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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Snowden pushed Tor (among other products) under the guise that they helped dodge NSA surveillance which ended up being entirely untrue. This guy is a fraud and he likely always was. Everything he pushes is a honeypot presented as haxxor liberation. Snowden is an Islamaphobic Ayn Rand libertarian who helped spread a mass surveillance tool on behalf of the National Security state and this was branded as a valiant effort for liberation by a network of left liberals cultivated by Omidyar, Thiel, & other Big Tech fascists.

TOR, the epic anti-establishment crypto whatever that Snowden & Assange shilled as hard as they possibly could as the answer to government surveillance (but not corporate data collection, which is fine & anti-statist) was developed in part as one digital tool against China

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I for one welcome some lib shit burger going over my records and having their brain broken


there is certainly a discussion to be had around the DNS rootzone and its libness. the same goes for the CA system for TLS certs, where a web of trust model may be better. another option is to use SSH keys. or I2P. or petnames.


>One can as easily point to any number of anarchist projects and expose the ways in which they reproduce the very alienation they aim to overcome. Cooperative business, radical commodities, independent media, social spaces, Food Not Bombs: when positive anarchist projects aren’t doing social work to stave off collapse or upheaval, they are developing the innovations (self-management, decentralized production, crowd-sourcing, social networking) that will help to extend capital’s reign into the next century.


File: 1688224770418.jpg (67.81 KB, 680x587, 68a.jpg)

lol really? you think the future of capitalism will be decentralised and crowdsourced? uygha you goofy


read marx

File: 1682032889632.jpg (33.55 KB, 474x586, thicc.jpg)


Thoughts on Starlink? I'm in the third world and I keep seeing people buying into the hype.
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>I'm in the third world
lol wtf? I didn't think we had a second one.


hell yeah dude
let's build 3rd world infrastructure on the basis of a single private company run by a capricious manchild


We have a LatAm and SEA general.


You don't have to like Henry Ford or his company to recognize he was at the vanguard of mass car production and an innovative industrial model. It's the same for SpaceX, they're simply the first to do it.


people that live in cities getting hyped about starlink are just uninformed

there aren't many "thoughts" to be had. if you are in a remote area without proper internet infrastructure (like a ship in the ocean, for example), your only option is satellite internet. there are technical differences between starlink and other satellite internet providers, but the economics of it boil down to starlink (spacex) being more competitive because of vertical integration and government subsidies. it's the monopolization of yet another market, but in this case it doesn't really affect urban populations

fiber is always going to be cheaper and overall better in densely populated areas. with enough data on the costs and some effort, you could even approximate the densities and extensions at which satellite becomes cheaper than fiber

File: 1682176866147-0.jpg (183.58 KB, 800x1120, components_SZ0A6479.jpg)

File: 1682176866147-1.jpg (35.9 KB, 620x465, typhone.jpg)


These are the only cell phones that are acceptable to use without having to rely on Soygle. As of 2019, all commercial cell phones came with a proprietary baseband chip which is basically backdoored spyware. As for GrapheneOS? Don't even think about. There is so much blobbed sources plus the ARM Trustzone backdoor that they claim they fixed (which is horseshit). Oh, and you have to always consoom the newest Goooooooooogle products like an iToddler because of device support issues and the small number of people who work for the project. There is no real guarantee of safety on an Android unless you were running it on a VM.

Pinephones/Librems are horseshit too. Same goes with dumb phones. Your carrier can always log your shit. And 2G/3G getting discontinued in favor of VoLTE spyware. You can probably substitute this with software that helps you change voices, spoof nunbers and so on for the calls. I'd installl Tails OS on it.
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I've never seen someone shittalking grapheneos who actually knew what he was talking about.

That's like saying windows telemetry is still spying on you after you installed linux, retard.

>you have to always consoom the newest Goooooooooogle products

But you can still use old pixels and install grapheneos on them? It's the same as being unable to upgrade android on older phones.


OK what's the actual fucking deal with grapheneOS tho? Most open source and secure when paired with pixel? Honeypot?
Lmao wat? Is it actually fully amnesiac on a phone? How would it disconnect the ram from long term memory and shit? Otherwise way are you doing? Idk IG rn I am leaning towards no full security and privacy unless you have like a burner phone that you only connect to public WiFi far from your house and data over prepaid bought with cash and no idea in a random location with no facial recognition or whatever the fuck. Then jailbreak and strip everything down and install some relatively secure OS and only ever use it for whatever shit you need security for. And disable the camera and mic or keep it powered off airgapped from you and your devices. Then like have a main phone/daily driver with less sus setup that you minimize data leaking on and never the two shall meet.


If they'd have user removable batteries and an SD card, they'd be worth it, since you could use them for 10 years + with custom ROMs. Or put Linux on them, and use them as a regular PC


Finally, a detailed security audit of a security ROM linked on the ROM creators page
There should be a lot of talk about this for compatible phones, it seems like the best ROM for non graphene capable


Graphene as a project eventually wants to make their own hardware, which they'll give longterm support to. (Current Pixel devices only have 3 year support.)

Recently it was revealed that the EU wants readily removable batteries, so future phones sold in that market may have that functionality.

The SD card is a big pain point and seeing how little storage is included nowadays it'd be really great to have it back.


Title gives my conclusion from empirical events I witnessed and inside info. PSP runs on the same circuit, but isn't the backdoor per se, which has been around for much longer.

Just like AMD was able to change the crypto algorithms for the Zen chip they licensed to China, they can change how the CPU behaves at any system, even those already deployed. This can be used to sabotage any program or computation, making BadBIOS (uses radio, not sound) vastly nastier than StuxNet.

American military made a grave mistake by giving access to the morons of the Brazilian military, who are letting knowledge of this spread like a fire (and misusing it for petty profit and inside jobs to justify a police state). Israel, UK and France also have access, but are much more professional.
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File: 1687532088028.jpg (8.79 KB, 255x179, tv_static.jpg)

all AMD processor before AMD FX and AMD FX itself are safe, since they don't have the AMD PSP backdoor.
if you use an AMD FX cpu or older, you're safe

all Intel CPUs before Intel core2 or core2 itself are safe, since they don't have Intel IME
if you use core2 or older, you're safe
sometimes core2 is called "intel core2 duo" like on the sticker of my notebook

RISC-V is going to solve this security nightmare…. hopefully…..


you can flash me_cleaner to older intel processors with ime too. also amd's psp is a lot milder than ime


but that's like the hardest thing to do and only documentation for specific thinkpads exists.


flashing motherboards isnt hard


it's super hard (maybe not with god-like documentation), might as well play the sonic 3 final boss fight music while you're at it (笑)

File: 1634306035241-1.jpg (230.85 KB, 1920x1080, stalin.jpg)

File: 1634306035241-2.jpg (761.32 KB, 2880x1800, reichstag.jpg)


Post them all
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nice 1 m8



File: 1681776842649.jpg (144.48 KB, 800x600, 1681776841532.jpg)


What's that painting about? Looks like a Comintern convention, and Lenin is speaking



haven't seen any talk about OpenStreetMap on here. any other users/contributors?
I like to contribute using StreetComplete when I'm on walks and JOSM when I'm at home and bored
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Probably not


What app for android to use for hiking and google maps replacement?


I use OsmAnd~ it can show trails and you can download the maps offline: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/net.osmand.plus/

But the quality of the map will depend a lot on where you are.


I use it, but it lacks public transport data in most places google maps has it. This includes state owned public transport, so you'd think that data would be easy enough to integrate.


so add it then
it'd be best of course if we could get goberment employees to OSM

File: 1686859383422-0.jpg (33.62 KB, 840x400, big-tech.jpg)

File: 1686859383423-3.jpg (14.12 KB, 400x210, worker-cooperative.jpg)


Is there an explicitly cooperative FOSS crowdfunding solution?
Or does it need to be created? Most seem to rely on direct donations to individuals (patreon, liberapay) or halfassed, symbolic methods/gestures (opencollective)

The real solution would be a technologically cooperative (each member in the group registers their acc to a ledger and gets auto-payed every time a donation is received to the co-op), free software licensed, with as little layers of mediation as possible.

Peertube is P2P, free software
Mastodon is flooded with anarchists, free software
Lemmy admins are MLs, free software
Fediverse is both integrating and branching relevant projects with each other
Amazon Labor Union (Amazon is owner of Twitch) has ballooned
Matrix has become normalized for development, so has alternatives to Github
Activists use Signal and not WhatApp anymore

With each instance of big tech bourgeois repression the cyberspatial zone of counterpower improves more in quality and quantity

Lay the economic brick on the socialist path, comrades
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Socialism is when government own and controls everything lmao 😂😂🤣🤣


considering the government is the workers, yes? the very notion of private ownership vanishes. the state withers away, but government obviously doesn't, for government is transhistorical


What is it solving?


I'll add another perspective from praxis. This thing would have members all over the world. Cooperatives need to be incorporated in a state somewhere. I've looked into starting cooperatives and some jurisdictions have tight requirements for who can be a member. Which jurisdiction is the easiest if you have members all over the world?


A country like Bolivia or Venezuela maybe?
I know that imperialist west social democratic governments passed some laws making it easier for their co-ops, but we wouldn't want to base there for reasons already mentioned (imperialist government, bound to bend over backwards in order to make it frustrate the transition I mentioned here >>20493 )
But that risk may be considerably reduced when the country in question already chooses to integrate into an alliance like ALBA-TCP, which includes a country like Cuba.


What's the best way to share files in a small group using a browser, like Google Drive, but not using Google?
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Forgot to mention that the effect that –symmetric has is that the same password will be used for decrypting and encrypting and you don't need to generate or manage any encryption keys.


Depends what you're trying to do. Are these shares mostly one off? Do they need to be retained for a long time and/or have a system of ownership/checking in an out/changes made over history? How large do the files need to go up to each?

>I need to use a service that is proprietary and has privacy concerns for one reason or another, be it GoogleDrive, Dropbox etc. Can it be safer?

Cryptomator is a simple way to use a big name service while also basically encrypting everything before uploading, without a lot of manual fucking around. Just something to keep in mind if for whatever reason you end up stuck on Google Drive .

>Files for immediate download with shared links and without account requirement

Something based on Pomf / Uguu (linked by anon above) or an instance of Send (like https://send.ephemeral.land/ ,) which is end to end encrypted. Note many of these have expiration and file size limits ,or the instances can often go down if the owner runs into some issue, can't afford to pay etc. Not for long term storage of important stuff.
>Account focused (if not necessarily required) hosts
ProtonDrive is almost exactly a drop in replacement for GoogleDrive, but not hosted by Google and goes along with Proton's expanding assortment of There are others; Mega is popular. Filen is up and coming and a nice alternative. There are many other end to end encrypted hosts with differing amounts of storage, costs, and features.
>Self-hosting or multiple host potential, FOSS encrypted solutions
All of these you can host on your own hardware, install it on a site you own/config, rent hosting with a pre-config instance, or sometimes use an existing instance. NextCloud has a ton of features that you can enable as you wish. CryptPad can do storage or collab stuff . There are others as well.
>FOSS encrypted Utility that's distributed, peer to peer, or require prearranged nodes/endpoints
Syncthing is great for syncing between known endpoints but you need to have storage, set it up etc. Can be used for collab but its not its main thing. OnionShare sends stuff through TOR among other features. RetroShare has a lot of features so long as you can invite the users you wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Don't you need a static IP for that? My ISP sells static IPs to registered businesses. It's what stops me from doing something actually useful with my rpi4


>What's the best way
impossible to answer without you detailing your requirements, metric of goodness etc
NextCloud should work well, but requires that you know how to host things


Any way of hosting my nextcloud instance on hardware I own if I don't have a static IP address? I mean can I use a VPS as a proxy for the server nextcloud is running on so the domain always redirects to my vps static addres, but that forwards it to my home dynamic address and somehow detects when it changes to a new one automatically? I have a 2TB HDD and a RPI laying around. Or maybe host next cloud on the cheapest VPS and then mount a network file system to it from my home, but I think I'd have to solve the same issue.

File: 1687292237096.jpg (844.9 KB, 3072x2304, All_green.jpg)


host name



vnc server Url?

File: 1686794537162.png (747.44 KB, 1366x768, 1682712297993.png)


"I don't know how to torrent. It's too complicated and scary for me, so I'm happy to pay corporations a regular fee for temporary access to their content" is exactly the learned helplessness corporations have been pushing for years with their UI streamlining and walled gardens. It's symptomatic of a bigger problem: "The internet shifted and I don't know (or never learned) how to seek valid information in this new environment." Adding "reddit" to every Google search you make isn't a sustainable solution, it's just one most people landed on for now.

What I think gets often lost is that it's not a personal individual failure as much as it's a deliberate behavioral curation by corporations on the populace. Internet corporations do not want savvy internet users. They want to create mass consumers who value convenience.
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>What I think gets often lost is that it's not a personal individual failure
It absolutely is! It is a personal individual failure of each in the piracy movement to educate and agitate our peers.

VPNs are increasingly normalized even for streamers in order to geospoof.


File: 1687154790154.jpg (28.52 KB, 640x477, 1441473328014.jpg)

Most insane thing is that many people will call you a conspiracy theorist for pointing it out. What do these people think is the purpose behind "marketing" and "advertising"? Do these users think multibillion dollar corporations maintain their edge and consolidate monopolies through vibes? Apple has entire teams of psychologists for this kind of thing.

A very basic example of corporations curating consumer behaviors: there is no logical reason why anyone should care if your text message shows up on their phone as blue or green. And yet - tens of thousands of Apple users pay attention and form judgments around it


File: 1687198050909.jpg (11.17 KB, 293x301, 1536782977047.jpg)

Social technologies are the answer. Circulating USB sticks between friends. A clubhouse computer terminal that one person has the user for and another person has the password. Stuff like that


LAN parties where you teach people how to torrent. Wasn't there something like that? Or was it only for encrypting your emails?


I was at my most computer literate in highschool when me and my nerd friends had LAN parties every weekend. I'm eternally trapped in the 2000's.

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