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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1651693390515.png (624.73 KB, 800x400, books.png)


This is your reminder to go to a park with a bag of books and have at it before you get De Quervain's/carpal tunnel syndrome/computer vision syndrome.

Take a break from that screen my friend :)
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wtf its tru tho, just cause u have good eyes that dont have problems with screens doesnt mean its not a thing, or that it's somehow anti-tech


staring at a screen for hours will at most make you feel fatigued which will fix itself after sleeping, it will never cause myopia or astigmatism or whatever, thats on your genes





Purely anecdotal but I feel like since I went from many reading text on many screens at different distances - tablets, big screen 6ft away, desk at 3 feet away - to almost exclusively reading text at a desk, I've noticed it's become much more difficult to focus on text at less than 2 feet away. I've started increasing the default text size on tablets.

Considering clamping an extension to the desk so that the monitor can be further away, and going back to computing with different screens at different distances. Obviously being outdoors and focusing on things at different distances will help with this too.


have you considered going to an eye doctor……..? lol


A girl saw me using my T60(1) and started laughing at me.

She said "Wow, how old is that laptop? That thing looks ancient!" and when I answered honestly (14 years, the T60/61 came out in May 2007) she snickered at me and said "can't you afford a nice macbook? That's so sad, nobody should have to use a laptop that old! That's older than my little brother!".
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<No touchpad
<No clit mouse
How do you control the cursor on this thing?


File: 1651672273323.jpg (210.87 KB, 1440x1080, Toshiba5200.jpg)

Clip on track pad but the Toshiba T series was before the business world took Windows seriously, back then the people that could afford these machines only wanted to run Lotus 1-2-3 and Word Perfect for Dos.


touchpads are awful


Hence the clit.


A girl saw me using my T60(1) and started laughing gently.

She said "Wow, how old is that laptop? That thing looks ancient!" and when I answered honestly (14 years, the T60/61 came out in May 2007) she looked amazed at me and said "so old and it is still running? That's so cool, nobody should have to buy a new laptop every 2years! That's older than my little brother!".

And then we fucked

File: 1651893950671.jpeg (60.31 KB, 1500x1450, What-is-SRE.jpeg)


>Site reliability engineering (SRE) is a set of principles and practices that incorporates aspects of software engineering and applies them to infrastructure and operations problems. The main goals are to create scalable and highly reliable software systems. Site reliability engineering is closely related to DevOps, a set of practices that combine software development and IT operations, and SRE has also been described as a specific implementation of DevOps.

This is a thread for all discussion of Site reliability engineering

SRE is usually used at larger organizations which have multiple applications, services, etc. Where it gets confused with devops is that devops is automation and streamlining of traditional sysadmin tasks related to integration and deployment pipelines, essentially programmatically managing traditionally manual processes like testing and deployment to various environments. Whereas SRE is automating sysadmin tasks related to performance, observability, and reliability, as is in the name. The job devops engineer is replacing is the traditional sysadmin, wheras the job the SRE is replacing is whats known as a production support engineer or creation software engineer, less well known but essentially a SWE who's job it is to support applications. Its not support like helpdesk-install windows or whatever, its support engineering of an application, or set of applications, restarting scheduled jobs, database tasks, debugging java code, if heap utilization is too high or whatever. Essentially providing L2 support for complex enterprise or microservice type applications (L3 handled by the SWE's).

SRE is automating those tasks and building software that automatically monitors ops and programmatically restart services, etc. Essentially automating the job of a traditional production support engineer so that the system self heals and automatically detects and solves common issues by itself. Google invented SRE role so that it could create the outside appearance that the service is always up. The most extreme example is the chaos engineering/chaos monkey approach to SRE invented by netflix which had its reliability engineers invent tools that automatically crash certain servers in production so that they could make sure the system keeps running no matter what.

So both SRE's and DevOps engineers are focusing on automating traditional sysadmin tasks so they ovePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


reference books by google authors


more books on SRE


this book commonly referenced as well


Sounds awesome. I am a tech boomer but I'd love to see some implementation of this for small scale industry. Anyways don't mean to derail but here's my bump.


good video on SRE

File: 1649877188874-0.png (42.91 KB, 1834x888, cs-majors-usa.png)

File: 1649877188874-1.png (45.91 KB, 602x298, software-jobs-us.png)

File: 1649877188874-2.png (11.14 KB, 580x363, employment-computer.png)


2006-2015: 375% increase in CS majors
2006-2015: 20% increase in number of software-related jobs
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I'm not doing survivorship bias, I'm saying a ton of people who are going into tech degrees will get nowhere with them and have been scammed, because they spent four years learning nothing and have no skills.


Most of those weaker CS majors will end up in application support, IT infrastructure, helpdesk, or become business analysts. Some will muddle through as mediocre programmers for the minimum amount of years until they manage to get into project/product management (or "real" management). So they will still have jobs in the tech industry just not as programmers.


>90% of my graduating class still didn't know how to use a CLI or manually manage memory
Non garbo collected languages are common in industry and using a CLI is optional depending on IDE.


People who don't understand memory management write bad GC lang code. I've seen this basic pattern all over real production code:
Class1 DoSomething(Class1 thing) {
    Class1 thingCopy = thing; 
    thingCopy.Mutate(); // Oops
    return thingCopy;

CLI tools are used all the time even for IDE-centric languages like C# or Java. Programmers who don't venture out of their IDE even a bit won't have a clue what's going on when they:
>write a build script or pipeline
>run migrations
>use git
>have to deal with their web frontends
>the list goes on…

True enough. This applies to a lot of "wasted"/"useless" majors– they end up doing something somewhat unrelated to their degree, but not necessarily just working at Starbucks.


>This applies to a lot of "wasted"/"useless" majors– they end up doing something somewhat unrelated to their degree, but not necessarily just working at Starbucks.
except CS isn't just SWE, its more generic so a linux sysadmin, network admin, QA, or prod/app support engineer/analyst isn't really wasting their degree, they just have a job in tech thats less prestigious than being a dev.

File: 1651799222780.jpg (501.39 KB, 1300x1952, wheatpaste.jpg)


Questions for computer science anons about digital agitprop:
>In spreading digital propaganda we are often providing our class enemy with dangerous data. How can digital propaganda be protected from surveillance capitalism?
>Can we create a way to make digital agitprop more subversive? For example, a toolchain to automatically embed markov chain text steganographic data in chan images to increase the cost of steganographic analysis to our class enemy?
> How can tracking measures in printers (such as micro dots) be subverted or deactivated


many of these things have documented methods of subversion, so im not gonna talk about dots (take the yellow out, also theres some special programs u can use to add hella dots) or other shit, cause its simple but technical.

I've basically stopped giving a shit if the gov knows my politics. I'm not a terrorist. I'm a class enemy. At some point of u have to accept some risk. I dont use social media so its not like i'm out there liking agitprop on facebook, but i've had my share of horrible practices in the past if totally hiding your political inclinations is the goal.

It's a good goal to leave as little data behind as possible obviously, but i dont think feds are analyzing pics for messages, and if they are its just an automated thing so ur not costing them anything… in fact if they have any success or ability to say "we have x amount of steganographic photos" they'll get their budget renewed or increased so meh.

We gotta not act like terrorists. There are times to hide information, and there are times when the cost of hiding information outweighs the cost of leaking it (e.g. the info you have to leak by joining an org).

Digital propaganda is probably not very dangerous. In any case, the pigs can assassinate you for even having a bad vibe about you, the only answer to this is social (squad up, stay strapped, educate people on this, etc.) and not technical, as much as a technofix would be very nice (and for many things there are good technofixes with cryptography and mixnets, for example, im not catagorically against any of this im really into it, just deep enough to know that u cant cover everything, and some time u have to weight the pros and cons, and in a realistic way not a paranoid worst case way)



I need some real user data, namely - URLs, timestamps and some extra information about the visit. User must behave normally, so typical "pay Turks 1$ and ask them to do actions you need" does not work.

Where can I get such data? As far as I understand, botnet owners might help collecting that. Where can I rent a botnet?


Added: I do not need passwords or personal data, but I do need detailed events, such as knowledge of from which page user navigated to current one.


You should target capitalists, not workers.


uhhhhh what

File: 1651714736026.png (201.17 KB, 1186x1133, FDtROJFUYAA1r-4.png)


I hate USB hubs and I hate the slow death of Ethernet cables at hands of the industry.

File: 1634477777799.png (223.94 KB, 474x338, ClipboardImage.png)


Why isn't this more of a thing? Having a portable device performing the same function as a "smart"phone without its mass surveillance features would be a dream
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Can you fit a laptop in your pocket?


whats the best linux pocket computer to buy? and what to do about the mouse situation?


You can make em on the cheap with a raspberry pi. N-O-D-E made some good vids on em.


where were laptops mentioned? or were you telling us all to use laptops instead of whatever else we wanted? fuck off.


Because my thumbs are fucked beyond repair despite hardly ever using a smart phone


I found an image similar to image related but it was comparing free software to communism/mutual aid using the images from Stallman's Ted Talk. I can't find it, may have originally came across it on /g/ but it's since been lost. If anyone knows about it and knows where it is please show me the way. I have a very politically involved but nonetheless non-technical friend that I want to indoctrinate, they can especially benefit from learning about freedom.

File: 1608526423381-0.jpg (185.98 KB, 1280x720, dnm.jpg)


Darknet markets are as close as it gets to a free market, where you can order drugs and have it delivered to you by mail. The purpose of this thread is to discuss opsec, ask for help and discuss markets in general. This thread should be fully legal as long as you don't solicit or facilitate illegal transactions, meaning:

&ltDon't beg to buy from someone
&ltDon't attempt to sell to anyone here
&ltDon't link to dealer Instagram/Reddit/Snapchat accounts. These accounts are run by either scammers or feds.
&ltDon't directly link to any market. These links could be fake scam/fed markets, designed to phish your login details and steal your cryptocurrency. Only use https://dark.fail/

The following is my personal recommendation for good opsec while conducting business, however, you must [b]read the darknet market bible[/b] (.pdf attached) after you are done with this post. If you don't read theory, it's likely you will be caught and convicted.

>Will I be 100% safe?

In theory, no. The darknet market bible, together with this thread, is meant to minimize the risk of getting caught as much as possible. If you follow the exact procedure outlined in the bible, you should be okay, especially as a small-time buyer.

Tails is an Linux-based operating system that runs entirely on your RAM and is wiped when PC is powered off. If the cops intercept your item, conduct a controlled delivery and seize your machine, they will not be able to find evidence linking you to the package and you can deny involvement via a lawyer.
You will want to install the Tails operating system to a USB flash drive with at least 8GB of storage. Personally, I'd go for USB 3.0, with at least 16GB storage for persistent volume purposes, or even 128GB or more if you want to store the Monero local node on it. You also need a PC with at least 1GB RAM to run Tails. The bible contains a guide for installing Tails in [b]2.A.2 Installing Tails[/b]. You can download it here:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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darknet markets are based. always ordered drugs to my home address with real name (much less sus than using a fake name or trying to use a drop). heavy opsec only needed if you're a dealer imo.


is brainmagic still trustworthy


Yeah, they are mostly hunting down server locations and sellers


What are the better markets ATM? Versus seems pretty decent on first glance since they use multisig


versus is legit

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