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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1619684992303.jpg (3.85 MB, 3456x2304, 1619684981401.jpg)


Talk about your NAS, what services you are running for yourself and for others, webhosting,…
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time-sharing, like a tilde



You can bypass that though, rent the cheapest vps you can find and create a vpn tunnel between the 2, that way you can use the vps as a firewall, reverse proxy and your isp will never know + you don't have to open upany ports at home.

That's what i do. I run a matrix server, web server, nextcloud and mail server like that.


it literally costs $1/mo at ionos for a vps, it makes no sense to self-host a site on your home internet


>personal website
If you need just a personal website don't selfhost at all, just use neocities or something similar.
>What else could I self host?


what if i just find it fun anon

File: 1649928704845.jpeg (22.54 KB, 502x415, ak84kg.jpeg)


So in a temperate + cloudy climate, which rarely freezes and never needs aircon, a solar + wind + battery bank system might make sense economically. Depending on cloud cover and wind levels.

If the system was 20 feet from a large, deep pond and a heat pump was installed as part of the system, would that be a game changer? Would it make the system much more effective?




>temperate + cloudy climate, which rarely freezes and never needs aircon



So a heat exchanger + body of water wouldn't add any large gains to a home solar + wind + battery setup? There's some opinion out there that it's a game changer, even in temperate climates.

File: 1616439926035.jpg (38.02 KB, 580x346, niceproprieshit.jpg)

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Although he still hasn't regained his position at MIT, Richard Stallman is returning to the board of the Free Software Foundation.


How will the corporate apologists, identarian social climbers, and Microsoft agents who smeared him in the first place respond to this?
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anyone doing anything of relevance doesn’t have those things


based stallman
Fuck roses


autobumplock @ 600


> systemhidden2 minutes/tech/User deleted his own post #14418


>anti-stallman open letters signed by endless whiteys
>pro-stallman open letters have tons of arabic, chinese, etc. names signed

File: 1644706284565.jpg (49.99 KB, 1000x686, picture.jpg)


Is there a more useless key?
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Numpad is for data entry monkeys.


How else would people get mad online?



File: 1618349405825.jpg (495.74 KB, 1800x1800, bostondynamicsdigidog.jpg)


Hello lads, I'm looking to start a conversation on a topic that's been popping up alot recently, and will likely develop further as the technology gains more adoption. As I'm sure you know, robotic dogs from the likes of Boston Dynamics are being rolled out at police departments and military bureaus across the US, and I'd bet we see widescale adoption as the technology is fleshed out further.
So as a result, I'd like to start a conversation on the best feasible means, both expensive and DIY, to deal with these fuckers. With the advent of home-based 3D printing, easily accessible lasers, and other modern user tech, I believe there are a number of options available to us.
In the resistance against drones being used by the police in Chile, Argentina and now in Portland, lasers were used to incapacitate drone dogs during protests. However, this incapacitation *only* makes these dogs unusable at that single protest; any police department will simply repair their $75k digidog and send it back at the next protest. So, what I'm interested in is ways to make them *inoperable* for extended periods of time, whether physically or electronically. I was bouncing around the idea of somehow using very strong magnets to damage the internal electronics, but this may be unfeasible due to the size of magnet that would be needed. Other options that seem viable would be permanently damaging the optics being used by the dogs, but I'm not sure on the best option for this. As such, I'd like to open this to conversation. I'll be posting this thread here, as well as on a few other imageboards that may be interested and able to help in this discussion.
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Make ukrainian gachimuchi but with drone dogs


>With current AI optics…
It doesn't look like you're that familiar with machine learning. The model is constantly updating as the system gathers information and encounters new situations. So even if you find a way to avoid being recognized as a target today, it might correct itself tomorrow. Don't stake your life on unpredictable machine learning models.


Usually the embedded device doesn't update the model itself since the automaton lacks the processing power to do and that data is fed into a data centre and update rolled out through a server. So it would be possible to test to see if you are camouflaged by observing how a robot reacts when not aggressive (I.E will walk right into you as it doesn't see you as a solid object till it detects it physically ran into something) then it should be that way before a update roll-out.


>antifa is George Soros
back to /pol/


Just kick it


Do you guys know of a work around for getting blocked on Tiktok? Some Nazi sympathizing Trumptsed blocked me but I want to stay updated on the videos he posts. I don’t need to interact I just need to know if he gets out of line. Just need to see the videos and I don’t want to logout for that


dumb frogposter


If you have a device that can run custom software (jailbroke iphone, andriod, etc.), there's probably a modified tiktok client where you can get around those blocks.

Or just make a new account and swap accounts to check. If that's too much, then you're building a obsession problem


>Just need to see the videos and I don’t want to logout for that
just log out


lmao why is this frog so funny
also just get a password app that auto fills password details that you enter


just admit you were harassing girls, it’s an anonymous imageboard

File: 1643100390244.jpg (18.47 KB, 690x334, platform.jpg)


what's the best platform to publish articles on politics, culture if I want to reach normies?

>no ads
>full control
>small reach, no exposure, have to spam the link everywhere, etc.
>paywall, paid subscription
>control over content, but not form
>wide reach, website algorithm promotes you if people read you
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File: 1643141032850.png (693.85 KB, 1743x983, whalelines.png)


good luck building a 10k+ following on social media in the 2020s unless you’re vaguely complaining about migrants or the current US president
that well has long been dry


just make a wordpress blog




>what's the best platform to publish articles on politics, culture if I want to reach normies?
Find your nearest printing house

File: 1649555757230.jpg (137.91 KB, 1280x720, 1630805068391.jpg)


D*scord updated to their ToS to ban "misinformation".
Skepticism of official narratives = misinformation.
Corporations are making entire APIs to stop this so you can import a library and run check_for_misinformation();


Spread the word, maybe we can get more discucks to migrate to Matrix from this.


What the FUCK is that git and why does it feel so dystopian


>There are examples of this not work, e.g. most people don’t use proton mail etc.
That's not a valid argument… at all.

Some of these suggestions are good advice (and even some may be strategically helpful in countering the mainstream narratives we seek to denounce, even possibly useful for orgs or hactivist groups to abuse), others are absolutely malicious and dystopic. Others are just stupid.

>Make more noise than the disinformation

I secretly wonder if the Obama prism meme was a way to bury PRISM a little bit, or merely a coincidence.

File: 1648688343259.jpg (39.25 KB, 627x470, SpeakUp.jpg)


SpeakUp: Silent Speech Interface; Low Cost; Arduino; Machine Learning

Project Summary by Varun Chandrashekhar: “I have designed and developed a speech interfaced for the paralyzed, which they can use to communicate without speaking. This device detects speech-related electrical signals from the throat and converts them into letters or words that we recognize using machine learning models.”

SpeakUp – ML Based Speech Aid to Enable Silent Communication

My comment about the project: easily replicable by anyone with computer science knowledge, different from what is being done with the silicon trojans in the 3G/4G/5G equipment only on it needing physical probes. Anyone doing research on this area be cautious of sabotage when using US designed CPUs (AMD/INTEL/QUALCOMM/APPLE/ARM), as the microcode, SMM and firmware of your system may be manipulated to mess up your computations. Ask your own Nation to stop trusting Silicon Valley and make your own silicon supply chain and tech services. Meanwhile, mitigate this situation by moving to an area away from any cell radio transmitter (check coverage on OpenCellID.org) and shielding yourself and your devices from electromagnetic eavesdropping and interference.
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surprised theres still people who do not know about intel me and amd psp



ok. a good post has appeared in /tech/

very interesting anon


how and why would a CPU designed in the US backdoor a DIY voice box


ironic tech illiteracy is still illiteracy


because intel me is just magic that can do anything

File: 1648192853912.png (411.39 KB, 733x550, ClipboardImage.png)



let me start by explaining my project here. i'm scraping together video and other documentary evidence of the ethnic cleansing being carried out by the ukranian fascists, going back to maidan until today. someone on here has a 96gb file dump they are sorting now.

i worry because this information is already being systematically scrubbed from the internet and so i want to preserve it. what i would like to do is perhaps have a site where this information could be sorted, searched and perhaps even given brief descriptions. even better if it could have submit feature where people could drop off more stuff.

i also want to do some other writing/intelligence work on there.

the problem:

i have literally no idea how to do this. i do not know how to make a website. i do not know what sort of hosting i would want, or what to do once i get it. i am babby. i am dumb.

please help me nerds. i think its incredibly important for this information to be preserved. we have to do something.
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you really made a whole thread instead of a post in QTDDTOT to find out what either MEGA or FTP are


i know what mega is. i dont think it would work very well for this.


If you can do stuff in the background while you organize a secure server, I recommend uploading the videos to archive.org. Use the noindex true metadata option if you don't want them searchable on the site or listed on search engines (direct link or correctly guessing the URL only).
>there's literally hundreds of gigs
Not an issue.

The post you replied to above is right. An interesting alternative option is self-hosting a PeerTube instance and uploading the videos to it, so that they have searchable descriptions, can be searched via other PeerTube instances that federate with yours, and that people can (theoretically, but let's be honest, they probably won't unless you ask them to) seed the videos as torrents. Torrents are a Peer-To-Peer file sharing system that is used by many groups, but a major one being online piracy groups, because as long as one downloader is still seeding the file, it doesn't matter if the original site/uploader goes offline.



i could help some if you want, but i'm a n00b, just have nothing else to do and already host some basic nginx servers and things.

Also i'd recommend to watch out and curate your shit - first of all, for people wanting to upload sketchy shit you know, that would have it taken down and maybe have you prosecuted, and then also because there's also disinformation which either is just russian, or is masquerading as russian opinion while being stupid. Like shit about the chemical stain on the faces, originally said to be ethnically targeted and calling russians orcs, is shown later with more evidence to be a torture for looters, rather than green paint. Or the shit with the citizens killed in bucha, two anti-ukriane narratives - they faked it, the hands moved, guy sits up in rearview mirror - and that the ukrainian military rolled up a bunch of pro-russian ukrainians (white armband).

I know this is a little besides your goal, since it's to do with the russian invasion instead, but you get the idea.

[email protected] is my xmpp if you want. I'll probably check it tomorrow. I could help u get a server up but other anons would have to help to get it pretty :p


seeding them seems like a great backup option

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