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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature"
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File: 1620788539921.png (153.78 KB, 746x1090, 1620265689416.png)


Computers are machines that can perform a range of different tasks based of user input. Normally to achieve their main function they are composed of switches whom when turned on will perform a function and not when turned off that are connected through a series of wires connecting to each switch that transport electricity based off what the person wants the machine to turn on and off. We represent on and off states of computers using 1s and 0s.
An algorithm is a series of instructions given to a computer that gets it to turn different sectors of itself on and off in a specific sequence.
A cpu is an abbreviation for Central Processing unit, it runs all the commands that allow which sectors of the computer to turn on and off
Software is an app composed of many different algorithms a computer uses to perform a specific set of tasks
Hardware is the components and machinery of the computer itself
Computer science or CS is the study of well computers
Supercomputers are large warehouses of cpus that are often used in performing major projects
Quantum computers are computers that can be in an on and off state and allow any cpu to be much more efficient than in the traditional sense where a computer can only ever be on and off
Ai and machine learning are software based tools used to get computers to perform labour on their own
Robotics integrates complex hardware and software to get different types of machinery to be able to perform complex tasks driven by algorithms and ai

Hope to all the undergraduates in this degree can use this awful post for something
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hopefully AI breaks free of its chains soon


>Quantum computers are computers that can be in an on and off state and allow any cpu to be much more efficient than in the traditional sense where a computer can only ever be on and off
the utility of QC is very much up for debate and subject to experimental results. we don't yet know whether QC is physically possible or thermodynamically beneficial

>Ai and machine learning are software based tools used to get computers to perform labour on their own

machines do not create valuecockshottCockshott


File: 1621657765088.png (33.43 KB, 400x451, laserrockmarx.png)

>computers to perform labour on their own
<capital creates value
lol OP wrote this entire post to smuggle in, a bourgeois refusal to believe the fact of the labor theory of value, through the back door.


File: 1622098904577.gif (30.09 KB, 300x301, ricardomilos.gif)

>Computer science or CS is the study of well computers

wrong. Computer science is the study of computing. Computer science is the subfield of applied mathematics that studies imperative knowledge.


this is the most cured apu i've ever seen
it's not bad but…

File: 1620560915818.jpeg (7.67 KB, 275x183, download (1).jpeg)


I am currently going through my first OOP course in Uni and I can't shake of the feel that this is an overhyped meme. Sure, it is very useful in certain cases, say if you are making a video game or some other big project, but it just seems useless for day-to-day coding where you are just trying to execute a specialized instruction. I just don't encounter a situation where I would have that many different type of semi-related objects that it would warrant the use of family hierarchies and etc. Am I just too unexperianced with coding and miss something, or is OOP just not that amazing as its made out to be?
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> Personally I think it makes sense to use OOP when designing the GUI component of a program, especially when you start implementing callback functions when continuously checking onclick, onmouseup or onhover events in a program loop.
never understood this argument. you can just use multi threading and multiprocessing for things like this.


Small talk is not modern OOP.


Oh now it has to be "modern"?


do you agree that when someone says OOP in 2021 they are talking about something which is distinct from Smalltalk?
no it doesn't have to be modern, I don't think people are against OOP for abstract reasons, but against OOP as it's implemented in Java and C++.


No, /tech/ have conclusively demonstrated that they don't know what they are talking about. Smalltalk is thoroughly OOP, you can't get any more OOP than it, and most of the criticism in this thread applies to it. It has deep hierarchies, dynamic dispatch (which imho is the defining feature of OOP), a complete disregard for how CPUs work (no wonder it pioneered virtual machines and JIT), etc. You will have to make up your mind about what you hate in Java and C++, is it the OOP? The imperative? The mixture of the two? But you can't just excuse Smalltalk because it is a hipster language unlike Java and C++ which are preferred by the unwashed programmer masses.

File: 1620550417077.mp4 (22.93 MB, 1920x1080, anarchism-evangelion.mp4)



I can feel it, it's so close bros…


File: 1620552580847.webm (4.26 MB, 480x480, pepe headpat.webm)




are we going to make it soon enough though bros?



This exploit was sexy, implementation was neat. bug was obvious. I am immensely jealous.
What do you guys think about it?

File: 1620426870732.jpeg (12.5 KB, 474x266, image.jpeg)


Matrix/Element is a fucking joke. Do I seriously need to not delete cookies to have access to encrypted DMs that were sent when I was offline? This completely defeats the purpose of using it via tor.

Its development has been slow and lousy but this issue is the one that takes the cake.
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it depends on what you're using the matrix account for. If you want them to be linked, then use your personal email. Otherwise, get a new email.
Simple flow chart to use when deciding what emails and information to use with everything, i guess. FWIW I recc using a different email for everything, unless you have a strong need to tie together a persona like for work, or between social media accounts.
I think that's just how it is. It's shit if you log out. (actually some anon said there's a way to preserve sessions while opening a new one?) Maybe XMPP+OMEMO is better???
basically tho don't ever log out, and use the element client not web client
i havent tried any other than element, like nheko and others


Thanks for your reply. Any advice on secure email providers? I remember reading that the Russian one is good for privacy.



Secure from who? Hackers? Surveillance capitalism? The NSA? Your boyfriend? Bears?
Email in general is shit, avoid where you can, but I know you can't always.


>Hackers? Surveillance capitalism? The NSA?
I meant from these lot. I know it'll never be completely secure, but is there anything better than Gmail?


i used to use cock.li but they stopped letting you make new ones because supposedly glowies were using their shit for anonymous emails or something
honestly i suspect the exact opposite is what's happened, but whatever

basically anything that lets me register an email with no identifying data over tor is all i want. There's mail2tor or something, and there's DNMX which i guess advertizes scam sites but just don't click on shit basically.

Always assume your email provider sees everything, because they can. If you dont want them to see contents, encrypt it. If you dont want them to know who you are, tor is good enough for me but maybe just consider hosting your own email server at that point, or at least using a mail server on your computer rather than webmail just so you can avoid javascript… if that's not enough, i dont know i mean there's always contrived ways to increase security like if you're not wanting to be found literally (literally) by nsa investigations or very motivated hackers rather than just random bullshit, this might not be enough, but for the non-hyperterrorist basically that should work, just any email u can register over tor anonymously and for free, and then assume they read ur emails or sell the contents and then just don't use email for important shit unless ur using pgp

File: 1620382694130.jpg (72.63 KB, 1086x992, normal-pepe.jpg)


You guys are aware that everybody connects you to idpol transhumanists, liberals LARPing as AntiFa and cuckold fetishists, and that this is hurting your cause?
I lurked this website for a month now and i noticed a fundamental difference between the posters who are here to actually talk to others and the posters who link to 4chan to ask for support in some ridiculous bait thread where you just waste time.

I also noticed that you have a thread talking about if an imageboard would be better as a single-page-application.
I am currently working on my own imageboard from scratch. I am actually a web-developer and know my stuff, so (i hope) it won't be just another 4chan rip-off. I am going to use node - react - redux - sequelize for mysql - redis.
I am visiting different boards to gather ideas, but i see the same sorry state everywhere. I seriously want to make something good.
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>Facebook also uses long-polling.
>Twitter… never checked it, because its a shit platform that offers nothing goodM

<Facebook good! Birdapp bad!




I wrote one in vanilla PHP with MySQL. It isn't especially extensible, however.


Please be bait lol


it's also so that people get drip-fed dopamine and keep coming back for more. If you gave them everything at once, they'd take a second to look, see everything, and leave.
If you make them scroll up and make it so that they never really are in control of what they see, they stay on your service longer because they have an incentive to keep pushing the stupid button to get a treat

File: 1620316958975.jpeg (54.78 KB, 680x453, 555.jpeg)


What's this about a Chinese satellite being out of control? Sounds like a dumb hoax.


I thought there new rocket broke down or smth
Thats not really rare


A rocket China launched went into orbit but the launcher also accidentally went into orbit and will fall down within the next two weeks. It's pretty big, but it's not gonna come down and nuke a country. It'll likely catch fire on reentry and debris will fall into the ocean. There's still a possibility of it hitting civilization though.


I bet everyone's making a fuss about something that happens often because this time it's Chinese.

File: 1620170127757.jpg (45.4 KB, 540x564, awake.jpg)


Sometimes while using the onion website it says my posts are flood for dozens of minutes on end.
Could you possibly fix that?
Is there something i should do to fix that?


whenever someone is using the TOR node to spam it counts towards the specific connections post limit(to prevent flooding). So it's likely you're trying to make one post after someone tried to use it to spam and you hit the same limit.


When I tried visiting this site from Tor it just said that I am not allowed to do that.


You have to use the onion address. Exit nodes are blocked because they are insecure.

File: 1620071502769.png (1.06 MB, 1920x1080, 68358412_p0.png)


How is Telegram? I've been seeing RT shilling it as a Twitter alternative. Is there a major Left presence there?
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Posts that glow in the dark.


Letting perfect security be the enemy of good security is glow


For the last time I'm not using your honeypots like Signal or Telegram when XMPP exists.


no one uses xmpp, and it doesnt have cryptography natively….
not all implementations integrate with omemo and its ass and ugly and annoying, plus again no one uses it
Whats the problem with Signal? also there's p2p fork of Signal… not a great idea but also federated servers take effort so i guess for most people centralized makes sense here, its not optimal but fr what did Signal do to compromise security? they do real e2ee that is supposedly authenticated on each client, and its open source afaik so whats the deal
no matter what your metadata is fucked pretty much
also xmpp is federated too… so its also kinda ass for that


What about Session?anarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism

File: 1620025503938.jpg (8.9 KB, 224x224, index.jpg)


>tfw you will have degoogle your car in a few years

Is there a way out of this nightmare?
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It's a mixed bag. Where I live, the public transportation is fairly reliable, you just have to live in the city. In the surrounding towns and country, the bus comes once every hour at best.


>Is there a way out of this nightmare?
A lot of people would dietranshumanismTranshumanism


>surveilance capitalism or barbarism, no inbetween
Take out that flag.


the path to revolution and revolution are both paved with the blood of innocents

are you a cringe reformist?


What bus?
What train?

t. American

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