you need to have tv with your internet provider (this happens in other countries too right ?)
>Also why don't you use a PC monitor as a smart
What do you think "smart" means lmao.

File: 1633704481792.png (31.39 KB, 133x200, 1631091552732-0.png)


Do you use any non opensource software and why?
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>Take a hot bath. Then install Tor Browser.
Good idea


Yeah android has a free license too
But what of it? This kind of software… its creators are malevolent. It might technically be free. But it's spyware, and malware. All signs of proprietary software, only the source is available. But it's so huge anyway its unforkable essentially. Unforkable by anyone other than a coprpoation that is. Look at palemoon, how it freezes when trying to load reddit or youtube.



>non-free bios, ime, drivers
just cant afford a machine without yet that could seriously replace my laptop rn
>doxcord, steam, minecraft, some proprietary virtualbox thingies
better if i wouldnt, but I just want to, i do not see any too great downsides to it. in terms of privacy it is terrible, but i can live with it and other than that i do not care about any of the other muh freedoms

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