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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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>she doesn't use a de-googled custom ROM
you have 10 seconds to explain why.

6-7 years ago, I could understand, LineageOS was buggy as shit for me and flashing microG was a pain. but now it's easy and smooth as fuck. flash TWRP, sideload custom ROM, install microG through F-droid.

my bank app works, messaging app works, phone boots very fast (way faster than MIUI for example). no google bloat, no xiaomi bloat, just the apps I want and nothing more. even the first modded Gcam apk I downloaded worked.

maps is provided by OpenStreetMaps (maps look better than GoogleMaps' cartoony shit anyway), location is provided by Nominatim, although you can use Mozilla or any of the other ones.

Find the forum for your phone on XDA-developers and have at it!
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>Find the forum for your phone on XDA-developers and have at it!
How? What exactly do I look for in the forum especially if I'm a noob?


If you're a noob it might be better to get an old phone and fuck with that before messing with your main


I already managed to flash GrapheneOS onto it. Looked around seems like avbroot is also good to patch it with.



damn nice work for a noob. planning on getting a graphene phone sometime. I wonder how it identifies itself to the network, like is it a massive advertisement that you care a lot about security?

File: 1691552388845.png (195.18 KB, 1200x1200, ClipboardImage.png)


So Marxism-Leninism is obviously opposed to abstraction since it's idealism, but what will be the fate of programming languages that have their entire root in abstractionism like Python and R? I know biotechnicians base a lot of their technical knowledge in these languages which is basically called for since a large portion of biology nowadays is dominated by mendelian idealists who think lysenkoism is wrong and bad, so clearly programming languages have suffered from the same kind of idealistic penetration as biology itself. Will communism destroy idealistic programming languages like python and R?


>So Marxism-Leninism is obviously opposed to abstraction since it's idealism
Dialectics are an abstraction.
>what will be the fate of programming languages that have their entire root in abstractionism like Python and R?
C pointers and structs are abstractions. No double** pointers exist in real machine code, what the CPU process is nothing but a sequence of bytes, which are also an abstraction, since bytes are nothing but electrical current interpreted as binary numbers.
>so clearly programming languages have suffered from the same kind of idealistic penetration as biology itself.
MLs are also idealists. They think they can apply the pure idea of the Russian revolution to the current material conditions, and they can't get their shit together since the fall of the USSR.
>Will communism destroy idealistic programming languages like python and R?
No. You WILL program with Lisp macros and strongly typed languages and you WILL like it.


>So Marxism-Leninism is obviously opposed to abstraction since it's idealism
Stopped reading


neither marxism nor materialism are opposed to abstraction in all cases anon


communists ought to use functional programming languages
>functions (things that do all the work) as first-class citizens
>abolition of state as the ultimate goal


>So Marxism-Leninism is obviously opposed to abstraction since it's idealism
This kind of thinking is how you get shit like Lysenkoism. Filtering everything through a "Marxist" lens in this way is vulgarization.

File: 1681691064900-0.png (1.44 MB, 750x938, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1681691064900-1.png (20.08 KB, 856x191, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm trying to use this bullshit but I'm not computer enough to understand this. Think I'm going to have to watch a video tutorial because gitbros right instructions for humans like a computer.

Followed all the install instructions and wait for all the bullshit to finish installing and now I'm like, uh and then what the fuck do I do? Jesus christo.
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File: 1689036507072.png (340.27 KB, 1646x1811, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm gonna work on this a lil more and use it as an input image next


File: 1689039368700-0.png (4.19 MB, 1824x1784, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1689039368700-1.png (536.99 KB, 512x496, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1689039368700-2.png (517.01 KB, 512x496, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1689039368700-3.png (512.34 KB, 512x496, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1689039368700-4.png (528.77 KB, 512x496, ClipboardImage.png)

damn these suck but it was worth a shot (1st was input)


File: 1689065227485.png (535.3 KB, 512x496, ClipboardImage.png)

much closer to the input. Goes hard.




>image.jxl.enable = true
>image.webp.enable = false
>converts all images on my site to .jxl
>actively uses non-chrome supported html / css
Direct Action.
flood detected


Wow, this pic goes hard. Mind if I save it?


pretty sure that only works on sites that have both jpeg xl and webp versions of images


youve just made yourself more easily recognizable for no benefit


I'm okay with an image not loading tbh.


Seems to be a rare alunya pic or one that's new, I've never seen this one

File: 1685921309454-0.png (25.92 KB, 508x681, Capturebin1.png)

File: 1685921309454-1.png (29.7 KB, 1060x436, Capturebin3.png)

File: 1685921309454-2.png (17.1 KB, 221x592, Capturebin2.png)


(i have already made this in other chans, i need all the help i can get)

so i'm motivated to planing to create a archive for threads and websites. thread and web writings that are important enough, have quality, and or can be used to counter western media and history naratives.

the archive i want to create for the threads is different from things like internet archive or things like that because i want to actually save all the file that is uploaded unlike regular archive where not every file and many that are uploaded in the thread were not saved in the archive.

if i can i want to make a website for this but i do not have any experience about creating website and coding nor can i do it. i also have special-ed mental that make me unable to learn coding like normal people so its hard.

my main plan is to use httrack and use every file format list from wikipedia and other websites, then copy that list to httrack file format selection thing

i want help from every people here, so if you can please send something

also adhd brained, if anyone can please help me tidy the "list of file format" list on wikipedia.

delete whatever decription/writing near it, make it sort of like a list like the pic i post.
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I may be an idiot, but… WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS THREAD ABOUT??

OP hasn't archived shit, it's just text files with filetype lists. He spent a month putting a dot in front of extensions he took from Wikipedia.
>from kate gang(???) leftychan.org
it's filetypes, one of which is .apk, I didn't know leftychan.org hosted APKs.


the filetype list txt files are for archiving tool.
to copy paste in httrack.
hence why i want a list full of all the file kind taken straight out of wikipedia.

this thread is the creation of my autismretardationspecialeducationadhdbrain.
hence why thread is looking derailed.


but anon, I have autismretardationadhdbrain and that's why I hate things that are complicated. Now that I understand what you want to do, I can tell you you could have used a single wget line.

wget -mpckE --user-agent="" -e robots=off --wait 1 www.foo.com

Explanation: https://dheinemann.com/posts/2022-02-05-archiving-a-website-with-wget

Then with { } and the && operator (or a shell script) you can download all kinds of websites, e.g.
wget -mpckE --user-agent="" -e robots=off --wait 1 $1
echo "done"

save as archive.sh, chmod +x it and then in terminal:
$ ./script.sh www.leftypol.{org,net}

wget will automatically convert all pages to .html, make the links relative, and you will have an offline mirror of the website.


woah. i will use this


based wget guru
it blew my mind how good it was for downloading multiple issues of periodicals from libgen

File: 1665491091594.png (841.18 KB, 1200x800, 735172931_orig.png)


These are optimal for privacy and yet nobody knows how to use them. They aren't routed through cell towers like any regular cell phone but instead radio masts and virtual switchboards (which you can set one up yourself but good luck at maintaining it, because it requires a lot of technical skill). Activating the SIM is a pain in the ass. And they cost a fuckton of money. But they let you spoof your number, encrypt your calls, making for delays at times, cannot receive calls, and they let you change your voice and see if somebody's tapping your connection so you can shut them out.

These phones are what glowuyghurs use. Don't bother getting a Pixel, a Librem or a Pine64.
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what are you saying? graphene is secure. somewhat.


Where the fuck am I supposed to get the money to buy stupidly expensive and complicated phones and laptops? When am I supposed to find the time to learn not only how to use these devices, Linux variations, and other software but also the proper hygiene for all this shit? I feel like it takes so much time, energy, and resources to maintain a clean and untraceable apparatus that there would be no time to go commit transgressive or revolutionary acts. You’d be too busy updating your drivers on kali or making sure your phone worked.


That's why a de-Googled ROM based on vanilla Android is the way to go: >>19332
>expensive and complicated laptops?
The best laptops for privacy are the old and simple ones. Old thinkpads, for example. Because it is only recently that intel put that ME into CPUs. A thinkpad T60/61 doesn't have the backdoor CPU stuff.


File: 1691089787347.png (1.04 MB, 1257x704, ClipboardImage.png)

Based. The lefists are coming onboard.
burn down 5g towers and so on, they are means of control.
picrel. all it takes is fire-starters, gasoline and some cut up tyres.


File: 1691133330875.gif (460 B, 32x32, av-1.gif)

Tech utopians never learn their lesson.

File: 1690977591576.png (262.86 KB, 670x375, systemdjogging.png)


Anyone got an idea what could be happening here?

I have a fat32 partition on a flash drive for live booting and want to use the remaining space for storage.

I can format #2 as fat, exfat, ntfs, btrfs, whatever.
But if I try
mke2fs -t ext4 /dev/sdb2

it gets stuck and then says
Writing superblocks and filesystem accounting information: mke2fs: Input/output error while writing out and closing file system

Similar problem with ext2.

Scaling down the partition to 1GB or reducing the number of inodes doesn't help either.

After trying other file systems I wondered if this may be due to some kind of anti-linux DRM in the flash key's internal driver software.
But alas, even using cryptsetup on /dev/sdb2 does not help, it still only works with other filesystems.
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>I would recommend mounting ext2 and other journal-less filesystem with the sync option.
If this error message is from a journal-less filesystem then it must have come from btrfs, but thanks for the info.

>I'm starting to supect it's the flash drive or your usb hub is flaky.

It didn't work on two PCs with two OS's.
One is a 10 year old gaming rig, the other ancient prehistoric hardware someone gave away. Those should be different enough.

Lubuntu 5.x kernel, antiX 4.x kernel.

Could it be a bug in mkfs.ext4?
e2fsprogs: Lubuntu - 1.46.3, antiX - 1.46.2

Maybe its the flash drive, but why?
As I said above, even when I used cryptsetup and tried to format /dev/mapper/usb-encrypted I got the same result.


PS: I'll test another flash drive later, gotta free it first.


>Maybe its the flash drive, but why?
Io errors on block devices only happen with bad hardware, device drivers or partition tables, not because of partitioning tools.

Filesystems commonly have multiple superblocks for redundancy (they are at the sector numbers mkfs.ext2 prints during partitioning). Your fsck indicates all of them were garbage, so something must be very wrong.


Try this with e2fsck:
       -c     This  option  causes  e2fsck to use badblocks(8) program to do a
              read-only scan of the device in order to find  any  bad  blocks.
              If any bad blocks are found, they are added to the bad block in‐
              ode to prevent them from being allocated to a file or directory.
              If  this option is specified twice, then the bad block scan will
              be done using a non-destructive read-write test.


>Try this with e2fsck -c -c
mkfs.ext4 -c -c tests for bad blocks before writing.
I downsized the btrfs sdb2 and created sdb3 for testing,
(0/0/0) errors and it still doesn't work.

Furthermore, searching for bad blocks on a usb stick is pointless afaik because those drives constantly check for bad blocks themselves, due to flash storage wearing out more easily than others.
Flash drives have an abundance of "secret" storage space that is activated whenever part of their memory breaks down.
This is the reason why data eraser tools can not reliably be used on flash drives
Afaik there's also custom driver software that you can put on USB keys to make that backup space accessible, thus increasing available storage space.

Back to me:
If on 128GB of storage even a small 1GB partition can not be ext2/ext4 formatted, that's impossible when 45 GB video data on 120GB btrfs partition can be written (and read again) flawlessly.

Btw here someone says it doesn't make sense at all to check for bad blocks on newer drives of any kind:

File: 1667904355797.png (814.93 KB, 974x970, 2f41a4f4aacd1049.png)



A web extension that redirects YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other requests to alternative privacy friendly frontends and backends

some guy on mastodon was shilling this, seems pretty legit
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If im reading it right, it seems like they only added an option to switch to local instances (there are no other options) but then it hides all public instances
Im going to do what you said and add my own redirects with that extension, thanks for the suggestion


Does it "redirect" by editing links on the page or by editing your request? And how does it handle embed media? Can you use regex for configuring "redirects"?


I'm getting errors, it won't redirect me anywhere.


i think its been fucked up by nitter dying


>nitter dying
Just use any of the other instances?

File: 1688816497357.png (2.56 MB, 1920x1440, twitter.png)


I view Threads as a project that Facebook/Meta had always on the backburner, and they were pushed by the US to release so that intelligence services had an alternative ready if/when Twitter dies. If Threads doesn't release on Europe, I would view that as another crack on Atlanticism and another step in the creation of an American Firewall. Thoughts?
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I have not seen a single threads or bluesky screenshot.
People are just parking their names and not touching it. EEE schemes require convenience to the user to work, these platforms have nothing locally and can't import content because every instance except maybe gab and baraag is blocking them premptively.


>I have not seen a single threads or bluesky screenshot.
Threads doesn't exist. It's a fake app meant for use to appear in TV shows.


>Threads doesn't exist.

I preferred The War Game anyway.


The only screenshots i saw screamed linkedin energy


Lets put aside all the glowing conspiracy nonsense shall we? Its crying wolf to the point that when there is something legitimately concerning people will be tired of you claiming that everyone and everything is somehow a CIA plot with hairbrained "evidence"..

>Threads in Europe delay

This is just as simple as that the EU has at least a handful of of privacy and data use regulations that aren't present in the US. Everyone heard that whole Threads connected to Instagram accounts et.. thing here in the US? Well in EU they have to prove that the info is silo'd and there are more declarations and and that probably a lot of the "retention" and data mining stuff that Zucc wants to do and is free to do in the US, cannot be done without jumping through more hoops in Europe.

Its all basically just Zucc trying to take advantage of Musk's mistakes and get another type of social media user into their walled garden. This is why connecting it to all the other Meta apps is important and also they're trying to leverage another form of "engagement" which can be monetized. Honestly, if it wasn't for Musk doing crazy shit very public with Twitter I imagine they would have taken on a TikTok alternative first.

>Fediverse stuff

Though I like the picture and think its well made, I think it gives Meta too much power. Certainly be wary of their behavior, but there are other things to consider.
I don't think this is accurate, assuming there some single speech controlling project globally. There are a number of different interests that cross over or make use of resources at different times but its not as though there's some giant cabal with one intent all sitting at a table. A lot of it is simple to explain by normal capitalism doing capitalism profit seeking.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1649872407646.png (2.33 MB, 1777x1000, proletariat-lisp.png)

 No.14416[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Last one got full
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Stallman is an anomaly
He’s heavily involved in STEM stuff, but he doesn’t seem to hold any Hitler Particles as far as current studies have explored


why? all the STEM loads I come across are autistic libertarians who seem to get boners if people die from COVID as long as it doesnt touch their sacrosanct liberty.


Yeah that’s what I’m saying


The Soviets were also heavily involved in "STEM stuff", and they too didn't hold any "Hitler Particles" aside from POWs
So you are saying the left needs to attract more "STEM loads" lords? to pull them away from the right ?


it's because he hates suffering and has no tolerance for it.
STEM fags, the ones you talk about, are usually blind to suffering.

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