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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature"
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mRNA metabolically decays in a few hours. Your arm making inert spike antigens for a few hours to provoke a mild immune response doesn’t provide a mechanism for causing harm years down the line. There’s a reason there’s overwhelming consensus among actual practicing experts that “long term effects” aren’t any concern here, whatever side effects are going to occur would be evident within a few weeks of injection.
“Long term effects” in the context of vaccines is about two months.


So /tech/bros. How long before they'll start inserting computers up our assholes without our consent?


After the cyber pandemic


An alien did that to me already.


They won't have to. Most normies will willingly shove them up their arses.

File: 1623513026744.png (158.28 KB, 500x461, 1623512739690.png)


Why is it called OpenAI if it is neither open nor AI?


Technology is full of lies like these, you will get used to it.


Tech is the snake oil salesman dream


brief observations on fires
>1:Once a substance is ignited it cant be set on fire again

>2:fires spread based off their temperature, the hotter a region is the faster the fire spreads

>3:Objects will increase in mass after being set on fire

>4:an unbreathable smell will be created after an object is set on fire

>5: fires are observed to die when covered with something with alot of mass even if it is flammable

>1a: the reason why you cant set a burnt object on fire again is because the substance has already reacted with its environment in a matter that it cant produce an exothermic reaction again

>evidence: when I put an ignited match in water 5 times the fire on the match went out 100% of the time and couldnt be ignited again

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File: 1624404547971.jpg (43.35 KB, 680x633, >.jpg)

torch bright light light

make go hot in brr brr yuga

food go torch go hot hot

torch normal no magic, torch just torch


yeah but some of the burned reactant is turned into gasses
isn't it literally like carbon + oxygen -> co2 + h20?
these things leave the original object.


Prove your hypothesis




>Yeah you'll also turn to ashes dumbass

Introducing the Waste Not Wood Ash workshop series where the Living Web Farms biochar crew takes a deep dive into understanding applications for one of our most common everyday waste products. As we deal with ashes from the last wood stove season and prepare for the next, discover practical everyday uses for wood ashes you can use year round. We’ll also explore the science of how and why wood ashes work in the garden, as an ingredient for natural soap making, or even as an ingredient in natural building materials. In part 1, Dan begins by filling in some of the gaps in wood ash research and sifting through some of the more and less useful info found on the internet.
If you have more clever ideas about how you use wood ashes around the farm and homestead, please share them in the comments below.

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Youtubers who spike prices of old hardware should jump off a cliff, people out here thinking their shitty thinkpad that their dog pissed on is worth $500
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Well I just mention it because you raise an interesting point that you can only trust YOURSELF to do shit like this with your machines no one else.


Are you that same retroomer who is always sperging out on /g/


Isn't it super easy to flash them again after they have been flashed once with libreboot?


this depends on the machine. again, check libreboot.org


Thinkpads are so popular now I'm actually scared of buying one now. With my shitty luck I'd get one that's been tampered with.

File: 1622872497177.jpg (10.9 KB, 400x469, giga.jpg)


Chad is going to reveal people's names, job titles and other private information from web traffic. Beware!


>Chad Sneed
This CANNOT be real.



How do we get around the centralization of the web? It seems like a herculean task. I made my own email server but it took me so long just to be able to make it so that outlook.com accounts could receive them at all. I tried to do it from scratch and it would be received by google (as junk initially) and yahoo (junk initially) but not outlook (failed to receive). So I learned about Mail in a box and screwed around with nameservers on namecheap and it worked finally. But outlook still marks it as spam. A lot of people use outlook.socialismSocialism
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There's a search engine that doesn't index the one million most successful sites, though I'm not sure about what metric they use for that: https://millionshort.com/ I admit I don't use it because it doesn't display anything without javascript.

I think a search engine excluding anything commercial would be cool, but I barely grasp how you could make that really work. I guess it would be either manually checking & tiny database or an automatic approach with tons of wrong deletions and wrong inclusions. A more modest goal would be to merely downrank stuff that is likely commercial. That can be done just by boosting sites with words like "GPL" or "Public Domain" or "Creative Commons" in their texts and punishing sites a bit for having words like "shop" and "buy" and the dollar sign (some collateral damage guaranteed, but whatever).


>I think a search engine excluding anything commercial would be cool
that is actually an incredible idea, all the caveats of the difficulty of creating a good search engine aside.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Making a search engine is not hard if you have modest goals. I'm thinking no image search, no pdf indexing, English language only, tiny manually approved index plus automatic inclusion of sites linked from these, but not automatically following links further.

Rank punishment for these:
฿ ₵ ¢ ₡ дин $ ₫ € ƒ ₲ ₴ ₭ Kč ლ лв. ₺ ₥ ₦ ₱ £ ៛ ₽ ₹ ₨ ৳ ₮ ₩ ¥ zł
.. . . . . .. . ﷼ .. . . . ₪

More downrank words: eshop, ebay, amazon, alibaba, rakuten, bitcoin, monero, patreon, dollar and other currency names spelled out.


The board software ate some of those currency symbols from right-to-left script.


I think a big challenge is removing private blog networks (PBNs) because they are practically spam and they are getting advanced at getting around word filters.


FOSS will give Tesla a run for its money. It works with many newish (2018 onwards) cars. The hardware costs $1k versus $10k+ for Tesla autopilot.

File: 1622772788605.jpg (237.14 KB, 1080x971, 1622766563129.jpg)


There is just no escape from the botnet.
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File: 1623036800417.jpg (73.24 KB, 648x720, 1605135546976.jpg)

>In disciplinary societies, the individual passes from one closed environment to another: the family; the school; the barracks, the factory … Now, societies of control, operating with computers, are replacing disciplinary societies
>Enclosures are molds … but controls are a modulation … that continuously change… perpetual training replaces the school, and continuous control replaces the examination.
>The numerical language of control is made of codes that [allow or disallow] access to information. We no longer deal with the mass/individual pair. Individuals have become "dividuals," samples, data, markets, or "banks."


I-i-is that…
Is that s..something that can connect t-to the power grid?
S..so, what you're saying i-is that it can use electr-ricity?



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My inclination to be a luddite is directly proportional to the more I learn and know about technology. Is there a word for this phenomenon yet?




Seems pretty sensible to me. Ever heard how the big brains of the silicon valley don't let their child use computers?

File: 1622703983228.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot-165_png.png)


Are commercially available fingerprint sensors a fake?

I mean how can they read the intricacies and curvatures of a phone while being so flat and tiny? I litearlly don't understand or think they're real

And wasn't a old wives tale that all fingerprints are unique?


Probably. They get so much shit on them sitting in peoples pockets and each time you use it. Why doesn't the skin from the previous time you used it not affect it? I think they do something, bu they're not "secure" by any reasonable definition.


>Are commercially available fingerprint sensors a fake?
Lets say it's a very low security hurdle.

The biggest flaw is that you can't change your finger-print, so if somebody has managed to lift your finger print from a surface you touched, the security is broken and you can't reset it. There are already black markets for finger print databases. Some smartphones scan your face instead of your finger, you can't change your face either.

You can get a special usb-stick that plugs into the charging port of your smartphone to unlock it. That's very safe if you can hold on to the usb-stick.


>a special usb-stick
Wouldn't any stick with USB-C or micro USB work?


>Wouldn't any stick with USB-C or micro USB work?
You need the special stick so it will not release the phone unlock codes unless it's actually plugged into the phone. That prevents duplication.

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