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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1701583043764.jpg (124.09 KB, 660x1083, shred.jpg)


< 2011: DARPA announced that the team "All Your Shreds Are Belong to U.S." won DARPA's Shredder Challenge and $50k. The team used computer-vision algorithms to suggest fragment pairings to human assemblers for verification, piecing together documents shredded into over 10k pieces.
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They don't usually have adversaries that are desperate enough to put them together. You always have to consider the threat model they are working with.


ok but this doesn't eliminate the problem of having to exhume a bunch of wet shit-covered shreds from a landfill before reassembling them.


Shred and then burn.
Or shred and then compost.

The latter is probably the best method, but it requires paper that isn't chemically treated in a way that would prevent it.


shred, burn and then snort the ashes


should be used for archeology. will probably be used for spying on political dissidents

File: 1701150937007.png (656.97 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


>(partly) proprietary, buggy, auto updates out the ass and is absolutely garbage
>still the best download manager available in 2023
using DDL is hell, we will colonize mars before we get a decent alternative to jdownloader
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Wouldn't know, I don't use UEFI and never will.
>I'm too lazy to make backups
rsync and cron.


I suppose one needs something to do with all that free time


>best download manager


>rsync and cron
Different Anon, that's how I do it and I'm not nearly as (delightfully) geeky as the other posters. Rsync is so fucking well written too, hot damn.


yeah well downloading from mediafire or, god fucking forbid, mega has become a very niche use case now. if anything each day we're further away from an alternative.

File: 1701744686571.jpg (1009.73 KB, 2232x1458, 1689528473854.jpg)


If you thought managing several layers of complexity was a pain enough, we added even more layers of complexity just so we can deploy infrastructure in a few commands.
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Yeah I wish I got paid more instead of having the company funds go to fucking Amazon or Google.


I used to work for Microsoft. The servers had to run in some fucking obscure cobbled together cluster protocol, maintained by a myriad of undocumented scripts, software and platforms, running some godforsaken windows NT to run C# .NET servers.

Count your blessing lol. AWS, ec2/ecr, docker, terraform are a breeze in comparison.


File: 1701846655742.png (66.03 KB, 1200x1090, Guix_logo.svg.png)

*mogs all your cloud-native bullshit*


"I can break the cycle of abstraction and encapsulation with one final act of abstraction. It's never worked before, but it's going to work this time."


File: 1701849107800.png (1005.1 KB, 1212x1374, Guix-anime.png)

File: 1699745616683.jpg (99.12 KB, 1080x739, 0xaLTR9.jpg)



Having a dark theme is optional.

I'm tired of duckduckgo's retard results and searx's confusing and non-related results (being a pain to use it private windows since all configuration is cleaned etc.)

Sorry for not elaborating much, I'm too tired and have a test tomorrow, see ya comrades.
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People used to be proud of being banned.


I've been thinking about the idea of a US government run search engine. Free, no ads, no sponsored results, and no bias towards mainstream searches. It would be more specific like old Google. It would still clean out obviously illegal results like CP/etc.
Let's say there was a federal agency kind of like the Post Office but dedicated to running public internet services such as a search engine, map service, e-mail, and even a social media platform.
Let's also say that it wasn't immediately undermined by political interference and it was actually allowed to work properly (which is obviously unlikely).
How well would it go? Would it be more functional than the competition? Would it be possible for them to continuously adjust their search algorithm to counteract SEO bot spam?
Also are there any actual things like this in real life in other countries?


Search engines exercise a lot of power over user behavior, demostrated by how they currently exist.
If a government run search engine were to be established, intelligence would heavily lobby for the right to siphon user data, politicians would regularly try to impose their agenda under the pretext of public morals and after a while the public entity could be spun of into a profitable public company.
I cannot see search engines being important enough as infrastructure to counteract these developement. Hell despite the importance of broadband in the US and the regulations surrounding it, ISPs are notoriously unreliable and predatory. Some people even use cell phone networks at home because of how bad things are.


There used to be a very solid search engine called Gigablast.com, programmed and operated by a single guy (you would not ever guess that from the product!), but I stopped using it because it required cookies and javascript. Went looking for it because of this thread, but it vanished in April.

There are two good passion projects now, both with usually very good results if they have anything to show for your query: https://wiby.org/ and https://search.marginalia.nu/ (source: https://github.com/MarginaliaSearch/MarginaliaSearch)

The government of each country should have at least a search engine for the texts on its own websites.


muh freeze peach
good luck having your post ignored or flamed because it doesn't have the obligatory tie-in to how hecking tr*nnies are ruining Western Civilization with immigrants
if you fill your website with a bunch of 14-year-old neo-Nazis and Fox News watchers, it doesn't matter what rules, or lack of rules, there are at that point

File: 1701239768627.jpg (70.4 KB, 739x415, proxy-image.jpg)


Uploaded it here: https://harmy.link/


Is using a tiling WM and a well-configured TLP enough to get the most of my battery on Linux?
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/bin only contains dynamic links :^)


/bin , /lib and /sbin are not real


/bin is real on gales, /sbin links to /bin and /usr links to /. Links to the actual commands are copied from a package hierarchy similar to gobolinux stow. If linux had a proper union mount implementation, the package/bin/s could be be mounted to /bin though.


You can also use mdev or mdevd for managing /dev
Alpine Linux supports both and also udev.

>Shouldn't Openbox be as good as a tiling WM too?
Yes. But, as far as I know, OpenBox development has stalled. I think IceWM is still being developed (it's very similar WM). There is also JWM.


Consider switching to Wayland. During the early days of Wayland, so much focus was on embedded and low power devices, where X is an absolute train wreck, and Wayland is now undisputed king.
Taking that mentality forward has real advantages for anything battery powered, like a laptop.



>rely on this every day
>literally ctrl+v an image in
>it crops out the focused object with 90% accuracy
>saves me from having to crop stuff by hand
>can just right click -> copy image when I'm done
>paste it directly into GIMP
>it was perfect

<they "update it"

<it goes way slower now by giving you a stupid animation
<they wrap the actual image file in some javashit so you can't actually right click and copy the image anymore (artificial scarcity moment)
<try to inspect in browser console
<the url is a fucking blob link now
<they harass you to make an account
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>how are you so helpless?
why are you assuming all 3 people you're quoting are the same person?


>then just erase the background in GIMP with transparency on and then save as png.
OP is complaining that something that used to be fast is now slow, not that it's impossible.


>Shouldn't need custom stylesheets
Why would you let the same web developers who fill the site with useless javashit decide how the website looks?
I'm not. "You" is also a plural pronoun.
>OP is complaining
I know. But I am a bad listener, in toxic male fashion I always offer a solution rather than empathise and nod. r/twoxchromosomes might be a better fit?


OP, this will be far worse when they mass implement web assembly and the front end code becomes an opaque binary rather than code you can even look through to begin with


>in toxic male fashion I always offer a solution rather than empathise and nod. r/twoxchromosomes might be a better fit?
/pol/ might be a better fit for you. Something that used to take me 5 seconds now takes me 20 minutes because I have to go back to doing it manually. Your "solution" was plainly obvious to me before you offered it. And there was nothing "male" about it. I was doing it for years before remove.bg showed up. They went back to not allowing me to copy the image btw.

File: 1700703450820.jpg (56.57 KB, 581x563, 1692825297440.jpg)


Is randomizing your MAC address with software like macchanger or NetworkManager enough to actually conceal it or can your hardware MAC actually get leaked when connecting to a random network by whatever means, like wireless traffic sniffing i.e. Aircrack?

Basically, how do I make sure I can't get identified when connecting to random wifi spots or even when only scanning for networks? I know your hostname can also be detected in a LAN but changing that is easier.



If you're going to change the hostname under X remember to update the authentication cookie with xauth or you will break your session unless you restart.


check the catalogue first pls redundancyghurs

File: 1699816495938.jpg (319.17 KB, 2560x1440, EZh2bOMWkAMhRsL.jpg)


where should i start with linux? i really want to jump ship, but i've been on windows since 2000/xp and really don't know were to start. i want to be able to customize my desktop gui, use video editing software (it's for work), and still play my video games. i've been looking into Nobara and it seem like a good place to start. Should I dual boot it on my main OS, or put it on my old labtop to get use to it?
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Virtualbox often breaks after new releases or kernel upgrades, leading to relatively frequent crashes and file corruption.
Apparently Oracle only keeps vbox around as a legacy enterprise product and for gullible hobbyists, so stability and testing have suffered over the last decade.


I think you are right to some extent. But I know for a fact of many irl important uses of VMs in corpos and academia that are not legacy or hobbyism at all. Particularly to do with cybersec and other networking related stuff where without a VM you would have to run like 80 physical machines with the same OS and other software on top of each of them and VMs are just a whole lot easier


I never claimed anything about VMs in general, only that Oracle treats virtualbox as a legacy and hobbyist product.
IIRC virtualization is indispensible in the server market; Xen, Bhyve and Docker in particular.


not rly


If you aren't a "FOSS schizo" (?) then just install Steam.

File: 1700459061814.png (139.16 KB, 963x542, 1695365682062.png)


That's the list of toggles for disabling telemetry in Firefox. By default, Firefox sends pings every time you shut down your browser, make a new profile, it pings their servers when you run firefox and much more. Is this supposed to be 'le privacy browser?

I actually just copied and pasted one of these hardened configs and starting up firefox still pings home every time. Very cool!
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>also it had a bunch of unaddressed phone homes and security issues at the time I used it
I've never heard of ungoogled chromium doing this…


well I didn't save what I saw at the time, but perhaps I read a misleading article an the matter.


Here -→ https://github.com/arkenfox/user.js/blob/master/user.js
You don't need to use user.js if you don't want. Just go over the file and use about:config


Those pings still happen even with the most hardened config.js!!!!!!


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