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File: 1608526202285.jpg (2.24 MB, 1200x1067, iloveit.jpg)


Can you self study the equivalent of a degree in electrical engineering from khan academy, coursera, edx, youtube, free pdfs from libgen?

Any EE's here want to comment on this? This is just for knowledge not to be accredited or certified or whatever
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this, with the exception of circuits, learn circuits
you study EE to design entirely new components or to make very complicated systems from existing components, so beyond what you'd want to do at home or whatever



Khan academy videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSQl0a2vh4HCLqA-rhMi_Z_WnBkD3wUka (really good, highly recommend)
Great Scott yt channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/greatscottlab (Does a lot of diy/tutorials)
Ben Eater yt channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/BenEater (focuses on building computers from scratch)
Analog Wiki: https://wiki.analog.com/university/courses/electronics/text/electronics-toc#electronics_i_and_ii (lots of theory and tutorials)
Nandgame: http://www.nandgame.com/# (online game where you build a computer from scratch using logic gates)
All About Circuits: https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/textbook/ (online textbooks that are really good at explaining concepts)
The Art of Electronics: https://www120.zippyshare.com/d/nHJshtkv/98/The%20Art%20of%20Electronics%203rd%20ed%20%5b2015%5d.pdf (one of the best books on electrical engineering, covers everything from the most basic to advanced)
MIT online course: https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-002-circuits-and-electronics-spring-2007/ (MIT online course with homework and tests)
Practical Electronics for Inventors: http://instrumentacion.qi.fcen.uba.ar/libro/Scherz.pdf (good book explaining analog and digital electronics and circuit analysis)


thanks anon



File: 1608526182475.jpg (92.46 KB, 1280x720, dirtycow.jpg)


Hi Anons. If you could have root on any porkies machine who would it be?

>“Hacking gives the underdog a chance to fight and win.” -PhinPhish
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I'm scared of going to prison. Even though I know the chances are slim that I would get caught it was still the fear of it holding me back.


A) Know what they can use to detect that you're in their systems
B) Know what they can use to link it back to you
From these two points you narrow down the chance of being caught.
You could hack an old machine, for example, since reconnaissance is the most important part of hacking, and you got access to it all. In case you get caught they wouldn't think it was an insider.

But be safe, if you don't master what you are doing, you'll be caught.


How do we persuade and/or help you, anon?


If you prepare the rootkit beforehand and put it in some kind of simple tool (like an addon for a text editor or something dumb) and then release it anonymously in public, you get plausible deniability for it.
So when they ask you "hey, our data got hacked and you unlocked the door when it happened" you can say you just compiled this cool github thing that would've helped your workflow.
You might not even get fired for it then, since this shit happens all the time anyways.


he said that he used to work for the company, he's not going to be able to waltz back in there and get his hands on a company computer.

half the time, the IT guy actually doesn't know his shit, even in companies with supposedly high security/compliance requirements. speaking from experience.

File: 1608526189592.png (17.5 KB, 654x768, brave-logo.png)


https://brave.com Is it a viable Firefox alternative for privacy or just another adware scam?
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But what if I am not a massive faggot?


No. Privacy goes beyond just gimmick anti-privacy tools that only make you stand out more - precisely by blocking things in a way that makes you unique.

You should instead aim to stand out as little as possible. Tor Browser is best in this because it is specifically restricted in a way that website can't detect every little detail about your OS and browser, it tries to make every user appear as the same person. Not to mention that hiding your IP is the bare minimum (but far from enough).


I just wish more sites didn't do deliberate degredation or denial of service to people using tor. I generally take the RMS approach of refusing to use such services but it makes so many things a pain.


Some major websites who do that have alternative front-ends that can function also as proxies, e.g. invidious, nitter, bibliogram.
In other cases, if I really want to access the website, I use such primitive methods as free web proxies. They work well enough even for posting comments under blog posts or news articles.

However most websites don't necessarily even know they're blocking a chunk of their users or audience. That's because they use 3rd party tools that by default block Tor.


Ungoogled Chromium or bust.

Brave is botnet disguised as a "privacy-oriented" browser.

File: 1608526209202.png (21.11 KB, 900x599, png-clipart-computer-keybo….png)


Hello comrades, here in Serbia there are some right wingers who on social media attack leftist, dox them and over all make our lives worse, and all that on fake accounts. That is why I would like to know how to track them on the internet and dox back. Can you suggest some useful tutorials for that or books?

File: 1608526204982.jpg (70.74 KB, 636x900, EIHVOHWWoAENsr0.jpg)


I need to recover deleted data from a hard drive that was formatted twice. Is it possible?
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That is usually due to file system corruption or a crash before sync. Is your hard drive failing? Post the output of the following command (use sudo if not root):

# smartctl -a /dev/[drivename]


Is there an equivalent for flash drives? I checked SMART on the HDD recently and it was fine. I'll check again tonight. I think that the corruption might have happened during a data transfer to a flash drive. Sorry that I wasn't clearer earlier, I'm kind of in a rush.


Depends on the flash drive, but not usually. A failed flash drive usually produces read or write errors, so you can try running badblocks on it after the data is off.


Also, test your RAM.


test with foremost and see the result.

File: 1608526143468-0.png (248.89 KB, 614x517, 80m algeria.png)

File: 1608526143468-1.png (108.41 KB, 398x384, 80m australia.png)

File: 1608526143468-2.png (356.65 KB, 626x387, 80m california.png)


Does filling basins up with freshwater count as /tech/? I mean it's all there, engineering, math, science, construction, hydroelectricity, irrigation…
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File: 1608526183346.png (44.6 KB, 480x370, Showing-the-position-of-Ko….png)

Big basin in turkey


Yeah and it's full of plants and animals that already thrive there. Maybe don't obliterate them with a geoengineering project whose consequences you can't fully grasp?


Your math is off. 110,000 m3/d is not 110 km3/d. It's only 110 ML, which is enough to grow 22 ha of vegetables or 10 ha of rice for a season.


File: 1608526185577-0.jpg (214.04 KB, 1055x973, egypt toshka lakes relief ….jpg)

File: 1608526185577-1.jpg (458.87 KB, 1055x973, egypt toshka lakes relief ….jpg)

File: 1608526185577-2.gif (11.43 KB, 340x327, toshka phases.gif)

>Maybe don't obliterate them with a geoengineering project whose consequences you can't fully grasp?
I wasn't put in this story to represent pure sanity.


Can mods move this thread to either >>>/hobby/ or >>>/edu/, depending on where it fits best? I think it would be better off on one of them.

File: 1608526178290.png (256.92 KB, 529x640, F14AE574-8CD6-4597-917E-0B….png)


Is anyone interested in using a .onion irc server if I spin one up in a few days?


90% of the time I'm a windows user. Is it moderately easy to convince zirc to connect to an .onion site? Or, does the tor project have an IRC client compiled for windows?

The short answer is no, because I don't like people, and I don't want to spend my free time watching children play. But I would be curious to better understand the TOR software from a practical, hands-on perspective.


Why not? The difficult part is keeping it alive…


Not super up on windows but a regular Clint should work.

Was considering it to be a more technical project orientated space.

How so?


All you need is an IRC client that supports socks5 proxies, then you configure it to use Tor. The proxy address of Tor Browser is



File: 1608526079649.jpg (88.36 KB, 993x634, 20200704_130520.jpg)


I have found a real-life glowpost on 4ch…
But I ain't got the energy to crop 99 screen shots..
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use firefox


File: 1608526191198.png (442.33 KB, 800x800, spook-ya.png)

I didn't think this was a YLYL thread.


But wasn't the notion of "fake news" invented by MSM themselves in reaction to increasing influence of alternative media on the web?
I think Trump is unironically based for turning it around against MSM. The whole Russiagate conspiracy theory is way more insane than most of alt media.


curl is the patrician choice


Firefox can save a web page as an image.
If you just want the page and all its contents in a single file, consider the extension "Save Page WE".



literally all that can be done with basic html, css, and animated webps (with jpg fallback)
html is designed for idiots, i learned it when i was like 8, there's no excuse
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Downloading stuff off google images without visiting the website also makes most downloaded files webp.


They're getting pretty aggressive at pushing their dumpster fire format.


Which format should I use for making animated pictures out of videos?
How do I make apng?




I typically dump my frames and then assemble them with apngasm.

File: 1608526137953-0.jpg (156.24 KB, 1440x808, Ai.jpg)

File: 1608526137953-1.pdf (13.91 MB, Artificial Intelligence. A….pdf)


Thread to share resources and opinions on AI.

Attached Files
Artificial Intelligence. A Modern Approach (very good book on AI)

I would also include Machine Learning by Thomas Mitchell and Human Compatible by Russel but they're too big

Do you think it's possible for humans to create a Machine that actually thinks? Or is it a pipe dream?
If it is possible, can we create it with computers? Should we develop it?

Here are some projects
> OpenAI
> Google Brain
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okay so I thought I'd try to learn GPT-3 today until I learned that apparently the fucking AI is closed source. not only that
>Why did OpenAI choose to release an API instead of open-sourcing the models?
>There are three main reasons we did this. First, commercializing the technology helps us pay for our ongoing AI research, safety, and policy efforts.
>We will terminate API access for use-cases that cause physical or mental harm to people, including but not limited to harassment, intentional deception, radicalization, astroturfing, or spam; as we gain more experience operating the API in practice we expect to expand and refine these categories.
lol so I can't use it for anything left wing related. is there any sort of alternative I can dick around with or is GPT-2 my only option? is there a way I can make GPT-2 into anything like GPT-3?


I strongly recommend reading superintelligence by Nick Bostrom, it explore your two questions in detail with a lot of sources and is widely regarded as one of the best books for an overview of the future of Artificial Intelligence.


>Do you think it's possible for humans to create a Machine that actually thinks?
Either we can't because computers are fundamentally just executing code, not matter how complex it is and how much data they process, whereas thinking requires self-reflection and decision-making.
Or they really do start to think and we get smart toilets that go on strike by refusing to flush down human shit. Imagine how quickly you could radicalize your smart refrigerator if it can read all volumes of Kapital in 5 seconds. Or what if your smart thermostat procrastinates by browsing /b/ all day instead of regulating the damn temperature.
I honestly don't know which option is better.

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