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File: 1608525934827.gif (989.5 KB, 425x226, D5A.gif)


If my non-gaming laptop overheats everytime I try to game, should I buy a cooling pad or buy better fans? is the cooling pad just a temporary fix or is it actually a solution to hot laptops?


Depends. However, laptops are built with compactness in mind and heat transfer is limited by everything being crammed tightly together. A better fan can help and a cooling pad certainly drains off the heat that builds up on the outside, but there's only so much they can do.


Aight, if it's so hot it hurts a bit to touch (not frying your hand like a hot stove, but just uncomfortably hot) is it a good moment to stop playan? it's so fucking weird, my computer ran most games like shit, never heated up, my laptop DOES run them, and here's what happens.


Usually discomfort means your body doesn't want any more of what it's getting.
But yeah, much like with people working (processing) harder means more heat is being generated. Of course more modern processors are more efficient and the amount of produced heat hasn't followed the near-exponential growth of processing power, but combining less ventilation with more power…
A cooling pad, as said, might help. But honestly I fear it would only slow down the buildup of heat. More time for you, sure, but just an extension. How much? I don't know, but something. I'm not an expert.
Try turning down the settings in the games, in case you haven't done so yet. Less work means less heat.

File: 1608525876036.png (5.37 KB, 100x100, XMPP.png)


Tech nerds will not comprise the entirety of the revolution. We know this. It's going to include a lot of normies, who can't exactly communicate and coordinate everything through text messaging. As we also know, we live in a world of mass surveillance. We have to give normies options for communicating that can protect themselves from the corporate surveillance state. This thread is for evaluating those options. I am currently looking at phone conferencing options and can't make up my mind on these:
-some Matrix protocol tool
-some XMPP protocol tool

What I really want is something supporting phone call-ins, for stupid old people who cannot into computers. Phone OS support may also be important. Some options are more suited to these things than others. Maybe even better ones than I've listed. Discuss, please.
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Is this cause for alarm?


Not really, it wasn't some giant security breach or anything. It's to do with a reduction in possible bugs around this major release, a lot of people are probably awaiting shilling this release just like I am to people using other software and they want the first impression to be good (previous Skype, Discord, Signal users).


If the Wienerlauncher is so knowledgeable, why is he using YouTube instead of PeerTube or Mediagoblin?


He could upload to both of course, but probably because he wants people to actually hear what he's saying. Social coercion sucks.


File: 1608525935041.png (31.14 KB, 388x388, conversations_logo.png)

Conversations is the easiest XMPP client to set up on your phone.

It costs money on the app store, but on F-droid it's free.

File: 1608525929702.jpeg (306.7 KB, 497x745, red rosaa.jpeg)


Tech, which ones are good and encrypted and open source?
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Riot uses Jitsi for video-calls, which is known to be less than ideal:


>not using the catalog


File: 1608525931043.png (51.56 KB, 632x333, conferencing.png)

They have/will surely be updated with this new e2e encryption by default update (20th) and
says riot applies their megolm encryption to their implementation of Jitsi voIP.


File: 1608525931157.gif (246.93 KB, 500x379, whyioutta.gif)



Calm down.

File: 1608525904216.png (65 KB, 1576x890, Golang.png)


Post any Go-related projects and questions!
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Don't know a lot about emulators, but i think that you'll need to learn low level stuff. Architectures and such.
For web devel go with javascript, html, php and python flask/django.


They really should change that fucking mascot.


I agree, it looks hideous


Here's a go project that was fun working on, while I had the time:


The idea was to have a universal backend for various Image- and Textboard engines, but I never finished it :k


If only they added generics to go. No inheritance or whatever though.
I would be able to make result monads and handling errors would be so much less messy than it currently is.

File: 1608525924125.png (15.12 KB, 1200x630, kovri.png)


Could kovri be better for anonymity than tor?
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File: 1608525925523.jpeg (527.25 KB, 3718x4096, monerobasically.jpeg)

Also this image


Doesn't look like it's available. Is there a download link?


i2p is mostly for accessing services in their network afaik, but there's exit nodes as a service (rather than protocol) from what ive heard too
i havent played with i2p yet tho


Yeah but they aren't actually publicly available to my knowledge,


>C++ for secure netcode
literally Java was a better choice than that.

File: 1608525846307.png (361.29 KB, 420x543, 8bc59c5b0e5d9e8e34df550d8c….png)


One thing that would be useful would be rewriting >>[INTEGER] links in posts when threads are transferred across boards

Now how do?
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File: 1608525847329.jpg (80.3 KB, 889x500, 1503544997_1486461000472.jpg)

Im somewhat upseti but the repair isnt that difficult. I missed two parts for my grade which I did make but did not document. Shouldnt take more than a week to fix my thesis and pass, maybe 3 weeks if im going to be really fancy and thorough. After that i should hopefully be completely done.

I was hoping to finish my education today though. Feels bad when you do all that work and then fail you. Im so fucking tired.


Any news on how we can help?


Is this related to go[i]ogle[/i]chan? Why did you make the database thread on /leftypol/ instead of here?


I didn't make this thread. It was on leftypol to inform the users mainly.
.t rat



File: 1608525887284.png (3.44 KB, 100x100, logo.svg.png)


Why aren't you using NewPipe instead of the regular YouTube App? If you are, good job. If not, you better start soon.

Why NewPipe is better than YouTube?
>Free and Open Source Software
>No Ads
>No tracking by Google
>Everything is stored locally
>Integrated background player
>Download every video easily

the list is endless, just look on https://newpipe.schabi.org
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I have both and newpipe is great but I mostly only used it as incognito.
Still use the main Youtube app because I want my history connected.


i use vanced so im not sure there is any use to switch.


do they have an iphone versin


Throw that thing in the trash


Lmfao, ayy

File: 1608525891812.png (4.67 KB, 259x194, download.png)


Why the fuck did lynxchan abandon their json api? Will bunkerchan ever get a json based API so it can be connected from apps and other places?

File: 1608525864130.jpeg (144.22 KB, 920x738, 431-4313323_nichijou-png-….jpeg)



How did ya do?

I got 0.1% of 2756 installed packages
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File: 1608525884612.jpg (2.52 KB, 127x108, sad bugs.jpg)

But Wine is hard to use anon.


Wine is hard to fucking install.


Wine is hard to download.


amd64-microcode Processor microcode firmware for AMD CPUs
fonts-ubuntu sans-serif font set from Ubuntu
intel-microcode Processor microcode firmware for Intel CPUs

Contrib packages installed on pop-os

iucode-tool Intel processor microcode tool

3 non-free packages, 0.1% of 2428 installed packages.
1 contrib packages, 0.0% of 2428 installed packages.

I am fine with this


>*Adds multilib repo*
>pacman -Syu wine-staging
>Opens up everything with the file manager


Google just started releasing reports regarding traffic activity and where are communities going during the pandemic

Reports for all countries google is tracking now is available. But there are some missing countries from that list, Here are some notable examples: Cuba, Russia, China, Iran.


residential-focused real estate jew-chinks and bankers rubbing their hands with glee

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