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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1629577189321.png (42.62 KB, 720x1498, how would it work.png)


How would a nuclear fission battery work?


Not practical, what you have is nuclear decay batteries (radioisotope generator) where unstable radioactive elements provide heat and electricity as they decay into a more stable substance.


>nuclear fission battery
beta cells already exist


What you guys are describing is using the natural decay of a substance as fuel for a nuclear battery. What I'm referring to is the direct transfer of electrons through the collisions of particles


File: 1629626315338.jpg (50.49 KB, 1200x800, nuclear battery.jpg)

If you want more than just isotope decay and instead want something that has a sustained fission reaction you are talking about a miniaturized nuclear reactor. The really small ones that fit inside a shipping container which aim to be set and forget (for about a decade) also are sometimes called nuclear batteries. Is that what you mean ?


Yeah thanks


Would you support technology programmed with a motive and attitude that is highly related to marxism-leninism? Hypothetical: Creating a program that would make planning easy for the worker – collecting data (from searx) only to seed it as a torrent… I could also go for one based on collective reflexology. The collective without inhibiting influences could be met with the access to information.
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Well to answer the idea, I've done archivist work using bots. It's based as fuck. I'm totally in support.

Not me but peak comfy. https://the-eye.eu/public/Random/ytarchiving_1.mp4


>ok what information specifically are you talking about ?
By information I mean the power of organization acquired through deep learning – businesses have this with money in mind but not the revolutionary proletariat…

>i'm guessing this isn't about pressure points on your feet, you got a pdf of that book ?

Unfortunately no. The PDF is fifty fucking bucks, and hard copy is about 152$. I bought the hard copy before the price skyrocketted. This is because of Amazon's nature though.


Nice :o


Ok so machine learning for the proletariat, that sounds good but, I'm not sure what you mean with this concretely.
>hundredfifty bucks
Is the Bezos book store price gouging ? Or are they doing this to prevent the book from being sold ?


Not sure. I might type one up myself…

File: 1608526235974.png (250.14 KB, 2331x2400, hammer-keyboard-2.png)


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Holy shit we got the next Sherlock Holmes here.


>What's really funny and contradictory is that without capitalism you wouldn't have the hardware or internet to post or host this project from
>what is ussr computers


All that technology was developed by dynamic public and state sector research, Capitalism doesn't create technology it just sell's it.


did this die


You guys should do away with the soviet/communist aesthetics and just call it a democracy app… communism at the end of the day is true democracy. it will make it palatable to the brainwashed sheep.

File: 1628763320531.jpg (27.27 KB, 479x361, getinhere-debian.jpg)



I've been waiting patiently


>new Debian stable release
practically a once in a lifetime event


File: 1628793558011.png (468.58 KB, 5791x8191, debian-stable.png)

it's not old, it's stable


I see leftypol.org is working again. bumping this to say I got all my machines upgraded to Bullseye without issues

File: 1628786928158.jpg (71.51 KB, 768x960, ppjebupc1p871.jpg)


I swear to god, the ONLY reason to use paint.net is that its lightweight. If they start trying to change it now and bloat it it will fucking fail. After the last update its taking so long to startup I might as well have opened photoshop. Why would they do this?


why the fuck tom holland never says shit like this, it would be fun

is paint.net the best photoshop alternative


GIMP is open-source

File: 1628691384476-0.png (443.52 KB, 600x532, terry.png)

File: 1628691384476-1.jpg (213.74 KB, 900x600, 1504559976101.jpg)


He died 3 years ago today, bros.

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Terry A. Davis was the soul of programming. You must be a deranged schizo to do eveything he did. The Platonic ideal of a programmer


i just thought he died of age but damn i googled and his end was even sadder

homeless and hit by a train
sad end.


>arch below 'buntu


>BSD above GNU/Linux
I don't think so buddy


File: 1628857592150.jpg (186.69 KB, 600x900, 1505571593820.jpg)

He probably had lucid moments and saw no way to escape his illness. It's also sad how dumbasses trolled him online and contributed to his illness worsening, he had a cult following but some people just saw him as a lolcow. Dude had so much potential. Making TempleOS by himself is already an incredible feat, but without the schizophrenia he could've been much bigger.

File: 1628662368153.jpg (314.82 KB, 2508x1672, .jpg)


Does anybody know how to return the css back to Yotsuba B? Seems like an update happened and now for some reason I can't return it back to Yotsuba.


Ok nvm, I just noticed it in the bottom

File: 1628381814203.jpg (136.05 KB, 768x1024, 1627700693621m.jpg)


How exactly does one to say build a flashlight that can radiate light so dense in heat that any type of contact with that light energy will cause immediate fires or fires within less than a second if not objects that melt?


Just hit your g spot, Barb.



>How exactly does one to say build a flashlight that can radiate light so dense in heat that any type of contact with that light energy will cause immediate fires or fires within less than a second if not objects that melt?
use a high power laser. remember to use safety squints!


Anything that powerful will cause instant and permanent vision damage.

File: 1628134482894.jpg (19.16 KB, 500x449, 1608525720577.jpg)


Does anyone know a type of petrol that turns into a gas and gives off heat without turning into carbon dioxide and water vapour?
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But doesnt hydrocarbons when burned into a gas naturally diffuse heat(energy) until it returns into its base temperature resulting in it becoming a fluid again? In this context fuel is ignited turning into hydro carbonic gas before releasing its heat into the water turning it into water vapour. That released heat allows the fuel to turn back into liquid with reduced mass


no. burning stuff results in a chemical change, not just a phase change
you can turn CO2 + H2O back into hydrocarbons, but it requires an entirely different process. specifically, it requires a reducing environment. if you run CO2 + H2O over hot coals in an oxygen free environment you'll generate syngas which in turn can be turned into hydrocarbons


CO2 + H2O + 2C + energy -> 3CO + H2 (syngas)
this process requires coal and is endothermic
then apply https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fischer%E2%80%93Tropsch_process which mostly requires steam and is exothermic
I'm not sure whether the combined process is endothermic or exothermic. probably endothermic because the coals have to be red hot


What about oxygen free fuel tanks where the petrol has nothing to combust with then what?


uh.. you typically don't have fire in your fuel tank

File: 1627879257222.jpeg (53.65 KB, 1200x630, javascript.jpeg)


This guy wrote an interesting article on using popular sites with javascript disabled:


His experience was that news sites/blogs tended to "mostly" work while most other sites were utterly broken.


I know many on the channers totally disable js in the browser since Stallman wrote an article against javascript many years ago, additionally many are paranoid about browser zero days used by glow in the darks. Finally a ton of people just see javascript heavy sites as being bloated and overengineered, having slow load times and discriminating against minimalism and third world users with slower internet.

With more and more sites using SPA frameworks like vue, react, and angular, and less and less apps doing server side HTML rendering, javascript-disablers are quickly becoming a tiny minority.

What do we think about js vs nojs/noscript?
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>You should not install any additional add-ons on Tor Browser because that can compromise some of its privacy features.


the only legitimate use of javascript i know of is twine games. (i.e. empowering the technically unskilled) so far as i am concerned, everything else should be outlawed. if you can parse CSS with your eyes, you don't need to suck up memory with your shit javascript tracking. do the website properly.
(there is no empirical data to back it up, but i guarantee that in aggregate people who make twine games probably make better websites than people who don't. purely because they fall into the kind of demographic that makes a cute neocities full of glitter rather than being a professional web designer who manages to make a site that serves 500 words waste 15 megabytes.)

i could develop on this and a general distaste for bloat and so on, but really my position isn't so much a technical one as a social one: i say knock down a core pillar of the web as it stands today and just see what happens because the consequences couldn't possibly be worse than what we have now. this is of course a fantasy: you cannot send an army to destroy javascript. i have to confess this to myself, rather than proposing this or that protocol. all that can be achieved is screaming at the wind about how much i hate the modern web and then tithing my conscience by leaving positive feedback on obscure, marginally interactive short stories.


yeah, I believe you can be fingerprinted for your browser extensions so all TB users should have the exact same setup, the defaults. I think this would also apply to the security slider settings and so I wish the default option was 'safer.' Web just too unusable to default to 'safest.'


>the problem with bespoke protocols like gemini is that they're less accessible than HTML since everyones already got an HTML browser, second of all gemini doesn't support forms AFAIK so no post operations which means no chat rooms, forums, social media, hell, not even images.
That's sounds like a dream


JS is needed for a lot things. Most things are insanely bloated.

Eg nitter vs twitter
Reddit vs teddit

Bloated shit these companies shit out many times works much worse and adds no value.

Server side rendering is meh. I don't like it. I realize it's the only way to accomplish certain things without JS, but still.

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